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Music for your Wedding Reception

By Michael Lee – 09-Dec-2013

I was having a chat with Annie Collins, manager and member of Soul Divas Weddings and Event band the other day. Annie has played at many of Melbourne’s wedding reception venues for many years, and we both noted the importance of selecting the right music for your wedding reception.

I asked Annie to put together some advice and observations about selecting music for your wedding

Annie’s thoughts follow..

In the last few years, the entertainment sector of the wedding industry has exploded. Competition is fierce. For brides and grooms, that’s a good thing. It means engaged couples have a huge array of choice and can book a wedding band at a reasonable cost. What this also means is that couples may need a bit of guidance on making the right choice for ceremony music or reception entertainment. We’re here to help.

Ceremony Music:

Whether you choose a vocalist or an instrumental by a guitarist or harp, go with music that reflects your personalities. If that means blending traditional with modern, that’s totally fine. The ceremony is all about the bride and groom.

Reception Entertainment:

The reception, on the other hand, is about celebrating with family and friends, so it’s important to select an experienced band with a diverse range of music – a little something for everyone is essential for a successful event.

Professional Band:

A band that specialises in wedding music will know what to play, when the play it, and will act professionally at all times. Ask your venue for a recommendation – your Brighton Savoy coordinator has first-hand experience in seeing how musicians behave from load in to load out.

MC Service:

A band that MCs will work efficiently with your Melbourne reception venue, plus save you money as you’re not paying for an extra guest.


View your band live. CD’s and web samples aren’t always a true indication of talent or quality. Ask if the musicians you are viewing or listening to are the ones who will turn up at your wedding – often this isn’t the case.

First Dance:

Ask if the band will learn and perform your bridal dance. Can they give you a recording so you can practice to the right tempo and arrangement?

Guest comfort:

Don’t put poor old Gran and Pa (or parents with young children) on a table close to the band’s PA system. Put the party people where they belong – next to the dance floor.

Get the party started:

Word up your bridal party to start the dancing for each bracket. It’s the best way to fill an empty dance floor. Ask them to encourage reluctant guests to join in the fun and soon the party will be rocking.

Final Word:

Choose carefully and don’t skimp on the things that are going to make or break your event: good food, good music and good company. It’s the atmosphere and your attitude that people will remember not all the little trimmings.

Annie from Soul Divas can be contacted via their website at www.souldivas.com.au.



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