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Wedding Photography Brighton

By Michael Lee – 17-Dec-2013

Brighton and it’s surrounding areas are home to iconic the Brighton beach front and beach boxes, many picturesque parks as well as including lovely heritage gardens, buildings and amazing views of the city. All are within minutes of Brighton Savoy. wedding-venues-melbourne-3

I have asked Mark Rossetto Master Photographer at Enhance Photography Studios. for a few pointers about selecting a wedding reception photographer……here are his thoughts.

The relationship you have with your photographer is one of the most important relationships of all your wedding vendors, as we spend the whole day with you from start to finish. When you are looking for a photographer, here are a few tips to look for:

  • First and foremost, do you like their style of photography?  “I want to look natural and unposed. just have fun”  We capture your wedding day in most unique, modern and contemporary way. We want your images to last a life time. So our images are not over photoshopped with filters and design that will go out of fashion in the next few years. A modern look with a life lasting classic feel.
  • Do you get along with the photographer? It doesn’t matter how good the photos are, if you don’t get along with your photographer and you have a personality clash it is going to be a VERY long day!
  • Who is the actual photographer on the day of the wedding? Make sure the person you are talking to at your meeting is the one who will be your photographer on the day and that the photography, albums and slideshows shown are their own work.wedding-venues-melbourne-6
  • Make sure the photographer covers everything you need to know. This applies to every photographer, whether working from home or from a high end studio. The two main areas are: Ask about the way they work including timelines (ie. when do you receive the proof book, album design appointment, family print orders, wedding album extras etc). Price list with packages and extra options (extra album pages, coffee table books, same day slideshow, parent folders, etc) and whats actually included and not included in your photography package. Some will be happy to book you on a “cheap deal” but sting you later with surprises they didn’t tell you about at your enquiry.
  • Are they accredited members on the AIPP Australian Institute of Professional Photography association?  An accredited professional combines a love and passion for their craft with a dedication to running their business in an ethical, and professional manner and a desire to give you the ultimate customer experience. Visit theAIPP websitefor more information. If there not, its not the be all and end all. Your just taking on the risk that you hope they do what they say there going to do, with on one backing them up.wedding-venues-melbourne-5

At Enhance Studios we go the extra mile. In our first meeting we will cover the two most important aspects of your wedding day. Firstly, everything you need to know about wedding photography as stated above, and secondly, the flow of your wedding day. Most people have an idea of what their wedding day looks like in their head but have never written it down on paper with a detailed timeline. This is where we partner with Brighton Savoy to help create the perfect wedding day. By the end of our first meeting you will have a complete time flow of your entire day. We will go through all aspects of your wedding day from start until you enter your dream reception at Brighton Savoy.

Topics we will cover are: Brides getting ready – what time do you need have your hair and make up finished and be in your dress? Groom getting ready – what time do you need to be suited up and ready to go? When do mum and dad have to be ready by and where? When will the flowers arrive? What are the drive times and distances to ceremony? Who will be in the group and family shots? How long will we need to take them? What photography locations and styles do you like? (ie. gardens, old buildings, modern buildings, beach, bars, vibrant & graffiti walls, soft vintage colours etc). How many stops will you make and how long will it take? Do you have food and drinks, umbrellas etc ready for the bridal party? How long are you booking cars for? What time do you arrive at reception?

For more information about Enhance Photography Studios please visit their website  and contact Mark. Thanks


Michael Lee 

Brighton Savoy

if you are planning  a more exotic wedding location such as Tuscany, you are going to need a local photographer.  Visit our friends at https://www.andreasampolifotografia.it/tuscany-wedding-photographer/ for an amazing photography experience.


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