What To Put In A Hen Do Survival Kit.

Ah, hen parties: late nights, fizz and fun with all your favourite girls! However, we know those hours of drinking, dancing and having a fantastic time can sometimes make us all feel a little worse for wear the morning after. But before you even think about toning down, you’re ‘do’ we’ve put together a fail-safe guide for creating an amazing hen do survival kit that’ll keep you and your hens looking and feeling fresh throughout your hen party and the morning after the night before. Are you looking for hens ideas? Look no further, Magic Men has you covered.

Hen Party Survival Kit Ideas

Planning a hen party is no easy job – besides finding a suitable location, activity, accommodation, transport options, organising a gift for the hen, collecting deposits (and then the remaining balance) as well as ensuring all the girlies know where to be and when there’s entertaining and kitting out the hens to think of. For those that have a night on the tiles planned, the idea of the hen party survival kit is a cute idea to prepare hens for all eventualities – and the morning after. You don’t need all this stuff for your hen party bags – after all, when you have a gaggle of girls to the kit (in some cases 20 plus), it can be an expensive task. But we’ve rounded up some fun suggestions to help maids who are on the hunt for some inspiring bits and bobs to put in their survival kits or party packs. A few sweeties and something fun for the hen, whether it be a glass of champers, cocktail or a hen badge, is all that is ever expected, but for those looking to deck their hens out with the works or put together a little pamper pack or survival kit for the-bride-to-be, here are so excellent at party bag fillers!

Things You Need In Your Hen Party Survival Kit

What To Put In A Hen Do Survival Kit1

If you’re heading out for your hen party, you might be worried about how the night is going to pan out — and how your hens will survive it. You want it to be big, busy, funny, and memorable with everyone having fun, looking fantastic and lasting the whole night together.

Our Hen Party Survival Kit is full of all the hen night essentials you need for your hens to have the best night. Keeping the party atmosphere going to make sure everyone is looked after the next morning; our top eight hen night essentials cover all night-out scenarios to create the ideal Hen Party Survival Kit. Young women are having fun dancing at a nightclub.

Spirits and shot glasses

The hens have arrived, and everyone’s ready to get the hen night going. A good host makes sure her guests are well watered — or wine-d or vodka-ed or Schnapps-ed. So, first in your Hen Party Survival Kit should be a shot glass for each hen and your choice of alcohol. You could even make a game of it and get everyone to take a shot when someone says a ‘taboo’ word on a particular artist comes on the playlist. It’s a quick and easy way to get everyone in the party mood.

Getting to know you

If your hen group numbers are hefty with people from all over the bride-to-be’s life, you might be worried about getting everyone to mingle. A critical part of any good night out is making sure the group is mixing. You don’t want anyone feeling left out. We think throwing a few ‘getting to know you’ games into the gathering before you head out is a hen party essential. This could be anything from making a wedding dress out of toilet paper and playing ‘Name That Song’ to a round of truth or dare and hosting a cocktail challenge in teams. Games that get everyone chatting and laughing wilcorrectlyly set up your hen night.

Chocolate and sweets

It’s nearly time to leave, and everyone’s merry. To make sure the high energy lasts the night, third in our Hen Party Survival Kit are mini sweets and chocolate. You can throw these in a bowl for everyone to help themselves, or put together a little gift bag of your selection and hand them out to your hens individually.

Camera and designated photographer

Anyone with a mobile bought in the past decade has a camera, but not everyone has the night-long good judgement and a steady hand to take a photo. Not an object, but a necessity; next in our Hen Party Survival Kit is choosing which hen is your professional photographer for the night — and perhaps which camera she’ll use. Not only will you have all the non-blurry photos in one place, but you’re also more likely to capture both the highs and the hilarious lows of the evening. So, even if the hens don’t survive the night, the memories will.

This is more of a collection of hen night essentials for your kit. If you’ve put hours of prep into your look, you want to carry this as far into the night as possible. From mascaras, lipsticks and make-up brushes to mini deodorants, compact hairsprays and packs of mints, putting together a small selection of beauty essentials will keep you looking great no matter how long the night lasts. You might want to add plasters and nail glue to keep your feet from hurting and your nails from flying off, too.

Dares and challenges

Once you’ve been to a few bars, there’s a chance you’ll need something to boost the party spirit. Bringing dare dice, dare cards, or challenge vouchers is a great hen party booster and an excellent diversion for tipsy hens, who might need a brief bar-break to survive the whole hen night.

Location-finding essentials

A crucial hen party accessory to ensure everyone makes it through the night together, we advise you kit your hens out in funny, easy-to-spot headwear. Especially good if you’re out in a new place, go for head boppers or colourful hats and help everyone in your group stand out from the crowd.

Hangover cures


Is a hen party essential for the morning after? Why not finish off your Hen Party Survival Kit with some hangover cures? They’re ideal if your hens are heading back to the same hotel after your night out or even something you can put in with their hen party favours. Prepare the basics — such as paracetamol for pain relief and bottled water for rehydration — then add a few extras, including cooling eye masks to help with headaches, coffee sachets for an energy boost, and sick bags for when movement isn’t an option.

What You Need In Your Hen Party Survival Kit

  • Shot Glass – Something to party with and a memento to keep.
  • Mini Bottle – Wine, gin, vodka… Each bag should have a miniature party starter.
  • Face Spray – A great way to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated.
  • Dare Cards – Place a dare card in each bag for extra laughs.
  • Wet Wipes – They’re just so bloomin’ useful for so many things.
  • Water – Handy to have during your first hen activity of the weekend.
  • Sweets – To keep sugar levels high and because we all love sweets.
  • Paracetamol – To help treat any tender heads.
  • Plasters – To help treat any tender dancing feet.
  • Chewing Gum – After that fourth slice of garlic bread, gum might be handy.
  • Personalised Sunglasses – Get some matching team hen sunnies for your weekend.

What You Can Include

Homemade hen party survival kits are a fun variation on the traditional party favour. It’s also a chance for you to get creative! You can decorate each bag, add funny hen party nicknames, and so much more. Go for brightly coloured paper bags or make something out of simple muslin; your hen party survival bags can be as simple or complicated as you want. Are you searching for the great service to spice up your hens? Then  Magic Men is the answer.


Depending on the number of girls, you’ll want to think cheap and cheerful for your party bags to pop your survival kit goodies in to. There are some gorgeous budget-friendly friendlyfriendlyfriendlys budget friendly stripy, or spotty bags available to buy online.

Pretty things

If you’re looking for something nice and pretty to put into the girl’s bags, think hair and beauty! Lippies, nail polish, nail files, tissues, mini moisturisers, clips and any other girly items will always be welcome tokens for the ladies. And practical stuff like makeup wipes, bobbins and lip balm will be handy for the morning after.

Practical things

Chances are there might be hangovers, and they may not be pretty. Some thoughtful maids opt to put painkillers in the kits to ease that fuzzy feeling the morning after or Lifelines to help counteract the effects before you even sip a glass of bubbly (make sure everyone knows what tablets they are in case of allergies etc. Foodstuffuff

Hen parties generally come with a substantial hangover. So make sure your hens are prepared for the inevitable by plying their bags with things like crisps and water (or a fizz/Lucozade) to hydrate the morning after. Another attractive option is to include a coffee cup and sachet, which all the drivers will welcome. Sweeties (love hearts are a perfect choice), chocolate and mints will also go down well.

Photo Fun

You’ll want memories from your hen. One way to do this is by having a couple of disposable cameras at the ready – they can be way too pricey to get one for each gal. Still, You divvies out items in the bags (not everyone has to have the same stuff) or even just have one for the bride-to-be to capture all her memories.


This means one thing – champers. You can opt to have a couple of big bottles to share, or if you have a smaller crowd, dress mini Proseccos’ in streamers, ribbons, rosettes or bows and don’t forget to add in a cutesy straw so you can sip in style.

Dress Up

You may or may not want to give your girls something to wear to tie in with the theme. We’ve seen everything from floral crowns, bunny ears and feather boas to sunnies anarchic but straightforward badges. Glow sticks are another hen staple and are sure to get everyone in the party mood. Or, if you want an excellent way to tag the ladies, invest in some temporary tattoos.

Finishing Touches

Add a sprinkling of confetti to the bottom of each ladies before a fun, fun finishing touch! You can also order hen party stickers to seal your goodie bags.

The Perfect Hen Party Survival Kit

Hen do survival kit cotton pouch.

First things first, you need a bag to put all of your hen party goodies in! Our large cotton pouches and totes are perfect for packing all those hens do essentials in – just fill and hand out to your hens!

Team Bride Sashes

Ensure everyone knows who’s part of the hen party tribe with these sophisticated pink and rose gold ‘Team Bride’ sashes.


Feel fresh as a daisy, even affiliate-night drinks and kebab shop stops (we won’t tell anyone), with some minty mouthwash.  

Personalised mirrors

Make each of your hen party guests feel special with personalised mirrors – not only are they a must for last-minute pre-part touch-ups, but also come in super-handy the morning after for make-up sessions without leaving the comfort of the sofa!


Hopefully, you and your hens will wake up hangover-free, but should a fizz-fuelled headache occur, a few painkillers and glasses of water should have you sorted in next to no time. Just pop a few paracetamol in your hens’ kits to save the stumble to the chemist.  

Hen party tattoos

Unite your I do crew with Team Bride tattoos! A perfect ice-breaker that everyone, from the bride’s mother to the bridesmaids, will love, fun tattoos allow you to celebrate in sophisticated style and make memorable hen party photos.

Face mask

Banish tell-tale I’ve-had-no-sleep dry skin by giving it a moisture boost! Apply a hydrating mask or DIY by making a magical mask of oats, honey and banana for you and the girls to apply before heading out to brunch.

Dry shampoo  

Who wants to spend precious time washing and drying their hair when there are fun and fizz to be had? Give your girls the gift of more time relaxing and having a post-party snooze by adding some dry shampoo to their survival kit.

Hen Survival Kit: TOP TIP

If some of the hens haven’t met before, add a name tag to each bag until everyone has had time to mix and mingle properly. Here’s our no-nonsense hen do survival kit for girls who want to have fun but still be up in time for breakfast.

Sugar Boost: Sustain energy

Chocolate for medicinal reasons? But of course! Keeping sugar levels high will help sustain energy and your power to the party.

Shot Glass: Be prepared

So everyone can toast to the bride-to-be’s health. Order the poison of the nearly-wed’s choosing and get them together for a “Three… Two… One…”

Wine: Mini bottle

In case of emergency, open a bottle.

Dare Card: Hen night games

Put an individual dare card in each bag to help get the party started. Ask all the group to suggest a dare before the event and then place them in the bags at random (of course, you could make sure the star guest just “happens” to get a particular dare). Check out the range of Magic Men’s Melbourne hens ideas to help in your party planning.

Wet Wipe: Freshen up

These handy little packets are light and just so convenient to freshen up after the meal or during your hen activities.

Chewing Gum: Stay fresh

So you can stay fresh (or make impressions of Rizzo from Grease).

Plasters: Be prepared for a night of dancing

Be prepared for any dance-related injuries or blisters. As we all know, plasters or gel inserts can be a real lifesaver on big nights out. Especially if you have a new pair of shoes for the occasion, and who wouldn’t?!?

Face Spritzer: Refreshing

Invigorating and refreshing. A great way to bring tired skin back to life and just what you need in a hot club.

Paracetamol: For the morning

To soothe an aching head or a Berocca to help get you back to your best after the morning after the night before.

Water: Hydrate

Good old H2O, not only do you need it to stay alive but staying hydrated is important for healthy-looking skin and can help reduce the effects of potential hangovers.


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