Wedding ceremony programs communicate valuable information to your guests about your ceremony service and find out all you need to know to choose, word, and personalize your wedding programs.

In the realm of wedding stationery, day-of paper such as menus and ceremony programs don’t always get as much immediate attention in the early stages of wedding planning. However, these elements are just as crucial to your wedding guests as those wedding invitations. Here’s everything you need to know about ceremony programs, whether you need a traditional wedding program or a non-traditional wedding program. Keep scrolling for wedding program templates and wedding program wording examples.

Not sure if you need wedding ceremony programs? While they’re totally optional, a wedding program essentially is an outline of the ceremony and helps guests follow the order of the service, so they understand what’s taking place. The ceremony program should include all of the helpful details you would want to communicate to guests: the order of ceremony events, wedding-party bios to help guests get to know your VIPs, musical selections, passages and readings, explanations of any ceremony or cultural traditions, a thank-you note to guests for attending, and any additional messages to guests (i.e., directions to the reception venue, your wedding hashtag, no photos, etc.

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11 Wedding Ceremony Program Ideas

As long as your wedding program contains all of the key ceremony details (more on that in the next section), how you share that information to your guests is entirely up to you. You could keep things simple and classic with a single-page program, but if you have more details to share, a multi-page booklet might be the way to go. Or, if you want your wedding program to be more of a design statement, something striking like an oversized linen panel—calligraphed with the ceremony details and displayed at the ceremony entrance—will definitely make an impression on your guests. For inspiration, we rounded up ten ceremony program ideas we love, from classic and traditional to a few out-of-the-box designs.

Wedding Ceremony


A traditional single-page program is always a great choice—you could have the programs already placed on each ceremony chair, ask ushers to pass them out to guests, display them in a self-serve basket at the welcome table, or punch a hole at the top and tie them to chair backs with ribbon or twine.


If you’re including wedding ceremony traditions or rituals some guests might not be familiar with, your program is the perfect place to provide explanations, whether it’s the symbolism of a handfasting ceremony or the significance of the chuppah. Or, if your cocktail hour and reception will be held in a different location, it’s a thoughtful gesture to include directions; a multi-page booklet is a great option if you’ve got a lot of information to share.


Double-sided paper fans will keep guests cool if your ceremony is going to be held during warmer temps.


Print the ceremony details on a snack bag and fill it with something guests can munch on as they wait for the ceremony to begin.


A large, framed mirror displayed at the ceremony entrance doubles as a welcome sign and a program.


Instead of a paper program, hand-write the ceremony details on an oversized tropical leaf.


Write all of the ceremony specifics on a chalkboard and display it on an easel near the ceremony entrance so guests won’t miss it.


Outline the order of events on a simple wood sign and hang it near the ceremony entrance so guests will see it as they arrive.


Handkerchiefs printed with an outline of the wedding ceremony can be used for happy tears and make a lovely keepsake favour.


An awesome way to help guests get to know your wedding-party VIPs a bit better: a ceremony program that includes fun illustrations and a brief bio for each member.


Instead of passing out printed programs, display a billowy linen panel calligraphed with details of the ceremony. This couple actually displayed the banner at their home after the wedding.

What Is a Wedding Ceremony Program?

While you’re busy crossing off item after item on your Wedding Checklist, don’t let programs pass you by. While they may not seem important, wedding programs play a vital role in communicating information to your guests and setting the tone for the most significant part of the day—the ceremony itself. Give some thought early on to your programs so that you can create a totally coordinating paper suite (including save the dates, invitations, programs, and other wedding paper) such as the ones available on Zola.

Programs are pretty standard items at most weddings these days, but if you’ve never been to a wedding or are unfamiliar with them, you might be asking yourself: what even is a wedding ceremony program? A wedding ceremony program serves two purposes:

  • Like any other program you receive during a live performance, it shares the order of events, the key players (parents, bridesmaids, wedding party, etc.), and gives details about the ceremony service that guests are about to witness.
  • It offers a place for the couple to share messages directly with their gathered friends and family, including giving thanks, recognizing important people, expressing their intentions, and communicating important event details.

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Do You Need a Wedding Ceremony Program?

Sure, you could get away without a wedding program—your ceremony would probably still go off without a hitch, and afterwards, you’d still be married. But programs are easy to create, helpful for everyone, and add an extra dose of fun, beauty, personality, and charm to your wedding day. Here are some reasons you should consider having a wedding ceremony program:

  • Programs officially welcome guests to the wedding itself. They might contain the first direct words from you to those who have made an effort to witness this moment, so they are a valuable piece of messaging real estate.
  • Beyond setting the tone through words, programs can introduce your wedding style and/or reinforce your wedding theme. They come in all kinds of different shapes, colours, and designs, so they are a great opportunity to set the mood and hint at the type of celebration to come.
  • Programs are a handy place to list the information guests need in order to prepare for hours to come: the ceremony timeline, what follows it, what kinds of transportation will be available at various times, and any other special requests you’re asking of them (sign our guest book/bench/guitar, please put away your phones, etc.).
  • Programs help your guests better understand and enjoy your ceremony. If your ceremony is very long, if you are incorporating a lot of readings, songs, or other personal elements, or if you are having a traditional wedding ceremony and many guests are from a different religion or culture, then the information you include in your program will help guide them through the service and make it more meaningful.
  • Your program allows you to express gratitude, honour lost loved ones, and mention your main supporters in a visible, permanent way. People will be reading your program at the beginning of the ceremony when they are fresh, and you have their captive attention. Even if you plan to give a speech later, your audience will not be 100% present or focused (hello, open bar). Take the opportunity to record your feelings and share your heartfelt thanks in this saveable, scrapbook-able piece of paper.

Benefits of a Wedding Program

While wedding programs are not required, they are a useful (and sometimes necessary) piece of wedding stationery. Wedding programs are extremely helpful if:

  • You are having a religious or traditional wedding ceremony, with many guests who are of another faith or culture.
  • You are having a large wedding, including guests who are unlikely to know the bridal party.
  • You have a particularly long ceremony where guests will need something to follow.
  • You have many people who you need to thank.
  • You need a space to share directions from your ceremony site to your reception venue.

Those who are short on time or money may wish to forgo the wedding program entirely, but remember that a simple wedding program doesn’t have to require much of either. Many guests will appreciate them as a thoughtful gesture and souvenir. Paper is a very affordable medium, and there are plenty of free, downloadable wedding program templates that you could easily customize. Customize them further with free wedding clipart.

Tips for Your Wedding Ceremony Programs

Coordinate them with your invitations

For a truly custom feel, choose a coordinating design for your entire wedding paper suite. You can shop for matching save the dates, invitations, enclosure cards, programs, menu cards, and thank you cards on Zola, all of which also come with a coordinating (and free) wedding website. Since they come in tons of different, equally stunning designs, you can find one that easily fits your wedding theme or style.

Reinforce your wedding theme

Along the lines of theme, wedding ceremony programs are a great way to establish the style and mood of your big day. Whether you kick off your outdoor garden party with floral accents or set the tone for your preppy, nautical wedding with navy and white stripes, matching your program to your wedding’s decorative theme will put your guess in the right frame of mind.

Keep it simple and brief.

Now you have a lot of ideas for what to write in your programs, but you don’t have to and probably shouldn’tinclude all of it. Remember that the ceremony program is meant to be a guide to the bigger show (i.e., your marriage service), so give guests just enough information to make them feel included in without overwhelming or distracting them with too much text.

Consider how many you really need.

Depending on your budget, you might not choose to print one program for every attending guest. This is one area where you can cut costs by only printing one program for every couple, or two per family if there will be many families with children in attendance.

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Creative Ideas for Wedding Ceremony Programs

  • Favour bags: Print your program details on small paper bags, then fill those bags with favours for a two-in-one handout. Favour ideas include edible treats like popcorn, doughnuts, or cookies, or useful keepsakes like sunglasses.
  • Include toss or send-off tools: Similar to favour bags, print your programs on paper bags filled with toss petals or confetti so that guests are primed for your ceremony exit. Or, turn the programs themselves into fans with streaming ribbons for guests to wave.
  • Giant chalkboard or mirrored sign: Instead of creating individual programs per guest, write your ceremony details on a large surface—think chalkboard, mirror, or even etched into acrylic—and present it in a visible, beautiful way for guests to read as they enter the ceremony.
  • Use engagement photos: Put those beautiful engagement portraits to good use by including a photo of you two on your ceremony program.
  • Include tissues: If you expect a lot of happy tears to be shed during your ceremony, add a cute touch to your program by using washi tape to attach a single, folded tissue to the back.
  • Design them like a newspaper or a playbill: This idea is especially appropriate if you or your partner like writing, journalism, or the performing arts. A fun format like the front page of a newspaper or the playbill to a Broadway show allows you to share both your information and your creativity.
  • Infographic or flow chart: There’s no rule that says your program has to be all words. If you or your partner are into graphic design, tell your wedding story through symbols, charts, and other inventive visual narratives.
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