Certainly, in some people’s minds the thought of having fake flowers on their wedding day is akin to drinking English tea from a mug and just not the thing to do, and this may rightly have been the case 20-30 years ago, but things have changed, and the latest modern manufacturing techniques produce such lifelike flowers you could easily be mistaken for thinking they were real.

But please be aware that not all silk flowers are created equally as you can still buy the cheaply made ones that do look plastic if you can its best to order single flower samples from the wedding florist you are thinking of choosing, expect to pay a small fee for the stem and also a P&P charge, a small price to pay compared to your overall wedding budget and to make sure your wedding flowers are perfect.

Price On the whole faux flowers will be a more cost-effective option then fresh flowers, and if you want exotic blooms or out of season flowers then the saving will be quite significant. Being able to order months or even years in advance also helps spread the cost of your wedding budget.

Whether your flowers are made from the finest fresh flowers, real artificial touch or elegant foam roses the time it takes to make up your order will still be the same, you will need to ascertain from your wedding florist their lead time and if in any doubt make the florist aware of your wedding date so they can work to that date to make sure your order is dispatched in plenty of time.

Of course one of the big benefits of having silk flowers is the ability to order your flowers well in advance, not only helping to spread the cost but you also have the chance to make any changes you feel are necessary after seeing the bouquets, something you can’t do on the day of your wedding when your real posies are delivered.

Can you tell there not real If you don’t tell your wedding guests your flowers are not real and why would you need to, then most will just assume that they are real, bridesmaids or flower girls who have their own flowers to hold the will, of course, be able to tell they are not real but pick an artisan florist such as Sarah’s flowers who only specialize in wedding bouquets and arrangements and the quality of the wedding bouquet will shine through?

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Can We Use Artificial Flowers Instead of Real Ones?

You can definitely use faux flowers instead of fresh ones (especially if you’re highly allergic to the real deal), but don’t go this route if you’re looking to save some money. In fact, good artificial flowers (the kind that looks real) are usually made of silk and can be more expensive than their natural counterparts. Of course, if you’re a craft queen and love the look of crepe paper flowers (and are willing to put in the DIY time), you might be able to save some money by going faux.

Artificial Flowers

Why Choose Fake Wedding Flowers?

The obvious question that comes to mind when choosing between real and fake wedding flowers is why you should even consider getting fake flowers. This question becomes even more relevant if you are not particularly keen on cutting down the budget.

But did you know that even apart from saving money, there are a lot of reasons to get fake wedding flowers? Real flowers too have their own charm, and many brides will definitely prefer them over fake flowers any day.

However, once you give this topic some thought, you will find that just considering fake flowers will open up a world of choices in this segment for you. In fact, if you want, you can even use a combination of fake and real flowers for your wedding. Below are some of the reasons that you might want to think over before deciding on whether you want real or fake flowers at your wedding:

Real flowers are very expensive.

If you speak to anyone who has got married recently about wedding expenses, you will find that on an average a bride spends more than $2200 on the flowers alone if she goes for real flowers.

There is no doubt that real flowers are much more expensive than fake wedding flowers. Fake wedding flowers will cost less than half of what real flowers do and will look as beautiful.

Etsy has some beautiful silk flower options.

Like we mentioned before, there are numerous options in fake wedding flower designs and colours. With Etsy, you can get some truly natural-looking flowers and that too at a very reasonable price. Whether you want flowers for centrepieces or for your bridal bouquet, Etsy will be able to provide natural-looking silk flowers which some may find to be even better than real flowers.

You can even rent fake wedding flowers online.

You have the option of getting fake wedding flowers on rent, something which is not possible with real wedding flowers. There are several wedding stores where you can browse their catalogue of pre-designed bridal bouquets made from silk flowers and choose the one which you would like. The store will then simply pack the flowers and ship them to you.

After the wedding, all you need to do is ship the bouquet back to the store. All this can be made possible by paying a very nominal rental fee of about $50 which is far lesser than what you would pay for a bouquet made from real flowers which anyway goes into the dustbin the next day.

Your guests probably won’t be able to tell.

Real flowers do look more natural, but the silk flowers will also look so real that guests would probably not be able to tell the difference unless they actually go about touching and smelling all the flowers.

Even if they recognize that the flowers are fake, they probably won’t care as their major focus would be on the food and music.

pink wedding flowers | Real vs. Fake Wedding Flowers

There are tons of real-looking fake greenery and flowers to buy in bulk online.

If you are thinking of using floral decorations, including flowers and other greenery as the main decoration for the wedding venue, it would actually be more advisable to go with the fake flowers. Not only do these flowers and greenery look quite real, but you can also buy them in bulk online and save a lot of money in the process.

You can keep your wedding flowers for sentimental reasons and decorate your home.

The worst part about getting real wedding flowers is that they all just go to waste the very next day when the wedding is over, and the venue has to be prepared for the next event. On the other hand, if you have bought fake wedding flowers, you will have the option of taking them home to decorate your place or gifting them to your friends or family. You may also choose to keep those beautiful, if not real, flowers as a reminder of your big day.

You can order the flowers months in advance to help spread out the cost of the wedding.

Another advantage of fake wedding flowers is that you can pre-order the flowers and choose the delivery date months in advance so to avoid that expenditure nearer to the wedding. This helps you spread out the cost and be more efficient in managing your wedding budget.

For brides who want to be more unconventional in their choice, there are even more options to choose from apart from the common silk designs. You can go for flowers made from tissue or paper for an even more unique look for your wedding décor which is sure to be appreciated by all your guests.

Fake wedding flowers are more durable than real flowers.

It will take much more than a gust of wind or some light rain to cause any significant damage to fake wedding flowers which are by design much more sturdy and durable. If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, you should definitely consider getting fake flowers instead of real flowers so that you don’t have to worry about the decoration getting spoilt if the wedding day turns out to be cloudy or rainy.

You don’t have to worry if a floral you have your heart set on is “in season” or not!

Everyone bride is sure to have a favourite flower which she wants as part of her bouquet. However, it may so happen that that flower may not be in season around your wedding day and would, therefore, be unavailable. However, with fake wedding flowers, you can choose any flower in the world irrespective of whether it is in season or whether it even grows in your country or not.

Fake wedding flowers are allergen-free

It would be a big help to a select few guests who may be allergic to some particular kind of flowers if they do not have to constantly worry about their allergy acting up because of the real flowers placed all around the venue. This is an especially big reason to consider if the bride or groom or any member of the bridal party is prone to allergies.

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You can get your flowers in any colour you’d like

Another great reason to get fake wedding flowers is that you can choose to get the flowers designed in any colour you want. You can have purple roses or red hydrangeas. Not only will that look unique and exotic but you can actually colour match the bridesmaid dresses with the colour of the flowers too.

Pros and Cons of Artificial Wedding Flowers


  • Can be more affordable
  • All flower varieties are available in all seasons
  • Last forever
  • Greater control over flower types and colours
  • Can order and prepare them in advance
  • Won’t wilt or attract bugs during outdoor summer weddings
  • Good for those with allergies
  • Don’t require water, so easy to transport and keep looking good
  • Easy to practice (and re-do) any DIY arrangements


  • Can look tacky or cheap
  • The best-looking varieties cost as much as (or more than) real flowers
  • Lack the same feel as real flowers
  • Lack of real-floral scent
  • Real flowers will always be more breathtaking

Artificial Flowers vs Real Flowers For Weddings

Artificial flowers for your wedding may sound like a suggestion from the 70s, thankfully these aren’t your grandma’s fake flowers. They fly across international waters, bend, not snap, and do it all on a budget. Not too shabby for hand-sourced, real-touch, fake flowers. 

But let’s face it – they have a stigma. The cheap truth, they look anything but cheap. Leanne Samuelson, Afloral’s creative director, loves working with silk flowers. “They get tossed around, thrown in the truck for shoots. I’m not nice to them.” Thankfully, with wire stems and easy to fluff petals, they bounce back. “The worst thing that happens is the stem gets bent. I bend it back – who cares,” she says.

Who cares. That’s the mindset with fake flowers, let it be simple. You can choose faux flowers in any colour, any season, anytime. Cherry blossoms in September, why not? Blue ombre orchids, absolutely. You can even match a bouquet to your wedding colours (call us, we’re on it). 

It’s not rocket science; it’s just real science. Real touch flowers feel cool to the touch, UV protected petals can withstand the sunniest beach wedding, and post-honeymoon you can drop florals in a vase without a splash of water. Because artificial flowers last forever, you can revamp your wedding bouquet at any time into a floral DIY.

“I love the idea of being able to keep my floral creations to remember our special day. My wedding bouquet is in our bedroom next to a handwritten letter from Michaels grandma, ’12 Rules to a Happy Marriage.’ Both keepsakes we will cherish forever,” says Afloral bride Brianne.

Whether you’ve been adding to your “Dream Day” Pinterest board since high school or are more of the shotgun wedding type, fake flowers make for the perfect guest of honour. You can plan ahead and know exactly what your wedding bouquet will look like (months in advance) or order a premade bouquet off our site and elope faux flowers in hand. And none of it will cost you your honeymoon fund. Yes, flowers are an expensive part of any wedding, fake or real, but if you are after something specific or are short on time, artificial flowers take the cake. Literally, you can put them on the cake…

If we haven’t swooned you over to the dark side yet, we understand. We love real flowers just as much as you do. But some of us have allergies, we’re all on a budget, and all anyone wants is for their wedding planning to be easy. Fake flowers are easy. Anyway, we hear vintage themed weddings are all the rage this season. 

How Much Should We Spend on Flowers?

When it comes to flowers, the sky is the limit. You could opt for huge, lush arrangements that fill the space with fragrance and colour ($$$) or go more simple with select clusters of blooms that are simple and refined ($). And of course, your choice of flowers is key, as well. If you have your heart set on peonies but are getting married in January, you’ll pay a premium to have them imported (most likely from South America). Are you tying the knot in July? If you love dahlias, you’re in luck—they’re in season, so they’ll be more affordable than at other times of the year. 

Most couples spend between eight and 10 per cent of their overall budget on flowers (covering personal flowers, ceremony décor, and reception arrangements), so if you have a big vision but a smaller budget, talk to your florist about flowers that can give you a look you want without breaking the bank.

How Can We Save Money on Our Wedding Flowers?

The best way to save money on your flowers is to make every arrangement multi-use. Are you flanking the altar with big arrangements? Put one on the escort card table, and use the other to adorn the bar. Have a dozen bridesmaids? Ask your florist to set out empty vases as part of the centrepieces, then stick a bouquet in each to dress up your tables. Scattering bud vases throughout cocktail hour? They can jazz up a mantle or decorate the cake table, or you can cluster a few together for a composed alternative to a single large centrepiece.

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Tips for Using Artificial Wedding Flowers

Sure, using artificial flowers might save you money, be better for the planet, and allow you to hold on to some of your wedding flowers for days (or years) beyond the day itself. But there is something you should consider before making the leap to the artificial flower camp.

  • Don’t use them in high-priority places that will get photographed a lot or seen up close (bouquets, boutonnieres, centrepieces, cake flowers, etc.), if you can help it.
  • Mix them in with real blooms in large arrangements that require filler.
  • Use them in distant applications that won’t be scrutinized up close or seen at eye level, such as at the ceremony altar, in decorative draping, hanging from the ceiling, or scattered down the aisle.
  • Use them boldly in one or two full-scale decorative elements, and fully embrace their faux news. For example, use artificial or paper flowers to create a wildly textural floral wall to use as a backdrop for your photobooth or ceremony—a focal point that would bust most people’s budgets to pull off with real flowers.
  • Consider non-floral options mentioned above like oversized leaves and grasses, herbs, feathers, air plants, or even elegantly oversized balloons. There’s no rule that says wedding decor has to include flowers, or that it can’t include man-made objects of whimsy and beauty.
  • If you can’t afford high-quality artificial flowers, commit to the cheerful, campy, almost humorous style that obviously faux flowers can lend. Create a fake flower “garden” (complete with AstroTurf and miniature garden gnomes) and nestle your escort cards in rows among the faux flowers, or create one massive, crêpe-paper flower to decorate an otherwise simple wedding cake.
  • Browse the portfolios of florists who use artificial flowers to see how their bouquets and arrangements to photograph. Some artificial flowers look practically undecipherable from their real counterparts on film, while some look glaringly unrealistic when documented in good light and sharp focus.
  • In general, arrangements that are more tightly shaped and compact (such as round bouquets) work better with artificial flowers; bouquets and centrepieces that are more wild, unstructured, and require a lot of movement (such as cascading bouquets) are harder to replicate with faux blooms.
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