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Traveling for Your Wedding: Why It Is Good for Your Health and Well-Being

The world as we know it is a large place, however, more often than not, many of us tend to not necessarily explore it to its fullest. Whether due to work or some other commitment that we have to handle, we tend to just focus on our small corners of the world and not do much traveling.

However, this isn’t necessarily the best. Experts have recommended several activities to help improve mental and physical health. Some people choose to start running in the morning, meditate, even practice martial arts, play games, or engage in other hobbies, but there is one that we tend to miss out on – traveling.

This is especially true for those who are planning to get married, as stress levels tend to spike during this period. Thus, this makes traveling a great opportunity to help lower your cortisol levels.

Step 1: Choosing The Destination

And, we’d reckon that the part most future spouses are looking forward to is the honeymoon, where you and your partner can extract yourself from any commitments and simply enjoy some time spent together. As such, you could opt for a destination wedding or even go enjoy your honeymoon in Mexico.

Picking a specific location though can have you experiencing some decision fatigue even when you have a set country in mind like Mexico, especially when you pile on top the wedding to-do list. This is why doing some research and locating online reviews and articles about the top destinations is crucial.

With locations such as Tulum, Cancun, and Oaxaca, you’ll truly be spoiled for choice so getting this insight through the online world would save you plenty of time. This data will also typically help you locate what type of accommodation you want to stay in, be it a hotel, an all-inclusive resort, or something else entirely.

And while a lot of people view traveling as a luxury, what better time to do this than for your wedding or honeymoon? Plus, over the years, researchers have conducted different forms of studies to show the importance of traveling, and why you might want to do it more.

The best thing about it is that you don’t necessarily have to travel so far. If you live in Brisbane, for instance, you can take a trip down to Brighton to see the many sights and engage in numerous wellness activities. This would be ideal if you can’t have a destination wedding and are limited to traveling abroad only for your honeymoon.

If you’re still not convinced as to why you should travel for your wedding, then let us highlight some of the notable health benefits of traveling below:

Lower Risk of Heart Conditions

One interesting fact about vacations is that they can also be good for your heart. In an exposing study, researchers monitored men who were at risk of heart disease for 9 years. Following the trial period, the men who vacationed annually were found to have a 30% lower risk of dying from heart disease.

Another study revealed comparable results. Researchers monitored women for 20 years, concluding that those who took the least amount of vacation time were about 2.5 times more likely to have heart attacks than those who vacationed once annually.

Of course, there are several angles to this. However, traveling provides an opportunity for physical activity, which, in turn, boosts heart health.

A Better Immune System

Frequent travel has also been shown to bolster the human immune system. When you travel, you expose yourself to different environments and ecosystems. This provides an opportunity for your body to adapt better to different types of bacteria and create stronger antibodies that optimize your health.

It is worth noting that there are also opportunities for travelers to get sick. From poor sleep to insufficient diets and exposure to germs, it’s important to be careful.

Reduced Stress

Another major benefit of traveling is stress relief. By traveling, you essentially take yourself out of your standard routine and provide an opportunity for yourself to explore different places. This offers a proper break from the norm – work, home, and more.

Just as well, traveling allows you to break from your regular responsibilities and live a more relaxed life. Interestingly, all of these benefits don’t end when you’re back home – according to a study, stress and anxiety levels tend to remain low for up to a month after you’re back from your trip.

Boosted Mood

Besides relieving stress, traveling can also help improve your overall happiness and mood. A study involving researchers discovered that women who took vacations at least twice a year were less likely to report symptoms of tension and depression compared to those who only vacationed once every two to six years.

We’d also like to highlight that married people who traveled more also reported feeling happier in their marriages.

Improved Physical Health

When you spend all of your days fixed to a job, you end up falling into a pattern and not necessarily being able to break free of it. Traveling provides an opportunity for you to change your routine and see the world.

When you travel, you naturally become more physically active. It could be something as simple as taking walks around the beach or as complex as exploring the city you’re in. Whatever it is you choose to do, traveling provides an opportunity to get some exercise, and the best thing is that you won’t even know you’re exercising.

The benefits of this can’t be overstated, of course. Physical activity is great for boosting your overall health and extending your life, so why not have fun doing it by traveling?

Enhanced Creativity

Traveling provides an opportunity for you to mix, integrate, and explore other cultures. Even if you’re traveling within your own country, you get to see other cultures and environments. And, in the long run, this provides a huge benefit for you mentally. You can boost your creativity, take in some much-needed inspiration, and be a generally better thinker.

Simply by taking a step back, meeting other people, and experiencing other cultures, you can find yourself with a fresh perspective on things. Taking these ideas with you will lead you to become more creative.

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