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Christmas in July

Why do some celebrate Christmas Lunch in July ?

Where did Christmas in July come from? And why do some people like to celebrate Christmas twice a year, I guess the short answer is why not. I decided to do a little bit of Google research to see what I could come up with.

Some believe the tradition of celebrating Christmas in the middle of July began in Europe, as a way to celebrate Christmas in summer. The origins of this out of season Christmas festival have also been linked to a group of European tourists on holidays in Sydney’s Blue Mountains in a winter of the early 1980’s.  With the fluffy white  snow laden resort, reminding them of Christmas back at home. They suggested to a local venue owner  to hold a Christmas Lunch which he promptly called ‘Yulefest.’  The first Yulefest was so successful, it was decided the venue would hold a Christmas Party each year in July.


Christmas in July Packages 2014

Wherever it started, today the tradition is so well entrenched in Australia and in Melbourne that Brighton Savoy has joined in and now offers Christmas in July Lunch and Dinner packages.  So out comes the tinsel, miniature Christmas trees from storage, and the preparations begin for plump juicy roast turkey, seasoned stuffing, and brandy custard coated plum pudding.

christmas table

So why not contact our event office to arrange your community group, or family’s Christmas in July celebration.

Our Christmas Lunch or Dinner Packages are available from a minimum of 30 Adult guests.

Call us on  (03) 9592 8233 or email an enquiry

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