Tips for the best hairstyles for beach weddings.

Summer weather is warm and reminiscent of many memorable moments. The sunny afternoons and fresh night air are the perfect combinations to hold a celebration. When you plan a summer wedding, one of the first items on your agenda is where you will get married. Outdoor weddings are beautiful in summer, especially if your backdrop is the subtle waves of a blue ocean. The sandy beach and gentle breeze will create the perfect setting for your beach wedding. With an outdoor wedding, you will want to style your hair and dress to meet the elements of your surroundings. A beach wedding bridal hairstyle is your next step after your dress.

Your hairstyle is an important aspect of your wedding style. With so many options and style ideas to choose from, we have narrowed down our favourites for you. The looks we have here are elegant and chic. You will see updos and long tresses that are perfected for a dreamy wedding look. The idea of a beach wedding is romantic and soulful with a naturalistic element to dawn the new day as husband and wife. Your wedding look will be a lasting memory that will be imprinted through time.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles for Women

Beach Waves

Surely, no round-up of the best beach wedding hair ideas would be complete without effortlessly casual beach waves! Besides, it’s super quick and easy ‘do to create on all hair lengths, especially if you’re already benefiting from the salty sea air.

Long hair with the perfect proportion of waves always looks good. This style is one of the best beach wedding hair ideas, and this look is an effortless one. Maintaining the hair is the key to attaining a good look from this hairstyle. Here magnificent waves hang from the sides as the hair is parted in the middle. This look is perfect for women with long faces and medium length hair.



Style icons past and present simply adore a beehive hairstyle, and as such, has firmly sealed its fate as one of the most sought-after hairstyles of all time, you just need to turn to modern-day muses like Adele for inspiration.

Braids and Twists

This braided hairstyle protects the hair from damage and makes it look glossy. Braids can be set up anywhere, allowing the rest of the hair to swing on both sides of the forehead. This look will go with long as well as medium length hair.

From pigtails to side ponytails, whether you wear them up or down, braids and twists will almost certainly be a part of your wedding look. Especially in a beach setting, braids and twists come in handy for keeping your hair tamed and secured.

Braids and twists are a great way to accentuate a specific segment of hair, which can then be used as a stylistic feature, rather than a hairdo in and of itself. Aside from being a standalone hairstyle, braids and twists play nice with almost every other hairdo on this list.

If you’re looking for a beach wedding hairstyle that features braided locks, the French braid is a classically gorgeous choice. Bold and beautiful, while still being understated and unintrusive, the French braid brings elegance to any hair length long enough to hold a braid.

Voluminous and full-bodied, the French braid incorporates the body and volume of your hair instead of just pulling it back. As a result, the French braid succeeds where other braids fall short, by easily keeping your hair out of your face, while also allowing it to remain bouncy and free.

Much like braids, twists are an easy way to add volume and detail to any wedding hairstyle. More commonly associated with hairdos that are left down, such as loose curls or waves, a twist frequently features the sides of the hair.

Typically, a twist is a simple addition to a wavy hairstyle where the twists can be woven into the rest of the hair. Many brides choose to have two twists adorn the side of the head like a crown. This common type of beach wedding hairstyle allows the twists to meet in the back as a beautiful accent to be used as a mantle for a headband or tiara.


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Whether it’s church or beach wedding hair ideas you need, you can’t go wrong with the classic chignon. This timeless hairstyle is prom, graduation and red carpet approved, making it a hair staple for all formal occasions.

Crown braid

This on-trend twist on the classic milkmaid braid is the perfect bohemian option for beach weddings. Not only will it complement a printed maxi dress and jewelled sandals perfectly, but it’s also a hairstyle that will stay put all day (and all night) long!


Curls, while similar to waves, offer some unique advantages for a hairstyle that is intended to be worn down. This style of beach wedding hairdo is also designed to be worn down, but, unlike waves that are better suited for long hair, curls are better suited for girls with mid-length hair.

Curls can be tight, loose, or anywhere in between, and they are great for one particular reason; security. Curls stay in place. No need to pin, or tuck, or braid—the beauty of the curl is their natural resilience without having to sacrifice volume or natural bounce.

While some girls have the benefit of natural curls, others may not be so lucky. If you’re interested in curls to complete your wedding look, you better plan ahead. The type of curl you want will determine how much prep time your curls need to set.

Be sure to identify the type of curl you are looking to achieve and do your research about how to achieve it best. Taking a trial run or two is a good idea for curls so that you’re prepared to execute your curls come your wedding day flawlessly.

Curly Side Downdo With A Floral Headband

Floral headbands are substitutes of bridal veils. They look the best with wavy and braided hairstyles. Your headband can be a true piece of art if you trust the job of its creation to a professional florist. We love the idea of the ribbon, twining the curls and holding them in place.

Curly Knot With A Braid And Tropical Hair Flowers

Fresh flowers in your hair is an excellent beach wedding hair idea. Use white orchids or any other white or bright flowers as an accent. A voluminous curly knot at the nape will become a hundred times prettier if you complete it with a large flower next to your ear.

Edgy Wavy Beach Hairstyle

These beach wedding hair ideas go with the beach wedding theme. The hair is set in a wavy way with a thick braid holding it from the side. Hair looks elegant and can be styled according to your preference as well. By applying your imagination, you can style this sort of hair in numerous ways. It displays a messy look and can tailor without much hassle.

Greek Messy Updo With A Chain

Greek curly updos are also popular beach wedding hairstyles. Such updos with a whimsical interlacement of twists and curls imply the usage of double headbands. A chain like in this photo can serve as a creative substitution of a headband.

Half-up Boho braid

Want to wear your hair down while adding in a touch of wedding-worthy detail to your look? This Dutch braided half-updo has a romantic, boho feel that’s perfect for a beach wedding and still lets you make the most of your long hair.

In full bloom

A beach wedding offers the perfect opportunity to experiment with cool hair accessories, and a flower crown is a great way to make a simple braid occasion-ready with minimum effort.

Long and Loose

Being ideal for long hair, the long and loose hairstyle comes with unique quality curls which are visible on the tail of the hair. Anyone can wear this look at a beach wedding as it is suitable for all faces and hair types.

Messy Bun

Being one of the most fashionable wedding hairstyles this season, the messy bun a comparatively more textured than the others. This messy look is rather captivating and looks very sweet. Many celebrities have carried this look, and it has gained much popularity this season. Long hair with a messy bun on elongated faces, will the perfect package for a wedding occasion.

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A look of a beautiful ocean nymph can be achieved at the expense of a cute messy bun on the crown. Note that it will look particularly cool if you take care of a creative hair colour solution beforehand. Highlights add dimension to any hairstyle and move it to the next level.

The half-up fishtail

With its laid-back, mermaid vibes, this twisted fishtail, half-updo couldn’t be more perfect for a beach wedding. If you’re worried about it looking too plain from the front, why not add some flowers to really take this hairstyle up a notch?

The Low Bun

Some women just do not like the way they look with their hair up. First of all, we think you are beautiful, and we’re here to remind you that you can rock whatever hairstyle you want to. Second, if you’re concerned about wind messing with your hair, but you hate the idea of an updo, the low bun is the perfect solution.

The low bun allows you to tie your hair back and keeps everything in place without having to expose as much neck and face. The low bun accentuates the cheekbones and helps the natural contours of your face to shine, all while effortlessly accentuating the jawline, nose, and eyes.

By bringing the hair down, the low bun offers a natural lift to all facial features, enhancing your gorgeous face with an elegant and hassle-free hairstyle.

Twisted bun

Sometimes the occasion calls for a style that is more minimal, which is why we love this twisted bun updo. The understated style has no timestamp, so you will never look back at photos and question what I was thinking.

Short Hair with Headband

It doesn’t matter if you have short hair, you can still style it for a beach wedding. A simple short hair will look great if provided with a suitable headband which will go with the dress and skin tone. Choosing the right beach wedding bride hairstyles is the challenge. It provides women with a sophisticated and feminine look.

The Updo

This is one of the most common types of wedding hairstyles for a beach setting. A practical method of keeping hair out of your face, the updo ensures that strands of hair won’t be blocking that beautiful smile, or getting in your eyes.

There are many different styles of updo, all of which are customizable based on the desire for nuances, such as curls, braids, twists, etc. One of the most significant advantages to the updo, aside from the apparent lack of hair in your face, is the assurance that your hair will not need to be retouched—that’s a big deal at a beach wedding.

The updo, especially in a beachfront setting, ensures that your hair will stay in place while the elements dance around it. Rest assured that with beach wedding updo hairstyles, the wind will fail, and your hair will triumph. If you’re a set-it-and-forget-it type of gal, the updo should be your go-to hairstyle of choice for a beach wedding.

Soft Waves

There is no hairstyle more fitting for a beach wedding than soft waves. Let’s be honest, and when the word “waves” is in the name of the hairstyle, it has to be a frontrunner for a beach wedding.

This elegantly simple hairdo will have you looking like you were born of the sea. Soft, beachy waves bring out every girl’s inner mermaid and highlight the fact that you and your hair were made special for this moment with your beloved on the sand.

Soft waves are often left down, which means wind could be a problem for your hair. However, not all wind is bad. Because it is not tightly woven together, soft waves are a wedding hairstyle that allows the wind to pass freely through your hair. If you are willing to risk it, a soft wave hairstyle could make it appear like you are a model at a photo shoot, where the wind is an ally instead of a foe.

Even if you are wanting a more wind-repellent hairstyle, but love the look of beachy waves, a hair clip or pin is an easy addition to any wavy hairstyle. This easy and elegant solution allows you to clip or pin your hair so that even down and free, it remains secure. Waves are the carefree cousin of loose curls and, when correctly executed, frame your face in a stunning fashion.

Additional Tips for Better Hair Maintenance:

  • Make sure you shampoo your hair for best results.
  • Use a good quality hairspray to set your hair.
  • If using hair straighteners must use pre-applied cream to avoid it from damaging heat effects.
  • Use conditioner to smoothen your hairs.
  • For highlighting use best experts and products to prevent your hair from damage.
  • Oil your hair once in a week
  • Use organic products like curd and egg to make your hair dandruff free.
  • Comb your hair regularly.
  • Cover your hair from stole when it is exposed outside in dust.
  • Regularly use Shampoo.
  • Conditioner don’t use on your scalp.
  • Always hold your curling iron horizontally.
  • Use the right hair brushes.
  • Untangle your hair with your hands rather than using hairbrushes.

These casual beach wedding hairstyles would help you in setting new hair goals this wedding season. It would bang on with every outfit, especially saree. These are the most natural hairstyles without the help of professionals. You can add some accessories or flower to glorify it. It is best used in summer to help you from sweat and give your face an elegant look.

Your wedding on the beach is enchanted with natural essence and charming elements. When you choose a dress, your makeup and accessories will accent your look. Your hairstyle is the centrepiece of your fashion and will be intriguing and feminine while walking along the sandy beach on your wedding day. The picturesque moment you take your vows will be a cherished time. It is a day to celebrate with family and friends. The sounds of the waves will set the mood while the brilliant sky looks over you. As the sun sets and your new life begins, you will always have the lasting memory of the day you married your best friend.


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