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Hen parties: late nights, fizz, and good times with all your favourite females! However, we all know that those hours of drinking, dancing, and having a good time may often leave us feeling a little worse for wear the next morning.

But, before you even consider slimming down, we've put together a foolproof guide to making an excellent hen do survival pack that'll keep you and your hens looking and feeling fresh throughout your hen party and the morning after the night before.

Hen Party Survival Kit Ideas

Aside from finding a suitable location, activity, accommodation, transport options, organising a gift for the hen, collecting deposits (and then the remaining balance), and ensuring all the girlies know where to be and when there's entertaining and kitting out the hens to think about, planning a hen party is no easy task.

For those planning a night on the tiles, the hen party survival pack is an excellent idea for preparing hens for every eventuality - and the morning after. You don't need all this for your hen party bags; having a swarm of females to the kit (in some circumstances, 20 or more) may be expensive.

However, we've compiled a list of interesting ideas for maids looking for inspired items to include in their survival kits or party packs. A few sweets and something fun for the hen, whether it's a glass of champers, a cocktail, or a hen badge, is all that is ever expected, but for those looking to deck out their hens with the works or put together a little pamper pack or survival kit for the bride-to-be, here are some excellent party bag fillers!

Hens Recovery Kit


Things You Need In Your Hen Party Survival Kit

There's a good chance you're nervous about your hen party and whether or not your friends will make it through the night. Your goal is for it to be a huge event that everyone enjoys and remembers for a long time.

We've put together the ultimate Hen Party Survival Kit to ensure that your hens enjoy the best night. We've put together a list of our top eight night requirements to ensure everyone has a good night's sleep after a night out on the town. At a nightclub, a group of young women are dancing the night away.

 Spirits And Shot Glasses

The hens have arrived, and everyone is eager to get the party started. A gracious host ensures that her visitors are adequately hydrated, whether with water, wine, vodka, or Schnapps. A shot glass for each of the bridesmaids is the first thing you should include in your Hen Party Survival Kit. Make it a game and have everyone take a shot whenever someone mentions the name of a "taboo" artist on the playlist. Getting everyone in the mood for a party is easy with this method.

Getting To Know You

If your hen party has a large number of guests representing various facets of the bride-to-life, you may be concerned about how you'll get everyone to socialise. Ensuring everyone in the group mingles is essential to a fun night out. Ensure that no one is left out of the celebrations. A hen party must-have is a few 'getting to know you games sprinkled throughout the festivities before you head out.

Whatever the occasion, this might include anything from constructing an entire bridal gown out of toilet paper and playing "Name That Song" to having a cocktail challenge in teams. Your hen night will be a smashing success if you play games that get everyone talking and laughing like crazy.

Chocolate And Sweets

Everyone is having a good time, even though it's almost time to go. The next item in our Hen Party Survival Kit is small sweets and chocolate, which will keep the party going all night long. There are a variety of options for distributing these goodies to your hens, from throwing them in an open bowl to handing out individual gift bags.

Camera And Designated Photographer

Anyone with a smartphone purchased in the last decade has a camera, but not everyone has the night-long good judgement and steady hand required to shoot a photograph. Next in our Hen Party Survival Kit is deciding which hen will be your professional photographer for the night — and perhaps which camera she'll use. Not only will you have all of the non-blurry images in one spot, but you'll also be more likely to catch the evening's highs and hilarious lows. The memories will even if the hens don't make it through the night.

This is more of a hen night kit essentials set. If you've spent hours perfecting your appearance, you want it to last as long as possible. Putting together a small selection of beauty basics can keep you looking fabulous no matter how long the night lasts, from mascaras, lipsticks, and make-up brushes to little deodorants, compact hairsprays, and packs of mints. Plasters and nail glue may be useful for keeping your feet from aching and your nails from falling out.

Dares And Challenges

You may be in the mood for a little boozy inspiration as soon as you've visited a few bars. Dare dice, cards, or challenge coupons are a fun addition to any hen party and can serve as a fun diversion for hens who are feeling a little drunk and in need of a break from the bars.

Location-Finding Essentials

We recommend that your ladies wear amusing, easy-to-spot headwear as an essential hen party accessory to ensure everyone makes it through the night together. Head boppers or colourful hats will make everyone in your group stand out from the crowd, which is especially important if you're visiting a new location.

Hangover Cures

Is a stag necessary the day after? Add some hangover remedies to your Hen Party Survival Kit for a nice touch. If your hens are returning to the same hotel after your night out, or even if you're giving them out as a hen party favour, these would be perfect. Set aside a few things besides paracetamol for pain relief and bottled water, such as eye masks for headaches and coffee sachets to keep you going when you can't get out and about.

What You Need In Your Hen Party Survival Kit

  • Shot Glass – Something to use for the event and preserve as a keepsake.
  • Mini Bottle – Vino, gin, vodka... A little party starter should be included in each bag.
  • Face Spray – This is an excellent way to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated.
  • Dare Cards – For extra laughs include a dare card in each bag.
  • Wet Wipes – They're just so dang handy for so many things.
  • Water –This will come in handy at the first hen do of the weekend.
  • Sweets – To maintain a healthy blood sugar level and because we all enjoy sweets.
  • Paracetamol – To aid in the treatment of any sore heads.
  • Plasters –To assist in the treatment of any sore dance foot.
  • Chewing Gum –Gum might come in handy after the fourth slice of garlic bread.
  • Personalised Sunglasses – Get some team hen sunglasses for your weekend.

What You Can Include

Creating your own hen party survival kits is a fun twist on the standard party favour. Take this opportunity to express yourself artistically! It's possible to personalise each bag, even adding humorous hen party nicknames. Your hen party survival packs can be as basic or complex as you desire. You can choose brightly coloured paper bags or construct something out of simple muslin.


Think cheap and cheery when packing your survival kit's contents into your party bags, depending on the number of females attending. Stripy or spotty bags in various patterns and colours can be found for a reasonable price on the internet.

Pretty things

Look to hair and beauty products for ideas on what to add to the girly bags. Lipstick, nail paint, nail files, tissues, small moisturisers, clips, and other girly gifts are always appreciated by women. Makeup remover wipes, bobbins, and lip balm will come in helpful the next day.

Practical things

A hangover is almost inevitable, and it won't be pleasant. Even if you don't drink, some maids may include painkillers or Lifelines in their kits to assist with the fuzziness the next day. Make sure everyone knows what medications they are in case they have allergies or sensitivities. 

It is not uncommon for women to wake up the next day with a significant hangover as a result of their stag festivities. As a result, make sure your hens are well-stocked for the morning following the event with snacks like crisps and water (or fizz/Lucozade). Including a coffee mug and sachet is a nice touch that all drivers will appreciate. Sweets like love hearts, chocolate, and mints are all excellent options.

Photo Fun

You'll cherish the memories of your hen party for the rest of your life. There are several ways to accomplish this, but one of the most cost-effective is to have a few disposable cameras on hand. That doesn't mean everyone needs to share everything in their bags; you can even have one for the bride-to-be to document the entire experience.


This means only one thing – bubbly! If you're serving a smaller group, consider decorating mini bottles of Prosecco with streamers, ribbons, rosettes, bows, and a cutesy straw so that everyone can enjoy their drink style.

Dress Up

Depending on your preference, you may or may not wish to provide your girls with a costume to match the theme. We've seen everything from flower crowns and rabbit ears to sunnies and anarchist but simple badges. Adding a few glow sticks to the hen party is a surefire way to get everyone in the party spirit. Alternatively, if you're looking for a fun way to identify your female friends, get them some temporary tattoos.

Finishing Touches

Finish the women off with a sprinkling of confetti at the bottom. You can get hen party stickers if you want to seal your goodie bags.

FAQs About Hen Party

Here are some of our favourite hen party kits on the market to keep all your essentials: Personalised hen night survival bag, Fairtrade cotton pouch, Bridesmaid survival muslin bags.

Handbags: 1 daytime, one small evening Any hen party accessories you’ve bought, e.g. sashes, t-shirts etc. Any hen party decorations you’ve purchased, e.g. balloons & banners. Of course, you can adjust the quantities based on your planned activities, the season and the weather.

The Perfect Hen Party Survival Kit

Hen Party Melbourne

The Hen Does A Survival Kit Cotton Pouch.

To begin, you will need a bag to store all of the items associated with your hen party. Our huge cotton pouches and totes are ideal for carrying all those hens do essentials in — load them up and then hand them out to your chickens.

Team Bride Sashes

Using these chic 'Team Bride' sashes in pink and rose gold, you can make sure that everyone at the hen party is aware of who is a member of the group.


You'll be as fresh as a daisy with a minty mouthwash even after a night of affiliate-night cocktails and kebab shop visits.

Personalised Mirrors

A customised mirror will make each of your hen party attendees feel special, and they will come in handy the morning after the party for last-minute touch-ups with their make-up, without having to leave the comfort of their sofa!


Ideally, you and your hens will wake up without a hangover, but if that doesn't happen, a couple of ibuprofen and a few glasses of water should do the trick. To avoid a trip to the pharmacy, put a couple of paracetamol tablets in your hens' kits.

Hen Party Tattoos

Getting a Team Bride tattoo is a great way to come together with the people you're getting married to. In addition to serving as a great ice breaker for the hen party, colourful tattoos allow you to celebrate in elegant style while providing a unique backdrop for memorable hen party images.

Face Mask

Putting an end to the stale Giving my skin a boost of hydration has helped me get some shut-eye! Prepare for breakfast by applying a moisturising mask or making a wonderful mask of oats, honey and banana.

Dry Shampoo  

Why waste time washing and drying your hair when you can have fun and excitement instead? Dry shampoo is a great way to give your girls extra time to unwind and have a post-party nap.

Hen Survival Kit: TOP TIP

It's best to put name tags on the bags if you don't know all of the hens well enough to know each other. Ladies, if you're looking for a no-nonsense hen do survival kit, we've got you covered!

Sugar Boost: Sustain Energy

Chocolate for the treatment of... ailments? But without a doubt! Maintaining a high blood sugar level can assist in preserving energy and willpower throughout the celebration.

Shot Glass: Be Prepared

For everyone to raise a glass to the future bride's health. Get the soon-to-be-weds together for a "Three... Two... One..." and then place an order for their chosen poison.

Wine: Mini Bottle

Open a bottle in the event of an emergency.

Dare Card: Hen Night Games

Individual dare cards should be included in each bag to help start the party off. Rather than randomly distributing the challenges, ask everyone to submit a dare before the event. Then, randomly distribute the obstacles among the guests.

Wet Wipe: Freshen Up

These handy tiny packets are light and just so simple to use for freshening up after the meal or while you are participating in the activities for your hen party.

Chewing Gum: Stay Fresh

That you may maintain your vitality (or make impressions of Rizzo from Grease).

Plasters: Be Prepared For A Night Of Dancing

Be prepared for any bruises or blisters that may occur as a result of your dancing. Plasters or gel inserts may be a real lifesaver, as we all know, and they come in handy on big nights. Especially if you have a brand new pair of shoes for the event, who wouldn't want to show them off?

Face Spritzer: Refreshing

A revitalising and reviving experience. A fantastic method for reviving dull skin, which one requires when going to a hot club.

Paracetamol: For The Morning

To relieve the throbbing in your head or to help you feel like your old self again after a rough night the night before, try taking a Berocca.

Water: Hydrate

The good ol' H2O, not only is it necessary for you to consume it in order to maintain life but staying hydrated is also crucial for maintaining healthy-looking skin and can help decrease the effects of probable hangovers.

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