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Bride Guide: Engagement Party Dresses

What to Wear to Your Engagement Party

You’re engaged! Now it’s time for a party. It’s crucial that you look fantastic, but an engagement party is all about having fun and celebrating this life milestone with your loved ones. So enjoy it!

The majority of engagements have a cocktail dress code. This calls for dresses that are knee-length or slightly above, and high heels. As for an engagement dress for the bride, you would traditionally will wear a white or cream dress. But if you get to pick the location, the theme, and the attire, you can wear whatever you want!

You can either stick with the conventional colours in this situation, or you can choose something that really represents your personality. There are many different styles of engagement party dresses to choose from to help you stand out. Go for it if the outfit feels right to you.


The traditional white engagement dress is an easy go-to when it’s your engagement party – after all, you’re the bride-to-be. Classic engagement dresses are typically in the same ‘theme’ as the wedding dress except shorter than the usual floor-length. There are plenty of styles to choose from, with sleek silk slips to off-the-shoulder, you can find the perfect dress style to suit you.

However, there is another way to be different whilst still keeping to white. Cocktail jumpsuits or pantsuits are a unique take on classic cocktail formal wear and are perfect if dresses aren’t always your style. A sleek white jumpsuit can be a way to keep that classic white bridal theme but sets you apart from the rest.


Now before you freak out that we have stemmed too far from the original cream and white, just hear me out. Subtle florals. Tiny flowers, dancing around a light-coloured dress, adding slight splashes of colour – can help you stand out. Think similar to the wedding dress vibe but with extra colour. This can be stunning, especially if your party is in an outdoor setting like a garden party or has wonderful floral arrangements on the tables.

Block Colours 

It’s your party, why not make a statement? Go bold with a dress in a bright colour to really stand out from your guests – bonus points if you set the theme to be a darker colour for the guests. Colours such as bright red, cobalt blue, vibrant orange and even bright pink can help you make the perfect statement.

Just keep in mind that if you go for a block-colour dress for your engagement party, you should try to keep the rest of your look subdued and simple. This includes your hairstyle, accessories, and silhouette, so that the colour, and of course the ring, can be the focal point.

Pastel Colours

Pastel hues are another way to make a colourful splash at your engagement party without going as bold as a bright colour. Soft colours like pale yellow, light blue and blush pink are stunning pastels to wear to your engagement party. These colours are perfect for daytime parties or themes with soft colours or lots of flowers.


 Lace is the perfect way to keep to the traditional engagement party dress vibe but adds an extra touch of elegance and difference to it. Although lace may seem like a classic wedding dress feature, adding some colour and texture can change the feel of the dress entirely to something more modern. If you’re slightly daring, trying a lace dress with a nude-coloured slip underneath can also be a way to make a statement at your engagement party.


 Beyond planning, preparing, and executing the best engagement party, finding an engagement party outfit as the bride can be just as stressful. Take the stress out of searching and remember to go with what you think best represents your personality. Plus have a little fun with it! It is your day after all.

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