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A few decades ago, the idea of using fake flowers on a wedding day was like drinking English tea out of an English teacup, and this may have been true. Still, things have changed, and today's cutting-edge manufacturing techniques produce such lifelike flowers that you could easily be mistaken for thinking they are real, and this is a good thing.

Even if you can afford it, order single flower samples from the wedding florist of your choice. You will pay a small fee for the stem and P&P, but this is a small price to pay in comparison to your whole wedding budget, and you can rest assured that your wedding flowers will be perfect.

Price Faux flowers are generally less expensive than genuine flowers, especially if you're looking for exotic blossoms or flowers that aren't in season. You can spread the cost of your wedding by ordering months or even years in advance.

While the quality of the materials used to create your flowers can vary greatly, you should ask your wedding florist for an estimate of how long it will take to complete your order so that it can be delivered on time. If you have any doubts, let the florist know when your wedding is taking place so they can plan accordingly.

In addition to saving money, ordering your silk flowers far in advance gives you the freedom to make any last-minute alterations you feel are necessary after seeing the bouquets, which is impossible to do when your actual posies arrive on the day of your wedding.

Surely you can see these aren't genuine. It's perfectly fine if you don't tell the wedding guests that your flowers are fake and why would you, but if you choose an artisan florist like Sarah's Flowers, which only specialises in wedding bouquet and arrangement designs and the quality of the wedding bouquet will shine through?" says the author.

Can We Use Artificial Flowers Instead Of Real Ones?

Faux flowers can be a good substitute for genuine ones if you're allergic to the real thing, but this is not the best option if you're trying to save money. In truth, silk is the most common material used in the manufacture of high-quality artificial flowers, which is why they can be more expensive. It's possible to save money on crepe paper flowers by making them yourself, but only if you're a crafty person who is prepared to put in the work.

Artificial Flowers

Why Choose Fake Wedding Flowers?

When faced with the decision of whether to use real or synthetic wedding flowers, many couples wonder why they should even bother. This topic becomes even more crucial if you're not a fan of slashing the budget.

Fake wedding flowers can serve a variety of functions other than simply saving money. A lot of brides would rather have real flowers than fake ones any day of the week.

Even just considering synthetic flowers opens up a slew of options in this niche once you put some thinking into it. You can even use a mixture of real and artificial flowers for your wedding. Before determining whether to use genuine or artificial flowers at your wedding, here are some considerations to keep in mind:

Real Flowers Are Very Expensive.

According to recent brides you talk to, a woman who opts for genuine flowers will have to fork over more than $2200 for the flowers alone.

Real flowers are significantly more expensive than imitation ones for weddings. There is no difference in quality between fake and real flowers when it comes to a wedding.

Etsy Has Some Beautiful Silk Flower Options.

Fake wedding flowers come in a wide variety of styles and colours, as previously indicated. Flowers that appear like they were grown in the wild can be found for a reasonable price on Etsy. Silk flowers from Etsy can be used for everything from centrepieces to bridal bouquets; some may even prefer them to real ones.

You Can Even Rent Fake Wedding Flowers Online.

It's possible to rent wedding flowers instead of purchasing them, which is not the case with actual flowers. Some bridal bouquets are made from silk flowers available at various wedding shops, and you may select the one that best suits your needs. Afterwards, the flowers will be packaged and shipped to you.

All that is left is to ship the bouquet back to the retailer after the wedding. With a $50 or less rental charge, this is significantly less expensive than buying a real-flower bouquet that would end up in the trash the next day. All of this may be yours!

Your Guests Probably Won’t Be Able To Tell.

Real flowers, on the other hand, look more natural, but guests may not be able to identify the difference until they touch and smell all the flowers themselves.

Even if guests suspect the flowers are phoney, they're more likely to be distracted by the food and music than they notice.

Real vs. Fake Wedding Flowers: Pink Bouquets

There Are Tons Of Real-Looking Fake Greenery And Flowers To Buy In Bulk Online.

Artificial flowers are a better option if you plan to use real flowers and other foliage to decorate your wedding reception site rather than real ones. You can save a lot of money by purchasing these flowers and foliage in bulk online; they look just like genuine things.

You Can Keep Your Wedding Flowers For Sentimental Reasons And Decorate Your Home.

The worst thing about genuine wedding flowers is that they all go to waste the day after the wedding when the venue has to be prepped for the following event. However, if you purchased fake wedding flowers, you may use them to decorate your home or give them to friends and family as a token of affection. Even if they're not real, those lovely flowers can serve as a memento of your special day.

You Can Order The Flowers Months In Advance To Help Spread Out The Cost Of The Wedding.

Fake wedding flowers also have the advantage of being ordered months in advance and delivered on a specific date, saving you money closer to the wedding. This allows you to manage your wedding budget by spreading the financial burden.

Even if you're looking for something a little more out of the ordinary, there are plenty of options. If you want to make your wedding décor even more distinctive, consider using tissue or paper flowers. Your guests will love it.

Fake Wedding Flowers Are More Durable Than Real Flowers.

Fake bridal flowers, which are built to be sturdier and more lasting than real ones, won't be damaged by even a slight wind or drizzle. Even if you have an outdoor wedding, you should think about using synthetic flowers instead of real ones to avoid ruining your decorations in case it rains or clouds on the day of your wedding celebrations.

You Don’t Have To Worry If A Floral You Have Your Heart Set On Is “In Season” Or Not!

Eventually, each bride has a favourite flower she dreams of including in her bridal bouquet. Nevertheless, it's possible your wedding date coincides with a time when that particular flower isn't in season, making it inaccessible. Fake wedding flowers, on the other hand, allow you to select any flower from any part of the world, regardless of whether it is in season or even native to your nation.

Fake Wedding Flowers Are Allergen-Free

Some guests may be sensitive to certain flowers, so it would be nice if they didn't have to worry about their allergies flaring up because of the real flowers all over the place. For those with allergies, this is a particularly important consideration to keep in mind.

You Can Get Your Flowers In Any Colour You’d Like

You may choose to have the flowers designed in any colour you like when you purchase fake wedding flowers, which is another compelling reason to get fake wedding flowers. You have the option of having red hydrangeas or purple roses. Not only will this look one of a kind and exotic, but you'll also have the opportunity to colour match the outfits worn by the bridesmaids to the colour of the flowers.

Pros And Cons Of Artificial Wedding Flowers


  • It can be less expensive
  • All flower kinds are available throughout the year.
  • Last indefinitely
  • greater flexibility over flower colours and types
  • They can be ordered and prepared ahead of time.
  • During outdoor summer weddings, it will not wilt or attract bugs.
  • Beneficial for allergy sufferers
  • They don't require water, making them easy to carry and maintain looking fresh.
  • Any DIY arrangement is simple to practise (and redo).


  • Can appear garish or cheap
  • The most attractive variations are as (or more) expensive than genuine flowers.
  • They don't have the same effect as real flowers.
  • a lack of natural floral fragrance
  • Real flowers are always more beautiful.

Artificial Flowers vs Real Flowers For Weddings

Choosing artificial flowers for your wedding may sound like a throwback to the 1970s, but these aren't your grandmother's fake flowers. When it comes to overseas travel, they bend rather than snap. Hand-sourced, real-touch, artificial flowers? Not too bad.

Wedding Flowers

Despite this, they nevertheless have a reputation. They don't appear cheap at all, to be honest. Afloral's creative director is a huge fan of working with silk flowers. They're flung around and put in the back of the truck for shooting. Fortunately, they bounce back thanks to their wire stems and easily fluffable petals. The worst that can happen is that the stem becomes twisted.

Who cares? Fake flowers are used to keep things as simple as possible. Faux flowers come in a wide variety of colours and can be used at any time of year. The blooming of cherry blossoms in September? Of course, you can! In my opinion, blue ombre orchids are the way to go. You can even coordinate the colour scheme of your bouquet with your wedding theme (give us a call, and we'll get right on it).

To put it another way, it's just plain old-fashioned science. After your honeymoon, you'll be able to put the flowers in a vase without a drop of water because they're made of real-touch flowers that feel cold to the touch. You can transform your bridal bouquet into a floral DIY at any time because artificial flowers remain forever.

The concept of being able to preserve the flower creations to recall our special day is something. They enjoy it. In our bedroom, They have the bridal bouquet and Grandma's letter, '12 Rules to a Happy Marriage,' which we treasure dearly," says Afloral bride Brianne.

Artificial flowers are the perfect guest of honour, even if you've been planning your "Dream Day" Pinterest board since high school. A prefabricated wedding bouquet can be purchased online and eloped with, or you can plan and know exactly what your bouquet will look like (months in advance).

All of this won't cost you any of your honeymoon money. It's true that flowers are a costly aspect of any wedding, whether they're genuine or fake, but if you're looking for a specific look or are short on time, artificial flowers are the way to go. You can put them on the cake right away...

We understand if we haven't swayed you to join us on the dark side of the Force. We're just like you in our admiration for actual flowers. Wedding preparation can be stressful for many people, especially those who have food allergies or are on a tight budget. It's simple to make fake flowers. We've heard a lot about vintage-themed weddings this year.

How Much Should We Spend On Flowers?

The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to floral arrangements. You have the option of spending a lot of money on large, lush arrangements that fill the room with aroma and colour ($$$) or spending less money on smaller, more refined arrangements ($$$).

The type of flowers you use is an important consideration as well. To buy peonies for your wedding in January, you'll have to pay a lot more to import flowers from another country. Yes, we're getting married in July. This is a great time to stock up on dahlias, as they will be far less expensive than at other times of the year.

Floral arrangements often account for 8–10% of a wedding budget, so if your vision is vast, but your budget is tight, talk to your florist about flowers that can give you the aesthetic you want without breaking the bank.

How Can We Save Money On Our Wedding Flowers?

You may save money on your flowers by making each arrangement multi-purpose. Do you have elaborate floral arrangements flanking the altar? Two escort card tables, one for a bar. There will be twelve bridesmaids at your bridal party.

Your florist should be able to set up empty vases as centrepieces, then fill each with a bouquet. Are you using bud vases to decorate the bar? The mantle, the cake table, or even a grouping of them can be transformed into a more elegant version of a single huge centrepiece.

FAQs About Wedding Flowers

Artificial flowers such as silk flowers, foam flowers, and plastic flowers, as well as paper and latex flowers, are some alternatives to natural flowers.

You'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between natural and artificial flowers if they were manufactured from latex. This substance is used to make all of Finoak's artificial flowers. Latex gives flowers an incredibly realistic appearance.

Tips For Using Artificial Wedding Flowers

Using artificial flowers may save you money, be better for the environment, and allow you to keep some of your wedding flowers for days (or even years) after the event. There is one thing to keep in mind when it comes to artificial flowers.

  • If possible, avoid using them in high-visibility areas that may be photographed or seen up close (bouquets, boutonnieres, centrepieces, cake flowers, etc.).
  • In huge arrangements that require filler, combine them with genuine blossoms.
  • Use them in remote applications where they will not be closely examined or seen at eye level, such as at the ceremony altar, in beautiful drapes hanging from the ceiling, or distributed down the aisle.
  • Use them aggressively in one or two large-scale ornamental pieces, and embrace their phoniness. For example, use faux or paper flowers to create a wildly textural floral wall to use as a backdrop for your photobooth or ceremony. This focal point would break most people's budgets if done with real flowers.
  • Consider the non-floral possibilities, such as enormous leaves and grasses, herbs, feathers, air plants, or even tastefully oversized balloons. There is no law that says wedding decor must feature flowers or that it must incorporate whimsy and beautiful man-made artefacts.
  • If you can't afford high-quality artificial flowers, go for a cheery, campy, almost funny look that faux flowers may provide. Make a false flower "garden" (complete with AstroTurf and miniature garden gnomes) and nestle your escort cards among the faux flowers, or make one huge crêpe-paper flower to garnish an otherwise simple wedding cake.
  • Examine the portfolios of florists who utilise fake flowers to discover how their bouquets and arrangements are photographed. When photographed in bright light and crisp focus, some fake flowers are virtually indistinguishable from their natural counterparts, while others appear blatantly unrealistic.
  • In general, fake flowers perform better with arrangements that are more tightly shaped and compact (such as round bouquets); bouquets and centrepieces that are more wild, unstructured, and require a lot of movement (such as cascade bouquets) are more difficult to recreate with imitation blossoms.
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