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As seasoned Tupperware consultants hailing from Australia, Michael & Lee have encountered their fair share of kitchen gadgets and storage solutions. Among the products that generate the most buzz and feedback is the Tupperware Breadsmart Breadkeeper, distributed by Global Shop Direct. While not directly sold by Tupperware in Australia, its association with the brand makes it a hot topic for inquiries and complaints.

At least 10-15 calls per week pour in from customers expressing dissatisfaction, claiming that their bread turns moldy within a mere 3-4 days despite the promises made by Global Shop Direct. So, Michael & Lee decided it was time to put the Breadsmart to the test themselves and offer an honest evaluation.

How does Breadsmart work

According to the claims by Global Shop Direct, the Breadsmart by Tupperware is purported to be an easy solution for keeping bread fresh for up to two weeks. The key lies in its CondensControl membrane lid, which supposedly regulates air and moisture levels to create an optimal environment for various baked goods. With over 4 million units sold worldwide, the Breadsmart promises to reduce food waste and save money for households.

The duo embarked on their trial armed with a junior-sized Breadsmart container. They carefully followed the instructions and frequently asked questions to ensure a fair assessment. The container was sized to accommodate a standard white sliced bread loaf, freshly bought from the local supermarket.

Storing the Breadsmart away from direct sunlight and heat sources as recommended, they placed the bread inside and sealed it with the lid. Their rigorous testing involved opening the container only once daily to mimic real-world usage.

How much does the Tupperware Breadsmart cost

As of April 2024 The Breadsmart is available in two sizes the Junior at $60.00 and the larger  one at $99.00

Day One March 27, 2024 – The Product Test commences

Day Two – So far so good


Day Three – Bread has remained fluffy and fresh


Day Five – Fresh Moist and Soft


Day Six – A late night Sausage


Day Eight – Signs of mould,  Product Fail!


Does Tupperware keep bread fresh?

As a consumer seeking a reliable solution to keep bread fresh for an extended period, We invested in the Tupperware Breadsmart Bread Storage Container, enticed by its promises of preserving bread for up to 14 days. However, after rigorous daily testing, We are compelled to share our disappointment with its performance.

Despite adhering meticulously to the provided instructions and guidelines, my experience contradicts the manufacturer’s claims. Instead of maintaining freshness for the advertised duration, mold began to develop on the bread as early as day 8 of testing. This outcome not only failed to meet our expectations but also highlights a significant discrepancy between the product’s advertised capabilities and its real-world performance.

Throughout the testing period, We ensured that the container was properly sealed and stored in optimal conditions, yet the results remained consistent: the bread’s freshness deteriorated well before the promised timeframe. Such a discrepancy between marketing claims and practical outcomes is disheartening, especially considering the reputation of Tupperware as a trusted brand for food storage solutions.

As consumers, we value transparency and reliability in product performance. Unfortunately, the Tupperware Breadsmart Bread Storage Container fell short of delivering on its core promise, leaving us with moldy bread and a sense of disappointment. While we  appreciate the concept behind the product, its failure to meet expectations undermines its credibility and leaves room for improvement in both design and functionality.

In conclusion, based on my experience, we cannot recommend the Tupperware Breadsmart Bread Storage Container for those seeking a reliable solution to prolong bread freshness. Despite its advertised claims, the product’s performance did not align with reality, ultimately leading to a disappointing outcome.

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