We’ve all been to that wedding. The one that is lacking any personality whatsoever. Wait, do you even remember whose wedding you’re attending?  

Not to say there is anything wrong with an ultimately “standard” wedding, but aren’t the ones with unique personalities infused far more memorable?  

Adding personal touches to your wedding will make the whole day more enjoyable, memorable and romantic for you and your guests. 

Adding in small, unique details will offer you and your fiancé a walk down memory lane! 

Wedding planning can find many brides and grooms favouring the tried and true wedding traditions, leading to a batch of cookie-cutter weddings – almost identical affairs with no personality. 

Thankfully, there are a few ways to add more personality to your wedding without being overwhelmed or spending precious hours searching for unique ideas to make your trip down the aisle stand out. 

With a bit of creative thinking and careful planning, you can easily make your big day about you and your partner by adding a little personality to create a wedding that is undeniably you.

In one day, you will be reliving times in your relationship when you felt the most in love. Plus, your guests won’t have another run of the mill wedding experience.

To ensure you can incorporate every unique element you wish, sit down and talk about finances first. 

Before any planning begins, you and your significant other have to talk about what your budget looks like. 

To pull off all of these one-of-a-kind details, you may need to save extra money, ask for help from your family or even take out a personal loan to ensure that all costs are covered. Looking for a wedding photographer in Melbourne? Look no further. Brighton Savoy has compiled an ultimate list of Melbourne wedding photographers to help you choose. 

When you set a budget before planning, it’s harder to spend more than that set amount of money. So here are a few ideas to choose from to make your wedding day your own!

Ways to Inject Your Personality Into Your Wedding

Go To A Special Location

Plan a part of your wedding to be at a particular location for you and your soon-to-be spouse. 

If you can pull off having the ceremony or reception in a park where you love to go every weekend or a restaurant where you had your first date, that would be great! 

However, you can even have a cocktail hour, the rehearsal dinner or even a morning-after brunch at a memorable bar or restaurant! 

This will show your guests the exciting places you fell in love with.

Have Custom Designs Made

How To Add Your Personality To Your Wedding4

Show off your personalities with custom art for decor and stationery.

This tip is so sweet and personal and a little secret between you and your significant other. 

Each of you can sew something unique to the inside of your garment. 

Whether it’s a piece of your mother’s wedding dress, fabric with your vows printed on them, or even a patch of the shirt you wore when he proposed. 

Although this isn’t something you’ll be sharing with all of your guests, it will be fun to have a secret shared between you and your fiancé.

Showcase Your Passions

There are many ways to showcase things you’re obsessed with during your wedding. But if you don’t want to do a whole Harry Potter theme, we understand! 

Show off the things in life that you’re both passionate about through wedding favours. For example, if you love gardening, give everyone a potted plant as a favour. 

You can even give your guests a copy of a life-changing book or something you crafted by hand! 

The options are endless, so take your passion and turn it into something tangible for your guests to keep forever.

If you’re a lover of food and drink, your wedding is the perfect opportunity for your friends and family to experience that passion with you. 

Have your homebrew on tap or make your wedding desserts for everyone to enjoy.

Table Names, Not Numbers

If you and your fiancé love to travel the world, then differentiate your tables by names of memorable locations. 

This is a unique idea that will set your wedding apart from others your guests attend this year. 

With the unique name, include a small blurb on the table for your guests explaining why you chose this name and why it’s fantastic for your relationship.

We love couples that get creative with their table numbers! It’s an easy way to insert a bit of personality, AND it’s a great conversation starter for your guests. 

We’ve seen pictures of a couple’s relationship where each year they together corresponded to a different table number or superhero emblems for those comic enthusiasts. 

Some even tell a story of places they’ve travelled as a couple or quotes describing what they love about one another. 

Create A Slideshow

A fun way to entertain your guests during the reception and make them feel special is to have a slideshow playing behind the DJ or band. 

Throughout the reception, funny and cute pictures can be showcased of you and all of your guests. 

This shows them that they are an essential part of your wedding and life and that the memories you’ve all made throughout the years are unique to you both! 

This can easily be created by scouring your albums and social media for photos and using a free app on your computer.

Set the tone with your to save the dates and carry it through to your thank you cards. 

Your printed materials like your save the date and wedding invitation are the first impressions guests will have of your upcoming wedding and reception; start the creative process there! 

Think about how these items can be a reflection of your shared style as a couple. 

Cheers With A Signature Cocktail.

Who doesn’t get excited about custom drinks and food? A “his and hers” version is enjoyable and helps both families know a little more about the person their loved one is marrying. 

Don’t be afraid to get punny with the names or feature opposite options. Unless you’re sober or don’t drink, everyone’s excited about an open bar at a wedding. Of course, we’ve all seen the personalised cocktails, which is super fun! 

Maybe you love tacos, and she loves mac and cheese – they say opposites attract, and chances are they’ll be something for everyone!

One of the most popular ways to do so is a signature cocktail! Whether you opt for two “his” and “hers” options or just one signature drink, make it reflect you and your story. 

And then take it one step further by giving it a meaningful name! 

They named their two cocktails after their pups, but you could also pick a family member’s name to honour, the name of a city that’s important to you both, or anything else that speaks to your love story!

Get creative with your wedding guest book. Gone are the days where your guest book has to be a book! 

One of her couples loved to surf, so it only fitted that their guest book was a surfboard. 

Make Your Menu Unique And Memorable. 

Food is another favourite way to add some personality to your wedding! Talk to your caterer about fusion menus that blend multiple cultures’ cuisines. 

Do you have a favourite meal you love to cook or eat together? Share that with them – they might be able to recommend something as a nod to you and your fiancé. 

Bring in your favourite comfort foods (or snacks) after a night of drinking and dancing or a fun dessert station like frozen bananas or a churro cart. 

And don’t forget about foodie favours for your guests! For example, we once had a bride and groom, who were both substantial coffee lovers with most of their guests. Looking for the Best Photobooth Hires in Melbourne? We have compiled an exclusive list of some of Melbourne’s best photobooth hire suppliers to capture your special day.

They blended their favourite types of coffee in custom-designed organza bags, creating a signature blend for all their guests to enjoy.

Give Favors With Meaning

Favours are best when they have a clear meaning behind them. We love little bags featuring each of the newlywed’s 

Favourite candies or a bag of popcorn because that’s your favourite snack to share. Local favours are having a huge moment right now, and it’s an excellent opportunity to give your guests a glimpse into your hometown and what’s most important to you.

Think Outside The Box For A Guestbook

Can you remember the last time you saw a plain old guestbook? 

Couples are starting to think outside the box by having guests sign something they want to display in their house. 

Think custom wood rounds, longboards, or even a framed engagement picture. Or, if you’re not into displaying everyone’s name in your house, consider doing a polaroid guestbook! 

Most of your guests will love snapping a photo of themselves, and it will give you some fun memories to look back on.

Tell Stories

The best way to add personality to your wedding is to use every opportunity to tell your story. From your vows to your exit, try to add a few yourselves to each moment. 

Feature photos of loved ones who have passed or have your DJ or band dedicate a song to them. 

Have someone tell your love story during either the ceremony or reception. It will be new to most of your guests, and the ones who have heard it will love to listen to it again as you commit to one another!

Design Your Custom Engagement And Wedding Rings.

Each couple has a unique and special relationship that can be difficult to highlight when choosing the perfect wedding and engagement rings. 

For the most part, wedding rings are pretty standard, with little wiggle room for adding personality. 

Thankfully, we have more options than just gold or silver. Today’s technology allows you to design, personalise, and create a one-of-a-kind wedding ring worthy enough for your significant other.

Add A Little Favor To The Party.

Create swag bags for your guests that feature candies, small toys, and trinkets that were your favourite goodies when you and your fiance were children. 

Guests will love the trip down memory lane, enjoy learning about you as a couple and savour the sweets.

Bring Meaningful Locations To The Wedding.

A great way to add a touch of personality to your wedding is to think about essential locations in your relationship. 

Where did you meet? Where did you get engaged? Where did you first say “I love you”? 

Use these unique places where “it” all started for inspiration and design.

Repurpose Items To Craft Creative And Personal Centerpieces.

Look for primitives, old books, retro glasses, wood discs, and other funky junk items to add a little personality to your wedding. 

For instance, if you are an avid reader, find old books and turn them into planters filled with succulents. The possibilities are endless and will help you put your mark on the festivities.

Snap The Perfect Memories By Providing A Unique Photo Booth.

You can entertain and create memories by utilising a photo booth at your wedding. There are various ways to go about this, but the important thing is to choose what works for you. 

You can create an open-air photo booth for large groups, rent a traditional booth, or create a festival feel by hiring a one-of-a-kind car with a built-in photo booth for your guests to enjoy. 

Whatever photo booth you choose, your guests will enjoy posing for photos and bringing home personalised wedding favours.

Pick The Perfect Bouquet.

Flowers are a great way to add more personality to your wedding because each bloom and colour can represent different meanings and emotions. 

Choose flowers to tell your story or embrace unique centrepieces featuring potted herbs and succulents. 

Whatever you do, flowers can express your personality in ways that other decorations don’t.

Channel Your Mother Or Grandmother For Inspiration.

If your mother or grandmother is willing, use pieces of their dresses or veils to create the ring bearer’s pillow, fabric flowers, or sew them into your dress. 

For added fun, recreate their wedding bouquets or use their colours in your theme.

Develop A Signature Cocktail For Your Wedding.

How To Add Your Personality To Your Wedding2

A subtle way to add a pop of personality is to design and serve a signature cocktail. Look for a drink that tells your story or reflects you as a couple. 

Then, give the concoction a meaningful name. We have seen people name their drinks after their dog, the city they fell in love with, the college where they met, and so on.

Play With Your Food.

As a couple, with the help of your caterer, design a menu that blends your heritage, favourite foods, comfort foods, regional fare, street foods, and more that can highlight your relationship.

Involve Your Hobbies. 

On that note, what a great idea to include something you love to do together. Like drinking coffee! 

Give your favourite blend out (or a signature blend for just the two of you) as a favour!

These two not only gave out coffee beans, but they also had a coffee cart and could roast s’mores! Talk about making your wedding unforgettable for your guests.

Maybe you love to make candles and have a candle making business. Then, you can create a signature scented candle representing your favourite and his favourite scents.

Bring In Live Music 

Bring in the live music that represents you as a couple! Are you a musician? 

Consider being brave and write a song for your beautiful bride or handsome groom. Everyone will be in awe. Talk about romance!

Don’t Feel You Have To Do Traditions That Aren’t “You”.  

Much like having an alternative to having cake, maybe cake cutting isn’t your “thing.”

Maybe you feel like lifting your dress in front of everyone is just not your thing. Don’t feel you have to do something that makes you uncomfortable! It’s ok to skip it entirely!!  

Maybe you feel awkward asking your single girlfriends to stand up to toss them a bouquet; skip it!  

We’ve seen brides give the bouquet to a loved one, like a grandma, and it’s adorable! It’s almost 2020; you can make your traditions! It’s cool.

Incorporate Your Favorite Things. 

Do you love Star Wars? Then, have a custom cake topper made of them! Love animals? 

If you love them SO much, you could bring them in to mingle with guests at cocktail hour! But, we’ll tell you, having a lemur hold your hand, that might be better. 

It happened to us at this wedding, and we will never forget it! OR maybe you love animals so much you want to get married at a zoo!  

Cut The Cake And Embrace A Dessert Bar.

Instead of the traditional white cake and messy chocolate fountain, provide access to a stylised layout featuring fun desserts. 

Offer a candy bar filled with your favourite treats, a popcorn bar with a wide array of flavours and stir-ins, ice cream sundae bar, or design a rustic s’more bar with all the chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker fixings a person could imagine

Additional Tips! 

Don’t forget to TELL your photographer about any surprises!! Don’t worry; they’re AMAZING secret keepers. Of course, that’s not an invitation to tell them all your secrets, but you can if you want to. 

It’s essential to allow your photographer some time on the day to capture all these details you put your heart into. 

They are pretty good at slipping away without you noticing they’re gone, but if you’re not doing a first look and your reception details aren’t fully set up before the ceremony, they may not get a great moment to capture those unique details for you. Here at Brighton Savoy, we have compiled an exclusive list of Wedding Photo Locations in Melbourne to help you decide on your special day.

We encourage communicating with them to ensure they can capture everything while giving you a fantastic experience on your wedding day!

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