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Melbourne Wedding Ceremonies

By Michael Lee – 08-Dec-2013

With many brides and grooms looking for a wedding ceremony option outside of the traditional church option, Brighton Savoy has a number of options available for a wedding ceremony in Melbourne when having your reception at Brighton Savoy.

Many couples when planning for their wedding reception, can get so excited by all the planning associated with their wedding reception, that the planning of the ceremony can often take second place.

A marriage is a celebration of the union of two people, man and wife, or with marriage equality  perhaps soon man and man, or woman & woman. commitment ceremonies in Melbourne have also become very popular at Brighton Savoy.

In recognition in planning  your wedding ceremony,  its important to engage a celebrant with whom you can relate  and feel comfortable. A good celebrant should be able to provide guidance, and assistance in creating a ceremony that includes your personality and engages your guests.

The Gala Ballroom

Our Gala Ballroom which is a wedding reception venue that is adjacent to the Gala Atrium, The Atrium is a beautiful modern space that is indoors so you don’t need to worry abut Melbourne’s weather, and you may wish to consider Brighton Savoys Wedding & Ceremony Reception package.

Brighton Savoy Compress

Brighton Savoy also can host religious ceremonies on site  with the approval of a relevant minister or rabbi, in addition to being able to host civil ceremonies we also can host Jewish weddings under the Chuppah. A Chuppah is a canopy where a Jewish marriage ceremony can be performed,  pictured below was a recent chuppah in the Gala Atrium. Brighton Savoy can provide a kosher style wedding reception. we do not however provide kosher catering.

wedding compress 2

The Seaview Room

Our Seaview Room a premium wedding venue and reception space over looking the bay in Melbourne , offers the outstanding and beautiful Seaview ceremony deck as an option for your wedding ceremony. Surrounded by leafy green gardens and a feature palm tree, our wedding and ceremony package flows so nicely from guest arriving and being directed to the ceremony deck, with pre -dinner savories & beverages  following.

Brighton Savoy IMG 5411

Melbourne Beach Wedding Ceremonies

Beach weddings Melbourne have become quiet popular. Should you be looking for a beach ceremony on the beach in Melbourne, The City of Bayside controls the Brighton foreshore and a permit is required to host a ceremony on either the sandy parts of the beach, or the beautiful green park land gardens on the Brighton Foreshore.  Information in relation to permit applications can be found here.

It takes a brave person in Melbourne to plan a Beach Wedding Ceremony and not plan an alternative in case of inclement weather. Bad weather may not only mean rain. Dont forget heat, wind or even the cold.

Brighton Savoy resolves this weather issue by offering  a Beach Ceremony Back up Package.  If you are planning a beach wedding, Brighton Savoy strongly recommends  purchasing the back up option, as it is only available in advance and can not not be booked on your wedding day.

Beach Ceremony Photo compress

For more information on ceremonies at Brighton Savoy please call our events and wedding team on (03) 9592 8233

Michael Lee

Brighton Savoy Hotel

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