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With over 50 years’ experience in hosting weddings,  we love creating and being a part of your special day. We want you to enjoy the journey as much as we do and have shared the top 6 tips for a stress-free wedding.

1. Are you ready to get married?

First and foremost, are you ready to enter into a life long commitment?  Is your partner the right one for you? A wedding is a celebration of the faithful love that two people share, a time for your friends and family to come together and celebrate you.

Conflict tends to arise when couples’ values aren’t aligned and families begin to interfere. When you agree to marry your partner it often means marrying their families too. A smooth marriage is facilitated by understanding and compromise, remember you’re getting married to celebrate your relationship, not just a party, prioritise your partner over the day itself.

2. Honest and open discussion about budgeting and finances

When entering the planning process, set yourself achievable budgets. No experience that incurs debt is going to leave you stress free, be sure to monitor and track your spending.  Websites like Easy Weddings have budgeting tools to assist with spend trackers & budgeting:

We all would love to have an unlimited budget, prioritising what is most important for your day is an important discussion and different value judgements are made by different people,  Spending $5000 on a bridal gown may seen inexpensive to one bride whereas it may be exorbitant to another.

It is important to acknowledge when you compromise on the cost you will most likely be compromising on the quality. Realistic expectations will give you the best opportunity to be pleasantly surprised.

3. Confidence in suppliers

There are so many resources available for brides to be. Allocate yourself time to sit down and map out how best to plan the day, from sourcing a supplier’s, venues to ceremony locations, use checklists, timelines and take advantage of wedding directories like Easy Weddings ,where you can find credible vendors and suppliers in the one place.

Once you have a selected a venue, rely on their resources and expertise. Ensure your venue and suppliers have a history of successful operation. New players can seem exciting and different however there have been several instances of new businesses shutting down due to lack of experience and understanding of the market. Putting in the time and research will give you the peace of mind to know you’re in capable hands.

4. Create a wedding folder

Keep all the important documents in one place & consolidate all relevant information. Be sure to make copies of all your quotes, confirmations, suppliers and contact details. Tab the different sections of your folder for easy access to guest lists, menu selections, table arrangements and any other small detail you will need to easily refer to.

5. The Guests List

It’s easy to let the guest list get out of hand, use the method below to help you decide who you really want at your wedding

6. Venue

Selecting your venue should one of the first steps in the planning process, once you’ve locked in a venue you’ve locked in a date and everything that follows will begin to fall into place.

The Brighton Savoy has been running Weddings & Events for over 50 years, quality and customer satisfaction is paramount to us and we will continue to strive for excellence in the hope of operating for 50 more.

As an award-winning wedding venue, we can offer you:

  • Experienced team of event professionals
  • Elegance & contemporary style
  • Stunning bay views
  • Free onsite parking
  • Corporate accommodation
  • Genuine care for our couples and their special day


If you would like to find out more about how we can be a part of your big, please reach out to us through the enquiry tab above and one of our dedicated Wedding team members will be in touch on 03 9592 8233

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