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It's that time you never believed would come: your best buddy will get married at last. This was something you never thought would happen. You are obligated to organise her hen party because you are the maid of honour, but you are stumped as to what to do. Because it will be one of the most important days of her life, you want to do everything you can to make it stand out and be memorable. 

The following are some suggestions that will help you make that day one that you won't forget.

Planning A Hen Do Can Be Daunting

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Head Party Organiser can be an overwhelming and daunting idea, regardless of whether you're a novice or a seasoned hen do planner. Ideally, the hen party you plan for your closest friend should be as personalised and distinctive as she is. In addition, you don't want to host a standard hen do.

But organising a hen party can soon become daunting. There is plenty to consider. From the budget and guest list to the games and activities, the list of things to accomplish while arranging a party is never-ending. Your hen party preparations, on the other hand, should not consume your life. There are other things on your mind, so why bother?

Hen Weekends Are A LOT Of Fun

Weekends for hen parties may be a lot of fun! We appreciate how a hen weekend allows the bride to spend quality time with all of her closest friends and family. Furthermore, weekends will enable the bride's friends and family to get to know one another. Nothing like sharing a hen party cottage for the weekend to genuinely break the ice.

Of course, this implies that by the time the wedding day arrives, many of the bride's guests will already know each other. Seeing her friends and family catching up over humorous hen party memories can make the bride's big day even more wonderful!

Hen Weekend Ideas Like No Other!

Is it possible that your wife might like to get away for the weekend? Hurrah! The following are some ideas for a chic farewell party for the bride-to-be.


Make sure the hen party is entirely focused on the bride-to-be. Including a personal touch demonstrates how well her friends know her and will keep her forever.

Making a memory book is a fantastic idea. You can make your photo book or notepad by purchasing one and decorating it. People close to her should provide images from her life and offer funny notes for that extra personal touch.

You might also ask the groom to add images and messages, or produce a secret film with him, to be aired at the hen party to make it more involved and interesting for everyone.

Have Activities

Provide her with only those activities she desires to participate in. After all, it's her big day, and you don't want to make her spend it camping in a muddy field when she'd rather get her nails done. As her closest confidant, you have the most insight into her character. I'd like to know what she enjoys doing most. If she's a dancer, throwing her a fun dance party can be the perfect suggestion.

There is a hen dance party out there for every taste these days. Street dance, pole dancing, can-cans, grease, belly dancing and Bollywood are just a few dance styles that have come and gone from the 1920s to the 1970s. 

It's best to pick something she'll appreciate, but that's absolutely out of the ordinary for her to do.

Another excellent option is to play some party games. You could have a naked butler serve you drinks while you play a few games.

You could want to consider food-related activities if she is more of a baker. Cupcake or sushi-making workshops are available. If all this sounds too much work, consider taking a culinary tour or participating in a chocolate tasting event instead.

Assuming she's a creative type, perhaps you and her friends could construct something together, accompanied by some bubbly! Make something for the wedding, whether it's a hat or a piece of jewellery.

A murder mystery weekend could be an exciting option if you're looking for something unusual. Everyone is assigned a character and is tasked with figuring out who the killer is and how he or she committed the crime.

A forest survival weekend might be just the ticket if you've always wanted to explore the great outdoors. Glamping may be the right choice for her if she prefers to be pampered. Putting up your tents is a thing of the past. Everything will be ready for you when you come, and there will be bubbly waiting for you.


Decorating the venue you select will add a personal touch to the event. Isn't it time to celebrate? You can't go wrong with balloons, party poppers, banners, and more.

Dress Up

Make a name for yourself in the crowd. It's essential to think about what the bride will be most comfortable in, but you also want her to be the centre of attention.

Popular themes include policewomen, soldiers, superheroes, and well-known actors and actresses.

If you're looking for something new, consider a boho or retro theme, or perhaps a naughty burlesque one.

Gift bags

Gift bags are a terrific idea to ensure everyone has a keepsake from the night.

A sash or printed t-shirt with a theme design would work well. For example, you could include a tiny charm bracelet or box of chocolates.

A mini-hangover kit is an excellent alternative (filled with meds to help with the morning after struggles).

It's important that everything you do to celebrate the hen's big weekend reflects her personality and includes a little surprise. Could you give her a bash she won't soon forget?

Hen Weekends Can Be Hard Work To Plan

Even though weekends can be a lot of fun, putting one together can be a lot of effort!

How do you plan a memorable bachelorette weekend? The organisation is the key! Make sure that you are aware of every detail, including the exact time each event occurs. Having a hen weekend agenda will ensure you don't lose momentum. As long as a strategy is in place, you don't have to fill every waking moment. This can be solved by reading our momentum blog post, which is located below.

There are various ways to go on a hen weekend, of course. A hen party cottage catered dinner, and a pub walk in the English countryside can be just the thing for your bride. Your bride, on the other hand, may have in mind a fun-filled, sun-kissed getaway to Ibiza. Weekends may be very different! Do your best to find out what kind of hen weekend your bride likes to avoid surprises.

Hen Weekends Can Get Expensive

The cost of a hen weekend can quickly add up. Ask the bride how much the per-person budget is before you begin any planning. If your guests can't make it because the hen is too pricey, they won't be disappointed.

Looking For Hen Night Ideas?

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Sometimes, a night out on the town with your best friend is all that's needed. To be sure, many options are available these days, not just a night out at the bar. Whether you're looking for catered dinners, mixology classes, or a nightclub with a theme, the options are nearly limitless.

It is critical to take into account the preferences and preferences of the bride-to-be when preparing for her hen party. Only you have a complete picture of what the bride-to-be is going through. There are plans for her hen celebration, aren't there? So think about what you can do to make your best friend's hen night a night she'll remember for a long time!

Create An Avenue For Adventure

Drinking champagne and cocktails at a lounge is a sumptuous experience. So, if your wife prefers a more intimate setting for her party, plan something similar. Because of this, it is possible to turn the event from enjoyable to unforgettable and encourage attendees to drink more.

Many brides are presently embracing the idea of a treasure hunt for their hen parties, where guests are divided into teams and sent out to search and collect various vital items on a list. Again, the team that completes all of its tasks first wins.

In that case, what else could you possibly think of? The best advice They can provide is to think of things that are a little out of the ordinary. For example, you could say the signature of a man in his sixties or even an image of someone walking their dog. Do not go overboard; this is supposed to be a good time.

Put A New Spin On Games.

We're all familiar with the typical hen's party games. Bridal bingo, crafting a wedding dress out of toilet paper, and many more wedding traditions await you. Because these activities are suitable, inclusive, and fun, they have persisted for decades in weddings. Then again, who doesn't want to up their game?

Hen’s Party Scratch Cards

These DIY kits, created in the United States, include pre-printed greeting cards with a pre-printed area for a personal message. The phrases are then covered by a golden sticker, which guests can scrape off.

The cards can be used in a variety of ways; for example, you might give one to each game's winner, with the understanding that only one will be the 'golden ticket,' entitles the winner to a magnificent price. And, of course, it can be a touch snarky.

Help Her Look The Part.

You can tell the difference between a bride who appreciates some extra attention and one who craves it. Location, age, and personality can all play a role in a person's success. The good news is that there are many methods to accommodate both.

For more reserved girls, a beautiful rosette might serve as a subtle way to designate them as VIPs without drawing attention to themselves. You'll have great photo props, too, if everyone at the wedding party wears matching outfits.

For those who are more comfortable in front of the camera, the bride-to-be-in-waiting-sash is the perfect accessory to go to a pub with a few other engaged women. Colours and patterns of elegance, such as the golden starburst or a sleek floral design, are what you need to keep in mind. This is the kind of event that will bring attention to, rather than detract from, your special guest.

Live Past The Moment.

There's room for tenderness amidst the fun and games when it comes to hen parties. This can be done by reminiscing about the bride's past or looking forward to her future.

Incorporating it into a formal ceremony can provide an appearance of refinement. For example, ask guests to select chairs before handing them champagne, and then have them take 10 minutes to attentively pour their glass. Depending on the number of guests, it's possible to offer each person two cards to fill out, one for a more serious perspective and the other for something lighter. "I hope you always..." can be addressed in a variety of ways using this method. "I hope you always... recall how happy you were to realise he enjoyed all the same old movies as you" and "I hope you always... let him get the last words in a disagreement. 'Yes, sweetheart' is fine as long as those words are used.

Make It Worthy Of An Online Swoon.

You can see why social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram have become successful because people enjoy looking at attractive photographs. For most brides, Pinterest is their go-to source for inspiration when it comes to planning their big day. Keeping this in mind, put in the effort to create a stunning space that will leave a lasting impression on visitors.

There's no reason this shouldn't be inexpensive. Gorgeous tassels in pastel, metallic, and oversized balloon hues are hot right now, as are oversized balloons. Handmade celebration flags with phrases like "hooray" and "hen's party" affixed to retro stripes and polka dot straws are also popular among brides. Another example of how small touches can have an enormous impact can be seen by placing them in a miniature milk bottle filled with Pimms or punch.

When it comes to decorations, you can't go wrong with bunting, especially if it's themed around the birthday girl! Large paper flowers in vases, mason jars packed with cookies and sweets, and as many awesome yet humiliating images of your hen as you can find are all excellent decoration options.

Send Your Guests Home With More Than Simply Memories.

The hen's party is the bride's time to celebrate with her closest friends and family, unlike the wedding, where she shares the guest list with her fiancé. So, don't miss out on this photo opportunity.

Having a handful of photos printed right there at the beginning of the party would be a great way to give them out to guests as they leave. Finally, a lovely favour in a gorgeous package would be a fantastic way to round off the celebration in style. A beautiful tiny cardboard box adorned with a ribbon would be the perfect size for something sweet, such as a ripe pear or the bride's favourite chewy lollipop.

Remembering who this special day is all about should be the number one priority for the bride and her bridal party. A fantastic hen's party is all about keeping it simple and personal for the bride. To ensure the celebration represents her personality and interests, it's essential to focus on what she likes to do rather than what her guests like doing.

Celebrations should be memorable for the right reasons, not for the wrong ones.

FAQs About Hen Party

Planning a hen party may be somewhat stressful, especially if it is your first time planning a party for a large number of people. Please take a look at our detailed guide that walks you through arranging the perfect hen party to ensure that you are aware of the schedule for having the hen party and how to ensure that it goes off without a hitch.

Great Ideas For Hen’s Parties

  • A picnic lunch and a horseback ride around the countryside are included in this tour.
  • Whether producing scrapbooks or a photo board, a crafty DIY class is sure to please.
  • A one-off book club meeting in which everyone is asked to debate their favourite romance novel, Mills & Boon or Mr Darcy.
  • Snorkelling safaris or a day of waterskiing at a lake are aquatic adventures involving submerging one's head underwater.
  • This is the perfect opportunity if you've never tried steaming or cupping at a spa.
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