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Even if your wedding day is essential, your guests will remember the food and music from your reception for years to come. We all enjoyed a delicious dinner, but Shakespeare had the best one: "If music is the nourishment of love, play on. Choosing a band to perform at your wedding is significant because the music can make or ruin the event.

Music is a vital component of your wedding day, whether it's the theme song from your favourite movie or the commercial that always brings a tear to your eye. It sets the tone and encourages everyone to get up and dance their hearts out. As a newlywed couple, you want the music to reflect who you are as a pair and provide a beautiful soundtrack for your guests to dance to the night. Even if you know exactly what songs you want to be played at your wedding, are you still undecided about whether or not to hire a live band or a DJ? So you can relax and take in the music while making your decision, we've produced a list of the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Your Wedding Style

Your wedding's music will establish the tone for the evening, so choose carefully. Do you want a small, personal gathering or a large, exuberant party that fills the place? You're looking for music to lift your spirits.

A string quartet may be the ideal musical accompaniment for a more private dinner gathering. Hiring a cover band is wiser if you want your guests to sing along as they dance at your wedding. There may be a complete jazz band available if you and your companion are regulars at jazz music venues. It is possible to create a unique atmosphere in your home with the help of live music.

Wedding DJs are a better choice if you're looking for diversity during your reception. Simply put, they have a considerably broader range of music genres to choose from and can play any song you ask them to. Requests aren't usually welcome by bands, who typically arrive with a predetermined setlist.

Before your wedding, you and your fiance will collaborate with the DJ to come up with a list of must-play and must-not-play music. Some DJs at weddings allow attendees to make requests, while others don't. Prior to making a booking, be sure to enquire about the DJ's preferences in this area.

One more thing to keep in mind: While a DJ will play pre-recorded tracks, a live wedding band can improvise a bit. This means that the party won't stop until the music does. When a band performs at your event, they can incorporate noteworthy instrument solos, tweak the lyrics, or add other exciting twists they deem fit.

Wedding Band

Average Wedding Band Cost

Do you want to know how much a wedding band costs on average? According to Wedding Wire, the average cost of a live band is $4,500. Couples who hire bands often pay between $2,850 and $6,488. Prices vary depending on your location and other criteria, such as the size of the band, as with any wedding providers.

If you want to hire a band but are on a budget, browse for bands in your region. They may charge an additional fee if a band is required to travel for your wedding. Bands with fewer members are also less expensive, and two or three exceptional players can electrify a crowd just as much as a big band. Although most bands offer a flat cost for a set period of time, others may charge per hour. If your band charges by the hour, have them arrive after cocktail hour to save money.

Begin investigating bands early in the wedding planning process to accommodate live music into your wedding budget. Aside from monetary constraints, you want to book your favourite band before another couple does! This is especially important during the wedding season, which begins in late spring and finishes in the fall.


There's no better way to energise your wedding guests than with a live band! A band is a great way to get the party started to add a little magic to your big day. When booking a band for your wedding, there's no better time than the big day itself.

Who says you can only hear your favourite band play at your wedding? A band may be a better choice than a DJ for folks who have specific musical preferences. You may create a playlist of your favourite songs because bands specialise in specific genres of music. To give you an example, how about a jazzy feel? A jazz band will have your guests out of their seats and dancing!

Guests are expected to dance during a wedding, but not everyone will be able to keep up for the entire reception. A band at a wedding reception is an excellent way for guests to enjoy themselves while taking in the rest of the festivities. Guests will be engrossed in the music because each band member has a distinct persona. For the musicians to interact with the visitors, a talented band should be able to adjust to their moods and wants.


Hiring a band has the significant drawback of being prohibitively expensive. Because bands are far more expensive than DJs, many couples opt for the less expensive alternative. The high cost of a live band isn't deterring some couples from hiring one for their weddings.

On the other hand, bands require a greater amount of floor area than a DJ does. For a live band, consider the venue's space before booking your location. Consider whether or not there is sufficient room and equipment to accommodate the band's set-up and performance. Bands are welcome to bring their instruments, but it's never a bad idea to have a few more on hand just in case. Rental sound equipment may be necessary if a band is travelling and does not wish to bring their equipment.

On the other hand, DJs have a more comprehensive range of music to choose from, making them a better option if you're looking for a more personalised experience. As a result, DJs have the ability to play a larger range of music than bands, which may lead to more dancing. A band's repertoire and comfort level will be restricted to what they can play. Before hiring a band for your wedding reception, get to know the band members and learn what songs they can perform.

Hiring a DJ: Pros, Cons, and Cost

Average Wedding DJ Cost

Have trouble coming up with the cash for a live band for your wedding? Using data from WeddingWire, the average cost of a DJ for a wedding is $1,000, with a price range of $780 to $1,495. Even though this is less than half the cost of hiring a band, a DJ remains an excellent option for your wedding. Many couples prefer the variety of music provided by a wedding DJ to a live band.


So aside from saving money, hiring a DJ provides you with a wide selection of music to choose from for your wedding. DJs play a wide variety of music, from current chart toppers to classic disco. At your wedding, guests can request songs from the DJ, and he or she will likely be able to fulfil any request, so there's guaranteed to be a song or two that everyone will appreciate. Even if DJs play a wide variety of music, it's worth checking to see if your favourite tunes are on the list.

A wedding DJ can play the original song by your favourite singer in addition to remixes and covers. Wedding bands only perform their songs or covers, so if you want Frank Sinatra to sing "Fly Me to the Moon" for your first dance, you should hire a DJ instead.

Having a DJ as part of a band will allow you to connect with the audience. Also, it will be brief if he or she takes any breaks at all. When compared to live bands, DJs can keep the party going all night long without the need for breaks (which should be negotiated in the contract). You and your guests can freely mix on the dance floor because there are no awkward transitions or lulls in intensity.


A DJ that makes you cringe is not what you want. Before hiring a DJ, meet with him or her beforehand to determine whether you click. Go over the songs you want to hear at your wedding and those you don't want to hear. Do you despise dancing in a circle with other people? It's important to put Cha-Cha Slide on your no-play list if you don't like the sound of it.

DJs are less flexible than a band. They don't influence the song's tempo much, whereas a band may slow it down or speed it up. However, a DJ can still be aware of the crowd's preferences and play music that resonates well with them. There are some DJs who also have a pre-made setlist and only allow the bride and groom to request particular songs.

FAQs About Wedding Band And DJ

DJs aren't as flexible as bands when adapting to particular occasions. When a drink is dropped, or a dancing break occurs, the DJ may find themselves stranded in the middle of a song. It's possible to change the tempo, beat, and mood of a song by modifying the song's lyrics.

Both a wedding band and a DJ add a sense of excitement to your reception. In addition, the amount of space a DJ takes up on the dance floor and the ease with which they can be moved depends on the equipment they carry.

If you want to hear a dozen songs at your wedding, your DJ is likely to be able to locate them. In addition, DJs are less expensive than bands in general.

Can You Have Both A Wedding Band And A DJ?

You don't have to choose between a band and a DJ if you enjoy music. However, most couples would choose either a band or a DJ because of budgetary constraints. Because your DJ or band won't be able to perform at another wedding or venue on the same night, you may still have to pay the entire amount for both the DJ and the band, even if you can pay them hourly. Band and DJ combo packages are available from several firms, but you can hire your band and DJ separately.

Seaview Room

Consider the ambience you want to create for your wedding when selecting a band and a DJ. It's important to be aware of rapid shifts in music and tone from a DJ or live band at a wedding. It's easier to keep the party going and exciting for everyone if you stick with a band or a DJ. Talk to your band and DJ if you decide to go with both to make the transitions as smooth as possible.

Deciding Between A Band And A DJ

One of the most difficult decisions you'll have to make for your wedding reception is whether to hire a band or a DJ. The environment, the pricing, and the variety of services all play a role in your decision. Let's get started, then.


In the case of a brunch wedding, your reception's entertainment will set the tone for the entire afternoon or evening. What to consider is that not all bands are the same, just as not all DJs are. DJs are often viewed as either boring or obnoxious by people who like bands, which isn't always the case. People who prefer DJs believe that bands are restricted to a specific genre. However, this isn't always the case.

A wide variety of music can be played by a party band, resulting in a lively atmosphere. A good DJ can keep the party going without being obnoxious by talking too much, engaging the crowd and leading them through their favourite songs. Either way, your guests are sure to have a good time.


Cost is nearly often the deciding factor between good and exceptional. The average cost of a top-notch wedding band is from $7,500 to $10,000. Keep in mind that the band members, the booking agency, etc. have to split that among themselves. There is a wide range of prices for a good wedding DJ.

Factoring in the DJ's equipment, insurance, advertising, and value of services are some of the costs. These are good ballpark statistics to consider if you're looking for the nicest and most thrilling atmosphere.

Range of services.

This is the time to grill your band or DJ with questions. Does the venue have a variety of settings for the cocktail hour and the ceremony? If so, will they serve as your wedding's MC and guide the flow of events? Is there any time off? If so, how long? No, they don't take requests from the audience. As you make your final choice, you should take into account the answers to the following questions.

Your final decision will be based on your personal preferences and your guests. If you're looking for a terrific wedding band or DJ, they're here to help.

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