The best decorations for your beach wedding

Congratulations, you’re getting married! While you couldn’t be more excited about the big event, the process of planning a wedding from A to Z can feel overwhelming – and that’s often an understatement. But, as most brides will tell you, everything starts falling into place once you pick out your venue or your wedding theme – or both at once. Insert Beach Weddings, aka one of the top choices of Millennial brides and grooms on the lookout for utterly romantic, nature-enthused locations and wedding concepts.

If you’ve always dreamed of exchanging vows with your toes in the sand and the sound of waves crashing against the shore, what you need now is some gorgeous sea-inspired décor to bring your fantasy to life. The best part about saying “I do” by the water is you get to work with an already gorgeous backdrop, so all you need are a few special, on-theme touches to create the right ambience and tie everything together. 


Surrounded by the beauty of nature itself, mesmerized by the turquoise hues of the ocean and delighted with the warm breeze – in other words, the ideal backdrop for a beach wedding to remember. Also, the perfect opportunity to incorporate nature’s finest treasures into both your bridal look and the décor, aka radiant, dainty pearls. 

Coastal Blue Beach Wedding 

Known as the most popular beach wedding theme, the Coastal Blue / Shades of Blue concept features a stunning range of azure hues. Often paired with neutrals like beige and taupe (representing the shades of the sand) or with greys and lilacs, the coastal blue wedding is serene, relaxed yet poised and cohesive with nature itself. If you love the colour of the ocean and everything from its waves to its corals and pearls, then commit to a palette of soft, nature-inspired hues, with the occasional pop of turquoise or cobalt blue. Similarly, for a cohesive bridal look, opt for a flowy wedding dress that provides lots of movement and silver-tone jewellery pieces (such as white gold), featuring pearls and gemstones in shades of blue. Moreover, avoid structure and rigidity, both when it comes to your beach wedding dress, as well as your jewellery and hairstyle.

Opt for Pearl & Oyster Place Cards

Introduce your beach wedding theme from the get-go with place cards borrowed from the sea: oyster shells, decorated with loose pearls. Whether you opt for an organic look and use the shells as they are or paint them in a coat of silver or gold paint, the results are visually stunning and perfectly fitting for a wedding on the beach.

Choose Bridal Tincup Jewelry

A relaxed beach wedding that denotes tranquillity calls for simple, dangly jewellery pieces that provide movement and flounce – and one of the best choices is no other than tincup jewellery. Opt for a pair of tincup pearl earrings, featuring radiant white pearls and aqua blue gemstones.

Add Pearl Accents to Your Wedding Cake

Stay on the pearl-enthused beach wedding theme with a wedding cake inspired by the waves of the ocean, complete with darling pearl accents and decorated with seashells.

Opt for Pearl Napkin Rings

Whether you choose to craft them yourself using loose pearls or purchase a matching set, pearl napkin rings are definitely a stunning addition to any wedding tablescape. Pair your pearl napkin rings of choice with aqua blue or turquoise fabric napkins and silver-hued tableware.

Create Ocean-Inspired Centerpieces

One of the most popular beach wedding centrepieces is budget-friendly, easy to recreate and visually stunning, namely ocean’s treasures bowls or vases. Filled with seashells, pearls and corals (with the optional flowers as an extra), these beach wedding centrepieces are a sure way to set the theme of your event. Moreover, they work perfectly with seashell place cards, adorned with pearls.

Decorate Your Beach Wedding with Pearl Garlands

There is something whimsical about decorating your beach wedding with pearls, be it when creating the centrepieces, the table numbers or when adorning the bride and groom’s chairs. One of the easiest ways to add an extra touch of the oceans finest is to opt for pearl garlands as décor for your arch, above the tables or when creating a photo-op backdrop.

Add the Ocean’s Gems on Your Wedding Invitations

Set the tone of your wedding theme from the start by sending your guests simple, minimalistic wedding invitations, each adorned with a solitaire pearl. Stick to a palette of azures, lilacs and neutrals for a cohesive look that perfectly captures the magical underwater world.

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Tropical Paradise Beach Wedding 

Lush, exotic, and bold, the Tropical Paradise beach wedding comes with an arsenal of vibrant hues from corals and flamingo pinks to rich greens and the mandatory turquoise. Adding accents of glow and sophistication, pearls perfectly complete the tropical paradise look, ideal for a beach wedding at sunset – and perfect for a destination wedding to remember. Convey joy, vitality and vacation vibes by forgoing the classics and opting for alternative jewellery pieces, such as Tahitian black pearls or off-round baroque pearls.

Make Pearls a Part of Your Bouquet

A few years back, bouquets made entirely out of seashells, starfish and pearls were all the craze in the beach weddings arena. However, if you are envisioning a bridal bouquet that’s lightweight, this darling pearl-adorned arrangement is an utterly chic option. The look: opt for a colourful bouquet of colours and accent their beauty with white pearls for an extra touch of glam.

Adorn Your Plates with Pearls

Your go-to ingredient for an instantly elevated wedding dinner table looks pearls. Make your favourite gems a part of your tablescape by opting for pearl-embellished plates, perfectly matched with a plethora of pink shades and blush napkins. Adding a touch of refined glam to your table décor, pearls can elevate even the most rustic of settings and venues.

Opt for Exotic Pearl Statement Earrings

Dainty and discreet is not the right match for an exuberant tropical beach wedding theme, which is why your choice of jewellery should definitely follow the exotic aesthetic. Therefore, forgo the classic white pearl studs in favour of larger drop or dangle pearl earrings with unique gems, be it baroque, black pearls, or ocean jewels in alternative undertones, such as golden, purple or even blue.

Add Pearls to Your Beach Wedding Ring Holder

Sand, seashell, flowers, pearls – the perfect recipe for a beach wedding ring holder that is simply elegant. In addition, this gorgeous ring holder is definitely photo-op-worthy, easy to recreate, as well as budget-friendly.

Add a Lush Pearl Flower Hairpin

When creating a tropical-inspired beach wedding, florals and pearls make a stunning pairing. For instance, decorate your loose waves with a lush bloom adorned with darling white pearls.

Make an Eclectic Statement with a Shoulder Pearl Necklace

A lush, bold-coloured floral backdrop works best next to a statement jewellery piece that looks positively mesmerizing from every angle. Discover a new beach wedding bridal look favourite: pearl shoulder necklaces, perfectly paired here with a loose waves updo.

Romantic-Chic Beach Wedding 

The beach is the perfect place for an utterly romantic wedding ceremony and reception. If you love the idea of using the ocean, the sand and the sky as your backdrop, and dream of a whimsy-filled event that carries a bohemian aura, then this beach wedding theme is for you. Create a cohesive look by opting for a colour palette in neutral hues like blush, dusty pinks, lavender, pistachio, seafoam green and natural browns. Next, include a wide range of romantic details: lace, pearl strands, bows, lush blooms like peonies and roses and crochet and twine for a more rustic vibe. For your bridal look, a lace dress can’t go wrong, especially if paired with radiant white pearls, loose waves and pearl-adorned hairpins.

Pair a Lace Beach Wedding Dress with a Pearl Necklace

There’s nothing that exudes romantic appeal more than a timeless lace dress – and, given the location of your wedding, the less structure and the more flow, the better. Complete your bridal look by opting for a classic pearl necklace that channels the romantic, old-school glam to perfection.

Decorate Your Tables with Pearl Garland Candles

A simple centrepiece you can easily recreate goes a long way when aiming to enjoy a romantic atmosphere. Discover the tranquil beauty of pearl garland-adorned candles – one of the chicest ideas for a beach wedding to remember.

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Opt for Pearl-Adorned Barefoot Beach Sandals

Since you’ll be getting married on the warm sand, ditching the heels is not only appropriate but recommended. Instead, opt for a pair of barefoot sandals crafted from lace, chain and pearls, for a relaxed bridal look that is not only comfortable but very pretty and whimsical.

Wear Matching Rose Pearl Bracelets with Your Bridesmaids

Gift each of your bridesmaids a pearl bracelet/corsage, featuring radiant white pearls and blush pink roses. Showing your gratitude for all their help and support has never looked this lovely. Besides, you’ll be adding to the romantic charm of your beach wedding with this cohesive gift.

Adorn the Bride and Groom Chairs with Pearls and Flowers

Capture the magic of beach weddings with a darling bridal chair adornment: pearl strands, in hues like white, ivory, rose, golden or blush. In addition, complete the look with dainty bows on each side for a refined and romance-filled touch to your venue décor.

Create Dreamcatchers & Pearls Backdrops

If you love a boho-inspired look, one of the newest crazes in the weddings décor arena is stunning backdrops, created from a mix of dreamcatchers. Complete with strands of pearls and lace ribbons that move with the breeze, this backdrop makes a visually mesmerizing setting for your beach wedding ceremony.

Adorn Your Arch with Flowers and Pearls

Another option that adds charm to your venue is a wooden arch, decorated with branches, flowers and pearl strands, perfect as a backdrop for your first kiss as a married couple.  

Opt for Pearl Frame Table Numbers

A cohesive tablescape that carries the same romantic vibe as your bridal look and décor start with a table number that serves as a focal point. Opt for pearl-embellished frames as your table numbers, perfectly complemented by romantic rose flower arrangements.

Create a Romantic Photo Prop with a Vintage Frame and Pearls

A great way to incorporate a touch of vintage-chic charm into your beach wedding is by creating a photo backdrop. Namely, use an antique picture frame, decorated with golden pearls and lush blooms and enjoy the insta-worthy moment.

Wear Pearls in Your Hair

Feminine, delicate, whimsical. Pair up your loose curls with a delicate hair crown or pin that features clear gems in combination with pearls, perfect for a lace dress that moves as you move.

Dress up Simple Jars with Lace and Pearls

If you are looking for ways to enhance the romantic vibe of your beach wedding, there’s nothing simpler than adorning mason jars with twine, lace and pearls. In addition, use your vases to store delicate blooms like baby’s breath, as centrepieces or as ways to store napkins or cutlery.

Other Beach Wedding Ceremony Decor Ideas

Gazebos & Arches

Of all your beach wedding ceremony decor, your gazebo or arch would most probably be your focus point and also the point where you want to concentrate most of your decor effort on.

Even if your beach wedding ceremony decorations do not include any chairs, you will still want to get married under a pretty gazebo kind of structure or an arch or backdrop.

You can either buy or hire a portable White Wedding Gazebo. Don’t just think of the type of canopy hawkers use at your local market, and many function hire companies to have special gazebos or Chuppas for weddings.

You can also create your beach wedding canopy with driftwood or four pieces of bamboo and a translucent type of material like tulle or organza.

Decorate with strings of flowers and shells, storm lanterns, pieces of fabric or hang rosebuds or little vases with flowers in different lengths from pieces of coloured ribbon.

Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

Pew markers offer you great opportunities for beach wedding ceremony decor as it will not go unnoticed – everyone needs to walk down the aisle to their seats. If you don’t want to decorate the pews, then you can also decorate your aisle.

Starfish Pew Markers

For a luxurious and upmarket feel hang lush tassels in a neutral sand colour from your pews and attach starfish or beautiful shells to them.

For something a little more basic and budget-friendly, simply tie some raffia or ribbons in your colours to two points of the starfish and hang them to the chairs by this. Simple but beautiful!

Palm Leaves

Decorate your pews with simple palm leaves that are cut to size and then hung over the pews with some string or ribbon.

If you are looking for some more colour, then add some tropical flowers, leis or even shells.



Are you or your future spouse avid surfers? Bring this part of your life into your beach wedding ceremony decor.

Cut out small surfboards from balsa wood and paint them in your chosen colours. Write your names and the date of the wedding on them and hang on each pew.

They also make great keepsakes!


Fill in or plastic buckets with your chosen flowers and hang them just like that over your chairs or on shepherds hooks.

Or if pails are not your thing, how about some simple glass jars? Jam jars are perfect and come in many sizes. Fill with flowers, tie a string and hang. Just gorgeous!

Buckets of Shells

Instead of using buckets or jars filled with flowers like the example above, why not fill the pails with some beautiful shells and starfish?

This can look stunning if you also incorporate some green or perhaps some succulents.

Hang them over the side of the chair like in the picture, on shepherds hooks or simply on the floor.

Shepherds Hooks

If you don’t like the idea of pew markers or perhaps you don’t have chairs with anything to hang something from, then shepherds hooks might be what you were looking for.

You can use them in many ways for your beach wedding ceremony decor – hang storm lanterns filled with flowers, buckets or jars of flowers, pomanders, Chinese lanterns or anything else your imagination comes up with.

Storm Lanterns

Storm lanterns or any nautical style lanterns can make great beach wedding ceremony decorations.

If you want a minimalist look for your ceremony decor then simply place them down your aisle with flowers inside or even candles if you are having a sunset ceremony.

Or you could hang them from the pews with some draping as in the photo.


Make simple flags in your colours or a gauzy white material and attach to some sticks of bamboo.

This is a very simple decor idea that is easy to make and inexpensive too. It also looks great if there is a slight breeze.


Make or buy some pinwheels in your chosen colours and tie them to the pews or sticks of bamboo for a playful look that works well in the breeze, and something for the kids (or grownups) to play with. 

Single Flowers

Tie a large, single flower like a sunflower or a Protea to every pier or just plant firmly in the sand for something simple but utterly beautiful and summery.

Whether you are looking for fun and playful beach wedding ideas or simple and understated decorations that will complete your coastal setting, use these ideas to help inspire your dreamy ceremony and reception on the water. Happy decorating!


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