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Need wedding cake ideas but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with this list of 112 wedding cake ideas, organized by wedding season.

In need of wedding cake ideas but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with this list of 112 wedding cake ideas, curated by season.

Choosing your wedding month is a big decision. After all, it can impact everything from your floral arrangements to your venue options to the types of gifts you add to your wedding registry. It also plays a role in your wedding theme and the type of dessert you will serve to your guests. A naked wedding cake can display simple elegance with delicate garnishes perfect for spring or fall, whereas a rainbow sprinkle tiered wedding cake can play up a bubbly couple’s personality in the bright summer months.

With so many choices out there, it can be overwhelming to decide on a wedding cake style, flavor, theme, topper, and garnish. We’ve compiled a list of beautiful wedding cakes to take the stress off of you, and we’ve also included some wedding cake alternatives for couples looking to serve more unique or cost-effective desserts. You can also check out our wedding cost guide for more information on how to budget for your cake and other wedding expenses.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant twist on a traditional wedding cake or an extravagant multi-tiered tower of fondant, below is our list of 112 wedding cake designs and dessert ideas for every season.

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Wedding Cake Ideas For Spring

The world comes alive in springtime. While navigating weather patterns this time of year can be a challenge, there are pastel color palettes and fresh flowers available for your big day. There are also fun holiday themes available to couples, such as an Easter-themed wedding or a Mardi Gras-style party. Try incorporating these spring-themed save the dates and wedding invitations into your special day.

Here are some of our favorite springtime wedding cake flavors:

  • Champagne cake with Italian meringue buttercream: Strawberry filling and sparkling wine flavored buttercream make this cake by Of Batter & Dough delicate and moist, perfect for celebrating in springtime.
  • Lemon cake with lemon bavarian cream: For lemon lovers, this cake filled with lemon curd will add both a refreshing citrus flavor and pop of pastel yellow to your special day.
  • Raspberry cake with rosewater buttercream: Elevate your naked wedding cake with springtime berries and hints of floral sweetened to perfection with rosewater frosting.
  • Vanilla sponge cake with pastry cream: Add a springtime twist to this traditional cake recipe with raspberry jam filling.
  • Confetti cake with vanilla buttercream frosting: Taste the rainbow with a colorful and tasty sprinkle-topped confetti cake.
  • Malted chocolate and stout layer cake topped with Irish cream frosting: This cake embodies the luck of the Irish, perfect for weddings around St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Rainbow layer cake: A fruity gelatin base makes this cake burst with seven layers of color, perfect for a spring awakening.
  • Naked vanilla cake: Add buttercream frosting and floral embellishments for a show-stopping white cake display and incorporate spring blooms like pastel colored roses to stay on trend.
  • Lavender vanilla bean cake: Infuse vanilla and lavender to add a soft and delicate notes to your wedding day with this cake by Fork to Belly.
  • White almond cake: Add rich flavor to a delicate and simple cake with a white chocolate buttercream spread. You can also order this Shea Frame wedding invitation to match your white wedding cake.
  • Lemon elderflower cake: Replicate the royal wedding cake with this floral wedding cake recipe topped with white florals and greenery by Liv for Cake.
  • Apricot cream cake topped with whipped cream: This cake by The Sugar Hub is a fresh and fruity reminder that springtime is here.
  • Strawberry cake: Cheerful spring hues decorate this cake that’s topped with fresh fruit, macarons and florals for a spectacular finish.
  • New Orleans king cake: Get into the Mardi Gras spirit with a cinnamon and sugar six tiered king cake. This tiered cake is topped with icing and decorated with purple, green, and gold colors.
  • Malted vanilla milk and strawberry jam cake: Inspired by springtime in Dublin, this cake by The Cupcake Confession is swirled with strawberry swiss meringue mascarpone buttercream frosting that adds a delightful fruitiness to the malted cake flavor.
  • Devil’s food cake: If you’re looking for decadent flavor in springtime, try serving a devil’s food cake topped with seasonal fruits such as lemon and orange slices.
  • Amaretto cream wedding cake with an apricot glaze: Inspired by antique silk and delicate lace, this elegant wedding cake by Southern Living will add old world style to your wedding display.
  • Angel food cake with chocolate ganache: This simple wedding cake by Will Cook for Friends balances southern simplicity with elegance, topped with strawberries, whipped chocolate and vanilla buttercream frosting.
  • Lemon orange chiffon naked cake: Decorate a light and fluffy naked cake with orange slices and strawberries, like this one from She Loves Biscotti—no frosting, icing, or fondant necessary.
  • Orange marmalade cake with orange blossom buttercream: Citrus and floral touches make this cake by The Little Epicurean perfect for springtime.
  • Russian Napoleon cake: Add your favorite fruit to this crispy pastry filled with layers of buttery custard cream.
  • Italian ricotta cassata cake: Calling all Italian food enthusiasts: this cake is full of a whole milk ricotta and chocolate chip filling, making it taste just like a cannoli.
  • Tuxedo cake: Get the best of both worlds with a tuxedo cake filled with both chocolate mousse and vanilla filling.

Wedding Cake

Spring Wedding Cake Alternatives

  • Mini fruit tarts: Brides looking for a healthy dessert option can serve fruit tarts made from a parfait of yogurt, strawberries, blueberries and bananas.
  • Puffed rice treat cakes: These cost effective and colorful treats are perfect for marshmallow fans and more casual gatherings.
  • Madagascar vanilla bean cupcakes: Decorate miniature cakes with lush buttercream swirl and gorgeous pastel sugar flowers, like these cupcakes from Country Hill Cottage.
  • Crepe cake: You can serve crepes in a cake, like this one stacked with Nutella filling from Sugar Hero.
  • 10-tier macaron tower: Add classic French flair to your dessert table with a macaron tower, which is a feast for both the eyes and the stomach.

Wedding Cake Ideas For Summer

Summer wedding celebrations are filled with long days and warm nights. June is the most popular wedding month and celebrating this time of year has its perks. Guests have more relaxed work schedules and extra room in their budgets so it’s easier to travel, especially for a destination gathering. Make sure to ship out summer wedding save the dates and wedding invitations early so guests can start planning their summer travel.

Discover some of our favorite summer wedding cakes here:

  • Cookies and cream cake: Enjoy rich cookie flavors in the summer by pairing them with some sweet cream, like this cookies and cream cake from Taste of Home.
  • Key lime pie cake: Key lime from the Florida Keys has become a world famous flavor. Turn a classic pie into a cake with some lime zest and graham cracker crust layering for a refreshing summertime treat like this one from Cake with Breakfast.
  • Mascarpone chocolate chip banana cake: Tropical fruit flavors are all the rage during summertime, so if you like bananas consider this cake by Sweet and Savory.
  • Pink lemonade pound cake: Add a pop of pink to your special day. This pink lemonade cake by Carlsbad Cravings is bursting with bright pink colors and a sweet lemon flavor.
  • Coconut cream cake: Coconut is the perfect addition to your summer beach wedding. This cake from A Hint of Honey has three layers of moist cake separated by coconut and pecan-studded cream cheese.
  • Almond cherry cake: Take advantage of peak cherry season with this moist and nutty almond cake filled with cherry preserves.
  • Golden vanilla fig cake: In honor of blueberry season, try a golden vanilla fig cake with blueberry buttercream frosting topped with figs and flowers. Order matching wedding invitations with Zola’s Bow Bridge Stamp design.
  • Orange creamsicle layer cake: Creamy, citrus flavors make this orange creamsicle cake perfect for summertime.
  • Naked banana cake: Bake bananas into your naked cake for a light and fluffy base and top it with vanilla frosting. Enjoy a simple wedding cake packed with delicious flavor.
  • Mai tai yellow cake: Get a taste of the islands with a mai tai yellow cake topped with pineapple and almonds and filled with dark rum chocolate mousse.
  • Italian cream cake: Top a classic cake with seasonal summer blooms and fresh blackberries for a delicate and delicious summer display.
  • Peach watercolor cake: Enjoy layers of fluffy cake and fresh peach mousse covered in bright pink and orange frosting like this cake by A BaJillian Recipes.
  • Mango raspberry mousse cake: A light, flavorful and elegant wedding cake for summertime, this mousse cake by Home Cooking Adventure is bursting with bright colors and flavors.
  • Matcha strawberry cake: Dance late into the summer night with this energizing cake bursting with green tea and strawberry flavors.
  • Pineapple upside down cake: This tropical treat is baked as it sounds: upside down, so the toppings are cooked into the cake before it’s served.
  • Lemon cake with raspberry sauce and limoncello buttercream: This dreamy cake by Pina Bresciani is topped with bright florals for a summertime finish.
  • Blackberry chamomile cake: Late summer is peak season for the ingredients in this cake by Food Finessa, which is separated by layers of airy meringue frosting and blackberry chamomile compote.
  • Margarita cake: Nothing says summer quite like a margarita. Top a margarita cake with key lime cream cheese frosting — you can even add in extra shots of tequila, adults only.
  • Signature blue velvet cake: This festive cake has the moist texture of red velvet cake, but it’s blue! It may be hard to track down but it’s worth the hunt for a July 4th wedding theme.
  • Tres leches cake: For couples who like moist cake but not necessarily sweet flavor, this light and fluffy three-tiered cake is a perfect summer cool-down option.
  • Peach raspberry and basil cake: Take advantage of peach season with a refreshing and sweet cake like this one from Cupcake Confession.
  • Swedish midsummer cake: Add some European flair to your special day during the summer solstice. This Swedish midsummer cake by Del’s Cooking Twist is a strawberry and lemon curd cake topped with wildflowers.
  • Pandan cake: Infuse the tropical plant pandan into your wedding day and top it with white chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream.

Summer Wedding Cake Alternatives

  • Mississippi mud pie: Best served with ice cream, this chocolate dessert pie is is a unique wedding cake alternative—perfect for a hot summer day.
  • Rainbow sherbet dessert: Macarons, pecans and layers of rainbow sherbert make this cake alternative colorful and refreshing.
  • Vanilla cake pop: Ditch the forks and put your wedding cake on a popsicle stick with a bite-sized cake pop.
  • Mango flavored ice pops: If you’re hosting an outdoor summer reception, cool down your guests with frozen popsicle treats.
  • Ice cream sandwiches: Serve cookies and ice cream in an ice cream sandwich for a deliciously easy and affordable alternative to summer wedding cakes.

Wedding Cake Ideas For Fall

Autumn is a magical time of year as everyone enjoys the crisp, cool air and earthy seasonal touches that the fall harvest brings. Wedding celebrations during this season are cozy and brisk, with falling temperatures cooling things down as the hours pass. Warm, jewel-toned hues and rustic touches are popular as blooms fade and leaves change. You can incorporate your fall color scheme into your wedding planning process with your wedding invitations, programs, menus, and more.

Here are some of our favorite fall flavors:

  • Southern pecan praline cake: Butter pecan glaze swirled onto every slice of this cake makes it a perfect fall wedding cake for morning or night.
  • Chocolate cake with peanut butter filling: Chocoholic couples can add more richness to a chocolate cake with a nutty butter filling.
  • Monster Cookie Cake: Perfect for Halloween, this cookie cake from My Name is Yeh is gigantic, gooey, and colorful — and topped with peanut butter cream cheese frosting and candy.
  • Boston cream pie cake: Serve this Boston native dessert on a beautiful fall New England-inspired day.
  • Orange and carrot cake: Dress up a traditional carrot cake by adding citrus flavor, like this orange and carrot cake by Sugar et Al.
  • Pistachio cake with pomegranate buttercream: As pomegranates are in bloom try this pistachio cake with pomegranate flavoring that draws inspiration from the Middle East.
  • Hummingbird cake: Add southern charm to your special day with one of the most famous rustic wedding cake recipes to come out of the South. This delectably sweet, moist pineapple and banana cake from All the Kings Morsels is topped with cream cheese frosting and candied pecans.
  • Vanilla spice cake with blackberry filling: Use blackberry filling to add deep tones to a classic vanilla spice cake.
  • Orange and fig blossom cake: Add a moody touch to your fall affair by topping a unique orange and fig blossom cake with white chocolate drippings and ornamental flowers like this one from Olive and Artisan.
  • Sweet potato cake: Inspired by the south, this sweet potato cake from She Wears Many Hats lets you serve up fall’s favorite starch into your rustic wedding cake.
  • Caramel apple cake: Kick off apple season with this spice cake dripping in caramel sauce by Liv for Cake.
  • Poached pear and cranberry cake with mascarpone frosting: Perfect for a fancy affair, this poached pear and cranberry cake is full of luxurious autumn flavors.
  • Chocolate pecan ooey gooey butter cake: The softest, moistest dessert you’ll have all season comes in the form of a chocolate pecan butter cake, like this one from OMG Chocolate Desserts.
  • Butternut squash cake: This is a great gluten-free option, and further proof that butternut squash can transform into anything.
  • Spiced pumpkin layer cake: There’s no such thing as too much pumpkin this time of year, so incorporate this seasonal favorite into your special day — top My Little Larder’s spiced pumpkin layer cake with some salted caramel and sea salt to get the most out of this fall flavor. You can also order matching wedding invitations with Zola’s Eastwick Layer design.
  • Plum torte: This torte, recently featured by Mondomulia, is a cake crumble filled with juicy caramelised plums – and it’s also one of the most popular recipes ever published by the New York Times.
  • Bourbon chocolate cake: Add a pop of fall flavor to chocolate cake with a bourbon caramel glaze, like this recipe from Urban Bakes.
  • Hurricane Cake: Celebrate hurricane season with this tropical cake baked with chocolate cake mix, pecans and coconut from AllRecipes.
  • Apple stack cake with apple filling: Apple enthusiasts will love this apple stack cake that has apple filling stuffed between each layer.
  • Caramel fudge sundae cake: Treat your guests to a chocolate cake filled with fudge, whipped cream and caramel.
  • Filipino purple yam cake: This yam cake, called Ube for short, is sweet, earthy and purple — perfect for a whimsical fall wedding theme.
  • Naked Chai Spice Cake: Top a spicy, cardamom infused chai cake with autumn fruit garnishes for a jewel-toned fall finish.
  • Candied apples honey cake: One Sarcastic Baker combines honey and apples for a sweet, fall flavored dessert.

Fall Wedding Cake Alternatives

  • Wedding pie display: There are so many pie flavors to enjoy this season, such as pumpkin pie and apple pie, so why not build an elegant display with all your favorites?
  • Pizza wedding cake: If your wedding falls on a big game day, or if you and your spouse really love cheese, how about ditching the dessert and treating your guests to cheese and marinara sauce instead? No really, pizza wedding cakes are trending!
  • Autumn petit fours: Can’t decide on just one cake flavor? Hand out petit four samplers of your favorite fall cakes, like these bite size samplers from Cake Walkr.
  • Marble bundtinis: Combine chocolate and vanilla into personal marble bundtinis. Top your mini marble bundt cakes with jewel-toned edible flowers.
  • A donut arrangement: Fall is the perfect time of year to incorporate a donut wall. You can mix and match flavors, but make sure to incorporate some fall favorites like pumpkin spice cake donuts!

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Wedding Cake Ideas For Winter

Winter may be the most underrated wedding season of all. This romantic time of year lets you incorporate gleaming fireplaces and snowy landscapes into your wedding day — not to mention all the holiday cheer. Gorgeous winter hues can be incorporated into different aspects of your wedding, such as your invitations, menus, save the dates, and more. There’s also less venue competition so you’ll find cheaper prices and more availability when planning your dreamy winter wedding escape.

Read on for some of our favorite winter wedding cake flavors:

  • Apple cake with cider frosting drizzled with caramel: Spice up a cold winter wedding day with Food and Flair’s apple cake drizzled in caramel sauce. Match your cake to your wedding invitations with Zola’s Interstellar Wreath design.
  • Chocolate peppermint bundt cake garnished with crushed peppermint: If you are a fan of mint, try Two Peas and Their Pod’s chocolate peppermint bundt cake for a decadent and refreshing flavor.
  • German chocolate wedding cake: The holidays are the perfect time for indulgence, so serve up a German chocolate cake famous for its rich chocolate flavor.
  • White chocolate raspberry cake: Ruby red elegance and rich white chocolate frosting make this stunning treat a perfect option for wintertime.
  • Cinnamon toast cake: Inspired by Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, this treat by Liv for Cake is soft and buttery, with a crunchy toasted topping.
  • Red velvet cake: This winter traditional cake by Eat Cho Food is snow-covered with coconut cream frosting and a delectable deep red velvet cake center.
  • Traditional holiday fruit cake: Incorporate a holiday treat into your special day with a holiday fruit cake. Top it with cream cheese frosting for extra sweetness! (Fun fact: Fruit cakes became the most popular choice for the groom’s cake, served in place of a more traditional wedding cake.)
  • Chocolate raspberry truffle cake: Chocolate lovers can remix traditional chocolate with Sweet Laurel’s truffle cake that is dripping with homemade ganache and topped with raspberries.
  • Champagne mimosa cake: Celebrate a New Year’s themed wedding with an orange sponge cake topped with champagne buttercream.
  • Chocolate orange cake: Winter is the perfect time to mix bold citrus with rich flavor, like Happy and Harried’s chocolate orange cake.
  • Tiramisu cake with cream cheese mascarpone and cocoa: Enjoy tiramisu and cake at the same time with this dessert by Also the Crumbs Please.
  • Eggnog cake: Eggnog is only served one time a year, so don’t miss your chance to incorporate this festive flavor into your winter wedding cake.
  • Hot chocolate cake: Homemade marshmallow fluff, chocolate buttercream and chocolate shavings all blend together in this winter-inspired cake.
  • Chocolate chip bundt cake: Tis the season for indulgence, so why not serve chocolate chip flavored bundt cakes?
  • Black Forest cake: Enjoy a chocolate sponge cake filled with cherry filling.
  • Chocolate gingerbread cake: Try a sophisticated cake full of winter spice like this one from The Cheerful Space. Top it with pinecones and seasonal berries, then sprinkle powdered sugar on top for a snowy effect.
  • Naked sugared cranberry cake: Dress up a naked cake at winter time with white chocolate ganache and sugared cranberries, like this recipe from Just a Smidgen.
  • Vanilla bean blood orange cake: Decorate this sweet vanilla bean cake by Spice is in my DNA with winter’s favorite citrus treat: aromatic candied blood oranges.
  • Blackberry yogurt cake: Fresh blackberries and edible flowers from this cake by Hungry and Fussy will bring beautiful purple hues to your special winter day.
  • Layered brownie cake: Chocolate lovers only! This recipe by Wilton is five layers of rich brownie dripped in a sweet caramel sauce and buttercream frosting, perfect for bulking season.
  • Winter spice snack cake with maple swiss meringue buttercream: This healthy cake recipe by Salt N Pepper Here is so delicious, you won’t believe it’s gluten-free and refined sugar free.

Winter Wedding Cake Alternatives

  • Cheese wedding cake: Winter is a great time for wine enthusiasts to indulge so why not ditch the sweets and add a cheese cake display to pair with your wine list?
  • S’mores bar: Substitute the cake for graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows with an Instagram-friendly s’mores station.
  • Brownie sheet cake: A DIY brownie sheet cake is a cost-effective way serve rich chocolate flavor to your wedding guests.
  • Vanilla cream cream puff: Treat your guests to stacks pudding baked inside cream puffs.
  • Espresso flavored mini creme brulees: Take your evening up a notch with personal sized creme brulees.
  • Assorted cookie sampler: Everybody has a favorite holiday cookie, so feature all the classics in a cookie display and let your guests choose which flavors to indulge in.

What flavours and trends are popular?

5% of couples have a fruit cake for their wedding despite it being the traditional flavour for wedding cakes in the past. 69% of couples are instead opting for a mud cake in a chocolate or vanilla flavour.

21% of couples opt for other flavours such as lemon or raspberry. 5% have a flourless or gluten-free cake. We’re seeing a rise in mixed flavoured cakes with combinations like raspberry and champagne definitely getting us in the mood for a cake tasting.

Naked cakes and rough icing are still very popular with couples stylistically. Rustic, vintage and bohemian themes will be well suited to these cake designs. White and mixed metallic cake designs that add that luxe factor come in on the other side of the wedding spectrum. We’re seeing more of these in traditional, elegant and modern weddings.

We’re also seeing couples who don’t like sweets go for a cheese cake for their wedding. We are 100% on board with this trend!

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Whatever The Flavor, Nothing Tastes Better than Wedding Cake

Whether you’re looking for a wedding cake classic or a unique taste experience, your wedding cake flavor will be something guests look forward to all day. Take your time and talk to your baker about playing with different combinations—and don’t forget to taste them all. You’ll find a flavor that’s just right for you.

However, it’s not the flavor, filling, or icing that makes a wedding cake delicious. The joy and sweetness of your wedding day will be infused in every bite. So no matter what flavor you choose, you’ve already made the most important choice—choosing the person you will be eating cake with for the rest of your life.

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