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Men's jewellery is a tricky subject since it can be worn incorrectly by many men without anyone daring to correct them for fear of offending the wearer or diminishing the item's significance. Jewellery, in all honesty, frequently does. It's a token of appreciation from a close friend or family member meant to bring the recipient good fortune or sacred honour. There's no justification for shabby taste in the priciest home accents on the planet, so they are not going to sit quietly while it's displayed. The finest of all luxuries is jewellery.

Advertising jewellery has always focused on women because of the widespread perception that jewellery is only for women. The upper limit for men's watches, but not much higher.

Neither magazines nor billboards featured men wearing wedding bands, but women modelling diamond jewellery was a common sight. More men today choose to accessorise with more than just a watch or ring. Therefore this narrative has altered over the past couple of decades.

The topic of whether or not men who wear jewellery are perceived as more beautiful persists despite these cultural shifts.

The Rules

Constantly reminding her sister that "less is more," their mother has emphasised the value of minimalism throughout their lives. Put on as much bling as you like, and then take part of it off. One of the most annoying things in life is getting too much stuff in one's wrist, neck, or fingers. When a single piece of jewellery is shown on an otherwise unadorned part of the body, it becomes the focal point.

Don't mess with things if you don't have to. They get the excitement one has while purchasing the most expensive men's bracelet from a renowned jeweller. Soon enough, you're sitting in the director's meeting after lunch, spinning it on your wrist, huffing on it, polishing it with your Hermes tie, and inspecting your teeth to see if beef carpaccio has gotten stuck in them.

This is a terrible thing to do. If that bracelet weren't on your wrist, what they just stated would be disrespectful and ungentlemanly. People will take note of anything out of the ordinary. Therefore your aggressive displays and odd tics are unnecessary. Be careful, but otherwise usually act, when donning a new piece of clothing or another item. Both sexes will see its shimmer while enjoying a cigar, a glass of scotch, or a pint of beer.

Why Do More Men Wear Jewellery?

Men are increasingly accessorising themselves with substantial amounts of jewellery. The majority of responsibility for this divergence from traditional jewellery rests on male celebrities, who are also responsible for setting fashion trends.

For Them, It Is A Way To Spice Up Their Outfits.

It is no longer reserved exclusively for royalty, as it was in times past when kings and nobility donned pieces made of gold and diamonds to symbolise their status.

In today's society, if you have the means to do so, you can wear whatever you choose. Even if there is an apparent transformation, there are still those who have traditional views of what constitutes masculinity and what they should and cannot wear.

In Light Of That, Jewellery Has, For A Long Time, Been Viewed As Feminine.

Does Jewellery Make Men More Attractive1

On the other hand, an increasing number of men are bucking that stereotype. It is not unusual to see guys adorning themselves with tiaras and earrings that dangle at the Met Gala.

Not all guys will go to such lengths, but it's grown increasingly acceptable for them to do so in recent years.

There is some mention of male icons, but the ones who have been considered macho in a variety of ways, such as David Beckham and Kanye West, are the ones who have left the door wide open.

It is no longer necessary to be a member of the music industry in order to wear flashy accessories like huge diamond earrings or a gold chain. Even the businessman can get away with wearing them.

The Other Reason More Men Wear Jewellery Is Fading Beliefs About Sexuality.

It was unusual for men to wear a single stud during the hippy era in the 1970s or other cultures. However, heterosexual males were socialised to believe that one ear indicated straightness while the other ear suggested homosexuality.

Even some Baby Boomers no longer bat an eye when seeing a man with both ears pierced.

Bracelets, broaches, and other traditionally feminine accessories are now met with enthusiasm rather than criticism when worn by men, marking a shift in the cultural norm towards men accessorising beyond the watch and ring.

FAQs About Jewellery

The phrase "man jewellery" has a negative connotation attached to it as a result of the limited selection of products available on the market for several decades.

The only choices available to a man were to wear a watch and a wedding band; that was the end of the story. This was true unless the man desired to be identified by an aggressive and bold piece of chain metal.

Men Who Like To Wear Silver Jewellery Are More Attractive.

Men's silver jewellery has a timeless appeal. Members of many groups have fessed up to donning traditional jewellery such as bracelets, armbands, rings, and necklaces as a mark of cultural identity. Some people thought that having one of these objects would make them lucky and shield them from harm. Many people in the modern world still believe that some jewellery types have this hidden significance.

Yet there is more than a magical side to the one who wears silver jewellery. Historically, most men have worn clothing and accessories solely to signal their social status or to enhance their physical attractiveness. Placing various precious metals and stones of varying prices, such as silver, gold, platinum, etc., symbolises wealth and power.

But What About The Current World

The more progressive men's group continues, for the time being, to hold the beliefs that were mentioned earlier. In addition, men's jewellery has developed into a more popular accessory in recent years. There is a possibility that jewellery items such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces will one day be considered essential components of every attire. The use of these accessories serves not one but two purposes. It is necessary to take note of the trend toward using silver metal in the creation of jewellery.

Some of the various ways in which wearing silver jewellery can make a man appear more attractive are as follows:

  • Silver metal is elevated above the others since it is relatively inexpensive, flexible, and stylish. Therefore, silver jewellery is a superb financial holding.
  • It is generally accessible in various manifestations, from silver skull ring goods to a silver bracelet. If you are on the prowl for one-of-a-kind, aesthetically pleasing, and utterly fashionable gem accessories, you need not feel confined in your options.
  • Furthermore, such a sophisticated component of the image will serve as the visual clincher. This selection of men's silver fashion accessories speaks for itself, from subtle silver rings and armbands to flashy necklaces.
  • Silver metal looks as magnificent and noble as men's jewellery, and there are many different types to choose from. It can create a subtle but intriguing overall impression when put together correctly. This is a little-known strategy that only men can benefit from.
  • Silver jewellery is a good choice since it will not bend or break with regular use, unlike gold jewellery, which even a light blow will easily damage. In light of the preceding, silver jewellery for men appears to be not only stylish but also a functional solution. Silver jewellery is versatile for several reasons, including the fact that its neutral colour complements any colour scheme without standing out too much.
  • As a bonus, silver jewellery goes with everything. Men's silvery jewellery, such as rings, steel watches, or silver metal bracelets, is always a welcome addition to any wardrobe.
  • Silvery jewellery items are the best solution in today's advanced corporate environment, with its controlled and restricted laws regarding appearance. For instance, a silver men's ring would do double duty as a great focal point and a discreet accent to any outfit.
  • Despite its low cost, silver jewellery is crafted with the highest quality materials. Sterling silver jewellery is commonly used in manufacturing. It is marked as 925K, indicating that it is 92.5% pure silver even though most products have some copper metal impurities.
  • This is why silver jewellery is seen as very respectable. Men's silvery jewellery is often seen as a status symbol because of its high quality.
  • As an aside, men's health and social standing benefit from their ability to maintain moral rectitude. The silver object has been lauded for its supposed ability to promote long life and good health. Although it may seem counterintuitive, the curative effects of silver have been confirmed by cutting-edge medical studies.

What Do Women Think Of Men’s Jewellery?

There is a lot of room for personal interpretation when it comes to the world of fashion. Yet, the adage "less is more" rings true when trying to gauge how women view men's jewellery.

Simplifying your life is an excellent piece of advice that women often hear. Putting on as many parts of jewellery as you like and then taking one off is a visual representation of this principle.

Since it is generally accepted that guys should not be as flashy as women, the same should be valid.

Age is another consideration when trying to ascertain a woman's opinion on male jewellery. The younger you are, the more pieces of jewellery you can get away with.

When it comes to males of a certain age, the rule of "less is more" is especially true.

People sometimes remove jewellery such as necklaces and rings when they reach their midlife crisis or refuse to acknowledge their age.

What Do Men Think Of Men’s Jewellery?

Regarding jewellery, most guys are just as practical as most women.

Those concerned with their outward appearance have a particular method of approaching accessorising, with each item as an opportunity to reveal some aspect of their personality.

Men do wear jewellery that conveys their beliefs, and it is not uncommon to see religious symbols. When men recognise this quality in one another, they treat each other with more deference because they understand they are making a statement.

Does Jewellery Make You More Attractive As A Man?

Some subcultures revolve around males wearing jewellery, which we can't ignore. In some social groups, wearing only one or two pieces of jewellery is considered excessive. For some people, a watch is all they need.

Therefore, one must modify their preconceived notions of a man who wears jewellery to account for the world in which they exist.

It is therefore essential to evaluate a man's taste in jewellery in the context of his culture or subculture before imposing your standards on him.

From there, you can draw your conclusions on whether or not guys who wear jewellery are perceived as more beautiful.

Jewellery Options All Men Can Pull Off

Does Jewellery Make Men More Attractive2

Function-only accessories for guys are becoming a thing of the past. Even though smartphones have rendered timepieces obsolete, many men continue to sport one on their wrists. Jewellery is a great way to display your individuality and put your spin on an outfit. The following are the top 6 additions to your collection.

A Necklace

Most guys still avoid wearing necklaces, even though they are becoming increasingly common. If it's too dainty, you'll look feminine, but if it's too massive, you'll look like Rick Ross.

To achieve the desired effect, wear a necklace of medium weight with a small pendant. This will make any of your outfits more interesting to look at and will certainly have people talking when you're out in public.


Even though rings have long been associated with commitments such as marriage and family, men are free to choose how they wear them and should do so.

The signet ring is making a comeback, and unlike in the past, it is no longer only worn by toffs and criminals. Having your initials, a family crest, or some other design that holds significance etched on them makes them even more unique.

Keep things simple to avoid giving the impression that they are outdated. A ring made of sterling silver will never go out of style, and it can even be worn alongside a wedding band crafted from the same metal.

A Bracelet

You probably already wear a watch on your wrist, but as a dapper gentleman, you might want to think about accessorising with a bracelet. Choose a simple cuff or ID design, and always wear it on your dominant hand to add a bit of flair to your otherwise basic denim and T-shirt outfits.


Cufflinks are necessary when wearing a French cuff shirt, as is customary for many black-tie events. But they can also spice up an otherwise dull workday outfit when paired with a suit and tie.

Cufflinks are a small aspect of your ensemble and will likely go unnoticed by the vast majority of people. It would be best if you chose a metal that complements the other jewellery you already own. However, a diamond, onyx, mother-of-pearl, or another contrasting substance could be introduced.

Designs including odder elements, such as animals or skulls, can help you stand out from the crowd. Still, the most delicate designs have personal significance for the wearer and might spark a conversation; for instance, you might select cufflinks depicting aeroplanes. After all, you're taking flying lessons or antique racecars because you're a collector.

If you're having trouble deciding or want to keep things basic, choose a pair that's subtly monogrammed with your initials or the initials of someone special. You can buy them for a wedding or any special occasion, and they will always be remembered fondly.

A Tie Clip

Keep your tie in place and out of the way while you go about your business with the help of a tie clip, typically reserved for those of us who still work in corporate or business casual environments.

Tie clips are often made of solid or plated metals and feature a simple design, if any, as they are meant to be worn professionally or at formal events.

Don't stress about it too much; pick a simple design in a metal that complements your other jewellery. Instead, it would be best if you focused on getting the right size for the ties you currently own; a beginner's mistake is to buy a tie clip that is too large for the connection you are wearing it with.

A Watch

It's true what they say: classics are always in style, and a man's clock is one of the most precious and timeless items in his wardrobe. This is odd because a watch is essentially the same as a bracelet, yet men tend to avoid wearing them.

Hopefully, your watch has been passed down through the family and holds significant sentimental value because of this. For the rest of us, there is a lot to think about when buying a new watch, including price, style, and wrist size.

Quartz or mechanical, military or diver, gold or silver, in the end, your watch needs to meet the same criteria as the rest of your jewellery: is it classic? Can you tell whether it's good quality? Will it still look current in the next two decades? If you can answer these questions with "yes," and "yes," you've got a winning proposition.

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