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Hot air balloons are the most practical and exciting way to explore natural views from the top. It will be an overwhelming experience to get a perfect view of your city. Melbourne is the most beautiful city in Australia, and it will be an unforgettable experience to opt for ballooning over Melbourne. You can enjoy the lush green meadows, mountains, flowing rivers, impressive landmarks, and boundaries of the city from a hot air balloon.

You should research and enquire about the flight charges and time duration of the flight. Book your balloon flights in Northam at affordable prices with the maximum breakfast facility. There are some strange and interesting facts about hot air balloons and their history. It can be intriguing to know the mind-blowing facts about hot air balloons. In this article, you will discover strange fun facts about balloon rides.

  1. Condemned criminals were the first pilots.

 Such balloon flights also have a risk of crashes and major accidents. There are potential life threats and fatalities that need someone to experiment with. It was decided that the condemned criminals will be punished and die, so the experiment of flights would make no loss to the lives of innocent people. The idea of Louis XVI was not considered, and scientist Jean Francois Pilate De Rozier and his colleague Aristocrat Francois Laurent D’Arlandes held the responsibility of flying balloons. They were the first pilots to experience a fantastic view for 20 minutes in 1783.


  1. Roosters, ducks, and sheep were also the hot air balloon passengers.

 From ancient times, many experiments were first performed on animals before humans. When the hot air balloon was ready to fly, duck, rooster and sheep were tested as the passengers. The hot air balloon flew for about 8 minutes and rose to 1500 feet in the air. It covered a distance of 2 miles and landed safely on the ground. Luckily, animals have not been harmed anyway.

  1. Drinking champagne has become a tradition to appease farmers.

 The start of this tradition involves fun facts in the story. Drinking champagne is the tradition, and you can also ask to arrange champagne for breakfast while going up in the balloon. Before flying, you can participate in the balloonist’s prayer and enjoy the toast with champagne.

In olden times, brothers Montgolfier were performing tests on their balloon flights for a successful invention without any technical problems. Local farmers are afraid of balloons and think they are dragons appearing from the sky that can pose a danger or bring bad luck to their homes. The farmers didn’t like the idea of hot air balloons landing on their farms and crushing the crops.

The brothers started offering farmers champagne to ease tension and continue their experiment. It has become a tradition that the owner will get champagne at the farm on which their flight will land.

  1. The belief that Nazca lines were made of hot air balloons.

 As the hot air balloons were invented, a theory from Jim Woodman was put forth that the ancient Peruvians drew the figure of the Nazca desert with hot air balloons’ help. He referenced ancient pottery and thought the fabric fragments were used as balloon envelopes. The theory was discredited, and he also tried to make his hot air balloon using resources available to ancient Peruvians. Many people believe there is some connection between the hot air balloon and the Nazca lines.

  1. Balloons were used in the Civil war.

 The balloon corps had seven balloons, 12 gas generators, and 1 flat-top balloon barge. Hot air balloons helped them detect enemy movement from 15 miles away It helped many unions and supported them in the civil war.

  1. The invention of hot air balloon with a glass bottom

 Flying high and passing over the cities with transparent or glass bottoms is a thrilling experience. It feels like you are flying in the air and experiencing a new level of sight, watching over the city with glass floors. Hot air ballooning rides become scarier and more exciting with glass bottoms.

All the above-mentioned air balloon facts will compel you to experience a hot air balloon ride at least once in a lifetime.

  • Conclusion

 Besides all the hardships during the hot air balloon invention, today, hot air ballooning is successful after various attempts of testing, experiments and amendments. You can experience a safe hot air balloon ride with trained experts, instructors and pilots.

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