On her last night out as a single lady, you want to cherish and long remember the good times and fun you ladies have had. Not only have fun but also top off the event by giving the bride-to-be a present she will adore and make her even shed a tear. There can be some useful presents. Nevertheless, a bride-to-be deserves only the most significant things from her maid of honour and bridesmaids. Some of the following ideas will indeed wow every bride.

Wedding gifts and bridal shower gifts tend to be practical, but bachelorette party gifts don’t need to be so severe. And while those practical gifts help her prepare for her new life and home, bachelorette gifts are more about preparing for a memorable honeymoon. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, remember to consider the bride-to-be’s tastes, but you can have fun pushing the boundaries of those tastes. If you think it will get a laugh out of your group of friends without embarrassing the bachelorette too much, then it’s probably the right choice. Want to have the best Melbourne hens party? Magic Men has you covered.

Bachelorette gifts can be tough to shop for. You’ve already got the wedding gift to worry about, and you likely already bought her an engagement gift. What do you get her (if you’re not already pitching in by throwing her a bachelorette party, that is)? Weddings are unique, but they’re also a lot of work, so when it comes time to celebrate the bachelorette, you want to make sure you get her an extraordinary gift. We’re talking about something that, yes, the future couple can enjoy together, but is mainly for the bride-to-be (happy wife happy life, as the saying goes). Whether she’s into beauty products, perfecting her skills in the kitchen, or just wants to start her marriage with a smile, there is no shortage of options. From thoughtful to personalised to funny, here are bachelorette gift ideas any future bride will love.

Bachelorette Party Gifts Any Bride-to-Be Will Love

Signature Bubbly

Every bride likes sparkles, and when there is sparkling wine all around, who would say no to that? Wine doesn’t have an expiration date, nor does your friendship and love. Try contacting your local winery to see if they will allow you to order a unique rosé and name it after your bride. Another idea is to request a custom label to display on the bottle. It could be the bachelorette’s party’s date and include a special sentimental note to her on it.

One-Of-A-Kind jewellery

Jewellery symbolises elegance and uniqueness, which is precisely how the bride-to-be must feel on her special day. Jewellery is something she can hang on to forever as a keepsake of her single last night out with her best friends. Moon necklaces are always a fabulous choice to give to the bride if you doubt what to choose. Besides being trendy, this type of chain reflects the women’s inner beauty and strength, hence their vast popularity.

Wedding Survival Kit

Funny as it may sound, but this present will surely be an extravagant and useful one to give to your bride. A classical wedding survival kit has all the necessities needed for that day and “just-in-case” situations. A pair of scissors, tissues, bobby pins, mascara, lip balm, small deodorant, and so on. The maid of honour could carry it with her, but the bride will be more than grateful if some mishap occurs.

Sizzling Lingerie

One present that will indeed be used very productively is sexy lingerie. What an excellent way to prep your friend for a hot honeymoon than by dressing her up in a jaw-dropping outfit. Even if she blushes and neglects the need of wearing such underwear, remind her of the importance of keeping the marriage spicy. And there is no better way to spice it off like the honeymoon.

A sexy outfit for the bride to wear on her honeymoon is a classic bachelorette party gift. If you’re organising the bachelorette party, consider this game: On the invitation, ask each guest to bring a lingerie gift that’s their style, but make sure they don’t include a gift tag saying who the gift is from. Then, at the party, the bride will have to guess who the lingerie is from, based on the style. The bride will get lots of cute lingerie, and the group will have fun getting to know each other’s tastes.

Spa Day

There is bound to be tension and anxiety over the wedding, so why not give your bride a spa weekend where she would immerse in herself? Book and pay for the best weekend getaway possible. Hire a male masseur for a deep tissue massage, spend hours in the sauna, sip champagne along the way and simply unwind. She deserves the best, so do your best to have a night to remember. Whatever you opt to give her as a present, it will undoubtedly be appreciated.

Sexy Games

Adult games are like drinking games: They make it a little more fun to do what you wanted to do anyway. Give the bride-to-be a sexy game that she can play with her new spouse on the honeymoon. Naughty card games would be easy to pack in her luggage.

Travel Gear

Gifts that will help the bride-to-be prepare for her honeymoon include things she needs for travelling. Depending on where the honeymoon will be, she may need a new beach towel and bikini, a passport holder, or a pair of sunglasses.

“Mrs.” Gifts

Celebrate the union of two people with a gift that proclaims the bride’s new status as a “Mrs.” Pillowcases, luggage tags, bath towels, throw pillows, flasks, and many other playful wedding gifts come with the inscription that lets everyone know about the bride’s new title.

Beauty Products

A happy bride is naturally beautiful, but new beauty products will enhance her newlywed glow. Consider giving her a bottle of perfume, a set of nail polish and mani/Pedi supplies, or some high-end skincare products. You could also put together a gift basket of bath products to pamper her.

Party Favor Bags

If you’re the one organising her bachelorette party, these are cute and cheap party favour bags that can hold simple items, like a travel-size bottle of Tylenol, Tums, lip balm — you get the picture. They’re not necessarily. Gifts for *her*, but they’re a sweet and thoughtful addition to the party.

Penis Dino Gag Gift

Don’t ask us why! Or how. Or what. If you’re looking for a hilarious gag gift to give your bachelorette friend who is marrying someone with a penis, provide them with this dino dick figurine that they definitely should use to decorate their home. You get to select the size (small, medium, large), colour (we love rainbow, personally), and quantity (do you want to get everyone a dino dick?). Check out the range of Magic Men’s Melbourne hens ideas to help in your party planning.

Massage Candle

This candle is fantastic because you can burn it to set ~the mood~ and then once the jojoba oil has melted, you can take it and pour it on your SO’s skin — it won’t burn! The oil burns at a much lower temp than regular candles, so you’d essentially be applying warm oil, which feels fantastic. This could be a personal gift for the bachelorette or everyone — even if you don’t use it intimately, it makes for a great candle, TBH.

Ring Finger Bachelorette Party Cups

Get the bachelorette and bachelorette party attendees these sassy ring finger cups! They’re reusable, so everyone can take one home as a souvenir after the party is over.

'The Bachelor/Bachelorette'-Themed Sweatshirt

Suppose the bachelorette in your life is a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan. In that case, she’ll most definitely appreciate this “Final Rose Material” sweatshirt, which goes to show everyone that she got the guy/girl.

Bangle Bracelet Flask

This steel bangle bracelet has a secret—it can be used to hide booze inside. A bracelet/flask is made with food-grade stainless steel. It can hold 3.5 ounces of her favourite liquor, which can come in handy when stuck in awkward conversations with in-laws and extended family members or any other situation where a stiff drink could help.

That's What She Said Game

This game is hilarious fun, regardless if you’re playing with friends or romantic partners. Match set-up cards with phrases, and watch the innuendos and laughs fly. 

Love Language: Card Game

In an age when we’re all on our phones way too much, give her a game she can play with her partner that doesn’t require any technology, just some thought and creativity. The Love Language card game has different questions, from hypothetical to personal, for you to answer to uncover some info you may not have known about each other. 

Wine Tumblers

Equip her with a set of proper glasses for enjoying wine during dinner or on a Tuesday.

Organic Cotton Sheets

A good set of bedsheets might not necessarily make you sleep better, but they certainly can’t hurt. 

Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit

There’s no such thing as too much chocolate, right? Give her a Make Your Own Truffles kit that she and her betrothed can make together at home, and maybe she’ll make some extra to share with you as well. 

Phenomenal Woman T-Shirt

Remind your bachelorette BFF that she’s not just any woman; she’s a phenomenal woman. A t-shirt will make the perfect everyday statement for her.

Chandelier Candle

The right fragrance can help her set a romantic atmosphere at home, and a chandelier candle with a blend of scents is calming. 

Awesome DIY Bachelorette Gift Ideas

What Are Good Bachelorette Gifts

In our group of friends, we’re the crafty token pals who will take any social occasion as an opportunity for a little bit of crafting, especially if it means that we get to share whatever we’ve made with our friends. That's why we had a few ideas of our own, but we still wanted to see what other crafters have made for their bachelorette guests as DIY favours before as well. There’s never any harm in gathering more ideas, right? Tired of looking for hens party ideas? Look no further, Magic Men has you covered.

DIY cup, sunglass, and panty bachelorette party favours

If you’re going to put in the time and effort it takes to put little favours together for your guests, would you prefer to make something that they can use right away on that very night? Well, what if we told you that you could put together a whole kit of things they might put to fair use for the party?  

DIY bachelorette party survival kit

Have we got your attention now with this whole idea of putting together some kind of party kit but, rather than making it from things that are just for fun, you’d instead give your guests necessities for the night? You can take the next morning into consideration while assembling a DIY bachelorette party survival kit, which is a brilliant idea when we remember how we felt after the last bachelorette party we went to.

DIY bachelorette dress glasses

Has your favourite idea on our list so far been the one that involved giving your bachelorette party guests some kind of glass, but you didn’t care for the rest of what was in the kit? Then we have a strong feeling you’ll get along a little better with DIY bachelorette dress glasses. You can turn champagne glasses into a white wedding gown and little pink bridesmaids dresses! They’re perfect for the night’s occasion.

DIY bachelorette party hangover kits

Have we still got you thinking about the idea of making a bachelorette party survival kit, but the part of the concept you find the most interesting is the part where you include things that will get you through the next morning? You may think of great things to put it in, including bandaids, granola bars, mints, hair ties, pain killers, water bottles, and gum!

DIY hair tie favours

Speaking of hair ties, did you know that those can make an excellent party favour gift all on their own if you’re in a pinch time-wise? Instead of just buying some, however, we’d suggest you do-it-yourself. You can use a brightly coloured thick elastic to make hair ties of your own. You may also make fun quote tags to make the gift presentation a little more fun.

Easy DIY wine cork keychains

If you’re going to make your friends some kind of little trinkets to hand out to your bachelorette party guests, would you instead make it something that’s not only practical and useful but also that they can take home with them and remember the night by? Then maybe a themed keychain is something that will appeal to you! 

Comfortable DIY vinyl decal party glasses

Are you still feeling very into the idea of making custom party glasses to give to everyone on the night of the bachelorette party, but you’re just not sure that the dress design we showed you earlier is quite the direction you want to go in? Well, if you have what it takes to create simple vinyl projects and you’ve always preferred more superficial aesthetics, then we think you just might be the perfect person to give these decal name glasses.

Mini succulent favours

Perhaps your bachelorette party will be somewhat of a calmer affair than the kind that requires a hangover kit for the next morning, and you’d instead give your guests something cheerful and fresh? Then maybe the greenery of a small house plant would do a better favour for you!

Nail polish bachelorette party favour

Did you like the simplicity and easy usefulness of the homemade hair tie favour, but your friends are a little more beauty product enthusiastic than anything else? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t still create a turn with a cute quote tag. You can make a little tulle package with red nail polish and paper tags. Check this affordable lingerie shop Melbourne!

DIY bachelorette party quote mugs

Do you love the basic concept of making customised glasses for your bachelorette party, but you and your friends aren’t going out for champagne and cocktails? Then maybe you’d prefer this idea that’s a little more suited for a cozy night in with your friends (or at least for the morning after the party when everyone needs coffee)! You can add handwritten quotes or wordplay quotes that suit the occasion to plain porcelain mugs.

Tulle wrapped DIY bath bomb favours.

Have we got you feeling instead of an enthusiast indeed about the idea of making very simple, little favours that you can wrap in tulle? Still, you’d prefer to hand-make what’s inside rather than just winding the tulle around something you bought? Then why not make something that will help your guests relax when they get home from all the fun? You can make adorable DIY bath bombs that you can wrap in tulle to look like little candies.

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