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Australia is a lovely country; there’s no denying it. From our sunburnt, red deserts to lush rainforests and the sheer variety of other climates and biomes in between, there is so much to explore on a visit down under. 

So naturally, tourists travelling to Australia truly can’t expect to see all that the land down under has to offer in just one trip – even with months on your itinerary. And while the outback is incredible to explore, Australia’s capital cities are also fantastic. Brisbane, Sydney and Perth all have their bonuses, but Melbourne is truly the place to visit.

Yes, we may be biased, but rest assured that Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs do offer plenty of variety for tourists, with an abundance of bushland parks, coastal walks, and even urban attractions to enjoy. But if you’re planning a longer-term stay in Melbourne, and the suburb of Brighton in particular, there are a few things you should strongly consider adding to your itinerary, just to get the very most out of your trip. Whether you’re backpacking, visiting friends, or renting a house, you need to know what this suburb has to offer. 

So, continue reading to learn what you should be adding to your trip itinerary if you’re planning an extended stay in Brighton and surrounding suburbs across Melbourne.

Get Yourself a Car

Brighton is a reasonable distance from Melbourne’s central business district, and catching a train or a tram into the city can take a while. So if you’re planning to work in Melbourne during your extended stay, we strongly recommend getting yourself a car! 

Thankfully, Australia’s auto market is well and truly thriving, and with great availability of secondhand parts, owning a secondhand car can actually be pretty cost-effective. If you are looking to drive something more modern (be it for personal preferences or perhaps even because your work requires it), then there are two main options for you here: you can either rent a car or take out a car loan to get yourself a set of wheels to get you around. 

If you’re financially able to pay off the instalments, and you’re planning on staying for a year or more, then buying a used or even new vehicle may be much cheaper than hiring a car, which will quickly add up during a long-term stay. Having your own vehicle to get around will make commuting into the city for work or going to explore the rest of Victoria that much more manageable than relying on public transport, taxis or rideshare applications.

Prepare your Accommodation 

Of course, you’ll need to arrange long-term accommodation for your stay in Brighton. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of different accommodation options available across Melbourne’s coastal suburbs, including right here in Brighton. If you’re after ocean views to really kickstart your stay, then you really can’t go wrong with booking a hotel in Brighton that looks out over the water. Trust us – it’s a great way to really ground yourself and feel present in your first few days in this gorgeous slice of Melbourne. 

And where should you move after your first few weeks of sightseeing and general touristing? Well, for a longer visit (i.e. 6+ months) your most affordable option would likely be to rent a long-term serviced apartment or unit in the locale. The larger the property, the more rent you’ll pay. So this will depend if you’re travelling with family, friends or on your lonesome. If you’re single, an apartment is probably best. 

But suppose you’re visiting Australia and Brighton with a larger group, such as a group of friends or your family. In that case, you might want to consider renting a bigger property like a townhouse or even a house. 

Keep in mind, however, that Brighton rentals can be on the expensive side, so make sure to budget for this alongside your car loan and other expenses. We also recommend not rushing into booking your long-term accommodation and taking some time to really weigh up your options – just to make sure you’re getting the best deal both with regards to price rates and accessibility or location.

Places to Visit

Now that you’ve got your accommodation and transportation sorted, the next step is to make a list of all the local haunts and attractions you’d like to visit during your stay. And as you’d expect, we have a good amount of recommendations here too!

Why You Should Visit Half Moon Bay

This lovely secluded beach, a short drive from Brighton, is named for its curved shape. The water here is crystal clear compared to more popular beaches nearby, and the waves are gentle. It is a great place for diving with a shipwreck to explore. There are also several companies nearby that can provide professional snorkelling tours. The sand on the beach is a touch coarser than some other beaches, and the water is cooler. This makes it ideal for a summer dip to cool off during the peak of the day. 

St Kilda is Worth Spending Some Time In

This destination is perfect for the gourmand and coffee snob. St Kilda has a range of different cafes, restaurants, bars and other venues to explore, and a mix of cuisines is on offer here. The foreshore, Esplanade and other areas are excellent for a stroll, and the Botanical Gardens are lush and worth exploring too. Luna Park is an excellent mini-theme park that is great for the kids, and if you love coffee, you’re in for a treat with heaps of excellent cafes serving fresh, delicious beans in all types of coffees, from lattes to piccolos. 

You Must Visit Church Street

Church Street in Brighton is well worth a visit. The premier retail shopping and leisure street in the area is home to more than 70 specialty shops within its arcades and various side streets. Here, you will find cafés, fashion boutiques, restaurants, and a multi-screen cinema to catch the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

You Need to See the Bathing Boxes

Over 80 colourful and unique European-inspired wooden bathing boxes line the white sands of the back area of Brighton Beach. Dating way back to the 1860s, there were once as many as 200 boxes lining the shore, with fewer these days. This dazzling kaleidoscope of colour features in popular Australian television shows and advertisements, providing the backdrop for your Brighton memories during your long stay. Look to the right for pristine views of Melbourne. The Brighton Bathing Boxes are located just a few moment’s walk across the Esplanade and hopefully close to where you’ll be staying during your time in Australia. 

A Brighton Need to Know Summary

This helpful article shares what long-term visitors to Brighton in Melbourne must see and do. It also covers practical tips such as taking out a car loan and arranging long-term accommodation for your visit.

But of course, there’s more to consider when planning a long-term stay, not just in Brighton but anywhere else in Melbourne. So be sure to follow our dedicated guide on what to consider before going on a long trip to make sure you’re extra prepared for your extended stay with us!

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