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Staying connected when travelling has never been so relevant and important in 2016. The world today has become so reliant on the internet, it is important to know you will be able to stay connected.

From a business perspective, checking those emails, logging into your VPN or just managing your contacts, or whilst on holiday or vacation planning the next days events or using google maps for directions are all part of day to day activities.

Hotels and the Internet usually get a bad rap – perhaps deservingly so, when the cost and the speed of hotel internet is not to standard, or just damn expensive.  Its ironic you can be staying in a five star CBD hotel and have to pay $25.00-$30.00 for the internet, yet you could go next door to a Mc.Donalds and get it for free.

Here at Brighton Savoy, we pride ourselves that our Wi-fi network is not only free, but is monitored continuously to ensure the quality, range and speed of connection is maintained. We are supported by a 24 hour service, so should any issues occur these can be remedied.

So when looking for your next stay in Melbourne, or hotel accommodation in the bayside Brighton area, and you need to stay connected give us a call on (03) 9592 8233

Brighton Savoy Hotel is located overlooking the beach in Brighton,  Victoria , Australia approximately 12km from the CBD. Check out our Rooms.

We also offer four meeting and event spaces with free wifi for up to 200 delegates.

Ps: Our two levels of undercover car parking is also free

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