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While searching for the ideal wedding card for a soon-to-be-married couple, you may be stumped about what to write inside once you get home. A wedding card may be anything you want it to be, which is great news. Your wedding congratulations message doesn't have to be long or elaborate as long as it conveys your best wishes for the happy couple's marriage.

Do you know that amazing mailbox finds to make you smile as you run your fingertips over the envelope, like a wedding invitation? If you're writing a wedding card to thank the couple for the favour, don't forget to congratulate them with a "Congratulations!" or "Best Wishes!" A handwritten message adds an extra touch of personalisation.

Anecdotal wedding messages or personal wishes for the newlyweds can be included. Do not be afraid to express yourself in any way that you choose. Add a personal touch by including a photo of you and the happy couple on your wedding card.

Every word in a wedding card should be thoughtfully chosen to express your love for the happy couple. No two wedding card messages are the same as a consequence. Don't worry about saying the perfect words if you're under time constraints.

Also, be sure to choose the card wisely. It needs to have a decent print and something sweet written on it. In case you cannot find any such card, you can also get one designed. Our wedding card etiquette guide will walk you through the proper way to write a message on a wedding card, with particular examples of what to write.

Basic Wedding Card Etiquette

Wedding cards are nearly a need if you want to offer wedding wishes to an engaged or newlywed couple. Wedding guest etiquette dictates that you either present the card to the reception or mail it to the newlyweds (usually between the time you receive the wedding invitation and a few weeks after the wedding). You can mail it whenever you choose. If the wedding is tiny and you weren't invited, you could still send a magnetic card. Everyone is welcome to congratulate newlyweds at any moment!

Wedding cards are available in a variety of formats. Many cute stationery shops (or online, like Minted, Paper Source, Etsy and Shutterfly) carry conventional greeting cards. It is possible to send a wedding greeting to the newlyweds by printing and mailing homemade cards, gift tags or even a simple digitally prepared wedding message.

Do not need to have more than one wedding card, as all of the above are acceptable. (Alternatively, if you purchased a gift from the couple's registry, you can bring a card to the reception and place it in the wedding card box or on the gift table to ensure they receive one from you.)

Dos And Don’ts Of Writing A Wedding Card


Don't pretend to be someone you aren't. Writing from the heart is the best way to compose a memorable wedding card message. Don't use words or phrases you wouldn't use in person to express your feelings.

Greetings to both couples should be included in the same card. As a general rule, wedding cards should be addressed to the couple as a whole, not simply to the one you know best. For their wedding day, you should address them as a married couple.

Prepare your remarks in advance. Before you copy your message to the wedding card, make a draught of your message on a different sheet of paper. You'll be able to better organise your thoughts and avoid making mistakes. Looking for the best beach hotel accommodation? Check out our ultimate list here.


Do not overdo it when it comes to writing. Your communication should be concise and to the point. In spite of the fact that you may wish to express your happiness or share a personal memory on your wedding card, the limited area does not lend itself well to rambling anecdotes or messages. Keep your long-winded rants and raves to yourself and reserve them for a phone call or in-person talk.

Get rid of any mistakes. When you make mistakes, it seems messy to simply scratch them out and continue writing. A correction fluid (such as White Out) or a new card can be used to repair your error.

Make mistakes with your spelling. Make sure you haven't made any spelling mistakes or misspelt the name of one of the newlyweds in your note before sending it.

Personalise it excessively. Wedding cards are a great opportunity to express your feelings, but they aren't the best place to do so.

5 Considerations Should Be Made When Writing A Wedding Card

Consider the following before you begin drafting your message:

  • Are you familiar with this couple? It's best to put as much information as possible in the card based on how familiar you are with the pair. If you have a personal connection to the newlyweds, your note should reflect that. As for friends and family, a brief celebratory note is more appropriate.
  • Is there a distinct personality difference between the two of them? Write about the couple's personalities in your card. A more reticent couple may not appreciate a humorous one-liner, but a more formal congrats will be greatly appreciated. Here at Brighton Savoy, we have an exclusive list of beachside accommodation melbourne for your special day.
  • Is the couple a devout Christian couple or not? It can be a thoughtful gesture to include a spiritual verse or message in the wedding programme if the couple is religious. Even if the couple is of the same faith, we advise against using religious language in the wedding invitations.
  • Are you planning on attending the nuptials? There is no need to explain why you are unable to participate in the wedding, but expressing your desire to be there is a great touch. Regardless of whether you're able to attend, be sure to express your gratitude to the couple for inviting you.

FAQs About Wedding

The Intricacies of Message Writing

  • You Should Speak To The Couple Start by addressing the couple personally in your message.
  • A round of applause is in order. No matter what your writing style is, this common phrase is a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding invitation.
  • The couple's unique wedding wish might be included in the message. You can personalise the couple's wedding wish with the following lines of the card. Think about your relationship with the pair before you begin filling in the blanks. What will the newlyweds want to read after their wedding?
  • Please convey your gratitude to the happy couple. Thank the bride and groom for including you on such an important day in their lives by having a thank you note with your greeting.
  • Finish on a positive note with a heartfelt thank you. Leave them with a heartfelt farewell before you sign your name.

Wedding Congratulations Messages

For many people, the phrase "congratulations" is a common wedding greeting. The pair find their perfect match is a source of encouragement and a cause for celebration. Even if you're sitting on the other side of the aisle from the bride and groom, it's appropriate to congratulate them on their big day. Sending a heartfelt congratulations to the happy couple is always a good idea, regardless of how well you know the bride or the groom. To begin writing your wedding card, follow the first step outlined above and select one of the congratulations phrases or compose your own using the sample text.


  • You two are amazing, and I am so happy for you!
  • This merits hearty congrats and, more than likely, a glass of bubbly.
  • I wish you all the happiness in the world, and I hope you'll become even closer as time goes on. Congrats.
  • Love, humour, passion, and understanding are all essential for a happy marriage. Hopefully, you'll find them in abundance in your relationship. May your happiness last a lifetime. 
  • As time goes on, your love for one another will grow stronger. Congratulations to the happy couple!
  • May your love for one another remain strong and steadfast in the midst of life's storms. On the eve of your nuptials, may all your wishes come true. Congratulations!
  • We're so glad you found each other! It's only the beginning of your biggest adventure.
  • Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your very important day! Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your special day.
  • Thanks for tying the knot.
  • You're a terrific team. My heartfelt congratulations to the happy couple!
  • How wonderful it is when two people merge into one. Congratulations!
  • Thank you very much for all of your hard work and dedication.
  • Congratulations and best wishes!
  • The best wishes for a long and happy marriage are yours!
  • I am overjoyed as you begin your new life together as husband and wife!
  • It's inspiring to see you two commit and take steps toward the future.

Casual Wedding Wishes

To open their wedding cards, the couple will love reading each one for a variety of reasons, but most significantly, because of who they are from. As you write your wedding card, be true to yourself and let your individuality shine. If you're more laid back, it's fine to make your wishes brief and straightforward. Just be sure to say something pleasant after you've offered your congratulations.


  • Best wishes!
  • We’re/I’m so happy for you!
  • Wishing you lots of love and happiness.
  • Wishing you a long and happy marriage.
  • Wishing you the best today and always.
  • So happy to celebrate this day with you both!
  • Best wishes for a fun-filled future together.
  • Wishing you the fulfilment of every dream!
  • Time flies, and things change, but I wish your love for each other would stay unchangeable.
  • You’ve made me believe in true love. And I hope my belief will be unwavering forever because it seems like you’ll stay together until the end.

Formal Wedding Wishes

The topic of the ceremony might be reflected in your wedding wishes. Consider utilising one of these formal wedding wishes to show your joy for the bride and husband if floor-length gowns, sparkling chandeliers, and decadent centrepieces are some of the big day decorations.


  • Nothing but the best is my wish for you for the rest of your life.
  • I pray that the coming years will bring you enduring happiness.
  • Wishing you all the best as you embark on this exciting new chapter in your lives.
  • I appreciate you allowing me to be a part of such a happy day. I send you my best wishes as you begin this beautiful journey together.
  • Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, and best wishes as you begin your new life together as husband and wife.
  • May the happiness and love you feel now last a lifetime.
  • It is hoped that your marriage will serve as a bridge to bring you all the good things life offers: happiness, tranquillity, and wealth.
  • Together, as newlyweds, you become an asset to our community and the rest of the world.
  • Allow yourself to be guided by love in all that you do. Hope, peace and faith can be found in each other's embrace.
  • A man's life is complete when he meets his soul mate. As you settle into your new house, may it be filled with lots of good things like laughing, smiles, embraces, and affectionate kisses. Congratulations on your marriage.

Funny Wedding Card Messages

Don't be afraid to write something amusing in your wedding card message if you think it will make the happy couple smile. You don't want your wedding message to come out as snarky or insincere, so continue with caution. It is important to keep in mind that even the most innocent of jokes might be misinterpreted when written down. As a result, no jokes about divorce are allowed! With a little effort, you can create the perfect wedding card with a side of smiles by adding a jokey wedding message. Looking for hotel wedding packages for your special day? Brighton Savoy Hotel Accommodation got you! 


  • Thank you for inviting us to eat and drink with you during your wedding celebration. Congrats!
  • Love, honour, and...scrubbing the toilet? That's our marital advice.
  • Thank you for the complimentary alcoholic beverages. Happy marriage wishes for a long and happy life together.
  • End of a love story, beginning of a wrestling match: marriage. In any case, my warmest wishes are with you.
  • I'll reveal the secret of a successful marriage to you now. It's still...a secret to everyone! Congratulations on your new job. It's a great opportunity.
  • Now that you've tied the knot, you're officially a married couple. Is it safe to assume I may expect two birthday presents from you each year?
  • 'Be excellent to one other,' as Bill and Ted advised.'
  • Getting married is like enrolling in an acting workshop. Let's hope there's more laughter than tears.
  • You can't beat a happy marriage. Your one and only annoyance for the rest of your life has finally arrived.
  • I've come to the conclusion that life is unfair for single folks like me. For the past few years, I've only had to purchase you a present on your birthday to satisfy your gift-giving desires. I now have to buy gifts for two birthdays and a wedding anniversary. My heartfelt congratulations on your marriage to my closest buddy.

Religious Wedding Wishes

If you and the bride and groom share a religious connection, this may be the ideal approach to customise the wedding wishes you express to them. Before you begin composing your card, give some thought to the religious beliefs and perspectives held by the couple. Make use of their rituals to lead the religious aspects of your wedding wishes.


  • I pray that God will bless both of you and your marriage.
  • I pray that God bestows upon you all the joys and benefits of love and life.
  • If you love God first, it will be much simpler to love your spouse.
  • We are excited to hear what the future holds for both of you according to God's plans.
  • Because you and your partner both have strong religious convictions, your marriage will be successful.
  • I pray that the love of God will be the thing that keeps your marriage together.
  • We ask God to bless your marriage and watch over you as you embark on this new chapter of your lives together.
  • Your love will only grow stronger as the years go by, and may the One who brought you together continue to bless your marriage, your lives, and all you share.
  • "God's love has been poured into our hearts," says the scripture. Romans 5:5
  • 'Love is patient. Love is kind… Love never fails.' Scriptures from 1 Corinthians 13:4-13

Wedding Card Messages For Friends

What's going on with your closest friend's wedding? Wish him or her well as they embark on a new life together with their partner. There are several ways to write a wedding card message for pals. The most important thing to remember is to think about your relationship with him or her and your partner. Your affection for the newlyweds will be evident in your greeting if you stay with it.


  • Both of you have made my life so much richer by becoming my pals.
  • I wish you all the joy our friendship has afforded me in the world.
  • I hope you all the best in your pursuit of love and companionship.
  • We all require someone in our lives who we can rely on, who cares about us and who we can adore. My dearest friend has finally met the right one makes me very happy. Congratulations on your marriage, and best wishes for a long and blissful honeymoon.
  • We've known each other since we were children, and it's hard to believe we'll all be married one day. But it did happen, and today is your wedding day! 3 I wish you and your partner a lifetime of trust, understanding, and love.
  • We're overjoyed to join you two in celebrating this joyous occasion.
  • When it comes to major milestones in our lives, today takes the cake.
  • The Las Vegas fate teller who we saw was correct. You finally got to meet the person you'd been hoping to. Congratulations to both of you.

Wedding Wishes For A Family Member

You'll want to make an extravagant wedding wish for the people closest to you. With these kind-hearted wedding wishes, you'll be able to express your love for your parents or siblings in the best possible way.


  • We are delighted to have you as a new member of our family. Greetings to you and yours!
  • We're overjoyed to have you along for the ride today.
  • Our family, and especially you two, had a lovely time today. Your happiness now should remain for the rest of your life.
  • We are overjoyed to announce the addition of a new member to our family.
  • Both of you have my utmost respect and admiration. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day.
  • Card messages for family members

Wedding Sayings For Brother Or Sister

When composing a card for a newlywed sibling, write what comes naturally to you. With this individual, you've shared some of the happiest moments of your life. One of the best ways to make today even better is to bring up a fond memory or inside joke from the past. Don't forget to mention the newest member of the family!


  • Sincere congratulations to my sister, who has finally found the love of her life. I wish you all the best on your big day and all the years to follow.
  • A fantastic new journey towards the future and all it has to offer has begun today. With great joy, I offer my warmest wishes to my beautiful sister on her wedding day. I wish you both happiness, love, and long and happy life together.
  • As close as sisters can be, we've spent a long time together, but it's time for us to go our separate ways. I send you my best wishes as your big day approaches. All the best to you and yours on this life's journey.
  • My sister has always meant a lot to me. I am thrilled for you and your newfound happiness. Wishing you the best in your marriage. I'm sending you my warmest wishes for a beautiful day.
  • To my best friend, my sister, and my childhood confidant. You've reached adulthood and are preparing to tie the knot. Your marriage and new life with your new spouse are exciting, but you'll always be my sister and a constant source of joy in my life. So, I'd like to send you my best wishes for a beautiful wedding and a long and happy marriage.
  • I owe you a debt of gratitude for providing me with an example of what it means to have a reliable friend. Keep her safe and healthy at all times.
  • I'm confident that you'll do extraordinary things together. My brother, you are an outstanding human being who would make an excellent life partner. Two such individuals cannot help but make us all better human beings.
  • We may have had our ups and downs as children, but now we are stronger. Despite the difficulties you and your loved one may face together, you will grow closer.
  • We've had both good and bad times together, brother. The delight of finding love and having it validated in front of the world is now mine to share with you all. Even if better ones come out, it'll be pretty challenging to top this one.
  • As a brother, I couldn't be happier to see you so joyful on your wedding day than I am right now. Do not be afraid to face the difficulties in your new life as a couple; you will conquer them.

Wedding Sayings For Son Or Daughter

Having a child get married is a significant event for a parent. To be honest, you could even wonder where the time went. In addition, on your wedding day, you will experience a wide range of feelings. If you don't have a pen in your hand, it's possible you won't know where to begin.

Begin by wishing the newlyweds and their future family well. It's also a good idea to share some of your wisdom about love and marriage. Use your emotions and these examples of wedding sayings to help you express your feelings on this special day.


  • On the day you were born, walking you down the aisle seemed like a long way off. Giving you to such a kind and generous man is an honour for me. So now my family is complete with a new son-in-law. I'm convinced that you and your partner will form a wonderful family.
  • Nothing compares to your beauty in a wedding gown, though. My beautiful kid, now that she's an adult, has an air of sanctity. You're like your mother in some respects, yet you've always have my smile on your face. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and joy with your new hubby. 
  • We were worried about how she would behave on your first date with our daughter. You've matured into a beautiful young woman who is capable of taking care of herself now. As soon as you've met a great spouse, we can stop worrying about you. Kindness and doing the little things count for a lot.
  • The day you announced your engagement, I thought that your father was going to suffer a stroke because he was so old. It's understandable that he'd go straight to the worst-case scenario in his thinking. He is now as much a part of our family as our son. Do your utmost to love one another every day when the sun comes up.
  • Our time together was largely dedicated to me imparting wisdom on how to be a better lady. Your breadth of life experience astounds me on a daily basis. You could think you've got it all figured out, but getting married is a whole other ballgame. If you are kind, forgiving, and patient, it will go a long way.
  • I am overjoyed to see you mature into the guy I always hoped you would be. Now, as you embark on an adventure into the unknown, I wish you both the best of luck and hope you know how much you are loved!
  • Incredibly excited to have this wonderful young lady join our family! It's fascinating to observe how much joy she brings to your life. So, congratulations on this monumental event, and may you enjoy the rest of your life in peace and love.
  • When you tie the knot with your sweetheart, you'll be entering a new chapter in your life. The best daughter-in-law anyone could ask for, and I'm very proud of the wonderful man you've become. She truly is a gift from God. I'm in awe of you both.
  • You'll begin a new chapter in your life when you get married to the love of your life. One of my greatest blessings in life is having a daughter-in-law as wonderful as you are. A true blessing from above, she truly is. My admiration for you both is awe-inspiring.
  • Please know that I will always love you as my little boy as you move forwards in your life. But I also recognise that each day brings new opportunities for growth and learning. So I cheerfully give my tiny child to the woman who will heal you. I absolutely adore you.

What To Say In A Wedding Card To A Coworker

Make sure to make your wedding card greeting to a coworker casual and ordinary when deciding what to include. Finding a wedding quotation that moves you and passing it along to the newlyweds can be a thoughtful gesture.

When writing a thank-you note to a coworker, it all depends on your relationship with them. What to write in a wedding card for a friend can serve as inspiration if you are acquainted with a coworker who is getting married. To make up for it, these office-friendly greetings are a must-have.


  • For this joyful time in your life, I send you my best wishes. Having a spouse has the potential to improve one's character and outlook on life.
  • You're boosting the morale of everyone in the office. The best of luck to you and your new husband as you begin your new life together.
  • A marriage is formed when two persons establish a team.Your work performance has improved significantly, and we are pleased that you are satisfied. I'm happy for you two, and I wish you all the best as you embark on this new chapter together.
  • I'm so glad you've finally found the one who completes you and improves you as a person. I wish you all the best during this exciting moment in your new life.
  • I hope you succeed and, most importantly, happiness in your marriage.
  • What a lovely day to honour my coworker. Best wishes in your marriage, both of you.
  • Everyone in the office is overjoyed for you. Congrats!

Wedding Card Closing

Before you put your signature on the card, take a moment to think of something heartfelt to say to the happy couple.


  • With Love,
  • Lots of Love to you Both,
  • Congratulations Lovebirds,
  • Congrats Newlyweds,
  • Love Always and Forever,
  • Best Wishes for Your Future,
  • Take Good Care of Each Other,

I'm so excited i'm getting married in a few months time, and i really look forward to seeing what my guests write on their cards to me and my partner.


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