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Boho weddings encapsulate free-spiritedness, vintage vibes, and effortless nonchalance. Earthy tones, natural elements, mismatched patterns, and laidback details create the perfect backdrop for a couple looking to tie the knot in an unconventional, wanderlust-evoking setting. 

If you and your partner connect with globetrotting adventures, have an affinity for all things artisanal and handmade, and want your big day to feel as carefree as your relationship, a boho wedding may be the perfect fit.

What Is a Boho Wedding? 

A boho or bohemian wedding stays true to the eclectic and artistic aesthetic of the hippie culture from which it originated. This style combines aspects of wanderlust, freedom, and individuality for celebrations that feel whimsical yet still beautifully curated. 

Boho weddings allow you to break free from stiff wedding traditions and infuse your vision into the festivities. From the attire to the decor, the music to the food, the focal points of boho weddings are self-expression, uniqueness, and laidback fun.

Some key elements that define the boho wedding aesthetic include:

  • Earth Tones: Sand, blush, mauve, sage green, terracotta, and mustard hues feature predominantly. These warm neutrals blend beautifully with natural wood textures.
  • Floral Motifs: Fields of wildflowers, floral garlands, flower crowns, and loose boho bouquets overflowing with greenery and seasonal buds.
  • Macramé and Tassels: The intricate craft of knotted macramé makes for wonderful wall hangings, table runners, and backdrop accents. When combined with hanging tassels, the texture is magnified.
  • Mismatched China: Vintage china in patterns like floral, paisley, and geometric, often hand-painted or transferware sets, with cups and plates that don’t perfectly match.
  • Handmade Details: Items like hand-dyed table linens, hammered metal candle holders, embroidered pillows, etc., help achieve the homemade artisanal aesthetic.

The relaxed vibe allows you to incorporate as many or as few of these details as you wish to strike the right balance to suit your taste.

How to Pull Off a Boho Wedding

Embracing a boho vibe for your wedding opens up endless possibilities to infuse your own unique personal style into your big day. It allows you to break from stiff wedding traditions and formalities to craft a wonderful wanderlust celebration that captivates your guests. With creativity and the right location, you can bring to life a wedding that feels true to you as a couple. Here are some steps to pull off a Boho wedding beautifully:

1. Send Out Boho Wedding Invitations

Set the tone right from the start with your boho wedding invitations. Designs featuring floral prints, earth tones, custom maps to your location, and other free-spirited motifs will excite your guests for the non-traditional festivities ahead. Make sure to include quirky details like tassel embellishments, woodsy paper textures, or handwritten calligraphy addressing. 

2. Choose Boho Wedding Venues

Selecting the right boho wedding venue is the most important decision as it forms the backbone of your visual inspiration. Some ideas to consider:

  • Rustic Barns: Barns exude countryside charm. Fairy lights lining the rafters contrast nicely against exposed brick or wood beams.
  • Vineyards: What’s more wanderlust-inducing than rows of grape vines? Guests can enjoy sipping the vineyard’s own wine varieties. 
  • Botanical Gardens: Lush greenery, streams, bridges, and colorful florals make gardens a boho heaven.
  • Beachside: Toes in the sand with ocean views can lend a tropical boho vibe.
  • Historic Buildings: Venues like old mills, factories, and barracks, with their industrial ambiance, work well for boho weddings.
  • Your Backyard: Host an intimate reception at home in tents or under string lights.

3. Deck Out with Boho Wedding Decor

Boho weddings call for a relaxed decorative scheme. Some ideas include:

  • Macramé Wall Hangings & Backdrops: Add height and texture by hanging large macramé wall hangings as focal points around seating areas or behind sweetheart tables.
  • Flower Arrangements: Choose loose, wildflower-style arrangements in mismatched vases and vessels, such as watering cans, teapots, or birdcages.
  • Candles & Lanterns: Groupings of candles and glass lanterns enhance a cozy, welcoming glow once the sun sets. Use candles of varying heights and designs for eclectic charm.
  • Rugs: Layer patterned rugs like Turkish kilims, dhurries, or rag rugs to delineate lounge spaces. 
  • Greenery: Ferns, eucalyptus, palms, and leafy foliage adorn tablescapes or are suspended from the ceiling, adding freshness.
  • Seating: Mix standard reception chairs with unconventional seating options like poufs, floor cushions, and hammocks.

boho14. Source a Boho Wedding Dress 

Your boho wedding dress should feel like a comfortable extension of your style. Boho brides tend to gravitate towards dresses that are: 

  • Flowy & Ethereal: Lightweight fabrics like chiffon or crepe that move with you. Silhouettes may feature empire waists or softly draped skirts. 
  • Textured: Lace, macramé, or subtle embroidery for visual depth.
  • Earth Toned: Champagne, blush, or ivory shades coordinating with neutral boho palettes. 
  • Accented: Small touches like bell sleeves, keyhole backs, or fluttering capes.

Popular boho bridal styles include slip dresses, maxi dresses, and two pieces. Accessorize minimally with flower crowns, hair vines, or statement earrings.

5. Rock That Boho Wedding Hair

Boho hair stays relaxed yet intricate. Some ideas of boho wedding hairstyles you can choose from are:

  • Braids: Incorporate braided elements like a fishtail, lace, or waterfall braids woven throughout loose waves.
  • Flowers: Fresh blooms or fabric flowers pinned throughout create a just-picked-from-the-meadow look.
  • Headbands: Delicate metallic, beaded, or embroidered headbands rather than veils.
  • Texture: Light teasing at the crown adds body and dimension. 
  • Partial Updos: Pull back only the front or sides of hair, allowing the back to remain long and loose in gentle waves.

6. Style Your Crew In Boho Bridesmaid Dresses 

Coordinate your bridesmaids’ bohemian looks while still allowing their individual personalities to shine through via:

  • Mix & Match: Select a neutral color palette and allow each bridesmaid to choose her own dress style from that scheme.
  • Prints:
  • Prints: Small floral prints or subtle global motif prints keep things cohesive yet distinctive. Rose gold dresses would be the perfect option for the bridesmaid.
  • Different Silhouettes: Whether you want floor-length or knee-length dresses, opt for various cuts, such as A-line, empire waist, strapless, and v-neck.

7. Cut Into a Boho Wedding Cake

While formal multi-tiered fondant cakes have their appeal, boho weddings present the perfect opportunity to break from tradition with unique cake styles.

  • Naked Cakes: Unfrosted buttercream cakes decorated with fresh edible flowers and fruits for a gardenesque aesthetic.   
  • Cheese Wheels: Literal oversized wheels of gourmet cheese stacked upon each other and adorned with grapes and nuts.
  • Donuts/Macarons: Delight guests with gourmet donuts on stands or French macarons in your wedding colors.
  • Pie Bar: The ultimate in comfort food, offers several pie varieties, including chocolate pecan, apple rose, lemon meringue, etc.
  • Sundae Bar: For a super casual vibe, serve make-your-own ice cream sundaes with mix-ins like sprinkles, caramel, berries, and whipped cream.

8. Jazz Up Your Look With Bohemian Accessories

Boho weddings are the perfect opportunity to accessorize with statement pieces that capture the free-spirited vibe. Brides can tie everything together with accessories like dangling statement earrings made from beads or gemstones that sway as they walk down the aisle. Intricate hair vines with small flowers or pearls woven throughout the braids add a delicate touch. Stacked cuffs in metallic hues lend the wrists an earthy, handcrafted aesthetic.

Grooms can incorporate the boho aesthetic in subtle ways with accessories like patterned silk ties or pocket squares featuring tiny geometric prints or paisleys.

Bridesmaids can rock beaded bracelets with colorful seed beads for a fun pop of color. Chokers made from twisted fabric ribbons offer a texture flash at the neckline.

Wrapping Up

Envision your wedding as a whimsical escape infused with a wanderlust spirit and artistic details. A bohemian theme may be the perfect reflection of your adventurous relationship. By prioritizing imagination, individuality, and ease as you plan your attire, decor, activities, and more, you’re sure to pull off an utterly Instagrammable boho wedding that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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