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Selling the engagement ring can make practical and emotional sense when a marriage has failed and money needs to be raised immediately. How to begin, though? You want to get the most money possible for your jewellery while ensuring its security and the buyer's satisfaction. You should also ensure the procedure does not drag on too long.

The number of businesses claiming to buy gold, silver, diamonds, and other precious metals has increased in recent years alongside the price of gold. The problem is that while any business can buy these products, only a select few are competent in determining their true worth.

Determining whether diamond purchasers are legitimate might be a challenge if you don't know what to look for. If you find yourself in the position of selling a diamond or a piece of diamond jewellery, please refer to the following rules and tips.

While diamonds last forever, your relationship with your significant other doesn't have to.

There are a variety of situations in which one can decide to sell a diamond ring, such as a change in financial circumstances, an upgrade from the initial engagement ring, the transfer of a family relic, or something else entirely.

Whatever the case may be, you undoubtedly want to know the best way to maximise the profit from the sale of your diamond ring.

We will explain your choices in detail so that you can make an informed decision about where to sell your engagement ring and how to maximise your profit.

Things To Know When Selling Your Engagement Ring

  1. A diamond's appraised value or "list price" won't be what you get when you sell it, just like a used car.
  2. Your diamond ring's price will primarily be determined by the size and quality of its centrepiece. Not caring where you are is acceptable.
  3. Avoiding intermediaries is essential if you want top dollar for your diamond ring.
  4. Being patient can result in a significant rise in financial gain.
  5. If you want the most money out of your diamond, you should sell it to a dealer.

Best Place To Sell An Engagement Ring

The price you receive for your diamond or engagement ring is determined by where you sell it.

Where Can I Sell My Diamond Ring For The Most Money1

The best place to sell a diamond ring was discovered by taking it to six different types of jewellery purchasers and seeing who offered the most price for it.

  • Auction
  • Pawnshop
  • Online to a trusted diamond buyer

Let's start by analysing each of these options in detail.

Online To A Trusted Diamond Buyer

If you're wondering, "Where can I sell my diamond ring near me?" a reputable online diamond buying company is one of the most obvious options.

Why? Partnering with a specialised diamond buyer allows you to sell your diamond quickly and gives you access to professional gemologists who can provide you with an accurate analysis of your diamond and its fair market value. It would be good to work with gemologists certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) who have a more in-depth grasp of diamond price than just the 4 C's.

You must thoroughly research any internet diamond buyer before doing business with them. -You need to look into their prior work and pricing. You must have faith in the company you decide to work with.


If you have the time and resources to bid on a rare diamond at auction, that's your best bet. Working with diamond specialists who can help you price your ring and set a realistic reserve is a perk of selling at auction, but whether or not you receive bids comes down to who shows up on the day of the auction. Make sure you do your homework before committing to an auction house because they will be in charge of advertising for the event. Get in touch with a reputed auction house where you think the engagement ring will get lots of attention from potential bidders.

Rare and unique items are what auction houses strive to sell the most to draw in the largest crowds. However, most diamonds don't suit this profile and won't sell well at auction. Since most diamonds are not investment items, this is understandable.

The frequency of auctions is low. Because of this, you should expect the procedure to take some time. The frequency of auctions varies from one auction house to the next, so it's important to do some preliminary investigation. To top it all off, the auction house will take a cut of the proceeds. Before consenting to this manner of selling, be sure you fully understand what it will entail.

Pawn Shops

While pawnshops are a fantastic local option for selling a wide variety of products, selling a diamond ring there does come with a few negatives. You can get paid immediately and in cash, but you're better off teaming up with an industry expert with access to more customers and resources.

You might also consider pawning your diamond ring, but only if you have the financial means to make the necessary payments. It's risky to borrow money because the ring is lost forever if you don't pay back the debt.

How Diamonds Are Valued

The price of a diamond depends on a wide range of factors. Compare the diamond's value to that of a used automobile for a second: in order to begin, you need to know the vehicle's year, make, model, and mileage. A diamond's worth is also dependent on four factors: its carat weight, colour, clarity, and cut.

Where would you suggest I go to sell my diamonds and diamond jewellery?

Everyone wants to earn the most money possible when selling a diamond or a diamond-encrusted item. To do this, it is essential to team up with a reputable diamond company that is actively involved in the diamond market on a regular basis.

If you're not sure where to take your diamond pieces, here are some suggestions:

Find A Company That Has GIA Graduates On Staff.

In order to maximise your investment in a diamond, it is essential to collaborate with a reliable diamond grader.

The professionals will have a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the gold standard in the diamond grading industry. GIA developed today's standard grading systems (colour, clarity, cut grade). Because of this, a diamond may be graded most accurately by a GIA graduate.

Avoid Cash For Gold Stores And Fast Cash Promotions.

Shops whose main business is the purchase of gold will often boast that they also purchase diamonds. The challenge, though, is that these areas care primarily about gold.

The cash for gold industry shares two characteristics:

  • They usually only offer a pittance for the stones.
  • They are not able to give accurate grades.

Market price calculations for gold are straightforward, but diamonds are more involved.

Be Wise About Your Research.

Make sure you're researching on credible review sites only.

Most "unbiased" lists of the Best Diamond Sellers can't be relied upon. Collaborate with a firm whose reputation has been earned rather than bought through slick Internet marketing.

Don’t Send To A Company That Promises You A High Value Or Wants To Use Your Paypal Account.

Sadly, bogus review sites have also given rise to a number of other fraudulent schemes on the Internet. The following are some helpful hints:

  • Do not transfer your diamond to anyone other than a business, even if you receive emails from PayPal indicating payments have been deposited into your account if you are selling a diamond piece locally on a website that allows you to advertise things for sale in your local area.
  • Pick an organisation you can reach by phone, has a physical location, and with which you feel at ease.
  • If a company repeatedly sends you extremely expensive quotations through email, you should avoid doing business with them.
  • Don't deal with firms who promise instant money.

It's common knowledge that locally owned and operated businesses, especially those with generations of family involvement, are more invested in the community and more likely to act in the best interests of their clientele.

What Is The Best Way To Sell A Diamond Ring?

Ultimately, it's up to you to pick the solution that works best for you. After deciding to sell your diamond ring for money, consider these four choices and make your decision based on how well they fit your needs.

What Should I Look For In A Diamond Buyer?

In what area may They sell my diamond ring? Where may One locate a reliable purchaser? Some telltale indications that the diamond vendor you're dealing with is legitimate include:

They Only Offer In-Person Meetings.

When purchasing a diamond, it is imperative that both parties meet face-to-face. They won't be able to judge your jewellery in any other way. One red flag is if the buyer you're looking into conducts all of their business online.

Customers Leave Reviews. 

When looking for a reputable diamond buyer, testimonials from previous clients are invaluable. Look at customer feedback left on the buyer's website or in other jewellery store directories.

The Buyer Takes His Or Her Time Assessing The Diamond. 

Is the diamond buyer only going to give the jewellery a cursory once-over and spit out a price? If that's the case, you should know what to expect. Professional diamond buyers will carefully evaluate your items. They are open and honest in how they evaluate candidates.

These are just some qualities you should look for in a diamond purchaser.

FAQs About Diamond Ring

Let's begin with the situation that's the most likely to occur. Fortuitously, the vast majority of individuals still purchase their diamond rings from traditional "brick and mortar" jewellery stores.

Let's also assume the best case scenario within the subset of physical jewellery stores by focusing on the independent small jeweller who is not part of a chain and exclusively offers GIA-certified diamonds.

Do I Get More Money Pawning Or Selling My Diamond?

Selling your diamond instead of pawning it will net you a larger sum. What gives?

You might sell your wedding band to a pawn shop and get a loan to cover your financial emergency. The pawnshop owner will give you cash in exchange for your ring if you visit him or her to get rid of it. The ring should be viewed as collateral in this transaction.

You can pawn your wedding band and retrieve it at a later date if you find yourself in a better financial position. Isn't that a breeze?

Is there any downside to selling your ring for cash? What could go wrong when you get back your prized diamond possession?

What's more, you must be prompt with your regular payments. In addition, high interest rates are typically added to your monthly payments. To restate, pawning is not a kind of selling. The pawnshop is just lending you the money you would eventually owe them if you pawn your wedding band. The bottom line is that you aren't making very much.

Where Can I Sell My Diamond Ring For The Most Money2

However, selling your wedding ring is a considerably less complicated process. (You will have to get yourself emotionally ready, though.) When you sell your ring, you give up all ownership rights. However, your ring is worth more to diamond buyers.

And which is superior? There is no danger of falling into debt or financial difficulty as a result of selling your wedding band.

Should I Sell My Diamond Ring Online?

There is also monetary value in giving a diamond engagement ring. Furniture, tools, books, and other trinkets do well in online auctions, but valuable jewellery should be avoided. This means you shouldn't post your diamond ring on the Internet. Instead, take the time to look for a reputable dealer in engagement and wedding rings. Doing so will result in a reasonable price and a fair exchange.

Can I Sell My Diamond Ring At A Jewellery Store?

You are able to sell your diamond ring at a jewellery store, that is correct. It is best practice to call the jewellery store in question before making a trip there in order to confirm the information.

How Do I Get To Know My Diamond?

Maybe your grandma and grandpa gave you their old diamond, and you have no idea what it's worth. Perhaps it's been passed down through the years, but you've never investigated its background. It's possible you have no idea what it's worth, even if you bought it as a gift in the past.

A diamond's authenticity can be verified by simply taking it to a gemologist. Value, provenance, and authenticity can all be determined with this test.

The most significant thing you can learn about the diamond from a gemologist is its grade. The grade of a diamond has a significant impact on its market value.

However, you should educate yourself on the four Cs of diamonds before beginning your search for purchasers.

What Are The Four C’s Of Diamonds?

As was covered in another article, the four aspects of a diamond's cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight that make up its grade are the most significant.

  • Cut. The term "diamond cut" is used to refer to the cut quality of a diamond and how the diamond's cut impacts its visual appeal. What factors into the grade of a cut? Mathematical concepts such as angles, proportionality, scintillation, and symmetry. There is no one best way to trim everything. Diamonds are unique in that the ideal cut is unique to each diamond.
  • Colour. This C depends on the diamond's colour, which may not be as obvious as it first seems. The diamond should be as clear and colourless as possible in relation to its setting. Any cloudiness or tinting could poorly impact this rating.
  • Clarity. Contrary to popular belief, clarity has nothing to do with a diamond's hue. Instead, clarity evaluates the presence and severity of flaws on the diamond's external surface and within its internal structure. The highest possible diamond grade is FL, which indicates that the stone is completely defect-free.
  • Carat. This particular C, also known as the diamond's "carat weight," is determined by the diamond's actual weight rather than its actual size. Carat weights of otherwise identical diamonds can vary depending on the precision with which the stone was cut.

Since you now have a better understanding of the four C's of diamonds, you may ask more informed questions of your Northwest Indiana diamond buyer and, with any luck, increase your final sale price.

Setting Realistic Pricing Expectations

Diamonds are highly valuable, but you will probably only get back what you bought for them. Not a problem.

Unfortunately, there are others who mistakenly believe they can make a killing in the diamond trade.

You may rest assured that anyone wanting to buy your diamond ring has no intention of cheating you. Businesses that make purchases have a different motivation: they need to turn a profit.

Is there a diamond ring collecting dust in your jewellery box? You should probably sell it if you haven't used it in a long time. It will be well worth your time if you can make a profit from the transaction.

Selling Diamond Jewellery: Common Mistakes.

A diamond ring deal might go south if you're not careful. How do I stay out of debt and maximise the profit from the sale of my diamond?

Avoid these common blunders while selling diamonds at all costs:

  • A diamond ring buyer isn't someone you collaborate with. True, reputable jewellery retailers have skilled diamond buyers on staff. Additionally, certified purchasers are a viable option. You should only sell your diamond jewellery to a reputable buyer who knows what they're doing.
  • You aren't posing pertinent inquiries. You should ask the right questions as soon as you decide to sell your diamond jewellery, especially after the assessment begins. Inquire as to the buyer's methodology, the considerations made, and whether or not other purchasers would offer you a similar price.
  • You don't pay attention to your gut. You should probably back out if you have any doubts about this exchange. It's simple to agree to a price you don't feel good about when you're being persuaded. If you're not ready to continue, call off the deal.
  • A reputable diamond purchaser will put you at ease and treat you with respect. When selling diamond jewellery, it is essential to do so with a reputable engagement ring buyer, to ask as many questions as possible, and to trust your gut.


If you find yourself in the position of selling a diamond or a piece of diamond jewellery, please refer to the following rules and tips. Whatever the case may be, you undoubtedly want to know the best way to maximise the profit from the sale of your diamond ring.

If you want the most money out of your diamond, you should sell it to a dealer. What Is The Best Way To Sell A Diamond Ring? You are able to sell your diamond ring at a jewellery store, that is correct.

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