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Grazing tables often take shape as a massive charcuterie board or spread of antipasti laden with meats, cheeses, olives, and a selection of pieces of bread. Fresh fruits, dips, nuts, and crackers are also traditionally incorporated. But honestly, a grazing table can be any type of spread you choose, whether you're hoping to include more salads or vegetables, or even a few sweets. As long as it's filled with assorted flavours and textures, you can't go wrong.

With so many choices out there it can be hard to know which company to book with so make sure when comparing you look at the quality of the ingredients on their boards and what you ACTUALLY get included in that price.

Do you have an event coming up and need a grazing table? If so, then this blog post will be helpful to you. We’ve compiled the best list of Melbourne companies that can cater for your needs for any type of event.

Best Grazing Table Companies

Melbourne Grazing Tables 

Melbourne Grrazing Table



Locally sourced & sustainable grazing tables. At Melbourne Grazing we pride ourselves on being as sustainable as possible and sourcing as much local produce as we can. All of our meat produce is free range and ethically sourced with most of our producers being just a stones throw away from where we reside on our small farm. We use linen satchels for of our fruits & vegetables. Our serving ware is compostable & eco friendly, as well as the sheeting under your grazing table. Pack down is made easy & efficient, simply roll up your grazing table and dispose of it efficiently.

Foliage and florals are all included in our grazing table pricing structure. There are no hidden costs with plenty of add ons to make your grazing table more scrumptious. We also offer decadent dessert grazing tables and corporate breakfast grazing tables. We can cater for any event or wedding.

Are you planning an event in the Daylesford / Macedon ranges area? If so, visit our sister company www.daylesfordgrazing.com.


Im Plattered Glazing Table Melbourne 

Im Plattered Glazing Table Melbourne




Mother Of Boards

Starting from our one-metre option, each table will be styled individually to match and compliment the space we are creating in!

All the Mother of Boards will include a variety of your favourite grazing options, complemented with greenery and cheese knives to serve. 

1 & 1.5 METRES $600 / $850


The perfect starting point to your graze.

Our one-metre grazing tables includes an assortment of cheese, deli meats OR falafels, crackers, fresh bread, seasonal fruit & berries, a selection of antipasto including olives, sun-dried tomatoes & stuffed bell peppers, nuts, dried fruit, dips and pesto's and finished with something sweet.

Feeds up to 30 / 45 guests.

2 & 2.5 METRES $1050 / $1300

These 2m beauties include everything our one metre has plus falafels, our homemade chocolate and coconut balls, fresh loaves of bread.

Feeds up to 60 / 75 guests.


When size does matter! 

Our 3m grazing table is sure to be the talk of your next event. Including everything, our smaller options do with a wider variety of all your favourites.

Feeds up to 100 guests.


We totally get it, sometimes all you want is MORE. Our grazing tables can be made up to five full metres in length. Please send us an email to discuss your needs and for a quote.


The Breakfast With Jamie graze the only way your day should begin whether it's a treat before your wedding, a morning meeting, product launch or you just simply love breakfast - we have the perfect option.

Including a range of fresh pastries and filled mini bagels, a DIY yogurt station OR pre-made yoghurt cups, seasonal fruit & berries, bliss balls, all your favourite condiments and more.

1m - $600 - Feeds up to 25 guests 

1.5m - $850 - Feeds up to 40 guests

2m - $1050 - Feeds up to 55 guests

2.5m - $1300 - Feeds up to 70 guests

3m - $1500 - Feeds up to 85 guests 


Because dessert is always sweeter served bulk!

The Kardashian Dessert Table can be ordered on its own or combined/added to any of our grazing tables.

This table can be made in two ways; neat and tidy on elevated boards (perfect for engagements/weddings and cocktail parties) OR to resemble a Willy Wonker factory (perfect for birthday parties, less formal events).

No two Kardashian tables will be the same, let us know your colour scheme/theme, and we will order and create accordingly!

Raw, GF, Vegan options are all available.

1m - $600 - Feeds up to 40 guests 

1.5m - $850 - Feeds up to 60 guests

2m - $1050 - Feeds up to 80 guests


For that special occasion.​

The Oh U Fancy Huh? board includes an assortment of imported cheese, prosciutto & salami's, artisan crackers, grapes & berries, Sicilian olives, stuffed bell peppers, cornichons, dips, honeycomb, quince, dried apricots, cashews and a few extras to garnish!

​40cm | $220 | Feeds up to 10 guests

50cm | $275 | Feeds up to 15 guests

+ $30 delivery, set up & pick up fee.


Because the original is always the best.

The Get Plattered board includes an assortment of cheese, prosciutto & salami's, crackers, seasonal fruit & berries, stuffed olives, stuffed bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, dips and nuts.

40cm | $187 | Feeds up to 10 guests

50cm | $242 | Feeds up to 15 guests

+ $30 delivery, set up & pick up fee.


Vegan, Gluten-Free & Dairy Free!​

The Soy Cheesy Board was carefully curated to be friendly to a range of dietary requirements and for our plant-based lovers.

This board includes a range of vegan cheese, falafels, antipasto, crackers, dips, dried pears, apricot coconut bites, fruit, berries & nuts and Loving Earth chocolate.

40cm | $220 | Feeds up to 8 guests

50cm | $275 | Feeds up to 12 guests

+ $30 delivery, set up & pick up fee.


Our Picnic Platters are the perfect centrepieces to your longer tables, whether a picnic or dining. Set on our beautiful raised serving boards that measure 60cm x 20cm long.

These are set up at your event location.

Two platters $330 

Three platters $480 

Four platters $630

Add a half kilo piece of Brie topped with fresh honeycomb, nuts & more for $49.50

Served on a separate round board.

+ $50 delivery, set up and pick up fee.

Minimum of two platters per order.


When you want a fuss-free setup, that's a step up from a grazing box!

Say HELLO to our disposable picnic platters! These babies come on 55cm x 30cm palm leaf trays with matching palm leaf bowls which are all biodegradable and super friendly for the environment.

Filled to the brim of a variety of grazing options - these can be made to replicate our boxes, be all fruit or something a little more custom to your event, just let us know!

$143.00 each

+ delivery depending on location.


Ask us about the Dilly Delly Boozy Brunch Picnic Package and make a day out of it!

The Bagel Brunch Board is the perfect hands-on graze for your intimate events. Filled with a variety of fresh bagels, cream cheeses, smoked salmon, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, smoked peppers, capers, radishes, jam, fruit/berries and finished with a sweet side of waffles, croissants, bliss balls and mini Nutella jars.

$33 per person/minimum of 6 guests.

(Each guest gets one full bagel and one full pastry - this is designed to be a large meal for each guest and not a light graze.)

+ $50 delivery, set up and pick up fee.


Dilly Delly Cocktails - $27.50

Regular Rocky Road - $27.50 

12x Stuffed Cookies - $39.60

12x Baked Donuts - $35.20

Please visit our Sweet Treats size for more info and all flavour options.

Minimum quantities apply as stated above.


Paddock To Plate Catering Co. Glazing Table Melbourne 

Paddock To Plate Catering Co. Glazing Table Melbourne



The Paddock To Plate Movement

"We're passionate about using real food, raised well, paid for fairly, and cooked as soon as close to it leaving the farm as we can."

For centuries all food was very literally paddock (and let's not forget river/forest/ocean/air) to plate. People grew most of their food or bought it from nearby farmers. The food they put on the table was fresh, local, and pumping with nutrients. During the early part of the twentieth century, society moved away from that. More people moved into urban areas, and improved transportation and refrigeration made it possible for food to be transported from hundreds, even thousands, of miles away. 

For the vast majority of western society now, food is no longer picked on the farm and served within just a day or so. It's regularly grown in a monoculture, necessitating the use of chemical feed and protection, and picked unripe to ensure extended shelf life. This means we're eating nutritionally void, chemically doused, essentially dead food. The same can be said for our meat, poultry and fish — poorly treated, grain-fed, no room to exercise, and killed with pain and fear, with well-documented detriment to the environment. Pretty average deal for everyone, we think. Here at paddock to plate catering co, we're passionate about using real food, raised well, paid for fairly, and cooked as soon as close to it leaving the farm as we can.  

Heirloom And Heritage Produce  

Many of the ingredients we use for the paddock to plate movement are heirloom vegetables and heritage meats. These terms are given to plants and animals that are old varieties, grown naturally without being hybridised or otherwise genetically modified. As such, they're more nutritious and far more flavoursome than their modern, dabbled-with cousins. Every time a farmer raises an heirloom variety, and a chef chooses to highlight it, and we invest in the biodiversity of our future environment, gut health, and culinary excitement!  

Pasture-fed Meats  

We only use pasture-fed meat for a few reasons. Firstly, giving animal access to whichever greens and herbs it needs to maintain a healthy gut and immunity means a happier, healthier animal, which means better-tasting meat, without the need for hormones and antibiotics. When we take away a natural diet and feed animals only on grain, their gut health is compromised, which means their immunity is compromised (we're the same, fyi,) and all of a sudden you've got a hot mess of drugs in your meat. Grass-fed meat is not only less fatty, but better fatty — up to five times more omega 3s than grain-fed. It's better-tasting thanks to the variety of food available, and the movement and musculature of the animal. We've also seen inside a feed-lot, and those places are grim — ain't no way we're supporting that.  


Look, we're lucky in Australia. Between tassie and faq, we can grow pretty much everything, all year round. Greenhouses essentially negate the concept of winter, so you can get decent tomatoes while wearing four layers (which is nice, but pretty odd for our bodies.) the issue is this; getting those mangoes and avocados down from cairns in august is 1) pretty heavy on the carbon-footprint and 2) means that nothing is special anymore. Remember the delight of the first mango, mid-November, dripping down your arm? Or tangy, sweet mandarins coming in around June? Is there anything better than the first tender spears of asparagus the moment spring hits? Now, we get everything whenever we want it, without the chance to miss, and then savour our seasonal favourites. Matt tries to look at what's grown in NSW, and only use that – better for the planet, better for our hearts, minds and bellies.


Weddings with the paddock to plate catering co 

Congratulations and thank you for considering paddock to plate catering co. 

We understand that to get married outside on a beautiful rural farm/ property is just about as good as it gets. That's why we specialise and are the leaders in farm/ barn style estate weddings. We love doing weddings all over the country, and when we do, we source our ingredients from local farms in the surrounding areas where your wedding will be held. 

This gives you and your guests an even better connection to the land plus a great conversation starter on the day. We also try to cook as elemental as possible with spits and fire pits over native wood, and this gives so many added smokey aromas, incredible tasting foods and a great atmosphere to your reception. 

If you are to be married on a property with no kitchen or a small kitchen, no problems we bring all our own equipment to set up a temporary kitchen at no additional costs to you. 

Our cooking style is rustic country cookery using fire, amazing produce and ingredients sourced only locally from farms seasonally, executed by some modern techniques and some ancient techniques. Everything should always be incredible because we use incredible ingredients from potatoes grown in seaweed on the south coast to dairy goods made from jersey cow milk on the central coast. 

We can supply crockery, cutlery, tables, chairs, marquees waitstaff, bar staff, post-reception cleaning staff and whatever else you may need to take away all the stresses from a multi-vendor wedding. 

Please contact us with the date and location of your wedding, and we will write a sample menu for you based on what will be in season and ingredients available in your chosen area. 

Our wedding menus packages include


Always a fun option our canapés are served in quirky platters and rustic hand made earthenware from mini edible flower pots to oysters served on river stones. We make canapés that are visually stunning, as well as tasty. Eight canapés 2 substantial $40 pp 

Share Platters 

Our share platter-style menus are designed for long banquet style tables, where your guests pass the platters around the table and enjoy the variety available. This style of "Sharing" foods aims to a bit less formal than the traditional formal sit down two course alternate menu of fish or beef. It is more about a relaxed homely dining experience.

Share plates have become in high demand in the catering world, enabling guests to sample multiple dishes and choose their own portion sizes. Think long lunches, long tables, great food and great atmosphere. Also known as 'family service', it provides an intimate environment where guests can enjoy the pleasure of sharing a meal together – like a family, communal and interactively. 

Our share-style menu offers a wide choice of dishes with something sure to suit all tastes. Served with home made lemon myrtle damper bread and pepe saya butter. 

Plated Meals

More of a formal set down meal which can be alternate drop or not. Choose from one two or three courses of beautifully plated meals. 

Bush Buffet

A casual experience where guests can come and go as they please. All served on local made platters, raised on timber logs and vintage rustic fruit crates with native flowers foraged from the same farms we procure our ingredients from. Or we can style to suit your theme. 

Grazing Tables 

Add a grazing table to your event for before the meal or as a late night snack with handmade free range salamis, easter show blue ribbon winning sydney smoked hams, farm door cheeses, local fruits, dips, new season quince paste and homemade lavish and crackers.

Cheese Harvest Tables

Three Australian farm door kinds of cheese from the best the country has to offer. Served with homemade quince paste hand made grossing, lavish prickle hill sugar plums dairy-free cheeses and our own dehydrated farm-sourced fruits. 

Charcuterie Station

Selection of premium charcuterie(house-made free-range terrines, pates and cured meats, cornichons, pickled onions, grissini accompanied by sliced baguettes, hunter valley shiraz onion jam & dijon mustard sauce.

Oyster shucking station 

On an ice bar with a chef shucking them fresh to order with oysters from coffin bay, Wallice lake and Tathra to taste the difference in the climates they are farmed in. All served with cabernet mignonette, local Myer lemon and natural. Add a petite dessert station with a range of bite-size hand made desserts all made with ethical ingredients.

We care and want you to feel relaxed at every stage of your wedding planning, so we go to extra efforts to perfect your catering for the big day. 

We try to capture your personality as a couple and the whole feel and experience you want for your wedding day, and then use culinary knowledge and skill to bring this to fruition. Whether you want quirky food stations, classy canapes or a full-service sit-down meal, we have the perfect menu for you.

FAQs About Grazing Tables

How Much Does It Cost To Make Your Own Grazing Table?

The cost of a grazing table can range depending on how elaborate the table looks, the quality of ingredients, and how large the table is. On average, I'd expect to pay $100 - $150 for a full-looking 5-foot kitchen table.


What Does Grazing Table Mean?

A “grazing table” is a tablescape filled with artfully arranged meats, cheese, crudité, as well as seasonal fruit, flowers, decorations and serving utensils and dishes. ... Benefits of a grazing table include Food prepared in advance. Easy to put together. Guests will be impressed.


What Food Goes On A Grazing Table?

Food to include:

  • Shaved meats and cheeses.
  • Fresh fruits.
  • Crackers, fresh breads and other dippable items.
  • Dips and spreads.
  • Olives and pickles.
  • Sweet treats (chocolate, mini pastries, tarts)


How Long Does It Take To Set Up A Grazing Table?

How long does it take to set up a table? Depending on the size of the grazing table booked, setting up can take up to 3 hours.


How Much Should A Grazing Table Feed?

Your guests should be able to eat a little bit of everything from your grazing table menu. The food should be bite-sized portions – we recommend keeping food items to one or two bites max. Guests shouldn't have to cut anything with a knife once it's left the table.


How Do You Add Height To A Grazing Table?

You can use cake stands, tiered stands, and cake domes to add height to your grazing table. Always fill the empty space by adding more fruits and vegetables and split them up around the board for a prettier presentation.

Oasis Online Grazing Table Melbourne 

Oasis Online Grazing Table Melbourne



Our Story

From our family to yours, experience the tradition and the passion of Oasis. Since 1998, this Australian owned and operated family business has been sharing authentic food from around the world with fellow food lovers.

At the heart of the Oasis, the story is the Makool family which emigrated from Lebanon in the 70s, along with a strong tradition of bringing people together through the sharing of food.

Over 20 years of hard work and commitment to quality has seen three generations of family transform a humble food store into an iconic part of the Melbourne culinary scene. In this must-experience bucket lister, knowing foodies come from afar.

With stores in both Murrumbeena and Fairfield, you'll find a bustling café serving deliciousness, an immense gourmet grocery store with an unmatched range, a deli of epicurean proportions, the freshest fresh food market, and outstanding prices throughout. You'll even find beautiful events spaces and a popular cooking school. We take pride in making everybody feel at home. Drop-in, we'd love to show you around.


Montibello Glazing Table Melbourne 

Montibello Glazing Table Melbourne



Montmorency adopts Sicily on a quaint corner – Finalmente!

Cathy and Alex aren't the types of people who make a fuss, quietly running one of Montmorency's busiest brunch spots. But, beneath their modest demeanours, the couple has been making waves since they opened Espresso 3094 in 2012. And for a good reason. True to their Mediterranean roots, the pair are feeders, which means they're passionate about good food that leaves you feeling satisfied and fulfilled. It's precisely why they've been carefully planning a true culinary gift for their extended local family in Monty.

Montibello is as true to Italian cuisine as it is to humble Montmorency. Think honest, simple, soulful dishes to serve residents of all walks. From families and couples to enjoy for a special occasion, to casual drop-ins for a hearty meal or pizza before footy or netball.

Head Chef Fiorenzo Riccelli focus is on refining "Casa Linga" or home-style Italian cooking. Discover dishes to include the Sicilian Penne Alla Norma eggplant, cherry tomatoes, basil, Napoli sauce and pecorino; Homemade Ravioli filled with truffle mushroom and finished with a burnt sage and pecorino; and Sfinci homemade Sicilian doughnuts (a rare find here in Melbourne) straight from the heart of Sicily, speaking for themselves on your plate. For quality assurance, Nonna (Cathy's mum) has reviewed and approved the menu too, and will even star as a guest contributor to the specials board ­– because everyone knows she makes it best…

Whatever the occasion, Montibello invites you over for a beautiful Italian meal, from its family to yours. How could you refuse?


made to order, our delectable grazing boxes are now available in a range of sizes to suit small or larger grouPS and special events.

Our grazing boxes include a selection of the best cheeses, cured meats, dried fruits, nuts, fresh fruit, gourmet crackers and in our large boxes we also include mini panini.

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice to prepare, to order please email us at info@montibello.com.au.


Eat Plate Love Glazing Table Melbourne 

Eat Plate Love Glazing Table Melbourne



Designed To Infuse Delicious Gourmet Food With Style

Everything we do is about savouring the moment together. Whether you're with family or friends, neighbours or colleagues, our quest is to eat.plate.love our way around any table.

A petite catering company designed to infuse delicious gourmet food with style located in the heart of Spotswood. Specialising in stunning grazing tables and platter boxes, we supply gourmet food for all occasions and table sizes from birthdays and weddings to corporate events or purely just because it takes your fancy!

Our hand-picked selection of gourmet food delights overflows with abundance, colour and mouth-watering elegance in our hand-crafted grazing tables and platter boxes.

So get in touch with Eat.Plate.Love and let us bring your gourmet food table together.

Cheese Enthusiast

Growing up with an Italian heritage, it was only natural to develop a passion for food. As a child, I had fond memories of sitting at the kitchen bench watching Mum and Nonna making homemade pasta for an upcoming feast for the family to enjoy. Jump forward to today, and I still really enjoy cooking and entertaining for my family and friends. I guess you can say that it's my love language and how I show my affection.

"Food is the ingredient that binds us together."

For generations, food has always been what has bought family and friends together; around a table to share a meal or to celebrate life's events. Eat Plate Love is essentially an extension of that… creating 'Art on a Plate' and providing enjoyment for those special moments between families, friends and colleagues. I'm delighted to be able to personalise each grazing table to suit your style or theme, and to provide a gourmet delight for your guests to enjoy.


Graze With Michelle Glazing Table Melbourne 

Graze With Michelle Glazing Table Melbourne



Grazing Options For All Occassions 

Now that we are back in lockdown [take 3] we need to make sure we do the right thing to get back on track.

Maybe you're missing a birthday or a special celebration with family and loved ones, or you simply want to send a gift to someone who is doing it tough in isolation, what is important during this time is that we stay CONNECTED - and what is better than sending good wishes but to do with beautiful food.

 Let me help, and I can WOW your recipient with a beautiful hamper or grazing box - take a look at my online shop, there are many options to choose from!

Our boxes are great as a thank you or a treat for a friend or family member, for any occasion.

Our platters & boxes come in an assortment of sizes, Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-Free options available! 



  • 1 Soft Cheese
  • 1 x Serving of Prosciutto
  • 1 x Serving of Salami
  • 1 x Serving Kabana
  • 1 x Dip (Yumi's Dairy and Gluten-Free)
  • 1 x Serving of Fresh Honeycomb
  •  Fruit Crackers, Assorted Nuts
  • Dried fruit and berries




  • 1 x Soft Cheese
  • 1 x Serving of Prosciutto
  • 1 x Serving of Salami
  • 1 x Serving Kabana
  • 1 x Dip (Yumi's Dairy and Gluten-Free)
  • 1 x Serving of Fresh Honeycomb
  • 1 x Quince Paste
  • Fruit Crackers, Assorted Nuts & Dried fruit and Berries




  • 3 x Servings of Cheese
  • 1 x Serving of Prosciutto
  • 1 x Serving of Salami
  • 1 x Serving Kabana
  • 1 x Dip (Yumi's Dairy and Gluten-Free)
  • 1 x Quince Paste
  • 1 x Cucumbers
  • Fresh Seasonal Berries and Vegetable sticks
  • Wafer and Fruit Crackers, Assorted Nuts & Dried fruit

Ingredients may differ to the image.




  • Packed in Small Cardboard Box (16cm x 16cm)
  • 1 x Dip (Yumi's Dairy/Gluten-Free)
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Wafer Biscuits, 
  • Assorted Nuts & Dried Fruit
  • Mini meats
  • Chocolate pretzels

Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten-Free Option Available – please advise at time of booking - Ingredients may vary.



  • Waffles
  • Escuminac Maple Syrup
  • Assorted Berries



  • 4 Donuts
  • Assorted lollies

 Please advise if nut-free

Contents may vary


Surprise your child with these treats in a box! 

Customised to your requirements.

You have the option of a Small or Large box. 

Please let us know at the check out what they like so we can make sure it's personal and customised!

 We will be sure to create something they will LOVE!


1 x Medium Grazing Box + Vase Flowers 


  • 1 x Soft Cheese
  • 1 x Serving of Prosciutto
  • 1 x Serving of Salami
  • 1 x Serving Kabana
  • 1 x Dip (Yumi's Dairy and Gluten-Free)
  • 1 x Serving of Fresh Honeycomb
  • 1 Quince Paste
  • Fruit Crackers, Assorted Nuts & Dried fruit and Berries

(Flowers are seasonal and will differ to an image - Flowers supplied by Proud Designs)


Events by Stephanie Grazing Table Melbourne 

Events By Stephanie Grazing Table Melbourne



Grazing Boards

What our boards include 

Our grazing boards include a selection of premium cheeses and dips, and charcuterie cured deli meats, Antipasto and mixed olives, fresh seasonal and dried fruits. Fresh artisan bread, gourmet crackers and grissini sticks. Plus a selection of delicious nuts, pretzels and fig/quince pastes.

Of course, if there are any special dietary requirements, this can be catered for. We can cater for all diets including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free to ensure that all your guests can indulge. If you have only a small quantity of guests with special dietary requirements, we can transform a section of the grazing board to cater to their diet. Alternatively, we can arrange a separate board or box to ensure there is no potential cross-contamination.


Our by the metre grazing boards are designed for larger gatherings, corporate events and parties. Need something to accommodate a greater or smaller number of guests? Our grazing boards can also be created at half metre lengths to suit your requirements.

Grazing Boards $15 Per Person

1/2 Metre - Up to 12 ppl $180

1 Metre - Up to 25 ppl $375

2 Metre - Up to 50 ppl $750

3 Metre – Up to 75 ppl $1125

4 Metre – Up to 100 ppl $1500

5 Metre – Up to 125 ppl $1875

6 Metre – Up to 150 ppl $2250

Prices include delivery and collection and full set up styling service on the day. Arrange for us to come 1-2 hours prior to your event (subject to board size ordered).

All boards, cheese knives, serving bowls, props and tablecloths are on loan. Please ensure that all hire items are washed and returned up to 2 days after your event. 

Half Metre Graze Board

Grazing Boxes

Available in the following sizes:

Small GB - Up to 4 people $60

Small GB with Piccolo Rose - Up to 4 people $70

Brunch GB Small- Up to 2- 4 people $75

Medium GB - Up to 6 people $90

Brunch GB Large - Up to 4-6 people $115

Large GB - Up to 8 people $120

Deluxe Picnic Grazer - Up to 10 people $150

To view product images and inclusions list, please see the 'Order' section of the website.

Add ons*:

Freixenet Italian Sparkling Piccolo Rose 200ml Bottle - $10

Additional Croissant - $5

(*must be purchased with a Grazing Box or board not individually)

Free local delivery within 5km of Pascoe-Vale. For deliveries greater than 5km, standard delivery costs apply based on distance. Please refer to FAQ's section for delivery rates.


Small Axe Delicatessen Glazing Table Melbourne 

Small Axe Delicatessen Glazing Table Melbourne



Small Axe Deli is located just around the corner from its sister store Small Axe Kitchen, just 500m up Sydney Road.

Offering a variety of house-made and artisan products, from free-range salumi and specialty cheeses, Italian wine, local craft beer, small-batch gins + aperitivi to local and important pantry goods.

Our house-made products are what we are most proud of - preserves, relishes, pickles, crackers, dukkah, fresh pasta, pasta sauce, dips, body scrub, terrine, meatballs, risotto and of course lasagna to name a few. All made on-site with love.

Small Axe take-home meals are perfect for those who are time-poor but love and appreciate good food. We have meals ready to go, meal kits or lots of elements of meals that make dinner easy to pull together.


Platter Co. Glazing Table Melbourne 

Platter Co. Glazing Table Melbourne



Easy. Delicious. Plentiful.

Grazing platters are a convenient and straightforward catering option that creates a visual wow factor and really deliver on taste too.

Platter Co. exists to create, build & style delicious cheese and grazing platters for sharing. We offer a selection of platters, platter boxes, and grazing tables of abundance for any occasion - or night in - to delight you and your guests.

Servicing Geelong, Melbourne & surrounds since 2016.

Who Is Platter Co?

Hi! We're Platter Co. - Jade on the right, Stacey on the left. We often refer to ourselves as a cheese (and wine!) enthusiasts. We love both, and we love to create planter boxes and grazing tables using quality cheeses, meats and a delicious selection of accompaniments that always deliver on taste and add something special to any occasion. Whether it's planning your dream wedding or you want to send a care package for friends to enjoy at home, we look forward to hearing from you.

Grazing Tables

We create, build and style grazing platters, and grazing tables of abundance.

A grazing table to celebrate a friend's birthday is where it all started for Platter Co. in 2016. Every year since, we have had the joy and privilege of helping people celebrate - whether it's a small gathering of your nearest and dearest or a more significant event, good food is always at the top of everyone's planning checklist.

Over the years we've refined our style and love to create large, rustic & beautifully balanced grazing platters. We fill our tables with food people love eating, using native foliage alongside antique silverware or brass and slate to really elevate each setting. We can also source different props and boards to incorporate into any set-up, depending on the look and feel you're going for. 

Platter Co. Grazing Platter Particulars:

Our prices include the loan of props/boards/knives etc., foliage, styling, cocktail napkins, & delivery within the Central Geelong area. If you're outside of this area, please ask for a quote on travel, which can also include courier collection of the platter items on the following business day.

We'll arrive 1-1.5hrs before the event to set-up for you, so everything is ready to enjoy when your guests start to come.

All we need is the table, in a cool place. (preferably inside on warm days, because #australia).

After the event, any platter items need to be returned clean, unless alternate collection has been arranged.

There are two options for each size; the starter consists of quality mid-range cheeses. The deluxe starts to incorporate some imported and higher-end cheeses (such as a triple cream brie, or d'affinois), additional portions of cured meats, dark chocolate, fresh honeycomb and a gourmet cracker selection.


Lush Platters Glazing Table Melbourne 

Lush Platters Glazing Table Melbourne



Lush Platters is a family run business, based in Caulfield Victoria and managed by Michal Saben under the umbrella of her other business, Eleven Out Of Ten Events. 

Michal has been creating beautiful grazing tables and platters for years. After many requests and enquires from clients, she decided to form a business specialising in grazing boxes. 

Striving for perfection, she oversees the entire process from start to finish, including design, styling, sourcing suppliers of the best quality ingredients and making sure your grazing box gets delivered on time. 

Whether its birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines Day, Mother's or Father's Day, picnics, corporate meetings and so much more, Lush Platters can provide from our growing standard range or bespoke, beautiful grazing boxes. 

Grazing Tables and Platters 

Our grazing tables are the perfect feature for large group gatherings, special events and parties. Our spreads are uniquely curated and styled to your preference where theme and location are taken into account. On the day we will supply and set up an array of locally sourced produce and provide props to create a stand out masterpiece you'll have to share the attention with.

Pricing will be quoted on an individual basis depending on the choice of foods, flowers, quantities etc.


The Grazing Fox - Glazing Table Melbourne 

The Grazing Fox Glazing Table Melbourne



The Grazing Fox - filling stomachs and lighting up events since 2017. 

TGF's founder Sam Fox always reminds us that life is all about counting the memories, not the calories! That's why our team puts an incredible effort into carefully arranging food, in-season foliage and other accessories to wow our customers and their guests.

We're most well known for our incredible Grazing Tables which include the most acceptable range of cheeses, charcuterie and other fresh produce. 

But, our famous Grazing Boxes are following close behind, with many of our beloved customers continuing to support us during lockdown while we can't attend events.

We know you'll just love what we have to offer!


How cute is this! Not sure what to do on those nights in? Want the perfect picnic box? We've got you covered with our Grazing Boxes.


Our famous Grazing Tables are sure to impress at any event. They are made up of delicious, in-season produce from our favourite locally-sourced suppliers. 

We can cater for a range of group sizes - from a 1-metre table which feeds up to 30 guests, to a 6-metre table which can provide up to 160 guests.


Our famous Breakfast Grazing Tables are perfect for early morning conferences or work events. Our breakfast tables are made up of delicious, in-season produce from our favourite locally-sourced suppliers.

We can cater for a range of group sizes - from a 1-metre table which feeds up to 30 guests, to a 6-metre table which can provide up to 160 guests.


Mary Eats Cake Glazing Table Melbourne 

Mary Eats Cake Glazing Table Melbourne



The celebration of High Tea served with urban sophistication, local rustic charm, delicious decadence and a dash of fabulous. 

Our bespoke experience comes from Jessica Hillbrick (a French-trained Pastry Chef). Le Cordon Bleu-trained Jessica knows good pastry. After working in Accounting for five years, Jessica followed her passion for the pie to some of London's finest High Tea establishments. She has created the menu at Mary Eats Cake, bringing a modern, fresh twist to High Tea tradition. 

Jessica combines pastry, tea, celebrations and all things delicious to bring you seasonal High Tea food paired with house-made teas served with love at Mary Eats Cake. 


Mary Eats Cake is all about the celebration of High Tea served with urban sophistication, local rustic charm, delicious decadence and a dash of fabulous. 

Mary know good cake and tea! The seasonal High Tea menu brings a modern, fresh twist to High Tea while keeping with old fashioned traditions such as vintage teaware and classic desserts.

Mary Eats Cake specialises in High Tea parties, including bridal showers, baby showers, and birthday celebrations.

She has two quaint venues in Melbourne, a gritty glam tea house in Brunswick and a charming cottage in Montrose at the base of Mount Dandenong.


The French Providore Glazing Table Melbourne 

The French Providore Grazing Table Melbourne



The French Providore is a Melbourne supplier of imported French food and wine, based in Moorabbin. They make beautiful grazing hampers Melbourne residents will enjoy. The Mixed Hamper includes cured meats, gourmet cheeses, a baguette, nuts grapes, crackers and pickles for $95, and you can elect to add a bottle of wine for an additional $20.

Grazing boxes are available to pick up from their Moorabbin store or local delivery within Bayside, Kingston and Glen Eira council areas. For delivery outside of these areas, you'll need to contact the store.

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