A pre-wedding shoot is a great way to capture some of the moments and emotions that typically happen before the big day. 

It’s also an excellent opportunity for couples to feel less awkward in front of the camera, as they are used to being around each other by now! 

Pre-wedding photoshoots are extremely common these days. We hardly hear couples skipping it, and those that do still get most of their candid photos shot during their wedding. But what about our camera-shy brides and grooms? How do you think they manage to get through it without making their pre-wedding photos look awkward?

Even if you can dodge a pre-wedding shoot, you cannot get married without a wedding album with many photographs of you. So we’d suggest you stop hiding from cameras and start learning how to dodge the shyness. Here at Brighton Savoy, we have compiled an exclusive list of Wedding Photo Locations in Melbourne to help you decide on your special day.

Here are a few tips for feeling more comfortable during your first pre-wedding shoot!

Pre Wedding Shoot Tips to Look Less Awkward

How To Feel Less Awkward In A Pre Wedding Shoot2

Find the Perfect Photographer

First things first, hire your photographer wisely. This is the first step to not look awkward in your wedding photos. 

There are many wedding photographers out there; hire the one who befits your requirements. 

It is imperative to hire the right wedding photographer, one that you can relate to and feel comfortable with.

Once you have got the right photographer, discuss the things in detail with them. Besides monetary aspects, know their style and approach to shooting. 

Ask for their wedding photography gallery. Tell them what all you are looking for and know his expectations from you to prepare yourself accordingly. 

It is essential to have open communication and free-flow information between both parties to get the best outcome. 

And why not, after all, your wedding photographs are going to be ‘your memoir’ for the rest of your life.

While couples usually choose to contact photographers over the phone and take their price quotes, see their work on social media, and desire. 

However, we believe the photographer adds a lot of value to the pre-wedding photos, and therefore it is essential that you meet them in person before finalising who you want to go ahead with.  

Couples need to know the photographer’s thoughts, discuss ideas and come to terms with each other’s expectations. 

Pre-wedding photos are an extremely personal and intimate part of the wedding that also requires the bride and groom to be comfortable around the photographer and his team.

Know Your Wedding Photographer

First things first, know your wedding photographer. Knowing your wedding photographer is as important as your wedding pictures. 

If you are not comfortable with your photographer, how will you guarantee a good picture? 

Yes, if you feel awkward around your wedding photographer, you will look awkward in your wedding photos for sure. 

No matter how excellent or renowned your photographer is, everything else is a waste if you don’t get on well with them. 

So, get on well with your photographer. Studies show couples who get on well with their photographers get the best pictures of their wedding, even if they are camera shy.

Getting on well with your photographer will help you feel relaxed and at ease with them, visible in your pictures. 

Both (the couple and the photographer) need to have that connection to ease the whole photo session. 

However talented your photographer is, if you guys don’t gel well, getting good pictures is surreal then.

Understand Photography Styles – and Make This a Key Part of Your Decision

There are many wedding photography styles: reportage and documentary wedding photography to fine art, fashion, and traditional techniques. 

If you’re worried you’ll feel awkward having your photo taken on your wedding day, rule out the last 3. 

These are the guys who’ll set up shots and ask you to pose a certain way for the camera. 

You’re left with reportage and documentary photography styles – and yay: they’re the same thing. (One’s French, that is all. Not sure why.)

Documentary wedding photography tells the story of your wedding day in an authentic, natural way. 

It’s about capturing moments:

  • Great big beaming smiles
  • That absolute sense of joy
  • The nervous excitement and emotion of your ceremony 

When it comes to feeling awkward having your photo taken, documentary wedding photographers are perfect: 

you won’t be asked to look at the camera because a documentary photographer will be looking for your natural radiant glow as you engage with the people you love – and that’s where the most unique, beautiful and joyful images will come from.

Choose a Stylish but Comfortable Wedding Outfit

More often than not, brides get inspired by some celebrities and get themselves some dress that is not comfortable. 

Or sometimes they go for one size-tiny dress to look thin, which again creates discomfort for them. 

Just imagine a situation where you are not comfortable in your dress, and you have to pose. 

Will you be able to pose? Not at all! It is next to impossible. But, of course, it is your wedding, and to look beautiful is your right, but at what cost? Think, think, think!

So, go for a dress that is stylish and comfortable at the same time. More than your dress, your inner state will impact your wedding pictures. 

Definitely, in an uncomfortable dress, you won’t feel happy for sure, which will affect your wedding photos.

Your Makeup and Hairstyle Will Play an Important Role

Hiring the right makeup artist and hairstylist is very important. You cannot just trust anybody for your wedding makeup. 

Hire a reputable makeup artist and hairstylist. It is as essential as getting a good photographer, trust me. 

Often brides trust their friends/cousins for their wedding makeup just because they know a tad about makeup. 

They do this so that they can save some money. But trust, that wedding is very different from an ordinary small house party or a beach party. 

It’s your day, and you need to look your best and photogenic; it will impact your wedding pictures.

Please make sure you discuss everything in advance with your makeup artist and hairstylist, including the product they use. 

If you are allergic to some brand or product, let them know in advance. Also, don’t miss to tell them about pre-wedding trials. 

A pre-wedding trial helps you decide the kind of makeup you want on the wedding day, and you will know how it will impact your wedding photographs.

Do Not Overdo Anything

Do not overdo anything, like makeup. Overdoing makeup will drastically impact your wedding photographs. 

Ask your makeup artist not to use products that can cause fake tans or avoid having an extra glitter effect. 

It may backfire in your pictures. So, choose your bridal makeup wisely; doing so will help you to not look awkward in your wedding photos.

Keep Your Photographer in the Loop

On your wedding day, your photographer must be in the know what’s happening and when. 

A couple must hand over a copy of the wedding schedule to the photographer. Also, they need to discuss when the couple’s photography will take place. 

Discussing it beforehand will help you avoid chaos later, and you will have more relaxed photographs. Looking for the Best Photobooth Hires in Melbourne? We have compiled an exclusive list of some of Melbourne’s best photobooth hire suppliers to capture your special day.

Trust your wedding photographer. It is the coordination and cooperation that helps couples look their best in their wedding photographs!

Be Yourself

Your wedding photographs should not look posed. Gone are the days when there were some specific poses for the bride and groom. Now is the time to look natural. 

When thinking about the shoot or its fast approach, the first thing to do is not see it as a photoshoot. We’re guessing it right when we say you’ll want to see yourself as organically as possible as a couple when you look back at these images. The best way to achieve this is to do precisely that. Try and approach the session as a couple of hours of the two of you spending some time together.

Just be yourselves and enjoy each other’s company. You don’t see it as a shoot. Let the photographer work his magic, and you’ll want the results!

Trust us, being authentic is the best way to get the best wedding pictures. Things like a genuine smile, a real laugh, a real kiss can make a huge difference in your wedding photographs, especially the portraits! 

Your wedding photographs should be a true reflection of you and the emotions that you feel on the biggest day of your life! So, be authentic, be yourself, be you!

Dedicate Time for Portrait Photography

Undoubtedly, your wedding will be full of a thousand essential things. But, don’t forget that your photographs are one amongst them. 

Dedicate yourself to a photography session and go with your photographer’s instructions. 

Leave other things aside, dedicate time for your portrait photographs; your photographer must have given you the schedule for that. 

Be there wholly; make time for your bridal portraits. It is always advisable to get bridal portraits when your makeup is fresh; you have just arrived from the parlour, as this will help your photographer have a few best shots before you get busy in the ceremonies.

Also, a couple of portraits of the two of you needs to be captured; 

It may take some time, you may feel tired, but trust, it’s a once in a lifetime event, and you need to spare good time and a considerable amount of patience for your portraits which are essential to add to your wedding album. 

Be comfortable with your wedding photographer, trust him, and let him do his job so that he can capture the mesmerising memories of your beautiful wedding day.

Enjoy Yourself

However, you will have myriads of tasks to undertake, your state of being will play a vital role in getting great wedding pictures. 

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. You have been planning for this day for months, now is the time to look your best, relaxed, and calm. 

Because these are the things that you cannot fake, you cannot look happy until you are. Therefore, the best photos can only come when you are comfortable from the inside!

Most often than not, people get so bogged down in wedding-related tasks that they end up being weary, which ultimately affects their wedding pictures, and later they do nothing but regret. 

It should not happen with you; make it a point; it is once a lifetime opportunity for you. So enjoy yourself thoroughly, have fun, laugh a lot, everything else is fine!

The less you will worry about things, the more you will reveal, and the best your photos will be

Smile Please

Your smile can make a huge difference in your wedding photographs! Believe it or not, more than your makeup, your smile can brighten up your photos. So for that bright, broad smile, keep yourself stress-free. 

Remember: Whatever you feel inside will only be reflected in your pictures outside. You can’t fake happiness! 

For that relaxed and calm smile, you can also try out yoga, meditation, and pranayama, as these things have lasting effects on our mental health and help us handle pressure and stress. 

If you think your teeth need to be done, visit your dentist and get them whitened. Because a friendly, bright smile on the wedding day can help you look your best!

Choose a Comfortable Location

If you or your partner are camera shy, the first thing you need to do is to be comfortable with the idea of getting pre-wedding photos clicked. 

For couples with one or both shy camera partners, they must avoid choosing a location outside of their comfort zone. 

A place that makes you or your partner anxious is sure to not get the best out of you in photographs as well. 

How someone scared of heights would not choose hilltops for their pre-wedding photos, in the same way, a camera-shy person must be photographed in his comfort zone like their garden or the farmhouse. 

A trusting atmosphere will not only make you less embarrassed but also help you work around the shyness.

Keep Smiling as Optional

Often, it is not the camera that makes a bride/groom shy, but the smiling in front of the camera is the reason for their awkwardness. 

Many brides and grooms feel that their face does not look good on camera, especially when they are made to smile. 

Some people haven’t figured out their camera smile yet and end up making an odd face in their pre-wedding photos. 

The best solution to all these problems is capturing candid moments between you and your partner that may or may not charge your whole face.

Choose shots taken from angles that don’t show your face if you are timid, smiling at the camera.  

After you get the initial few shots without your face, you may get more comfortable around the setup to include the face in the picture with natural expressions omitting the awkward smile.

Have Fun With Your Camera Averse Partner

How To Feel Less Awkward In A Pre Wedding Shoot

If you have recently broken the news of your pre-wedding shoot to your camera-averse partner, there is a chance they are freaking out right now.  

Well, it is normal for them to react this way. How you can make the situation better is by making them comfortable at the time of the shoot. 

Talk to them, divert their mind and have fun during your pre-wedding shoot. This will not only keep them at ease but also make the atmosphere lighter. 

Some inside jokes and some goofiness is what will reflect true happiness in your pre-wedding photos as well.

Don’t Overdo It

While we know how crazy people are to get their dream pre-wedding photos clicked, they must remember to be comfortable in whatever style they choose. 

Whether it is a beach shoot or a casual living room frame, if you or your partner aren’t comfortable with what you’re wearing or what you’re made to do, then your pre-wedding photos are sure to reflect the discomfort. 

Therefore, choose something comfortable and something that defines you as a couple as it could also make the shoot much easier even if you are camera shy.

Trust Your Photographer

Once you’ve made your mind over who you want as your wedding photographer, wedding videographer, trust him to do his job well. 

A good photographer will be cautious of a camera-shy bride or groom and make sure that he instructs you point by point, taking the pressure off your shoulders and making you more comfortable for the shoot. 

Your photographer will also have an excellent eye for using a variety of focal lengths and shoot wide-angle ranges that will not just capture the entire view of the location but also remove the pressure of close-ups off you.

These tips mentioned above will surely help camera shy brides or grooms get comfortable for their pre-wedding photos. 

But it is also essential for your partner to understand your discomfort and make alterations that will comfort you and ensure that the photos look much better than they would otherwise. 

Just like a marriage, your pre-wedding photos are going to be a result of both you and your partner’s energies coming together. So we’d suggest you make it worthwhile.


Easier said than done, right? But at the end of the day, you’re not having open heart surgery! 

You should never forget that you are there to spend time with your fiancé. Then under some relaxed direction from me, you’ll have some awesome organic images. 

It’s not about me leading the shoot, more about you guys enjoying each other’s company, and I’ll capture that.

Do Stuff

Many couples think that they’ll be standing around for hours feeling awkward or staring into the camera during my pre-wedding session, wishing they were at home.

This doesn’t happen.

Just being yourselves or doing what you would do if you were in that location, just spending some time together. 

I’ll often tell the couple to hug as if you are keeping each other warm or pick each other up. The most important thing, though, is you be yourselves.


Ask your photographer questions, tell them things you like or dislike. If you guys start on the right page, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Plan, communicate and trust

Keeping your photographer in the loop means you can be confident of your plans on the day. In addition, being relaxed generally will help us get those lovely, natural images of you on your wedding day.

The Bottom Line

Your photographer can do some photo-shop to get you better pictures, but the best will only come from your end! 

If you wish to not look awkward in your wedding photos, follow the tips mentioned above! 

Also, start your preparation way too before your wedding. Spend time on yoga, meditation, and exercise. Looking for a wedding photographer in Melbourne? Look no further. Brighton Savoy has compiled an ultimate list of Melbourne wedding photographers to help you choose. 

Besides, eat healthily, drink a lot of water, listen to good music, read good books, spend time with your significant other and friends, and be happy! All these will help you greatly to get the most stunning pictures of your wedding!

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