Men’s jewellery is one of those grey areas that so many can get wrong, yet no one dares to say anything, worried that it has a sentimental or symbolic value to its wearer. Truthfully, jewellery often does. It is given to someone to mark an occasion or event, religion or status, with love or luck, from someone special or close. Unfortunately, I will not sit quietly, because there is no excuse for poor taste in the world’s most expensive decorative accessories. Jewellery is the greatest luxury.

Jewellery for a long time has been viewed as feminine, with most advertisements targeted toward women. The most you’d see for men’s watches but little more.

Even male wedding bands weren’t something you’d see on a magazine or billboard, but you’d spot a female model wearing diamond jewellery anywhere. This narrative has shifted in the past few decades, with more men opting to wear more than a watch or ring.

Even with these apparent changes in society, the question remains: does jewellery make men more attractive?

The Rules

My mother has always instructed very clearly that less is more to both my sister and me. Put on all the jewellery you want to wear and then take a piece off. There is nothing worse than overcrowding one’s wrist, neck or finger. If you have beautiful jewellery, it will be noticed much more, when it stands alone on a body part.

Do not fiddle. I know how exhilarating it can be when you have trotted down to a well-known jewellery shop to buy the most expensive men’s bangle. Just moments after, you find yourself sitting in the director’s meeting after lunch, spinning it around your wrist, huffing on it, to then polish it with your Hermes tie, and checking whether you have any beef carpaccio twisted in your teeth. This behaviour is criminal. If that bangle was not there, the above would be impolite, and ungentlemanly. When something is new, everyone will notice, without your odd twitching and aggressive demonstrations. The beauty of wearing a recent purchase is to be gentle and move normally. Whether you are smoking a cigar, pouring some whisky or enjoying a pint, men and women alike will catch its twinkle.

Why do more men wear jewellery?

More men are indeed opting to wear quite a bit of jewellery than before. This transition from the basic jewellery is mostly thanks to male celebrities that double as fashion icons.

For them, it is a way to spice up their outfits.

It is no longer left to royalty like in the past, where kings and nobles wore gold and diamond pieces as a sign of prestige.

Nowadays, if you can afford it, then you can wear it. While there is an evident transition, some hold a traditional view of masculinity and what they can and cannot wear.

In light of that, jewellery has, for a long time, has been viewed as feminine.

More men are, however, breaking away from that stereotype. It is not uncommon to spot men with tiaras and dangling earrings at the Met Gala.

Not all men go to these extremes, but it’s become more acceptable in the recent past.

While there is mention of male icons, it is those that have been labelled masculine in a lot of ways such as David Beckham and Kanye West that have left the door wide open.

You no longer have to be a music artist to wear large diamond earrings or a gold chain. Even the corporate man can wear them.

The other reason why more men are wearing jewellery is fading beliefs about sexuality.

In the hippy era of the 1970s and different cultures, it was not common to find men wearing one stud. However, heterosexual men had to follow the prevailing culture of which ear meant they were “straight,” and which one would imply that they were “gay.”

That idea has faded, and even finding men with both ears pierced doesn’t raise an eyebrow, particularly for some Baby Boomers.

Gradually, men wearing more than a watch or ring have become more acceptable, where bracelets, brooches, and other once feminine pieces attract admiration and not criticism.

Men who like to wear silver jewellery are more attractive.

A silver jewellery for men steams deep in time. Many nations admitted wearing bracelets, armbands, rings, or necklaces, which was an indicator of belonging to traditional culture. A few believed these items brought their owner’s fine luck and protection from an evil shadow. Many people remain ensured that a few kinds of jewellery items carry this esoteric meaning in today’s modern world.

But not just a magical side is hidden behind the silver jewellery wearing. Historically, most of the men wear items just in order to show their social value, to look more attractive. Power and value affiliation needs the demonstration of welfare by putting a range of costly metals, gems, including silver, gold, platinum, etc.

But What About Current’s World

So far, the ideas mentioned before are remaining valid among the advanced male community. To say more, currently, male’s jewellery has become an attractive and casual case. Bracelets, rings, necklaces might become an indispensable element of any dress. These items are intended to underline the owner’s attractiveness as well. It is worth saying that silver metal fashion in jewellery is gaining massive popularity.

Here are the reasons why men who like to wear silver jewellery items are more attractive:

  • Silver metal is a rather affordable, versatile, and elegant precious metal, which exalts it above the other contents. Therefore, silvery jewellery becomes an exceptional investment.
  • Furthermore, it widely avails in a range of interpretations, starting with silver skull rings items and ending with a silver bracelet. Each one can find an accessory for any taste, looking for unique, fine-looking and stylish gem accessories, you would not feel limited.
  • Moreover, such an elegant piece of the image will be an appealing and attractive punchline of the looks. A wide collection of silver fashion men items speaks for itself: from discrete silver rings to armbands to ostentatious necklaces.
  • As a male’s jewellery, silver metal looks gorgeous and noble, there are many unique styles to select from, which, if perfectly picked, help make a little intriguing image. This is a little top secret for males to adopt!
  • One more reason for silver jewellery is that durability and strength of the items, in comparison with golden jewellery pieces are solid to any physical impact; they can be distorted by slight manual force. So in link with the previous reason, men’s silvery jewellery items look to be not only great looking but a practical option. Among many other utilitarian features is its natural shade, due to which silvery jewellery will suit each outfit’s tone and would not look too sharply in every combination.
  • Furthermore, silvery jewellery always mixes great. For example, men’s silvery jewellery rings and steel watches or silver metal bracelets will be a great fit and appreciate any outfit code.
  • Appealing to this advanced business world, with its restrained and restricted laws concerning the appearance, silvery jewellery items are the finest option. For instance, a simple silver men’s ring would not attract further attention, but it will also act as a great focus.
  • Regardless of the cheap price, silvery jewellery items are made of the best quality content. In production, sterling silver jewellery is normally used. Though most items contain little impurity of copper metal, the finished item consists of 92.5 percent of pure silver and is tagged as 925K.
  • This way, silvery jewellery items are considered to be rather reputable. Owing to its super quality, men’s silvery jewellery items tend to reflect the owner’s social significance.
  • By the way, holding pure content is beneficial for both men’s status and well being. It is believed that the silver item helps to keep fine health. It might look weird, but recent advanced medical researches have affirmed the silver curing effect.

What women think of men’s jewellery?

A lot of matters when it comes to fashion are subjective.

That said, the idea that less is more works perfectly when assessing what women think about men’s jewellery.

One of the best bits of advice that women get is that simplicity is essential. The embodiment of this idea is the concept of wearing all the jewellery that you want and then removing one.

The same should be accurate for men, especially since it’s socially through that men should have significantly less bling than their female counterparts.

Another factor that would determine what a woman thinks about men’s jewellery is the age. If you’re younger, then you can get away with flashy jewellery and even more pieces.

For older gentlemen, less is insistently more, where one or two fashion pieces is enough.

Necklaces and rings are typically let go of, since having this is still seen as evidence of a midlife crisis or refusal to accept one’s age.

What do men think of men’s jewellery?

Men tend to be calculated when it comes to jewellery, very much the same way that most women are.

Those keen on looking trendy do have a certain way that they approach wearing accessories, where each tends to be an expression of their inner self.

You’ll find men wearing jewellery that speaks their truth, with illustrations of religion included. Men see this in each other, and there is a level of respect passed out, knowing that they are making a statement.

Does jewellery make you more attractive as a man?

We can’t ignore the subcultures that exist when it comes to men wearing jewellery.

There are circles wearing multiple chains, rings, or bracelets is the norm. For others, a watch is enough.

Therefore, one has to adjust how they view a man wearing jewellery to suit the reality a person lives in.

Thus, it is essential to judge a man in his jewellery based on the culture or subculture before overwriting his taste.

From there, you can decide for yourself if jewellery does make men more attractive or not.

Jewellery Options All Men Can Pull Off

Gone are the days where the only accessories men wore served a specific function. After all, even though we live in a time where smartphones have rendered watches obsolete, men are still choosing to adorn their wrists with a timepiece. Jewellery should be considered a form of self-expression; a way of individualising your look. Here are the 6 pieces you should consider adding to your collection.

A Necklace

The majority of men continue to shy away from necklaces as they can, admittedly, be a bit of a minefield. Too dainty and it comes across feminine, too chunky, and you’re suddenly Rick Ross.

Try a mid-weight chain with a small pendant to get it right, which will add interest to your outfits and create a talking point when on show.


Still widely associated with marriage or family, rings have long been a staple in a man’s jewellery arsenal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment a little.

No longer just for toffs and gangsters, the signet ring is back in fashion and makes an excellent option for those that want to wear something other than a plain band. They look particularly good if engraved with a family crest, your initials, or something of significance to the wearer.

Otherwise, the best advice is to keep it simple and timeless. A sterling silver ring will never go out of style and can even be worn with a wedding band (on a different finger, of course) in the same material, should the day arrive.

A Bracelet

As a stylish gent, you likely already wear a watch on your wrist, so why not consider adding a bracelet into the mix? Opt for a minimal cuff or ID design, always worn on your strong hand, for an easy way to introduce a point of interest to your pared-back jeans and T-shirt combinations.


Cufflinks are a must for many formal occasions, such as a black-tie, when a French (double) cuff shirt is often required. But they can also add a bit of interest to your bog-standard suit and tie combinations during the working week.

Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your cufflinks – they’re a minimal part of your look and will go unnoticed by the majority of people. Again, the metal choice should be dictated by other jewellery you currently wear (your wedding ring or watch, for example). Still, there is the opportunity to introduce a contrast material like onyx or mother of pearl, or even a diamond.

When it comes to design, quirkier options such as animals or skulls can add personality to your look. Still, the best styles are those that mean something to the wearer and serve as a conversation starter – for example, you may choose plane cufflinks because you’re currently learning to fly, or vintage racing cars because you’re an enthusiast.

If you’re struggling or prefer to keep things simple, why not consider a subtle, monogrammed pair – whether you have your initials or those of a loved one? They’re an ideal purchase for special occasions such as weddings but will maintain their sentimental value for years to come.

A Tie Clip

Typically reserved for those of us who still work in corporate or business casual environments, a tie clip is primarily there to serve a purpose: keep your tie in place and out of the way while you’re going about your business.

As they’re designed to be worn at work or formal occasions, tie clips traditionally come in plain, unassuming designs – typically crafted from solid or plated metals, with or without an engraved pattern.

There’s no need to overthink this one – choose an understated style that matches the existing metals in your jewellery collection. What’s far more important is buying the correct size for the ties you already have in your rotation: your tie clip should never be wider or overhang the tie you are wearing it with – it’s a rookie error.

A Watch

It’s true what they say, the classics never die – and there’s nothing more classic or revered in a man’s wardrobe than his timepiece. Which is strange, considering men seem to have a natural aversion to bracelets and a watch is the same thing.

If you’re lucky, your watch will have been handed down over generations and will have amassed true sentimental value to you. There’s a lot to consider for the rest of us when purchasing a new watch; everything from budget to lifestyle to wrist size should be assessed before taking the plunge.

In the end, whether you opt for quartz or mechanical, military or diver, gold or silver, your watch needs to tick off the same boxes laid out previously for other pieces of jewellery: is it classic? Is it high quality? Will it remain stylish in 20 years’ time? If the answer is yes, yes and yes – you’re onto a winner.

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