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In the ever-competitive hospitality industry, small details can profoundly impact guest satisfaction. Among these details, the quality of coffee offered in hotels has emerged as a significant factor influencing guests’ overall experience.

As a staple of morning routines and a comforting pick-me-up throughout the day, coffee holds a special place in the hearts of many travellers. Recognising this, many establishments are turning to premium suppliers like Will and Co, which offers wholesale coffee, to elevate their coffee game.

This article further discusses the impact of quality coffee on hotel satisfaction. Continue reading to learn more!

Will and Co: Enhancing coffee experiences

In response to the growing demand for quality coffee, Will and Co offers wholesale coffee beans and business solutions tailored specifically for the hospitality industry. By providing high-grade beans, state-of-the-art equipment, and barista training, Will and Co ensures that hotels can offer a coffee experience that matches their commitment to quality in all service areas. This approach enhances the guest experience and positions the hotel as a destination for coffee lovers.

More than just a beverage: The importance of coffee in hospitality

Coffee’s significance in the hospitality industry cannot be understated; it plays a critical role in defining guest experiences, impacting overall satisfaction, and even influencing the economic performance of hospitality establishments.

Here are several key points highlighting the importance of coffee in this sector:

  1. First impression and daily ritual

For many guests, a hotel or hospitality experience begins with a morning cup of coffee. This ritual is deeply ingrained in the daily routines of countless individuals, making the quality of coffee a first impression that can set the tone for the entire day and, by extension, the whole stay. 

  1. Symbol of hospitality and comfort

Offering coffee is a universal gesture of hospitality and warmth. In many cultures, it symbolises welcome and generosity, making it an essential aspect of the hospitality experience. Quality coffee shows attention to detail and care for guests’ comfort and satisfaction. 

  1. Guest satisfaction and loyalty

The quality of coffee can significantly affect guest satisfaction and loyalty. A good coffee experience can enhance a guest’s overall perception of a hotel, contributing to positive reviews and repeat visits. Conversely, poor-quality coffee can detract from the guest experience and negatively impact their view of the establishment. 

  1. Differentiation and branding

In a competitive market, offering high-quality, unique, or specialty coffee can differentiate a hotel or restaurant. It can become a feature that attracts guests, especially those who consider themselves coffee aficionados. This can also be vital to the establishment’s branding and marketing. 

  1. Revenue generation

Beyond guest rooms and event spaces, hotels often look for additional revenue streams. Quality coffee offerings, whether through in-room services, cafes, or restaurants, can attract staying guests and local visitors. Premium coffee experiences can command higher prices, contributing to the establishment’s bottom line. 

  1. Community and culture building

Coffee can be a focal point for community building within a hotel, fostering interactions among guests and between guests and staff. Hotels can host coffee tastings, barista workshops, or coffee-themed events to engage guests and create memorable experiences. 

  1. Sustainability and ethical considerations

With growing awareness of environmental and ethical issues, offering sustainably sourced and ethically produced coffee can reflect positively on a hotel’s brand. Guests increasingly seek establishments aligning with their values, including sustainability practices. 

Coffee’s role in the hospitality industry extends beyond being a beverage option. Its impact on guest experiences, satisfaction, differentiation, revenue, and even sustainability efforts illustrate its profound significance. As the industry continues to evolve, the focus on quality coffee and unique coffee experiences will likely grow, further cementing its importance in hospitality. 

How to bring your coffee game to the next level

Hotels and other players in the hospitality industry can elevate their coffee offerings through a variety of strategies that not only enhance the quality of the coffee served but enrich the overall guest experience.

Here are some practical ways to level up your coffee game:

  1. Source high-quality beans

The foundation of great coffee lies in the quality of the beans. Establishments should seek to source high-quality specialty beans through direct trade with coffee farms. This ensures freshness and offers a chance to educate guests about the coffee’s origin, processing methods, and flavour profiles. 

  1. Invest in proper equipment

High-quality coffee equipment, including espresso machines, grinders, and brewing devices, is essential for making exceptional coffee. Regular maintenance and calibration of equipment also ensure consistent quality. 

  1. Provide barista training

Investing in comprehensive barista training for staff ensures that every cup of coffee is brewed to perfection. The knowledgeable staff can also give guests insights into the coffee, including its origin and best preparation methods. 

  1. Offer a variety of brewing methods

Different guests have different preferences. Offering a variety of brewing methods, such as pour-over, French press, and espresso-based drinks, caters to a wide range of tastes and provides a more personalised coffee experience. 

  1. Create signature coffee drinks

Developing signature coffee drinks can set an establishment apart. These unique offerings can draw guests and locals, especially if they incorporate local flavours or seasonal ingredients. 

  1. Focus on sustainability

Sustainability has become increasingly essential to more and more consumers. Implementing sustainable practices, such as offering organic options, using biodegradable cups, and minimising waste, can enhance the establishment’s image and appeal to environmentally conscious guests. 

  1. Enhance the coffee experience

Beyond the coffee itself, the overall experience matters. Comfortable seating areas, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a conducive environment for work or relaxation make the coffee offering more attractive. Incorporating elements of coffee culture, such as art related to coffee production or books about coffee, can also enrich the experience. 

  1. Host coffee-related events

Organising coffee tastings, barista competitions, or coffee workshops can engage guests and create memorable experiences. Such events offer an opportunity for storytelling about the coffee’s journey from bean to cup and can foster a deeper appreciation among guests. 

  1. Leverage technology

Technology can enhance the coffee experience in various ways, from ordering kiosks that reduce wait times to apps that allow guests to customise their drinks or learn more about the coffee offerings. 

  1. Gather and act on feedback

Lastly, it’s only wise to continuously gather guest feedback on the coffee offering and act on it as it is crucial for improvement. Whether adjusting the coffee strength, introducing new varieties, or enhancing the service, responding to guest preferences shows commitment to quality. 

By implementing these strategies, hotels and other hospitality industry players can significantly elevate their coffee game, enhancing guest satisfaction and potentially creating a competitive advantage in the market.

  Building a coffee culture within your business

Beyond the immediate benefits, offering quality coffee helps in building a culture around coffee within the hotel. This can include hosting coffee tastings, barista competitions, or even coffee-themed events. Such initiatives enrich the guest experience and engage staff, fostering a sense of pride and expertise around the hotel’s coffee offering. 


Undoubtedly, the impact of quality coffee on hotel satisfaction is profound and widely recognised. As hotels strive to offer exceptional experiences, the role of coffee in enhancing hospitality grows ever more critical. Through partnerships with premium suppliers like Will and Co, hotels can improve guest satisfaction and leverage coffee as a vital component of their service excellence. In doing so, they not only meet but exceed the expectations of their guests, creating memorable stays that resonate long after checkout.

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