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Every wedding anniversary is a milestone. About 86% of married couples celebrate their anniversaries, and 60% prefer to celebrate alone with their partners.    

Planning for this special occasion can be difficult, especially if you’ve run out of ideas or want to try something new. Keep reading to discover the most romantic ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary.  

  • Surprise your spouse with a travel getaway   

When did you last go on an exotic or spontaneous getaway with your other half? If it was on your honeymoon, perhaps now’s the time to consider going on a second honeymoon. As couples settle into married life, the excitement about going on a date or buying gifts eventually fades. Going on a trip is one of the best ways to reignite that spark.    

You may have travelled a lot with your spouse and kids, but vacationing with your partner is different and more intimate. You can plan a trip with your spouse and make it a surprise. Pick a destination your partner has always dreamed of visiting or would love to explore. It doesn’t have to be somewhere far. Even a weekend escape to a place you’ve never been to will be remarkable. 

For something new, check out options for a couples retreat instead of the usual hotel rooms. If you’re feeling spontaneous, why not book a beautiful house or a cosy cottage? Wherever you go, a sweet holiday together will be an excellent opportunity to relax, have fun, and treat yourselves. 

  • Go on a motorcycle road trip  

Another brilliant idea is to go on a motorcycle road trip. Riding on a motorcycle feels more intimate compared with travelling by car. It’s also thrilling, igniting your inner explorer. As you travel on two wheels together, you build a closer connection to your surroundings, feel the breeze and sun on your face, take in captivating views of nature, and discover towns. 

As motorbikers would say, ‘Driving a car is similar to watching a movie on the screen while riding a motorcycle is like starring in one.’   

  • Ride in a hot air balloon 

Picture being up in the air with your partner, gazing at the endless horizon and sunset, and relishing the breeze. Hot air balloon rides are as romantic as they’re unique, allowing you to unplug from the rest of the world, revel in tranquillity, enjoy each other’s company, and engage in meaningful conversations.  

It’ll be more memorable if you book a private hot air balloon ride scheduled at sunset and paired with a champagne toast. If there’s enough room, you can have a table and chairs set up for a lovely dinner 3,000 feet up.

  • Visit an amusement park or carnival 

In teen romance movies, guys often take their girls to an amusement park on the first date because of the fun rides and games. But visiting a carnival or an amusement park isn’t limited to first dates or family trips. You can do that on your wedding anniversary too.  

With you and your partner, indulge in an evening of light-hearted fun at an amusement park or carnival. Snack on cotton candy, ride the Ferris wheel, challenge each other on who can finish the tub of ice cream first, and play silly games.  

  • Attend a concert 

If your favourite band happens to perform on your wedding anniversary, grab this opportunity to book concert tickets, dance, sing your heart out, and cheer together. Who knows? You can be invited to the stage and give your spouse a shout-out or get an autograph.

Love, Passion And Interracial Couple On A Date At A Restaurant For Nightlife, Valentines Day And City Bonding. Care, Embrace And Man And Woman With Gratitude, Calm And Romance In Italy At Night
Love, passion and interracial couple on a date at a restaurant for nightlife, valentines day and city bonding. Care, embrace and man and woman with gratitude, calm and romance in Italy at night.
  • Have a couple’s photoshoot 

Maybe the last time you had a professional photoshoot together was during your prenuptial photoshoot. Thus, you can have a couple’s professional photoshoot for your next anniversary celebration.   

You can have a theme and make it glamorous, just like your prenuptial photoshoot. Or, you may also go informal and go crazy with the props and poses. Make it extra memorable from your usual couple selfies by wearing outfits or choosing a location with a special meaning for you both. You can also include your pets or kids in the photo to get some beautiful photos of your stronger relationship.  

  • Revisit your wedding location 

For couples who had a wedding destination or got married in a far-flung venue, your wedding anniversary can be the perfect time to revisit your wedding location. This will rekindle all the joy and sentimental emotions you both felt during that special day.  

If possible, you can book the same suite you had for the wedding night to really immerse yourselves in the memories. If it’s where you had your first wedding dance as a married couple, you can take the dance floor and dance together again. If you love the experience, you can add this to your tradition as a couple and do this every anniversary. 

  • Share a bubble bath 

For some, sharing a bubble bath with their spouse is a rare luxury, especially when both are busy in their careers or dealing with family responsibilities. So, for your anniversary, give yourselves a break and make time to share a bubble bath. Walking into a bubble-filled bathtub surrounded by aromatic candles is surely peaceful. You can also share a bottle of wine for an intimate and romantic way to commemorate your anniversary after a long day at work.  

  • Go on a picnic under the starry night 

Picnics during the day are fun and bright. But picnics under the starry night are much more intimate and romantic. So, free yourselves during your wedding anniversary and spend the day preparing your picnic basket. Don’t forget to pack some cosy blankets; the night will be breezy and chilly.  

You can visit your picnic site during the golden hour to witness the transition from the sunset to the starry night. If you’re lucky, you might catch and wish on a shooting star.   

  • Go boating 

It’s not an everyday opportunity to go boating with your partner. So, for a relaxing and adventurous celebration, you can rent a boat, a kayak, or a yacht for your special day. You can spend the day with a lot of water activities. Then, you can stop at a port to dine at a new restaurant.

Wrapping up 

Wedding anniversaries are about looking back over the years, being grateful, and connecting on a deeper level. Whatever you decide to do on this special day, you’ll have a great time together.  


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