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Your engagement ring must reflect every element of your character while visually striking. It's not uncommon for engaged couples to design their rings to symbolise the special nature of their union. In addition, a ring will be worn daily. Therefore it is important that it be something that you genuinely treasure.

Because of all the focus on engagement rings, wedding bands aren't always given the respect they should. In any case, a wedding band will be worn constantly for the rest of your life. You have made the ultimate commitment to one another, and this ring will always be a reminder of that.

Wedding bands have always symbolised commitment, devotion, and enduring love. This practice has its roots in antiquity and can be found in nearly every society today. As a symbol of a couple's commitment, wedding rings are frequently held in the highest regard.

There is a significant shift in mindset between engagement ring shopping and wedding ring shopping. Therefore, there is little surprise that most couples shop for their wedding ring jointly. This agreement is mutually beneficial and makes good sense. More importantly, it is a public display of your love, style, personality, and ideals; frequently, you will purchase the most significant piece of jewellery together.

The Difference Between An Engagement Ring And A Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is traditionally given to partners during the wedding ceremony, while an engagement ring is typically given during a marriage proposal. An engagement ring frequently has a more elaborate design than a wedding ring.

A round diamond solitaire engagement ring and a wedding band with diamond pavé are two of our most popular sets. On the other hand, we have a lot of customers who enjoy defying convention. For example, some customers prefer matching bands instead of engagement rings. In addition, some couples stack their brilliance by placing other rings at either end of the engagement ring.

What's The Difference Between An Engagement Ring And a Wedding Ring?

What are the primary distinctions between wedding bands and engagement rings now that we've explored the history? The style of the rings is the key distinction between wedding and engagement rings.

Tradition dictates that engagement bands should be more elaborate than wedding rings; however, modern ring fashions do not follow this rule. Now that you have the option to do so, you can include your taste in the design of your ring.

It is entirely up to you whether to wear a basic engagement band without a wedding ring or a simple wedding ring next to a stunning engagement ring.

Engagement Rings:

  • The bride and groom wear them after they become engaged and throughout their marriage.
  • Typically reserved for females, this phrase refers to what
  • Most of these rings are more elaborate and often have a sparkling centre stone.
  • Stackable with a wedding band or on its own

Wedding Rings:

  • During the wedding ceremony, vows are exchanged.
  • All married people, regardless of gender, wear wedding bands.
  • Like engagement rings, wedding bands can be elaborate or understated to suit the wearer's taste.
  • Equally at home next to an engagement ring or on its own
  • Why, therefore, are engagement rings so much more expensive than wedding bands, given these distinctions?

Wedding rings are typically made of metal with a few little accent stones occasionally, while more elaborate styles like eternity bands are gaining popularity.

Your engagement ring will cost more because it contains more expensive and precious materials, regardless of whether you go for a straightforward or daring wedding band.

However, engagement rings don't need to cost a month's pay nowadays. The better option is 12FIFTEEN lab-grown diamonds because they are significantly less expensive than mined diamonds.

wedding couple ring

How To Select The Best Metal For A Wedding Ring

Before discussing the particular metals used for wedding rings, it's critical to understand what your partner and you value most in a ring.

For instance, the various metals used for wedding rings can vary greatly in terms of durability, with some metals being soft, delicate, and easily scratched. In contrast, others are tough, sturdy, and extremely damage resistant.

Wedding band metals can also look very different, with some having a warm appearance that complements particular skin tones and others having a colder appearance that complements a wider range of skin tones.

The matching of the wedding band and engagement ring is also significant. Make sure that the wedding band your future spouse wears is made of the same metal if she already has an engagement ring.

The cost factor is the last consideration. For example, if you have a tight budget for your wedding bands, you may want to choose metals that give greater value for money because some metals are more expensive than others.

You may select the ideal metal for your wedding rings by being aware of your needs and the metal that best compliments your partner's and your skin tone.

Don't worry if you're unsure of what you're looking for. Below, we've addressed these aspects in great detail, along with our professional advice on which metals are best suited for various lifestyles, skin tones, and other characteristics.

Strongest Metals for Wedding Bands

There is a lot of talk about a rock when it comes to engagement and wedding rings, but what about the metal used for wedding bands? Durability and hardness of the metal should be high on your priority list if your daily activities could subject your ring to severe stress.

Not sure which metal to use for your wedding rings? Start with the seven metals listed below, but remember that obtaining maximal toughness or endurance frequently necessitates giving up other features, such as the capacity to be customised or resized or a gradual loss of lustre. Therefore, when choosing the ideal metal for your wedding band, consider all your requirements.


For a good reason, gold is the most popular and traditional option for wedding and engagement rings. With this metal, you have a wide range of possibilities, including white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Although it is regarded as the pinnacle of luxury, choose it carefully: You could believe that the higher the carat, the better the longevity of your ring, but that isn't always the case.

According to Elliott, twenty-four-karat (pure gold) is so fragile that gems can easily fall out and can be readily damaged or distorted. Therefore, anything less than 24K is always an alloy with another metal, such as copper, silver, or platinum, to create a ring that is stronger.

The most durable of the four most popular gold purity levels is 10k, but it also contains the least gold. If you choose white gold, keep in mind that it will need to be rhodium plated at least once a year to maintain its dazzling colour.


Platinum is not only a luxurious option but also one of the strongest valuable metals while being one of the rarest metals in the world. The removal of platinum jewellery from the market to save the metal for use in war materials led to the creation of white gold. Elliott adds that platinum is a fantastic choice and will keep valuable stones in place for a lifetime. "For this reason, platinum prongs are used in rings made of less sturdy metals, including white gold. This is so platinum can withstand more dings, scratches, and wear.

Although it is one of the priciest metal options, the durability of its wear makes the hefty price worthwhile.

Platinum bands hardly ever sustain wear-and-tear damage, and the metal keeps its colour, so you won't have to replace them or worry about their shine fading with time. Instead, your jeweller can quickly polish off any blemishes or scratches you find.


In terms of hardness, ceramic comes in second only to tungsten. It is constructed of titanium carbide, a strong but incredibly light material. It comes in a variety of colours and is incredibly scratch-resistant.

Ceramic jewellery is relatively recent, so fewer styles may be available than with other metals. In addition, it cannot be resized since it can be fairly brittle, similar to tungsten.


In love with platinum's luxurious appearance but put off by its high price? Palladium is similar to platinum because it has a comparable bright white colour and polished appearance. It's not quite as long-lasting as stainless steel, but it's close enough for someone with an active lifestyle who still wants a mirror finish.

A bonus? It's easy on the eyes, easy on the body, and easy on allergies. However, one potential drawback for someone who wants to wear their ring forever is that it shows scratches and can be difficult to resize.

FAQs About Wedding

It is recommended that between three and five per cent of the entire money for the wedding be set aside for the wedding bands. You can experiment with different types and metal rings to get the most out of your spending money.

For instance, choose a half- eternity band rather than a full-eternity band because the former will have a lower price point. At the same time, the latter will not significantly alter the overall aesthetic of your ring.

Sterling Silver

Silver has been used to make jewellery for the longest and was formerly thought to be more valuable than gold. Additionally, it has the best price on the current market. Similar to how pure gold is too soft to be used on its own, sterling silver, a more durable substitute, is made by combining pure silver with copper or other metals.

One of the most popular options for those looking for a luxurious look at a reduced price is the metal, with its history and glamorous appearance combined with its moon-like white tint.

wedding jewellery

But this malleable metal might not be your best option if you can't handle some extra maintenance. Despite being one of the softer metals, it is still tougher than pure silver but easily scratched. Silver is susceptible to damage as well as tarnishing. Therefore it should be kept in tarnish-resistant bags or in a cold, dry location while not in use. Regular cleaning and polishing of your ring are required.


Titanium was originally used for industrial uses but is now becoming more and more fashionable for men's rings. It is both exceedingly lightweight and incredibly sturdy, making it ideal for someone not accustomed to wearing jewellery frequently.

In addition to its contemporary and distinctive appearance, it is scratch-resistant and simple to maintain. No additional maintenance is necessary to keep titanium looking as gorgeous as it did on your wedding day. The negative? Since titanium wedding bands cannot be sized, be careful to order the correct size and remember that even if your finger size changes, the ring cannot be resized.


The most resilient metal, tungsten, is four times more powerful than titanium. It is the least expensive choice that is also the most scratch-resistant. When utilised in lightbulbs to replace carbon-filament lamps in 1904, this pure element revolutionised the globe. It has also revolutionised wedding bands. Like titanium, tungsten is simple to maintain but cannot be adjusted, so it fits carefully.

Additionally, tungsten is brittle and can shatter if dropped or struck on a hard surface, despite being highly hard and non-tarnishable. However, tungsten wedding bands don't require any further maintenance due to the metal's toughness, just like titanium does.

Choosing The Right Diamond For You

When you begin your study on diamond engagement rings, you'll probably come across a reference of the 4Cs initially (cut, colour, clarity and carat.) You can even feel overwhelmed by the complexity of these ideas as you try to master them. But do not fret.

Based on your preferences and price range, our specialists with years of experience can help you select the ideal diamond. However, if you enjoy getting down and dirty, we also have excellent tools to help you cut through the BS and rapidly grasp the fundamentals.

However, before you explore more of our fantastic education department, we'll address two frequently asked questions. First, which of the four Cs is the most crucial? Solution: Cut. And What should the carat weight of an engagement ring be?

The average carat weight of our best-selling item with a single centre stone is just under 1.0. Naturally, this does not imply that your diamond must weigh that much, but people have told us that having a reference point is useful. If you're wondering why cut is so crucial, it's because a perfect cut will make you dazzle the most. However, a diamond's carat weight has little bearing on how brilliantly it reflects light.

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