There’s nothing like receiving a gift, regardless of whether it is expected or not, large or small, or needed or not. A beautifully wrapped item is always so exciting to receive. It doesn’t have to be the world’s most expensive Vacuum cleaner to earn their excitement. Perhaps what gets people so excited is the mystery of what’s inside. The idea of being thought of and remembered, or the fact that you are about to get something could make you very happy.

A fine jewellery gift can sometimes solidify the relationship or send your partner packing—it just depends on where you are in the relationship. For instance, unless you’ve had many talks about commitment, surprising your partner with an engagement ring—or even a ring that looks like one—within the first few months of dating probably isn’t a good idea. Learn when it’s appropriate to give fine jewellery and how much you should spend in proportion to your level of commitment.

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Is a necklace a good gift for your girlfriend?

Girls never have enough jewellery, and you cannot go wrong with a nice necklace. But you shouldn’t assume that she’ll like the necklace just because it looks good, is expensive, or comes highly recommended.

Other important factors come into play in selecting the best jewellery for your girlfriend, and whether she likes the necklace or not will depend on things like your financial capability, style/ preferences, and, most importantly, how long you’ve known her or dated.

It’s also important to be practical. For example, an expensive necklace might feel like a wonderful idea, but a phone would be more ideal if her phone is troublesome.

Make sure the gift you choose is thoughtful. But if there aren’t any other limiting factors and your girlfriend has mentioned getting a new necklace in the past, a surprise necklace would be a great gift.

A necklace is also a great idea because it represents the strong connection between you and her and your willingness to strengthen that connection.

All that symbolises the chain that hangs around her neck and the pendant that rests on her chest – the necklace touches her mind and heart – two of the most powerful driving forces associated with love.

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How much to spend on a necklace for your girlfriend?

We might not be in a position to specify the amount you should spend on your girlfriend’s necklace in dollars, but we hold the belief that the cost of the necklace should be synonymous with the value you put in your girlfriend and your relationship.

This might sound like the vaguest answer around, but a lot comes into play when determining how much you get to spend on her jewellery.

It’s also worth noting that you aren’t obligated to spend too much, but it’s nice to spend a good amount of money on a woman you love, and you are passionate about it.

We say this with utmost care because the thought doesn’t always count when you buy a cheap necklace; she can look up online.

Cheap jewellery will be construed as you not loving or valuing her enough, and that would mean a slippery slope for your relationship.

So, while considering your budget cap, income, occasion, and how long you’ve been dating, it might be a good idea to save up for some time, then spend that money on good quality jewellery.

And in case you are wondering, it’s true that women will go online to check the price of the necklace you’ve gifted them, just for an idea of how much value they have in your life.

It sounds superficial, but it is what it is, and no one likes cheap/ poor quality jewellery, especially if they love you and if they wish to treasure the necklace forever.

On the other hand, if she’s aware of your strained finances, a nice (but affordable) necklace will go a long way in strengthening your relationship. She’ll appreciate the effort you put into the relationship, and she’ll cherish the necklace.

What if money isn’t an issue? In this case, you need to make a more reasonable purchase. Fine jewellery is great, but don’t gift her too soon – you don’t want her to feel that you are trying to buy her affection and love.

Is a ring a good gift for your girlfriend?

It depends. A ring, especially a non-engagement ring, is only a perfect gift if you are at that level in your relationship where you can gift her a ring as a sign of your commitment.

If it’s too soon, the ring will scare her.

Is a bracelet a good present for a girl?

A bracelet makes a good gift for your girl. As jewellery that’s visible at a glance, it reminds her that you are always there. It could also symbolise the infinite cycle of your relationship.

Are earrings a good gift for girlfriend?

Yes, earrings make excellent gifts, and they are ideal for pretty much all occasions. And you could never go wrong with a nice pair of earrings.

Earrings not only create a nice pop of magic on her facial features, but it’s also symbolic, and it tells her that you are very keen on lending her a listening ear.

Besides, earrings also show a greater level of commitment.

Diamond earrings, for example, will make your girlfriend feel deeply adored and appreciated.

When to Give Jewelry in a Relationship

Valentine’s Day

If you’ve been dating for a year or longer—or are very committed in your relationship—fine jewellery is appropriate on Valentine’s Day. Some great jewellery gift ideas include a gold or silver locket, a pair of diamond studs, or a simple gemstone necklace. However, suppose Valentine’s Day happens to fall within the first few months of your relationship. In that case, it might be best to stick to a beautiful piece of costume jewellery rather than an expensive piece of fine jewellery. 


Christmas can be a great time to give the gift of fine jewellery, especially if you and your loved one have spent multiple holidays together. If you’re not super-serious yet, choose something like a pair of cufflinks for a man or a bracelet. A quality watch or diamond earrings are perfect gifts to place under the tree for more serious relationships.


Birthdays are the perfect time to give birthstone jewellery items with stones or crystals traditionally associated with a specific month of birth. Springing for a real stone or crystal is always a nice gesture. However, it’s fine to save money by purchasing a synthetic stone if you haven’t been together long. A popular option is a simple birthstone ring that your partner can wear for years to come—but, if your significant other was born in April, be aware of what a diamond ring might indicate.


When shopping for a traditional diamond engagement ring, first determine which shape your partner prefers. That will narrow down your choices before you look at the setting, metal, and other options. Furthermore, many people are opting for alternatives to the diamond engagement ring, including lockets and simple metal bands.

Wedding Day

Although it’s not an absolute must, it’s customary for spouses to exchange small gifts on their wedding day, and jewellery is frequently involved. Often one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen will deliver these gifts just before the wedding, so the spouses don’t see each other prior to their big reveal. 

The gifts don’t have to be anything outrageous, especially because a lot of money was likely spent on an engagement ring, wedding bands, and the wedding itself. A small necklace or cufflinks are great wedding gift options.


Anniversaries come in two forms: pre-wedding and post-wedding. If you’re a couple that is committed but has no plans for marriage, use your anniversary as an opportunity to give a fine jewellery gift with some longevity. For instance, offer a ring or necklace in your partner’s favourite colour or style, which they can enjoy wearing for many occasions.

If you’re married, there’s a traditional list of anniversary gifts every year after your wedding. For example, you can opt to get your spouse the traditional gift of a wooden item on your fifth wedding anniversary. However, any anniversary is also a great time to give a jewellery piece that will last a lifetime. 

New Baby

A gift for your pregnant partner has come to be known as a “push present.” If this is your first baby together, a piece of fine jewellery is a great way to show how much your partner and the baby mean to you. Giving the new mom a piece of jewellery with the baby’s birthstone is a popular option, and it’s something the mother can pass down to her child when they get older. 


A gift of fine jewellery is generally very sentimental. Even though it’s mostly geared toward women, everyone has a specific taste in jewellery. In addition, fine jewellery is one of the most durable and lasting gifts you can give. Just be sure to take the following into account whenever you give jewellery in a relationship.

Reasons For Gifting Jewelry

Jewellery is one of the most common forms of gifts since the beginning of time. Women (and men) have always enjoyed adorning themselves with stunning jewels, and since these precious items can cost quite the pretty penny, they have become a way of expressing how important someone is to you. Putting that reason aside though, why else does jewellery make such a great gift? What is it about these embellishments that make them worth giving, time and time again? Let us explore the various types of jewellery pieces and the top reasons for gifting them.

Jewellery is something one does not generally buy for one’s self.

Most people make a habit of treating themselves once in a while to something special or at the very least make sure that they renew the basics such as shoes, clothing, bags, and coats now and then. However, there are some things that are just not on most people’s radar, mostly because it is extra, considered a luxury, and come at a high cost. Jewellery is one of these items. Unless you are very well off, have an obsession with jewels, or are just not careful with your money, jewellery is not something you spend for on a regular basis. Therefore it is up to others to gift you with this very special item from time to time. Just the fact that this is not an everyday kind of gift makes it exciting and unique.

Jewellery is a wearable item/gift that is also sentimental.

Practically anything can be given as a gift. If it is needed, wanted, or will make someone happy, it is a great gift, whatever it may be. Nevertheless, there is no denying the fact that some gifts are more sentimental than others. Wearable items such as clothing, shoes, hats, and coats may make great gifts, but they are not very meaningful. Sure, you can include embroidery with his or her initials or something similar, but it does not compare to jewellery. There is simply something about jewellery that makes it sentimental. Perhaps it is because some jewellery pieces represent very monumental periods in people’s lives such as engagements, weddings, births, and graduations. Due to their higher prices, jewellery takes a great deal of time and effort to buy to ensure that the recipient is indeed happy with this important purchase. Regardless, one thing is for certain: jewellery is a wearable item that is not just useful and pretty, but sentimental as well.

Jewellery can be timeless.

If you think about gifts you have received over the years, try to think about which gifts are still in use. Even those that are still being used are either fairly new or on their last leg. Clothing fades, rips, gets stained and goes out of style. Electronics get replaced by something newer and better before you even fully got to enjoy it. Even cars are on a timer from the day they are bought till the day they start showing signs of growing old. Only jewellery can be cared for and enjoyed for generations. There are endless classic jewellery styles that ensure your piece will never become irrelevant, and even in case it does, settings can always be changed and upgraded.

Jewellery is a gift now, and an heirloom later.

There’s nothing better than knowing that a gift is yours and all yours when you first receive it. But after you have tired of it or it has served its purpose, it is truly sad to discard it or find it a better home. As we already mentioned, Jewellery can be worn for decades, but even when not in use can be easily stored due to its small size and passed down to the next generation as a useful and meaningful heirloom. Not to mention, depending on the piece it can retain or even increase in value.

Jewellery can appreciate over time and thus double as an investment.

Most gifts are not bought with the thought that it will appreciate over time. Gifts are generally about the “now,” and that’s perfectly all right. However, there is most certainly an advantage if a gift can be used and enjoyed now and in the future and have the bonus of being worth more the longer you hold on to it. Now, not every piece of jewellery you purchase will increase in value. If you were told that, it simply isn’t true. However, there are some diamonds, depending on the colour, whose value will appreciate over time. It isn’t easy as 1, 2, 3 to sell later on, but if that decision is made, there is potential to make money on the investment in the future.

Jewellery can be given to people of all ages.

One of the hardest things about gift shopping is finding something suitable for each age group, and then running from one store to the next. With jewellery, all ages are relevant. From a wee newborn to a senior, jewellery appeals to every generation. Think adorable studs or bracelets for the little ones, a pendant necklace for the teenagers, an assortment of options for young and middle-aged adults, and a large statement ring for the golden years. When you gift jewellery, you take care of all ages with one gift idea, and possibly just one store.

Jewellery can be gifted on any occasion.

Anything can be given as a gift for just about every occasion, but some are more suitable for certain occasions. While perfume may make a nice birthday gift or event anniversary present, it is less suitable as a gift for a graduation. On the other hand, Jewellery can be given in honour of any one of these occasions, and then some. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, births, Christmas gifts, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteen parties, celebrating a job, promotion, or move, or a thank you gift; all these are the perfect opportunities to give the gift of jewellery. Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and even cufflinks and watches are viable options that will most likely satisfy the recipients.

Jewellery can be personalised.

Though most jewellery gifts already have a certain amount of sentiment automatically embedded in them, jewellery pieces can also have the option to personalise them. From inscribed names and messages to pieces boasting one’s name, initials, or first letters, personalised jewellery is always a huge hit.

Jewellery can suit any personality.

When searching for certain items for someone, it can be difficult to determine whether it would suit their personality. Some gifts are right for some personalities and are wrong for others. Jewellery can truly suit any personality, from a quiet and withdrawn type to an out-there, bubbly sort. Especially when it comes to coloured diamonds, one could select a colour that the receiver would truly identify with.

Jewellery is appropriate for all body types and skin tones.

Another reason why jewellery makes such a terrific gift is that it doesn’t discriminate. One cannot deny that some items have certain body types or skin tones in mind, and are just wrong for anyone who doesn’t fit into the box. Jewellery is not like that. Jewels are suitable for and look good on all body types and skin tones, from the skinniest to the largest and from the lightest to the darkest. It’s all a matter of finding what looks best on you and what you are most comfortable wearing. 

Jewellery is great for some occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, or a best friend’s wedding! And not so great for others — a first date or a co-workers retirement party. 

Remember to ask yourself – how long have you known this person? What’s your relationship like? And whether they’d hug you after opening the gift or react with an uncomfortable, forced smile.  

Using this guide, we’re confident you’ll be able to handle any potential jewellery-giving situation! 

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