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If a winter wedding in Melbourne was never in your your thoughts, think again. Winter has become the new black. Here at the Brighton Savoy we have started to see a trend back towards planning your wedding day in the Winter months. Wedding Photography in winter can be stunning, with umbrellas becoming an interesting prop, or the storm filled skies with amazing clouds becoming a great back drop.

Myth 1. You can’t have an outside or beach ceremony

Melbourne’s weather is so variable that you have an equal chance of having a stunning day in June, as a rainy day in March. At the Brighton Savoy we offer Beach backup packages, so you have that Plan B. all arranged in case of inclement weather

Circle of Love

Myth 2. Wedding Photography has to be Indoors.

Whilst rain can  minimize the amount of time you spend out doors, cold weather is a great excuse to get close to your partner and get those romantic and intimate photos. Accessorize your wedding day couture with gloves, stoles, and even warm white boots to play on the winter theme.

Myth 3. You have to have a long sleeve dress

No you don’t… you are not going to be outside for too long, so its time to get creative with fashion, a nice warm wrap for you and the bridesmaids will look fabulous and keep you warm in those outside moments.


Myth 4 Your flower selection is limited

In this modern world, your flower color pallet is almost endless, even in winter. Florists are becoming more and more savvy, with the ability to import flowers from all over the world at reasonable cost. My personal favorites: Tulips are a classic winter flower, and I could think of nothing better than being surrounded by multi coloured tulips for my special day


Myth 5. Guests don’t like a winter wedding

Whilst a majority of weddings planned may be in the summer months, by the time winter comes along and your guests have been hibernating away at home watching Netflix movies on a Saturday night, come June, July or August they are ready to come out and party. You are more than likely to get less apologies as guests generally have less events to attend over the winter months.

Myth 6. Your menu options are limited

Winter is all about comfort food, so why not start your wedding banquet with the Brighton Savoy’s signature Hungarian goulash soup, or the most delicious Roast Pork with crispy crackling and apple slaw. Dessert is all about warm dishes such as a Pear and apple crumble or Sticky date pudding with a warm butterscotch sauce

Beef hot pot in white crockery with silver cutlery

Myth 7. You have to have a Frozen wedding theme

You might want to be Elsa or Anna and be on trend with a Frozen wedding, but of course just because its winter it doesn’t mean you have to follow a winter theme, utilise any colours or styles that match your personal preference or the venue you have selected.

So if you are considering a winter wedding venue in Melbourne, the Brighton Savoy offers some great winter wedding specials. Give our events team a call on 9592 8233 to discuss what package options we can extend to you.



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