It doesn't matter whether you're completely new to martial arts and trying to decide what to pick up, or if you're a seasoned practitioner in Muay Thai, BJJ, or MMA. Learning boxing would benefit you greatly – whether to keep fit before your wedding, or elevate your game.

Are you located in Brighton, Hampton, Moorabbin, Bentleigh, Clayton, Oakleigh, Mentone, Melbourne

Located in Melbourne, planning to have your dream body shape on your wedding day? One of the best ways to achieve that stunning body shape is to attend boxing classes. This way, you can choose the nearest location, the best participating Gyms and with the best deal of boxing packages.

Read on to discover where to start your search for Bayside boxing gym classes to get into shape before your wedding. 

Here is our ultimate list of Bayside Boxing Gym Classes in Melbourne. 

Fit2box - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Moorabbin, Melbourne


0433 115 312 

Fit2box Boxing Studio is committed to delivering results through boxing fitness. Our Trainers are all active fighters, and we take boxing from the ring to your gloves. We are passionate about what we do and strive from seeing your success. We specialise in weight loss, F2B Group Classes, Personal Training and teaching the art of boxing.

Many athletes around the world use boxing as a cross-training off-season for many different reasons. Not only because boxing uses your full body and pushes your cardio to new levels of fitness.

Boxing is a great way to keep the mind and body moving while learning the art of the sport. 60 minutes of boxing doesn't feel like your normal 60-minute workout. You can easily smash over 1000 calories while having fun and trust us when I say time flies when you are having fun.

As you can see below from the many lists of Elite Athletes that choose to train with Fit2box Boxing Studio so you can tell we mean business.

Most of our one on one PT's sessions are your average Mums and Dads who love throwing punches to get up a sweat, tone up and lose weight. Our member's ages range from 4 years kids to 72 years old and everything in between.

Bayside Boxing Classes

Bayside Boxing Gym & Personal Training Lose Weig

There has been a recent surge in the popularity of boxing in Australia – and it is easy to see why. Boxing is a fun and challenging form of training that has many physiological and psychological benefits. It is complex, dynamic and demanding, yet can be tailored to meet any level of fitness. As far as exercise goes, it ticks all the right boxes.

Boxing training provides a high-intensity cardio workout that is great for heart health, fat burning and general fitness. Agility, coordination and endurance are also pleasant side effects of regular boxing training. Boxing keeps you constantly moving, thinking and sweating.

The added benefits of putting on the gloves include improved self-discipline and self-confidence The technical nature of the sport requires body and mind to be switched on and many boxers often find themselves becoming more focused and mindful in day-to-day life.

Sting Gym - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Frankston, Melbourne

Sting Gym

(03) 9793 0055

Sting Gym offers training in Male & Female Muay Thai Kickboxing, MMA, Boxing, Self Defence, Fitness Classes, Kids Classes and Personal Training.

At Sting Gym, we will help you achieve your goals. To get fit and improve your health or even to improve your self-defence skills.

We also offer specialised training for people that would like to make a career out of this.

"Unlimited Training" is our most popular program. Our classes simulate a fighters training program of your choice.

You will work in large and small groups, under the supervision of our qualified training staff, which is similar to a team practice.

They will put you through your boxing and conditioning drills and then work with you one-on-one in the ring, focusing on proper form and technique.

Each workout lasts 60 minutes, more or less, depending on your schedule.

The Unlimited Training program is a great deal because it is both flexible and economical.

The best part is you can train during any one of our daily sessions, and no appointment is necessary.

Please contact us to see what we can do for you today.

Technique & Fitness

Sting Gym Kickboxing classes are designed to introduce members to the fundamentals of Full Contact Kickboxing and Muay Thai & Boxing while providing an exciting, high energy workout.

It has been proven that the best way to increase lean muscle mass, flexibility cardiovascular health and decrease unwanted body fat in a limited amount of time is by interval training. This is done by doing low resistance, intense cardio work in a short period of time (2-3 minute rounds) then slowing the heart rate down by doing a higher resistance exercise (1 minute rest period.) This allows everyone regardless of fitness or skill level to get their heart rate up at a level that is ideal for them to improve their overall ability to perform then drop it back down and improve recovery time. All classes at Sting Gym use the interval training concept. At Sting Gym light to moderate contact is applied to ensure the effectiveness and integrity of the drills. This is the introductory part of fighting in competition, where students develop confidence and self-defence abilities.

Sting Gym Team has a Legacy of training professional fighters for over twenty years. Our instructors and students have competed on the state, national and international arena and featured in the K-1 & IKBF. Whether you want to fight competitively, learn to defend yourself or just train to get in shape, you will find that training alongside and by our professional fighters will get you the best results and more wins under your belt than other less established programs locally available.

Sting Gym Kickboxing has cultivated a winning atmosphere to showcase our talent all across Australia. Look for our next Sting Gym and Fightforce Promotion and see for yourself that we are the real deal when it comes to Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing.

Bully Proof your Child

In this day of video games and internet sites, too many kids spend too many hours sitting in front of the computer and getting little to no exercise. More than ever, we need to protect our children from not only a sheltered sedentary life and cyberbullying, but from complacency. This program is great for children because it will build physical strength and, equally as important, self-discipline and confidence.

Your child will not only learn a time-honoured fighting skill that provides a great defence from bullies, but he or she will also get in great shape in the process.

Boxing Classes in Brighton, Hampton, Moorabbin, Bentleigh, Clayton, Oakleigh, Mentone, Melbourne

Benny's Boxing - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Benny's Boxing

0406 002 211

Since 2004 Benny's Boxing has been providing the best personal training service in Melbourne, there's no company more qualified to meet your fitness, health and lifestyle goals than Benny's Boxing.

We provide a complete range of fitness services suited for any individual or schedule. Whether you're a fighter, teacher, doctor, the parent or professional athlete, Benny's Boxing guarantees results.

At Benny's Boxing, we want you to feel supported and encouraged on your way to better health and fitness. Our services are designed to be informative and fun, so you can feel empowered and inspired.

Benny Sinclair is a professional boxer & a professional boxing trainer based in Melbourne. With over 20 years' experience in combat sports including Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai and more, Benny has successfully applied his extensive fitness knowledge and experience to build Benny's Boxing into Melbourne's premier personal training company.

Beginning with formal Karate training in his early teens, Benny soon took his talents to competitive kickboxing. After years of success competing, Benny's competitive passion led him to try boxing, where he competed in the Victorian Amateur Boxing Association for several years earning wins in both the Victorian middle and light middleweight divisions before moving on to represent Victoria in interstate competition. Since his success with boxing, Benny has master even more martial arts, including Vale Tudo (MMA), Olympic wrestling, Muay Thai & Jiujitsu.

Today, Benny has found his way back to professional boxing after a break and continues to apply the same work ethic and commitment to excellence that led him to excel at martial arts into the service he provides his clients.

Boxing Classes in Brighton, Hampton, Moorabbin, Bentleigh, Clayton, Oakleigh, Mentone, Melbourne

Brighton Boxing - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Brighton Boxing


At Brighton Boxing, we provide 1:1 and small group boxing sessions for people who want to do boxing for fitness and weight loss or learn and improve boxing techniques.

We're fully certified boxing coaches with Boxing Australia, and cater for all fitness levels. Sessions include:

  • One-On-One Boxing Training
  • Train With A Friend Or Partner
    • Pad-work
    • Heavy Bag
    • Noodles
    • Floor-to-Ceiling Ball
    • Uppercut Bag
    • Skipping
    • Slip-Rope
    • Speedball
    • Head Movement
    • Partner Drills
    • Footwork Drills
    • Hand-Eye Co-Ordination
    • Endurance
    • Stress Relief
    • Core Fitness

SuckerPunch Fitness - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Suckerpunch Fitness

0403 534 266

If you're tired of going to the gym, doing the same exercises over and over again, then try one of our classes.

​If you've tried Boxing or Muay Thai before but felt intimidated or overwhelmed, our classes are for people like you.

​If you want to look forward to and get excited over your training, we offer fun, dynamic and calorie-scorching sessions.

​If you want to belong and feel connected, we've built a community like no other. 

​SuckerPunch Fitness is about empowerment, self-discovery, pushing boundaries, genuine connections, supporting others, compassion and empathy. We encourage personal and community growth through health and fitness. This ethos is the life source of SuckerPunch Fitness and the foundation of every single training session.

​Now, what do we do?

​SuckerPunch Fitness runs Boxing and Muay Thai classes for Adults and Kids aged 6-13, at beginner or intermediate level with a strong focus on technique, challenging workouts and emphasis on creating a supportive environment.

Outdoor Boxing

Join us for Boxing sessions like you haven't experienced before.

Fresh air, hard work and lots of laughs.

We are committed to your fitness but promise we'll make it fun!

What your membership includes:

  • Access to 5 Outdoor Boxing sessions per week.
  • Options of morning and evening sessions.
  • Opportunity to learn how to Box and hold Pads correctly and with confidence.
  • Chance to become part of a welcoming and supportive group of people on the same fitness journey.
  • All you need a pair of Boxing gloves, hand wraps, and an exercise mat to get started!

Boxing Classes in Brighton, Hampton, Moorabbin, Bentleigh, Clayton, Oakleigh, Mentone, Melbourne

Brother Boxing - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Brother Boxing

+61 479 199 566

We are a Bayside Melbourne boxing gym located in Cheltenham.

We provide specialised beginner programs, so that beginner boxers can gain confidence in learning real boxing and stay motivated to work on their fitness. They say that boxing isn't for everyone, but we say that anybody can learn if given the right environment.

Our welcoming and inspiring team environment is something we are proud of. Everybody is welcome to join the team whether you are looking to do boxing just for fitness or want to fight in the ring.

Feel great about achieving your goals in your new team and enjoy doing it at Brother Boxing

Grow your confidence as you develop your boxing skills in our great team environment. These classes are the perfect fit if you are looking to increase your fitness while having the opportunity to learn real boxing. 

Boxing Classes in Brighton, Hampton, Moorabbin, Bentleigh, Clayton, Oakleigh, Mentone, Melbourne

William Street Gym - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

William Street Gym


William Street Gym is a Melbourne boxing gym with a location in Caulfield South.

At William Street Gym (WSG), we give you more than just a workout. We've assembled a team of dedicated, passionate and highly experienced trainers who deliver more than just the fitness benefits of boxing – they teach you the real skills and tactics that make boxing such a powerful and practical sport.

The incredible fitness, weight loss and stress relief benefits of boxing are some of the main reasons people flock to the sport, but at WSG we recognise that everyone's journey is different. That's why we foster a community of friendly and dedicated members so you can stay committed and keep training.

Whether you're looking to learn a new sport, get into great shape or fulfil a dream of competing in amateur or professional boxing, visit us to meet our team and start your journey.

Our gym is designed with a single purpose in mind – to be the ideal space to learn and develop your boxing skills and fitness.

Our new home in Caulfield South boasts a full-size boxing ring and two separate training areas, equipped with a variety of punching bags (heavy bags, water bags and floor to ceiling balls), focus pads and shields as well as conditioning equipment. Changing room and shower facilities are also available on site.

Most people who make resolutions to get fit or live a healthier lifestyle don't follow through on their commitment. They can pay the gym membership, wear the right clothes, follow the right instagramers or listen to 'Eye Of The Tiger' on repeat, but they will fail without this one vital ingredient. To truly follow through on achieving the goals, we need coaches and friends to guide, motivate and support us. Without it, people don't stay accountable for the journey, and they give up. We've all seen it a thousand times. From your very first free trial class at William Street Gym, you will find an inspiring community of people who we are invested in your fitness journey from day one. You'll find a family.

Boxing Classes in Brighton, Hampton, Moorabbin, Bentleigh, Clayton, Oakleigh, Mentone, Melbourne

Arena Fitness - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Arena Fitness

(03) 9555 1320

Arena Fitness is a boutique personal training and gym centre that specialises in elite sports coaching, body transformation and everyday fitness. The Arena Team value RESULTS! They hold themselves accountable for their professional approach to work and their clients – but they also know how to have FUN!

Arena Fitness Staff will give you constant support and encouragement while also providing nutritional advice and regularly revising your goals, diet, and even lifestyle to ensure that you get the best results. In addition to this, (unlike a standard gym) you will never be left on your own – ask any of our trainers for help, and they will help you!

Our Method:

  • Every day and Elite level training
  • A welcoming, friendly and fun environment
  • Goal-oriented
  • Your hard work and your rewards are our goals

Our Aim:

  • Results & Goals
  • Professionalism
  • Elite sports science knowledge
  • Friendliness
  • FUN!

The need for self-protection has become a vital part of our existence due to an increase in attacks and sexual assaults within our communities.

Women Safe was founded two years ago by Paul Marasco and Peter Sciarra who strongly believe in helping women lead safer lives and equip them with necessary skills to both prevent an assault from happening and from handling an assault if the need arises.

The Women Safe program is based in Melbourne and implemented Australia wide in High Schools, Corporate Institutions and available monthly to the public in areas throughout Melbourne

Boxing Classes in Brighton, Hampton, Moorabbin, Bentleigh, Clayton, Oakleigh, Mentone, Melbourne

One Fitness - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

One Fitness

03 9596 4800

Knowing there had to be an alternative to all those "signs here, and we'll leave you to it" gyms, Dave set about building a science-based training environment and a friendly, knowledgeable team offering real support, advice and encouragement to members. It proved to be a popular and effective approach.

For well over two decades now, One Fitness has inspired thousands of people to get off their arses and achieve amazing things.

At One Fitness, we're not into gym-selfies or social media fame. Instead, our focus is on cultivating a real-life health and fitness community, united by a mutual passion for participating, learning and progressing.

So why, after more than two decades, is One Fitness still thriving in a world where new gyms seem to come and go in a heartbeat?

Because combining scientifically-proven training systems with genuine passion, support, and understanding work.

One Fitness is Australia's first hybrid fitness centre, combining the ease and flexibility of a 24-hour gym, with the energy, community and camaraderie of small group training, but with the added expertise, knowledge and guidance of a personal training studio.

Boxing Classes in Brighton, Hampton, Moorabbin, Bentleigh, Clayton, Oakleigh, Mentone, Melbourne

Bayside Ladies Kickboxing - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Bayside Ladies Kickboxing

0418 885 122

Our classes combine Kickboxing, Cardio Exercise & Self Defence. You will be amazed at how your flexibility will improve with our fun and action-packed classes.

You will find yourself smiling and having a lot of fun, getting fit and getting rid of the day's worries

all at the same time.

Bayside Ladies Kickboxing (BLK) has its origins from a balanced approach in whatever we do. It is part of the Nutaofit Martial Arts Academy (NMAA), i.e. Nu – Nutritional, Tao – Way or path for life, Fit – Physical and mental fitness. BLK, as part of NMAA, focuses on learning and developing students' skills in kickboxing, cardio exercises, and self-defence that can be applied in any possible situation. We provide alternatives through the use of both verbal and physical approaches to students.

The Right Time To Be Fit, Toned, And Have Fun!

These classes combine kickboxing and cardio exercises. There is a range of exercises and training used to suit your flexibility and fitness level and course fun! Spend time on a range of equipment available to you such as, kick pads, focus mitts, rebound bags and bobs. For the more adventurous, there are punching bags from light to heavy.

You will be amazed at how your flexibility will improve with stretching and regular training, whether it be the fancy kicks seen in the movies or TV or to be able to finally say hello to your toes! The sessions are action-packed with plenty of cardio, stretching, and stress release, of course, you can yell and kick and punch to exhaustion.

You will find yourself smiling and having a lot of fun, getting fit and getting rid of the day's worries all at the same time. Bring a towel and a water bottle as you will work up a sweat.

Boxing Classes in Brighton, Hampton, Moorabbin, Bentleigh, Clayton, Oakleigh, Mentone, Melbourne

Leo Berry's Gym Richmond Boxing Club - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Leo Berry's Boxing

0412 742 645

The historic Leo Berry's Gym Richmond Boxing Club Inc. ABN 68 665 180 986 was founded by legendary trainer Leo Berry. The Gym is a Richmond icon and has been a valuable base for underprivileged & disadvantaged youth in the area for many years.

Catering for competition Boxers, community groups, sporting organisations and the casual enthusiast, Leo Berry's Gym Richmond Boxing Club Inc provides fitness training for all fitness levels and walks of life. The time tested benefits of boxing training are evident in the results achieved! Boxing training will make you both physically and mentally stronger and aerobically fitter.

The challenge of learning new skills (bag work, pad work etc.) in a unique, exciting and safe atmosphere is great for your health and confidence. Our training provides one of the most demanding full-body workouts of any sport. Boxing will increase muscle tone, lower body fat, improve reflexes and increase upper body strength.

We offer you boxing training with actual boxers who have extensive experience in competitive boxing. They will show you how to increase your fitness and learn new skills, no matter your fitness level, with no boxing experience needed by you.

Boxing Classes in Brighton, Hampton, Moorabbin, Bentleigh, Clayton, Oakleigh, Mentone, Melbourne

North Melbourne Boxing & Fitness - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

North Melbourne Boxing & Fitness

03 9328 8815

We have classes that cater to Men, Women & Children* of all fitness or skill levels. Our friendly, safe and fun environment offers classes in Boxing, Fitness, Muay Thai, Indoor Rowing, HIIT Fitness Circuits, Yoga, Kids Boxing & Kickboxing* Pro-Am Boxing, Open Gym (Weights) and Personal Trainers. Along with Group Fitness Programs for Businesses, Schools and Sporting Groups and Individuals.

We are located at 64 Sutton Street North Melbourne. Only 10 minutes from Melbourne CBD - we are close to City Link entrance near Flemington Road (map), a 2-minute walk from Macaulay train station. Free parking available. Our gym is equipped with a 400sqm of matted training floor, 26 retractable heavy bags, 2 boxing rings, training equipment, weights, equipment sales, with showers & lockers for your convenience.

Our classes are structured to teach you the skills and fitness used to train and compete in Boxing, Kickboxing & Muay Thai. Sessions emphasise calorie expenditure and fat burning to help you achieve better health & fitness whilst improving strength & power.

Personal training, Group and Corporate sessions are available at competitive prices and tailored to meet your needs. You can train at our facility which has a comfortable, friendly atmosphere, or we can come to you.

Whether you want to improve your fitness, develop your skills, or compete, our trainers have many years of experience as both competitors and trainers and can help you achieve your goals. So come along and have fun getting into shape and developing your skills in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

Boxing Classes in Brighton, Hampton, Moorabbin, Bentleigh, Clayton, Oakleigh, Mentone, Melbourne

Bridge Fitness - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Weight Loss Boot Camp

0424 198 518

Whether you need to lose 10, 20 or even 40kgs or just need to build your strength so that you can run after your kids or compete in that marathon you've always dreamed of. Our coaches can help you get there.

Join us online. We specialise in training and coaching women to be fit, strong, and healthy.

With our good vibes, no BS attitude and our amazing, inspiring, warm and friendly community of kickass women, we've got you covered.

Boot Camp Melbourne

Boot Camp Melbourne at Bridge Fitness. Bridge Fitness is a comfortable, motivating all-female friendly training group, offering flexible morning and evening training sessions daily to fit in with your busy lifestyle.

Fall In Love With Fitness

We aim to make people fall in love with fitness, create healthier habits for themselves and still enjoy the great things in life. This is the philosophy behind Bridge Fitness. After 10 years in the health and fitness industry, Bridgette Carter used her considerable industry expertise to develop group fitness programmes for women that achieve results. The team at Bridge Fitness provide group personal training and flexible fitness programs at the lovely Elwood beach.

We focus on empowering women, boosting their confidence and creating an active community which helps everyone stick with the program and achieve their goals.

A Fun Approach That Inspires

Our approach to fitness is to make it fun, motivating and most of all, to make people feel comfortable, so they push their boundaries. We understand everyone is super busy these days, but health and fitness should be squeezed in and made a priority. At Bridge Fitness, we create sustainable fitness by designing a program to fit your unique lifestyle. By keeping the workouts fresh, your body is always guessing and wanting more. We are less about 'commando' and more about 'inspiration. This brings the best out in people and filters through to all aspects of their life.

We train inside at the lovely Elwood Angling Club when the weather is bad, but otherwise, we are outside Elwood Beach.

Boxing Classes in Brighton, Hampton, Moorabbin, Bentleigh, Clayton, Oakleigh, Mentone, Melbourne

FightFit Boxing Centre - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Fightfit Boxing Centre

1300 344 483

FightFit Boxing Centre is not your average gym. It's a place where people come together and help each other achieve their goals. It's a place where people want to train and where trainers want to teach.

We don't offer boring, repetitive classes we offer opportunities.

Learn skills, get fitter, burn fat, and improve your strength through boxing, kickboxing, power circuits, strength and conditioning classes.

FightFit is a centre where you can take your fitness goals as far as you want. We are different because all our trainers are ex-fighters, have lots of experience and have competed at elite levels nationally and internationally.

Don't join a gym. Join the FightFit family.

Boxing Classes in Brighton, Hampton, Moorabbin, Bentleigh, Clayton, Oakleigh, Mentone, Melbourne

SupaFight Gym - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Supafight Gym St Kilda

+61 402 691 979

Who is Don Millar?

Professional Muay Thai kickboxing trainer

Don Millar is one of Australia's most well-known and respected professional Muay Thai kickboxing trainers. Don was nominated for the 2013 Australian Muay Thai awards for trainer of the year. He is a former Australian Champion, trained in Thailand, who always goes out of his way to propel the Australian Muay Thai scene forward.

Why Choose him?

Honest, hard work and is famous for looking after his fighters.

His current team of fighters consist of Australian and Victorian Champions who have fought internationally in Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Canada and New Zealand. Don sends his most dedicated fighters to train in Thailand every year with Muay Thai kickboxing legend Sangtiennoi, 'The Deadly Kisser', at Pathumthani just out of Bangkok. Don is registered with the World Muay Thai Council and is also a certified Muay Thai Judge and Official.

Boxing Classes in Brighton, Hampton, Moorabbin, Bentleigh, Clayton, Oakleigh, Mentone, Melbourne

300 Boxing + Fitness - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Boxing Fitness Classes Personal Training

0421 726 636

"A DREAM written down with a date becomes a GOAL.

A goal broken down becomes a PLAN.

A plan backed by ACTION,


​Hi, I'm Nick, also known as Coach Nick and this is my dream.

​From a very young age, Martial Arts have always been a part of my life and a huge influence on today's passion. I am a qualified Fitness Professional and Registered Boxing Coach with Boxing Australia.

​I have been involved in the health and fitness industry for 15 years. I have you covered whether it is pure boxing for fighters, fitness or functional strength and conditioning.

​My goal is to help educate my clients on the importance of an active lifestyle and teach functional training methods and techniques and healthy eating habits to maintain a positive life path.

​I have competed as an amateur boxer and have had the pleasure of training and working with some of Australia's best boxing coaches.

​I am very passionate about my job, and I am committed to helping all my clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

​With a combination of intelligent and consistent training, along with a balanced eating plan, I believe that we can all create positive habits that are realistic and can put us on the right track to achieve and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. I leave you with a quote from one of my favourite philosophers.  

300 Boxing + Fitness is an elite boxing facility dedicated to fitness and fighters, based in Victoria's South Eastern suburb of Cheltenham. 300 Boxing + Fitness is more than just your average gym. It's a health and fitness community.

Founded by Coach Nick Vidiniotis in 2018 and has spent over 15 years in both the Boxing and Fitness Industry, Coach Nick decided to create an environment to share his knowledge and inspire others to achieve their health and fitness goals everyone is welcome. 

Coach Nick has created a safe and friendly gym environment to cater for all levels of fitness, age and experience. From a total beginner to an elite athlete, there is a class for everyone.

​At 300 Boxing + Fitness, we are goal-driven with our clients' safety and happiness coming first. When people join 300 Boxing + Fitness, they become more than just members, and they become part of the family.

​We understand that you can't go from zero to hero overnight, that's why we have created safe and progressive training programs that ensure your success in achieving your health and fitness goals.

Street Workout St Kilda - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Street Workout

0421 962 245

Rebuilt from the ground up, Street Workout is a modern alternative to the gym. We believe in keeping physical conditioning raw and untouched by corporate fitness.  

Hybridising street movements originating in Eastern Europe with elements of the most exceptional disciplines from around the world, including gymnastics, callisthenics, breakdance and yoga, we have attuned our interpretation of Street Workout. Street Workout has been stripped to the bone, and from this lean founding beast, we have raised a behemoth!

With only the body and the bar, we establish a regiment that not only will make you incredibly lean and strong, but that will give the freedom of movement that can only be achieved through complete body mastery.

Street Workout St Kilda aims to provide Melbourne's best personal training for all – beginner through to advanced, of all abilities and limitations. Although we specialise in callisthenics bodyweight training, we also cater for those looking to better their physique, lose weight, gain and improve their strength. Our trainers are certified, hold relevant degrees and have a track record of impressive results.

We also hope to give life to this callisthenics movement by providing guidance to anyone hoping to learn callisthenics and the intricacies of bodyweight training in a safe and supportive environment, with the correct progressions. We are a mobile personal training company that provides personal training in St Kilda and surrounding suburbs, as well as exercise program design and nutritional guidance for those wanting to fast-track their progress in the callisthenics world.

We have embraced online personal training, giving clients the opportunity to train from Melbourne, Australia and the World. Online personal training is conducted via video call and combines all of the benefits of in-person training with the convenience of exercising from home. 

Whether you'd like to learn iconic static holds like the handstand or planche, or if you're more into callisthenics freestyle and bar flow, join us and let us help you become a stronger, fitter, leaner version of yourself. 

Prestige Gym - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Prestige Gym

0416 522 744

Born from a desire to create an authentic fight gym in Melbourne's CBD, Prestige Gym opened its doors in October 2013. Situated on King Street, two minutes from Southern Cross Station, Prestige is unlike any other city-based Melbourne boxing gym.

Head trainer, Predrag Galic's intention, was to open a training facility orientated towards fighters and not neglect the general public who want to enjoy the sport without competing. Specialising in the striking arts of boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing, two decades of experience in martial arts has seen him develop a unique approach.

Believing that the right program comes from experience, Predrag has trained with some of the world's best coaches from many different backgrounds. Having competed as a fighter for many years in boxing, Thai Boxing and kickboxing, Predrag developed the Prestige program from a combination of old-school training styles integrated with new methods and sports science.

Prestige Gym is open to the general public. Members are introduced to combat sports, thus finding out whether or not it is suited for them. Our intention is that people can first (without pressure) get a feel for the sport of their choice and begin to understand it. If they like it and want to take the next step, they'll have the opportunity to do so. This will happen through the correct program and guidance from an experienced coach, who likewise has been guided through his career by skilled professionals* with the intention of reaching the highest possible level.

The Prestige method is built around the concept of strong foundations. We find that when a prospect starts in the wrong way, it generally takes longer to guide them back on to a successful path. That is why you will find a strong emphasis on the fundamentals at Prestige gym, a dedicated Melbourne boxing gym that specialises in boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing.

Before the boxing sport, Muay Thai and kickboxing were recently commercialised in the last couple of decades, and gyms used to be the place where fighters of different skill levels (beginners to seasoned professionals) were preparing for fights. Skills were shared and passed on from generation to generation. Only coaches with extensive fight background and experience at high levels of competition were in charge of training. This is still the case at Prestige Gym Melbourne.

Fairbairn Boxing and Fitness - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Fairbairn Boxing And Fitness

+61 413 923 487

Here at FBF, we offer boxing classes to all skill levels. Check out our timetable to see what days and times we have available!

We focus on technique, but we also mix this with fitness style boxing and bodyweight exercises to give you a real "Bang for your buck" session! It's a welcoming community atmosphere down here at Fairbairn with guaranteed unlimited amounts of fun each class!

We're located on Melbourne High School property at the famous Unicorn Club next to the oval. Our association with Freedom of Movement Yoga and Unseat Your Body gives you access to Yoga and Circuit style classes.

If you have any further enquiries, please don't hesitate to shoot us an email!

BoxingFit Port Melbourne - Bayside Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Boxing Fit

1300 269 348

With over 17 classes a day, 100 classes a week, 30 different types of classes, and catering to all fitness levels, whatever your motivation is, there is a number of classes to suit. Each 30 minute HIIT session will have you burning fat and calories, building strength, getting fitter, and most importantly getting results.

In addition, BoxingFit Port Melbourne has now opened a new weight and cardio gym filled with the latest state of the art equipment. Plus, they are now OPEN 24/7.

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible training experience for our members, and the most welcoming, friendly environment. All our trainers are fully qualified personal trainers and experienced boxers. Therefore we can guarantee our group classes and extensive personal training programs are result-driven.

One of Australia's largest boxing gyms is located just at the Westgate Bridge in Port Melbourne. Free parking any time of the day right outside our front door compliments the convenience of our 30-minute high-intensity classes.

There is no other fitness centre in the area anything like us. Our classes range from beginners to advanced and are conducted by professional trainers. With 100 classes per week, there's a time to suit everyone.

We are now OPEN 24/7 and have a new fully equipped state of the art weights and cardio gym with coaches available to assist you with your programs if need be.

We also run our Knockout the Kilos 8 week challenges and specialised personal training programs to cater to specific needs or preparation for specific events.

If your main goals are to lose weight, get fit, or tone up, there is no better place to be!

BoxingFit Port Melbourne also runs training for amateur and professional fighters. Inquire within.

Boxing Gyms: What to Expect

There are two types of boxing training: Training that focuses on teaching boxers to compete in the ring, and training that focuses on helping "everyday athletes" get in better shape. Some gyms offer both types of training.

The basic difference between the two forms of training is that athletes who want to learn how to compete in boxing must learn to land and take punches with human opponents. They have to learn to hit and be hit by a competitor. Gyms that teach boxers to compete typically have boxing rings in their facilities and offer opportunities for boxers to fight one another.

If you have no interest in taking a punch (I know I don't), you'll want to look for facilities that offer classes and programs outside of the ring. The basic skills are the same – you learn to jab, uppercut, and hook; you work on footwork and speed, core strength and agility, and power and flexibility. In some cases, depending on the facility, you'll also learn MMA-style (mixed martial arts) kicking sequences.

With today's fitness-friendly boxing clubs, the good news is just about anyone can walk in and get started, regardless of baseline fitness. Because most boxing classes focus on bodyweight exercises, you can go at your own pace and ramp up the intensity only as you see fit. A membership at a gym like 9Round (which is quite possibly the most "average person-friendly" boxing gym around) costs about $50 per month. It includes unlimited sessions, a pair of boxing gloves and hand wraps, plus trainer-led workouts at every session.

If you don't have a 9Round or TITLE Boxing Gym in your area, just search for local boxing gyms and check their websites for fitness training classes. Call the facility and ask if you can try a class for free, or at least watch a class before you join in. The facility you attend should be welcoming. Classified trainers should be held (preferably with a certification or experience specifically in boxing), and the facility should be clean and well-maintained.

Boxing at Home

If you like to exercise without a gym membership, you can also set up your boxing workout at home – but you need to purchase some equipment to get started. It's a good idea to buy a 70- to 100-pound bag (a long, cylindrical bag that can be hung from a stand or a sturdy ceiling beam), boxing gloves, a medicine ball, and a jump rope. These four items combined enable you to run through boxing sequences, cardio sequences, and strength training sequences to put together a full home workout.

If I had a boxing gym within a 15-minute drive of my house, I'd sign up in a heartbeat. Boxing is one of the most effective, concise ways to get in shape and maintain your physical health, and it's a lot of fun too. I plan to buy a heavy bag and some boxing gloves soon, just so I can incorporate boxing into my standard home workout.

If you want to do the same, my best piece of advice is to take a few classes at a gym before you transition to exercising at home. Working with a trainer can provide you with a good series of exercises and the safety skills necessary to maintain a home boxing workout.

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