Your wedding day is one occasion on which you want to look your absolute, top-dollar best. Not only are you going to be immortalized in wedding photos for eternity, but since it should be one of the happiest days of your life, you want your external appearance to match the greatness you’re feeling inside. In order to put your face quite literally in the hands of a fabulous wedding hair and makeup artist, you’ll need to budget for hair and wedding makeup costs.

Below are the average prices you can expect to pay for wedding hair and makeup:

  • Bridal Hair and Makeup Costs: Expect to pay anywhere from $150-$600 for bridal hair and makeup. Typically brides pay around $300 on average for hair and makeup, depending on the type of hairstyle, products, and wedding makeup used.
  • Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup Costs: Around $150 per bridesmaid in your bridal party. This average cost estimates $75 for makeup and $50-75 for hairstyling.

Find out exactly what you should expect to pay for wedding hair and makeup costs with our ultimate guide below.

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How Much Do Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost?

The cost for wedding hair and makeup will vary considerably based upon your location, how many people and/or services you’re looking to schedule, and the intricacy of your styles. On the low end, wedding hair and makeup artists might only charge around $60 for a single application, but in large cities, bridal hair and makeup could cost over $1,000. However the average price most couples spend on wedding hair and makeup is around $300, but anywhere within the range of $150-$600 is typical.

If a wedding hair and makeup artist needs to travel to the event (or to your getting-ready location), the cost could go up, as he or she might add a travel fee. If you’d like your stylist to remain on-site for touch ups, that could also raise your costs: most wedding hair and makeup artists will charge by the hour to remain at your wedding location, ranging anywhere from $30 to $125 per hour.

Wedding Hair & Makeup

What’s Included in the Price of Wedding Hair and Makeup?

As mentioned above, you’re primarily paying for your wedding hair and makeup artist’s time. The higher the number of hours that you’ll need to book your stylist, the higher your price tag will be. In general, the tools and materials required to create your wedding hair and makeup

look are included in the cost, but certain types of hairstyles, products, and makeup applications will run you more:

Wedding updos tend to cost more than blowout hairstyles, with the average price of an updo costing about $45 more ($51 for a blowout versus $95 for an updo).

Airbrush wedding makeup will cost more than traditional makeup. Expect to pay around $50 more for airbrush application, as the average cost of airbrush makeup is $155 while traditional makeup costs on average $100 per face.

In addition to beauty services on the actual day of your wedding, some artists offer free consultations and/or hair and makeup trials before the wedding—but some artists charge anywhere from $50 to $150 for trials. See below for more information about trials.

Are There Any Add-On Costs With Wedding Hair and Makeup?

We’ve already discussed a few of the “hidden” or add-on costs that you might discover when budgeting for your wedding hair and makeup. Here are some of the extra charges you might encounter for fancier styles, more expensive products or applications, or for simply more complex logistics:

False eyelashes, updo hairstyles, or airbrush makeup are usually more expensive.

Travel fees might occur if your hair and makeup artist(s) are required to travel to your location. Factor in additional costs if mileage (for long distances) or parking fees also come into play.

Trial runs of your wedding hair and makeup might cost you an additional $50-100 per trial.

Extra people beyond just the bride—such as bridesmaids or the mother of the bride—will naturally add to your costs. Your hair and makeup artist might even need to bring an additional stylist or an assistant.

Extra hours beyond the initial styling (for example, if you want touch ups later in the evening, or a different hairstyle for the reception) will cost you more, as you will be paying your hair and makeup artist by the hour to remain on-site.

Tipping your wedding hair and makeup artist(s) is generally expected, just like at any salon appointment.

Should I Tip My Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist?

Just like at a regular salon, tipping for wedding beauty services is generally expected. You should prepare to tip your wedding hair and makeup artist(s) anywhere from 15-25% of the total bill for their services if you think they’ve done a great job.

15 Questions To Ask Your Makeup Artist

Do you specialise in wedding makeup?

Wedding makeup artists have different skills to fashion and editorial artists (although a professional can do both) and will know how to make you look spectacular and natural in your wedding photos, no matter the lighting. Some makeup artists specialise in wedding makeup, and they will know what the bride usually wants, and how to make you look stunning on your wedding day. 

Can I see photographs of brides whose makeup you did?

You will want to know if the artist’s style works well with yours and if you can imagine yourself wearing one of their looks on your wedding day. Its always a good idea to do your research before picking the makeup artists that will take care of you, seeing pictures of other brides is a good way to get your doubts out of the way. 

Can I contact them for references?

A wedding makeup artist will be with you on the most exciting morning of your life and you want a professional who will keep you calm and relaxed. The only way to find out if the artist is a calming presence is by asking previous brides.

Once again, you can take care of this step yourself by checking out the reviews on your favourite makeup artists’ Bridebook profiles! 

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What does your price include?

Find out if the overall price includes a makeup trial. Getting a makeup trial is really important since it will help you suss out any don’ts with your makeup artist and relieve some of the “will I look perfect for my wedding” jitters!  You can also ask about the prices for Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaid makeup – arranging their makeup is a great gift idea for your team!

Are you able to travel to my location?

The majority of artists will charge you more if they have to travel to your destination, so make sure you know how much you will be required to pay.

How long will makeup take on the day?

Essential information for you to know exactly what your timings will be on the day, at what time the makeup artist needs to be there etc.

How long will you be staying for on the day?

This is a good question to ask because you are almost guaranteed to get teary during your ceremony and it is handy to have someone there to touch up your makeup for the photos or to leave a touch-up kit. Not only that but if your makeup artist is staying for a good portion of the day, plan to have a meal or a snack made for them!

How long will the makeup trial take? Do I need to prepare for the trial and how do I prepare?

The more looks you want to try, the more time the trial will require, but some artists will only have certain time slots available. We also advise you wear a white top for the trial, to give you an idea of how your skin will look next to your dress on W-Day, but your makeup artist will also let you know what to wear! 

Will a fake tan affect my makeup?

You need to communicate if you are planning on bronzing yourself in the run-up to your wedding day, so that the artist is prepared with the correct colours and shades! You can also ask them for advice on what fake tan to get and how to make sure it’s the right one for you and for your makeup! 

What brands of makeup do you use?

The products your artist uses should be allergy tested and of the highest standard for your wedding day. It’s always good to know what kind of products they use, and if you need to bring your own concealer (more on that below). 

Would you be open to using my own make-up?

For some brides it is paramount that they use their own make-up, especially if they have sensitive skin. It is also a great idea to ask the artist if he/she has used these products before. Bring them to the trial and decide exactly what you will be using from her and from you, and make sure you don’t forget your makeup (if you have to bring it) on the day! 

Do you have the right makeup/makeup skills for my skin tone?

Your potential artist should have extensive knowledge of skin types and the products that they use, so they should advise you which products would work best with your skin. It’s important that you know this now: some makeup artists are not prepared for all skin tones, so this question is absolutely vital! 

Do you also do wedding hair?

It’s great when you can find a makeup artist that also does hair (or a team of hair and makeup that work together). If not, find out if they would be happy working alongside your hair stylist, or if you haven’t found a stylist yet, ask for some recommendations!

If you are happy to travel to my home, do you have any specific space requirements for the trial and for the wedding day?

The majority of makeup artists will need an open space and natural light to do the makeup in. Make sure you can provide that during the trial and on the day of the wedding (if the artist is travelling to you). This is also something which you should communicate with your wedding venue, in case they need to provide a space for this on the day.

What will happen if you can’t make it on my wedding day?

Reputable artists will always have a professional at the ready to make sure you look flawless on your wedding day. Make sure you have a contingency plan, accidents happen!

How Much Does Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup Cost?

Wedding makeup for a bridesmaid or a mother of the bride generally costs around $150 per woman, or if you want to break it down, around $75 for makeup and $50-$75 for hairstyling (blowout versus updo). Again, this number can go up based upon the location and the complexity of the style or the logistics.

Who Pays for Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup?

It depends: if the bride is requiring that her bridesmaids have their hair and makeup professionally done, then it’s expected that the bride (or her parents, depending on who’s paying for the wedding) cover these beauty costs. But if professional hair and makeup are being offered only as an option, then the bridesmaids should expect to pay for their own services. A bride might also consider whether she’d like to pay for her bridesmaids’ hair and makeup as part or all of the traditional bridesmaids’ gift.

How Far in Advance Should I Book My Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist?

We recommend you book your wedding hair and makeup artist(s) no less than three months before your wedding date. Of course, it’s always better to check this item off your Wedding Planning Checklist earlier if possible—you’ll want to have plenty of time to choose your wedding hair and makeup artist(s) carefully, get to know him or her so you’re really comfortable on the big day, and schedule a trial run to iron out all the kinks before the wedding-day timeline begins ticking. Head over to Zola Inspiration to browse wedding hair and makeup stylists in your area right now!

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Brides – you need a classic, elegant and timeless look for your wedding. You can go a bit stronger with wedding makeup than your everyday routine, but now is not the time for bold smokey eyes and dramatic trends. You will regret it looking back at your photos.

Natural, but better is key. Keep in mind that makeup appears a bit less in flash photography, so, you can go a little heavier than normal. Also, photographers offer airbrush services for digital photography. Consider using this service but be prepared to pay for their extra time making these corrections. To avoid wedding day surprises, practice applying your wedding makeup a few times before the big day!

  • Comfortable In Your Own Skin – After skincare (cleanse, tone, moisturize) allow a minute or two for your moisturizer to penetrate before applying makeup base. Very oily skin can benefit by using an oil blotting toner to keep shine free and matte. The bottle should look like it has floating powder at the bottom. This absorbs oil and helps the makeup to stay put. A primer makes a good canvas on which to apply foundation. It will allow the makeup to last longer too.
  • Always Build On a Solid Foundation – If you have not discovered powder foundation or oil free cream base foundations, now is the time to try these. They offer coverage with a more natural finish. Try to avoid liquid foundation. They tend to look masky and will not last as long on the skin – especially if you are getting married in a hot climate or the summer. They may streak and run with perspiration
  • The Eyes Have It! – Prep bare lids with a eye shadow base first, then apply shadow. No more than 3 colors. Follow the light, medium, dark application of colors in the same family. You can’t go wrong with neutrals of grays and browns. Start with the lightest shade first on brow bone, then medium on lid, the darkest for the crease and outer corners (like a sideways “V”). For more definition, you can apply a little of the darkest color to the crease ( not too close to the inner corners of eyes, stop at the pupil) and run a thin line at the lash line on top of your eye pencil, with a dampened skinny brush. Start at the outside of eyes first, and sweep back and forth like a semi circle. Try waterproof formulas for eye pencil and mascara to give your look staying power commended products: Benefit Cosmetics Eye Shadow Primer Lemon-Aid, Waterproof eye pencil, Sephora Keep Kohl! Waterproof Liner 01 Keep Black, Revlon Colorstay eyeliner (drugstores), Sephora Waterproof Triple Action Mascara
  • Get Set – Apply a loose powder to set makeup base, and soft finish
  • Color My World – Cheek color: A soft touch is great for a glowing bride. Try a matte soft rose or peach. Pink for blue and brown eyes, peach for hazel and green. Suitable for fair to medium skin tones. Darker complexions glow with bronze. 
  • Lip Service – Buff rough dry lips with a creamy, grainy exfoliant. Lip color will look better and last longer on healthy smooth lips. A quick and inexpensive option is to use a dry toothbrush with a little olive oil, mixed with a touch of sugar. Another makeup tip to get your lipstick to last and last is to line the lips with a neutral, flesh toned lip pencil, and to fill in the rest of the mouth, before applying lipcolor. Try topping it with a semi-gloss lipstick which will last longer than regular lip gloss, but look softer and fresher than regular lipstick. It also photographs well. Recommended products:
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