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Congratulations are in order to the groom-to-be! As the big day approaches, there are several things that every modern groom should keep in mind. It’s the day you finally tie the knot with your partner and decide to spend the rest of your lives together. However, the day cannot happen ideally without any preparations. You can make the day extra beautiful by following the dos and don’ts below:

The Dos

From preparations to the arrangement, every modern groom should know (and do) certain things to keep everything moving smoothly from the engagement day till the big day.

Pick The Wedding Ring With The Bride

There are different traditions when it comes to who should choose and purchase wedding bands. Most couples follow the customs wherein the bride decides on the groom’s ring. But as a modern groom, you should know that choosing rings should be a mutual decision between the couple. 

A wedding ring symbolizes love and commitment to your partner. It’s something that you wear each day to show the world your love and promise. With that, it’ll be great if your ring’s something you’d love to wear. When choosing wedding rings, bring your bride with you. Let yourself have a voice with what you want your ring to be.

Choose The Groomsmen Gift

Your groomsmen will exert an effort to make your wedding day unforgettable. They will help with the preparations in any way they can to make you happy before and during the wedding. It’s only suitable to give them a gift to show your appreciation for their involvement. 

You should put a lot of thought when choosing groomsmen gifts. You need to look for a present that best represents you and your friendship with them. It could be something you all enjoy and can use after the wedding, like a pair of socks, sunglasses, or beer. You can give them to your groomsmen after the wedding.

Write Your Vows

Your vows are the promises you want to keep with your partner. It’s about the things you’re willing to do for your partner out of love and commitment. During your wedding, you and your partner will exchange vows to show your love for one another. Make your vows memorable by making them your very own.

You should write your own vows for your wedding day. Personalized vows are more sincere and special. In your vows, you can include things you both enjoy and promise to fulfill whenever possible. Just ensure that those are the vows that you can keep forever.

Arrange The Budget

Traditionally, the bride’s family pays for the wedding. On the other hand, the groom’s family shoulders the rehearsal dinner. However, as a modern groom, you can break out of the tradition and share your expenses with your partner. 

You and your partner can discuss how you’d like to budget your wedding. You can share the expenses and let it be a fifty-fifty affair. With this modern approach, you can start your marriage on an equal footing.

The Don’ts

Of course, there are things you need to avoid during your wedding preparation.

Schedule Everything Late

If you have a task with planning your wedding, like a meeting with suppliers and scheduling a suit fitting, you should never wait until the last minute before doing them. Even if you feel that you still have plenty of time on your hands, know that the wedding sector is extra tight. Most suppliers are usually fully booked from six months up to a year. Imagine waiting too long to book a supplier only to find out they’re unavailable for your day. 

As soon as you have a task for your wedding, you should arrange it immediately. Just like a wedding dress, the groom’s suit can also take a while to make. Spare time for when adjustments become necessary, you should schedule everything early.

Let The Bride Do Everything

Traditionally, the bride usually handles everything wedding related. While a bride would usually enjoy planning and aiming for the perfect wedding, remember you’re a team. The bride isn’t marrying alone, as you’re her other half. You need to help your bride arrange and prepare for the wedding. 

With every wedding preparation, you should be present with your bride. You should be with her as you choose a venue, theme, cake, band, and food. Always involve yourself in every aspect of your wedding and voice out your opinions. That way, you can make the wedding perfect for both of you.

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Have A Bachelor Party The Night Before The Wedding

Some grooms like to host their bachelor party the night before the wedding. While it’s a great way to celebrate your last day of being single, you might regret the decision in the morning. 

Hangovers are most likely to happen after your bachelor party. Spending the rest of your wedding day dealing with headaches and nausea may ruin your mood for the entire day. It’s best to celebrate the day feeling your best without any pain or hangover medications.

Not Having A Backup Plan

Problems will always occur, especially during wedding planning. It could be a mismatched color for the venue, miscommunication with the florist, or your band is already booked. With the number of things that could go wrong, ensure you have a backup plan. 

Your bride’s probably already stressed out from planning and organizing the event. To help lighten up the load, develop a backup plan for everything. It could be a backup wedding supplier, color, or motif for the wedding. Ask your fiancé if they’re okay with the solution and proceed once they’re happy.


It’s already challenging to plan a wedding. With the complications of booked suppliers and miscommunications, anything could go wrong. But with your help, you can make the day extra special and perfect.

Following the dos and don’ts above can make your bride happier because you’re fulfilling your duties and trying to make the day as memorable as it can be. While some steps will require you to go the extra mile, these tips are surefire ways to make your day magical.

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