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Your wedding images will become one of your most prized possessions. When your photographer hands them over, you'll want to show them off right away, and fifty years from now, you'll want to relive your wedding day all over again, right down to the vows, the kiss, and the first dance.

Finding a skilled professional who can capture your wedding day in the way you see it should be a top priority when selecting a photographer. The person you choose to be your wedding day attendant should be someone you love and feel safe with.

Photojournalism at a wedding requires more than a pleasant camera and many shots. Every intern who aspires to join our team as a professional photographer says, "Wedding photography is harder than I thought it would be." The answer we gave was, "Of course it is!" If you read this essay, maybe you won't end up hiring some random photographer, or worse, your uncle Joe.

It's crucial that you hire a professional wedding photographer to record your special day. Even though taking beautiful photographs is the primary objective, a wedding photographer's duties extend far beyond the confines of the camera. They should be fun to work with and have an excellent eye for composition.

Check out our tips to hire the best wedding photographer to help you make the correct decision.

How To Find A Wedding Photographer?

What Are Wedding Photography Styles

Where To Start

It would be best if you had a few wedding specifics ironed out before you start looking. Before you begin looking at portfolios, you need to have the wedding's date, location, and budget all figured out. This will be handy when you're ready to start researching prices and scheduling a wedding photographer.

Know Your Style

To get the desired results from your photographs, you must clearly know the style you wish to achieve. Finding a wedding photographer whose style complements your own by looking at their previous work is essential. Is more contrast appealing to you? Are you drawn to settings that are airy and bright? To acquire a sense of the kinds of things that appeal to your sense of style, keep a Pinterest board open.

Do Your Research

It is recommended that you begin your search with some preliminary study. The vendor search on our site can help you find countless wedding photographer portfolios and user evaluations. Other valuable resources include Instagram, word of mouth, and wedding expos.

Read Reviews

Do you want to discover the story behind the pictures? Get started with the reviews right now. Someone's photography may be fantastic, but working with them could be a living hell. Examine whether the reviewers felt supported and assured before, during, and after the shooting. Your wedding photographer plays an essential role in helping you relax and enjoy your big day.

Follow Them On Social Media.

You may find a photographer with ease by using social media. You can see examples of their past work and discuss potential wedding day shot ideas with them. Check-in on a few of your favourites to see how active they are by following them.

Consider Whether You Love Their Work.

How do you feel about the scene before you? No, more than like; They are talking about true love. You know this wedding photographer is right for you if you keep picturing yourself in poses and settings from their previous work.

Get in Touch

After selecting a shortlist of potential wedding photographers, it is time to enquire about their services and rates. Awkwardness is inevitable when making contact with a stranger. But don't worry; this is their livelihood, so they'll be thrilled to hear from a potential new customer.

Schedule A Meet And Greet

You've found the one. A gathering is in order at this point. When communicating with someone online, there is only so much you can discover about them; this in-person meeting will be your only chance to learn about their character. If your photographer isn't pleasant to spend time with, they could ruin your big day. You should appreciate their company because you will be spending a lot of time together.

Use FaceTime or Skype to communicate with your photographer if they live far away; this is especially true if you are having a destination wedding.

See Their Full Range of Work.

Although a wedding photographer's Instagram and portfolio can give you a decent idea of their abilities, keep in mind that what you're seeing is only the best. It would be best if you asked to see a whole wedding album they've shot to get an idea of how they handle different types of images (and to identify any areas of concern). Seek out photos of the event's setting, attendees, and fare.

Read And Sign The Contract.

Congratulations! The journey ends here for you. Be sure to read your potential photographer's contract thoroughly (maybe even more than once to make sure you don't miss anything) before you remove the lid. You should know what is included in the price of their service and what is expected of you.

Do engagement pictures come with the package? How long will this person spend celebrating your marriage? Just how long will it be until you have access to your photographs? What if there were extra expenses for gas or special tools? Before putting pen to paper, you should have all this information.

Soft Skills That Your Wedding Photographer Needs to Possess

During your meetings and interactions with professional photographers, you need to pay attention to these areas because you cannot discover the answers to the questions about these topics by just asking the questions.

Strong Reviews: How Was the Experience of Past Clients?

When a firm has many evaluations, it increases the likelihood that the company is well-established and will provide a superior product compared to a company with only a few ideas. It is not uncommon for customers to provide glowing testimonials about the finished product they received as well as their overall experience with the organisation.

Expertise – Being A Technical And Creative Wedding Photographer

A professional wedding photographer, in addition to being technically proficient, should also be artistically talented. You can't find two people more different than those two. What percentage of the people you know are both technologically adept and creative?

Being Technical And Creative

Your wedding photographer, if they have a good camera and technical expertise, will be able to take well-exposed, well-lit photos despite the lack of available light or the limited amount of time they have. On the other hand, if your photographer is also very creative, they will be able to capture your event with an original perspective and artistic vision, making for more than simply photographs but stunning artwork.

Personality – Being Personable And Charismatic

The interpersonal skills of a wedding photographer are just as, if not more, crucial as their technical competence and artistic imagination. How kind are they to your clients and the guests during the wedding? Are they friendly, engaging, charismatic, competent, and trustworthy?

Besides weddings and engagements, there aren't any other kinds of photoshoots. On the most important day of your life, you will be spending the entire day with your photographer. Finding a wedding photographer who shares your sense of humour and enthusiasm for the big day is crucial.

Photography Style: Do You Like Their Style of Wedding Photography?

Editorial Wedding

As you look into photographers, you'll see a wide variety of approaches to wedding photography. You'll also start to recognise the aesthetics that spark joy and those that fail to do so. The photographer's blog or website will give you a greater sense of their aesthetic vision than a handful of photographs on Instagram. It's in your best interest to invest the additional effort required to investigate your leading candidates' entire bodies of work.

Assistants – Having More Than One Wedding Photographer

The common question is, "Why do I need two wedding photographers?"

A wedding is like a movie script in that there is a central plot with ancillary plots simultaneously. The bride and groom are, of course, the focal point of any wedding ceremony. However, several unrelated events may be happening simultaneously. Like a parent wiping away a tear or a flower girl hunched over in the corner, her hands covered in rose petals.

Since it is impossible for even the most talented photographer to be in two places at once, we hire several photographers for the wedding who specialise in different areas. For instance, the main subject of our chief photographer's attention is the newlyweds. The second photographer during our wedding would be in charge of capturing people's reactions. Our third (when necessary) would be dedicated to capturing imaginative images by scouting the area and repositioning themselves to get the best possible shots.

We have some photographers covering the event to get more angles and perspectives. We always advise our clients to hire a minimum of two professional photographers for their weddings, but we strongly urge them to do so if there will be more than 100-200 guests. We advise our clients who are having huge weddings (200 guests or more) to hire three photographers.

FAQs About Wedding Photographer

Choosing the right photographer to capture those poignant moments is an important decision, and it's crucial to find a pro who understands your vision for your wedding day and can document it with style. But you'll also want someone you trust and feel comfortable with since they will be by your side the entire wedding day.

Hiring a professional photographer not only allows you to get quality images but also enables you actually to be in the photos. A talented photographer can capture your family’s personalities, and taking the responsibility of photography away from you lets you enjoy the moment and get images you can cherish for years to come.

Quality – Quality Over Quantity

Avoid getting hung up on the sheer volume of services each photographer claims to offer. Keep your attention on the quality of the accurate service given. We are conscious of the fact that many people have financial constraints. Keep in mind that you may always buy an album or more prints after the wedding (even 5-10 years later), but the quality of the images cannot be altered.

If a client needs to make cuts to their package to make it more reasonable, we always recommend they begin with the products. Do not opt for a less expensive photographer just because they offer to give you everything you desire immediately. It is recommended that at least two photographers be present at all times.

Cultural Wedding Experience: How Familiar Are the Photographers With Cultural Wedding Traditions?

Exciting rituals abound in cultural weddings, from the South Asian Baraat to the Chinese Tea Ceremony. Cultural weddings demand more time and care when being photographed than their Westernised counterparts. The team you hire to help you plan your marriage must have experience and familiarity with the customs you plan to honour.


After vetting candidates for their technical skill, originality, and character, the next step is assessing their professional experience level. Is the photographer for the wedding a professional or just doing it as a "side job"? When it comes to weddings, how has this photographer captured many?

While we would never recommend a wedding photographer without experience, some of the best and most demanding working photographers we've worked with have been fresh to the wedding photography scene. If the photographer's style is perfect for you, but you're worried about their lack of experience, you should request to see their complete portfolio.

One more thing to keep in mind is that we use a candidate's number of weddings taken as the lead photographer as a criterion for hiring them as an assistant or associate photographer. (that is, they were not working under the supervision of another photographer).

  • 1-5 Weddings – Inexperienced
  • 6-10 Weddings – Amateur (Qualified as an assistant photographer)
  • 10-20 Weddings – Knowledgeable
  • 21-30 Weddings – Experienced
  • 31+ Weddings – Professional (Qualified as an associate photographer)

Book Your Venue First.

After you have booked your venue, engaging your photographer is a good idea. Plan on reserving their services around nine months prior to the wedding (or a year, if your photographer is in high demand).

Hit up Your Social Network For Recommendations.

Find out who shot the weddings of your friends and family that you loved, and ask for recommendations from your wedding coordinator and the reception site manager.

Figure Out The Style of Photography You Like.

Take the time and effort to learn about different photographic styles to choose the one you enjoy. It may be modern with lots of bold colours, or it could be retro with muted tones and a dreamy, reminiscent air. Assuming you have narrowed your search to a select group of photographers whose work speaks to you, it's time to start sending out emails to find out who's available on your wedding date and how much they charge. Initial consultations can be scheduled if the people you're interested in our free on the day you'd like to meet and their rates are within your price range.

Interview The Photographers.

Typically, before meeting with a photographer, you will receive an email with a link to their online portfolio. Make sure that the collection features recent weddings that the photographer covered from beginning to end, rather than just a "best of" reel compiled from dozens of weddings. This is a fairer evaluation of the photographer's performance. Find out if the photographer has experience shooting at your location, and if so, ask to see examples of their work.

Meet with your photographers to find out who will take pictures during your wedding. It is not uncommon for a single photographer to have assistant take pictures of the groom getting ready, and larger studios often use many photographers. In the meantime, his attention is on the bride and her attendants. Always ask to examine samples of the photographer's or photographer's previous work before hiring them to capture your special day.

Discuss The Fee.

A photographer may offer a set or hourly rate plus additional fees for any additional services, such as photo prints or albums, while others may charge more for high-resolution shots (on a disc or USB drive). Numerous photographers publish a price list that specifies the multiple packages they provide and their respective prices. Check to see if you have a firm grasp on what is covered. Seven to nine hours of photography time is recommended, and having a second photographer will help you capture even better photos.

Ask how long it will take to get everything from a sneak preview of the photos (some photographers can offer you a handful within a few days) to the prints to the book (up to a year).

Go With Your Gut.

After considering each photographer's portfolio and pricing, you can choose the best one. You'll be spending all of your wedding days with the photographer, so you must get along well with them. Do both you and your fiance have genuine feelings for this individual? Do you think the three of you mesh well?

Schedule A Test Run.

If you or your future spouse are uncomfortable in front of the camera, an engagement photo shoot is a great way to ease into the experience.

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