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Brighton Savoy historical archive

The Brighton Savoy  has been hosting both weddings, events, conferences for over 50 years.

A recent updating of our archive, lead me to updating our brochure collection and whilst the internet has somewhat reduced the need for brochures. I found it interesting to note the change in formats , logos and presentation over the years.

I remember the curse of the print run, where as the moment we produced 5000 copies of a new brochure, something would change, new curtains in guest rooms, new chairs and we would be stuck with an out of date brochure.

The change in fashion, furniture decor, is interesting to note, that  a lot of the furniture and styling of the hotel in the 1950’s and 60’s is now coming back in fashion ….If only we kept it.

As one of Melbourne’s best wedding and conferencing venues  Please contact our wedding and events team on 9592 8233 if you are looking for a wedding venue, or need some assistance with planning your wedding.

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