Choosing the perfect beach wedding dress.

Beach wedding dresses capture an easy-to-wear feeling without sacrificing on style. Low back moments mix with boho-print laces, creating simple wedding gowns worthy of a seaside ceremony. Inspired by the wild nature of the ocean, wedding dresses for the beach are effortless, breezy and light-as-air, capturing the beauty of the coastline. 

Beach weddings are considered more informal than their church counterparts. Full formal skirts and large headpieces aren’t required at a beach wedding and might become a hindrance – long dresses and veils can catch sand and move around in the wind, making it difficult for a bride to move or to take photos. Usually, to avoid these problems, a bride marrying on a beach is better suited with a sleek, casual wedding gown.


What to Wear to a Beach Wedding?

Gone are the days when beach weddings were cut and dry. You will need to consider the wind, sun, water and the sand when picking your outfit.

To help you know what to wear to a beach wedding, here is a useful guide to beach wedding dressing code for guests. What’s more, you will learn of the best colour combinations, fabrics, and what to have on your feet. 

Look for Formality Clues

The first place to look for clues on what to wear is the invitation. It is true that some couples no longer tell guests the required dressing for the ceremony, but many will note whether the code is casual, formal, or semi-formal. When the code is given, you must stick to it and use it as your only guide. On the other hand, if the invitation doesn’t include the dressing code, you can seek clarification from the couple itself or ask around to know what everyone else will be wearing. The last thing you want is to be the odd one out.

Consider the weather

While beach weddings are thought to be limited only to the warm times of the year, many people have beach wedding throughout the year regardless of the season. This explains the importance of making sure that you consider the season, and therefore the weather when choosing the outfit for the beach wedding. Also, you can use the location of the wedding to know the prevailing weather conditions and know whether you will be packing your warm clothes or rocking in breathable fabrics.

The best way for women to prepare for cool breezes when attending a beach wedding is to carry a pashmina or a shawl. Men can bring their suit jacket to manage the cold temperatures.

Appropriate fabric

Once you know what the weather will be like, picking the right outfit for the beach wedding becomes quite easy. The same knowledge will be used when determining the fabric to wear. Unlike other types of weddings, the material you wear to a beach wedding will depend on the setting. It should be ideal for the beach and be appropriate for the prevailing weather conditions as well.

In general, light and airy chiffon fabrics for the dresses and skirts are the best choices for women. Quality men’s linen shirts and pants for men. Such are common beach wedding dressing code.

Dress for the Sun

Part of what you wear to a beach wedding is planning in the sun. Most such weddings are held during the hot summer months, and that calls for proper preparation to protect your skin from the sun. Wear sunscreen to the ceremony, and carry a hat and sunglasses if need be. It is best to be prepared for the worst even if the event is set to be quick with limited time in the sun.

Put on the right shoes

While you may have many pairs of shoes that go well with your outfit, you need to bear in mind that you will be walking on sand, thus the need to pick the right shoes. High heels are a no-no for obvious reasons and flip-flops, although simple and ideal for such occasions may not be an appropriate option. Always go with flat shoes, like sandals that pair well with your wedding attire.

Bear in mind that since you will be showing your toes, a pedicure will do you justice! For men, loafers and open shoes would serve the purpose just right. You don’t expect this in the beach wedding dressing code, but you should be prepared.

Prepare for the wind

As mentioned before, careful planning of what you will wear to a beach wedding will include factoring in the wind. We have all seen the effects of wind on clothes, and you don’t want your tie or skirt blown up during the ceremony, and the best way to avoid these wardrobe malfunctions is to prepare accordingly. To be safe from the seaside gust men should use tie clips to put their ties in place.

On the other hand, flowing dresses with fuller skirts are prone to the effects of the wind and should be avoided for beach weddings. Put on a flowing maxi dress, and if you insist on wearing something short, ensure that it fits close to the body to ensure that nothing gets blown up.

What’s the best wedding dress style for a beach wedding?

It’s all about your location. Your first thought may be a full lace A-line gown, but this will not fit in with a laid-back celebration on the beach. Equally, wearing simplistic chiffon, shift dress would look out of place in an elegan castle.

For a breathtaking beach wedding, we would suggest a bohemian wedding dress, which will move beautifully in the sea breeze. Or why not try something with a statement lace or keyhole back.

Our round-up of the best boho wedding dresses for a beach wedding is ideal whether you’re walking in sandals or a barefoot across the white sands of your wedding destination.

White Beach Wedding Dresses

The location of your wedding may not be the traditional choice, but that doesn’t mean you need to break every rule. A classic white wedding dress is the dream for many brides-to-be and can look seriously beautiful against a beach backdrop. To find the perfect white gown for your sandy ceremony, steer clear of overly structured and embellished designs. Not only can such dresses be uncomfortable, but they can also appear out of place. Instead, you should embrace your calm surroundings with a gown that’s breezy and beautiful. Lightweight lace and chiffon styles are especially ideal.

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Backless Beach Wedding Dresses

A backless beach wedding dress makes a beautiful option for brides. Not only will the cut keep you cool if your beach wedding falls on a hot day, but it also looks sensational. It’s an especially lovely option for adding a flash of skin to your look without revealing too much. To make the most of a backless gown, consider wearing your hair up in a chic chignon or bun. Also, be sure your photographer gets some photos from the behind to capture this gorgeous design feature.

Boho Beach Wedding Dresses

For bohemian brides, the beach makes a spectacular wedding venue. But what about the dress? If you’re after a boho wedding gown, try selecting a style that appears whimsical and romantic. In particular, lace designs that feature a simple and slim silhouette excellently project the free-spirited nature of boho babes. Then, once you’ve found your perfect dress, just let your hair blow loose and free in the sea breeze to complete your look.

Casual Beach Wedding Dresses

You can give your gorgeous beach wedding a genuinely relaxed feel with a casual beach wedding dress. A perfect choice for the location, a casual wedding dress is one that’s simple yet beautiful and understated yet elegant. It should also be comfortable and easy to move in it while being free from excessive embellishments and bold details. When shopping for such a dress, don’t limit yourself just to wedding gowns. Sometimes a luxurious maxi dress makes an even better alternative.

Chiffon Beach Wedding Dresses

The airiness and flowing nature of chiffon make it an excellent option for a beach wedding. Additionally, as chiffon gowns come in many styles, there’s an option to suit every bride. So, whether you’re after a dress that makes you look like a goddess or something a little more modern, you’ll be able to find it. Also, remember that chiffon can be quite transparent. As such, you can either select a layered design for a ladylike appearance or up the sexiness of your look with a daring see-through style.

Coloured Beach Wedding Dresses

For modern brides who aren’t afraid to do things differently, a coloured wedding gown can make a fantastic choice. To nail the look, stick to light, pastel hues that beautifully blend into your backdrop instead of working against it. Soft pinks, baby blues, muted purples and champagne tones all make excellent options. That being said, remember that this is your day. So, if you want to wear a vibrant cobalt gown, you go for it.

Lace Beach Wedding Dresses

A lace wedding dress can make a wonderful option for a beach ceremony. Not only is lace romantic, beautiful and sexy, but it can also be lightweight and airy, which will help you stay cool if the sun’s out. For extra relief from the heat, select a flowing lace design without sleeves. A strapless, halter-neck, off-the-shoulder or spaghetti-strapped style will appear particularly feminine while also keeping your arms cool.

Plus Size Beach Wedding Dresses

Today, there are more choices than ever before for plus-sized ladies, and that includes wedding gowns. So, curvy women no longer have to wear ill-proportioned dresses on their special day. Instead, they have a variety of choices that can enhance and flatter their figures. In particular, empire waist designs, which highlight the bust and glides over the stomach, can appear especially lovely on curvy ladies. Of course, if you’re the type to get hot, be sure to select a style in a lightweight and breathable fabric.

Sexy Beach Wedding Dresses

Want to embrace your enticing beach environment? Why not do so with a dress that’s both elegant and sexy. A gorgeous gown is a perfect choice for modern brides who want to sizzle on their special day. To nail the look, consider opting for a fitted design that showcases your figure. Alternatively, a low-cut neckline can be just as alluring and can add a sensual touch to otherwise traditional gowns. As for materials, lace makes a particularly romantic choice.

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Short Beach Wedding Dresses

A short wedding dress makes a fashionable and smart choice for a beach wedding. Not only is the style on-trend, but it’s also incredibly practical for shoreside ceremonies. After all, the medium length is perfect for beating the heat and makes walking around in sand oh-so-simple. On top of that, short gowns are also ideal for showing off bronzed legs, and they can do dancing up a storm at your reception a breeze.

Top Tips for Buying Beach Wedding Dresses

Choosing a wedding dress is a tricky task at the best of times, but when you have to factor in the sand and scorching temperatures, there are a few rules that you must consider.

Shorter dresses are perfect for a beautiful barefoot beach wedding, although a longer dress in this environment can add a little more romance. If you are considering a longer beach wedding dress try a light and floaty fabric, not only will this keep you cool but it helps while strolling down the beach.

Bridal Wear and Beach Weather Tips

Wind, weather conditions, sweat, and sticking sand don’t typically come to a bride’s mind when envisioning her fairytale beach or destination wedding. However, it’s important to consider how Mother Nature may act on the day of your nuptials. Planning what to wear to a beach wedding requires consideration of the time of year:

Spring or Summer

Sun and humidity can cause you to overheat during a mid-summer afternoon wedding. To avoid this, consider a dress with light, flowy fabric. This will allow the beach’s natural breezes to cool you. Fabrics you may want to consider for a spring or summertime beach ceremony include:

  • Charmeuse, a soft, lightweight satin created from silk or rayon
  • Chiffon, a sheer, billowy fabric
  • Georgette, a crepe-like fabric whose flowy design won’t be bothered by the wind
  • Organza, a transparent fabric that can be used as an overskirt
  • Dotted Swiss, lightweight fabric with dotted designs perfect for a casual but feminine look
  • Tulle, which is light but can be layered for a full skirt
  • Fall or Winter

Lighter fabrics are still suitable for a beach wedding occurring during cooler months, but those fabrics don’t necessarily need to be as light as those you would wear in the summer. In the fall or winter, cottons or lightweight satins will protect you from cooler breezes but still fit in well with your surroundings. Additionally, you can always use a wrap or bolero jacket over your shoulders when the weather turns cooler.

Buy a lightweight fabric wedding dress for your wedding abroad

Seek out lightweight fabrics such as tulle and chiffon. Chiffon is very flattering and cool, it won’t crease up after travelling, and you can hang it in a steamy shower room, and any small creases will fall out after just 20 minutes. Consider silk chiffon if you can afford it as it’s slightly more luxurious.

A good tip is to place tissue paper over any beading or crystals on your wedding dress so that when it’s folded and packed in your luggage, the embellishments don’t ‘dent’ the fabric in flight.

Buy a detailed back wedding dress for your beach wedding

Consider a wedding dress with a low, sexy back, with strings of beads falling from shoulder to shoulder.

This looks beautiful if you’ve managed to get a tan first and the guests will love looking at the back of your dress while you’re saying your vows.

Think about style details where the dress might have tulle or chiffon lengths of fabric that will catch the breeze, too. If your wedding dress does have details like this, you may not need a traditional veil.

Buy a paddle train wedding dress for your wedding abroad

Always try to aim for a puddle train which literally means it sits behind your ankles like a puddle of fabric and doesn’t look too out of place on a beach or at a tropical resort.

Avoid heavy thick satin dresses for your wedding abroad

Avoid heavy, thick satins that will make you look and feel overdressed for the beach. Also, don’t buy a wedding dress with too many layers of petticoats, as they will stick to your legs in hot weather.

Avoid wedding dresses with a heavy corset for your beach wedding

Steer clear of dresses with a heavy corset – they will make you sweat more, and you’ll feel awkward and unable to breathe in high temperatures. Get the right underwear, and you’ll have all the support you need.

Finding the best beach wedding attire for women and men is not such a difficult task. It is clear, however, that you will need precision if you are to get the beach wedding dressing code right. Always make sure that you get the clues from the invitation not to overdress or underdress for the event. The point is to remain stylish and blend in with the rest of the guests.


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