It’s that time that you never thought would happen; your best friend is finally going to tie the knot. Being her maid of honour, you have the responsibility of organising her hen party, but what to do? It will be one of the biggest days of her life, so you want to make it extra special. Here are a few tips to make that day one to remember.

Planning A Hen Do Can Be Daunting

Whether you’re a hen party planning newbie or a well-seasoned hen do planner, undertaking the role of Head Party Planner can seem an overwhelming and daunting prospect. The thing is, you want to throw your best friend a hen party that is as individual and unique as she is. And you don’t want to throw a run of the mill hen do. Check out a range of Magic Men’s hens party ideas to help in your upcoming party.

But hen party planning can get overwhelming quickly. There’s a lot to think about.  The party planning to-do list goes on and on, from the budget and the guest list to the games and activities. But let’s be honest; what you don’t want is hen party planning to take over your life! After all, you have other things to do.

Hen Weekends Are A LOT Of Fun

Hen party weekends can be A LOT of fun! We love that a hen weekend allows the bride to get a lot of quality time with every one of her nearest and dearest.  What’s more, hen weekends will enable the bride’s friends and family to know each other.  There’s nothing like sharing a hen party cottage for a weekend to break the ice truly.

Of course, this means, once the wedding day rolls around, many of the bride’s guests will already know each other. Seeing all her friends and family catching up over hilarious hen party memories will be extra special for the bride on her big day!

Hen Weekend Ideas Like No Other!

Does your bride to be want to head away for her hen weekend? Hurrah! Here are some classy hen party ideas to help.


Make sure the hen party is all about the bride to be. Adding a personal touch will show how much her friends know her and will keep her forever.

The great idea is to create a memory book. You can get a photo book or notebook and decorate it yourself. Ask people close to her to give photos from throughout her life and add funny captions for that extra personal touch.

You could also ask the groom to add some photos and messages or do a secret video with him, which could be shown at the hen party to make it interactive and engaging for everyone.

Have Activities

Make sure the activities are tailored to suit her tastes. After all, it is her big day, and if you have her camping in a muddy field when she is a more of a get her nails done kind of girl, she will not thank you for it. You know her the best. What does she love to do? If she loves to dance, then maybe a fabulous dance party could be an idea.

These days there is a hen dance party to suit just about any taste. From roaring 20s, 90s dance to 70s disco—street dance, thriller, pole dancing, can-can, grease, belly dancing and Bollywood. I could go on.

Try to choose something you know she will enjoy but will be completely different from what she has done before.

Party games are another great idea. Get a few fun games going, and you could organise a naked butler to serve you drinks alongside the fun.

If she is more into baking, then think along the lines of food-related activities. You could take cupcake or sushi-making classes. If this seems too much hard work, though, you could do a food tour or chocolate tasting experience.

If she is the creative type, maybe you could all make something, alongside a few glasses of champagne, of course! You could make jewellery or hats, or even something special for the wedding.

If you wanted something different, you could do a murder mystery weekend. Everyone gets a character and has to work out who is the killer and how they did it.

If you wanted to get out into the great outdoors, then maybe a woodland survival weekend is for you. If she is more of a getting pampered kind of girl, then perhaps glamping is for her. No messing about having to put up your tents. It will all be put up for you with champagne on ice ready when you arrive.


Decorating the venue you choose will give the party that extra special touch. It’s a celebration, after all, eh! So get the balloons, party poppers and banners out and make that place look amazing.

Dress Up

Make yourselves stand out from the crowd. There are so many themes to choose from so consider what the bride would feel comfortable in, but of course, you want to make her stand out and be the centre of attention.

Some popular themes are policewomen, army, superheroes or famous film stars.

You could choose a pretty bohemian theme, retro theme or naughty burlesque for something a little different.

Gift bags

Gift bags are a great idea to give everyone a little memory from the big night.

You could include a sash or a printed themed t-shirt. You could consist of a few beauty samples, chocolates or a small charm keepsake.

Another great idea is a mini hangover kit (filled with meds to help with the morning after struggles).

Whatever you decide to do for the hen’s big weekend, make sure it is tailored to her tastes with a little surprise twist. Go out there and give her a party to remember.

Hen Weekends Can Be Hard Work To Plan

While hen weekends are A LOT of fun, they can also be A LOT of work to organise.

Want to know the secret to an incredible hen party weekend? The secret is to be organised! Make sure you know exactly what is happening when. Make sure you keep momentum by having a hen weekend itinerary in place. You don’t have to fill every hour, but having a plan will help things run smoothly. Our momentum blog post, which can be found below, will help you crack this.

Of course, a hen weekend can take many different forms. Your bride might love a weekend away to the English countryside, a pub walk and a catered dinner in your hen party cottage.  On the other hand, your bride may have a party-filled, sun-kissed weekend in Ibiza in mind. As you can see, hen weekends can be vastly different! Make sure you know exactly what kind of hen weekend your bride wants to avoid disappointment.

Hen Weekends Can Get Expensive

Hen weekends can get expensive quickly. Talk to the bride to precisely know what the per person budget is before planning anything. This will avoid disappointment if your guests can’t attend because the hen does just too expensive!

Looking For Hen Night Ideas?

Hen Party Melbourne

Perhaps your best friend just wants a good old fashioned night out on the town! If this is the case, there’s so much more on offer these days than only a knee up down the local pub. The choice is endless, from karaoke to catered dinner parties, from mixology workshops to themed night clubs.

We know how important it is to consider the bride and her tastes when planning her perfect hen night.  You know the bride better than anyone else. That’s why you’re planning her hen weekend! So really think about what you could do to make your best friend’s hen night a night she’ll love!

Create an avenue for adventure

There’s something deliciously decadent about sitting on a lounge drinking champagne and cocktails. And if that’s the kind of celebration your bride likes best, then that’s exactly what you should do. But, with the addition of a little competitive spirit, you can transform the celebration from enjoyable to unforgettable – and help guests work up a thirst in the process. We have an exclusive range of hens ideas Melbourne to help you with your entertainment needs.

One idea many brides currently love is a hen’s party treasure hunt, where you divide your guests into groups – with appropriate badges and insignia, of course – and then send them off to find and collect a wide range of essential items on a checklist. As per usual, the first team to tick all the boxes wins.

So what could you include? Well, the best advice is to think of things that are a bit quirky. Say the signature of a man with a 1960s moustache, a croissant from a bakery or even a photograph of someone walking their dog. In short, be challenging but not impossible – this is supposed to be fun, remember?

Put a new spin on games.

We all know about the kind of games you traditionally find at a hen’s party. Pin the veil on the bride, making a wedding dress from toilet paper, bridal bingo … the list goes on. And the reason these activities have lasted through decades of weddings is that they’re appropriate, inclusive and fun. But who wouldn’t want to up the ante?

Hen’s Party Scratch Cards

Sourced from America, these DIY kits feature ready-made greeting-style cards that come with a purpose-built space to write a message. After this is done, the words are then covered by an accompanying golden sticker, which guests can then scratch away.

The idea with the cards is you can use them in various ways, say handing one out to the winner of each game, the idea being that only one will emerge as the ‘golden ticket’ with a fantastic prize. And yes, it can be something a little cheeky.

Help her look the part.

There’s a massive difference between a bride-to-be who enjoys a little special attention and one who wants to be at the centre of it. Sometimes it’s about age, sometimes it’s about personality, and sometimes it’s about the venue. Fortunately, there’s plenty of ways to cater for both.

For girls who are a little bit shyer, you can skip the traditional veil adornment and instead mark them with a gorgeous rosette that defines their status as a VIP without screaming it to the world. Pop matching designs on the bridal party, and, among other things, you have excellent readymade photo props.

Meanwhile, for engaged girls who are a little bit more comfortable in the spotlight, a bride to be sash always goes down a treat and is an absolute magnet for a few free cocktails if you settle down at a bar. The trick is to think of elegant colours and patterns, such as the golden starburst or sleek floral design. You know, the kind that will enhance, rather than draw attention away from, the woman of the hour.

Live past the moment.

In amidst all the fun and games, sentimentality has its place at a hen’s party. This can be via sharing stories about the bride or, even more meaningfully, a look forward to her new life. 

One charming approach is to make a ceremony of it – asking everyone to find a chair before you supply them with a glass of bubbles and encourage them to spend 10 minutes filling theirs out thoughtfully. Depending on guest numbers, you could even give people two cards each to fill out from a heartfelt perspective and the other a bit more fun. With this approach, a question such as “I hope you always…” could be answered in two ways. Firstly, with a traditional system, such as “I hope you always… remember how excited you were to discover he loved all the same classic movies as you” and then, for something cheekier, go with this: “I hope you always… let him get the last words in an argument. As long as those words are ‘Yes, dear’.

Make it worthy of an online swoon.

There’s a reason social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are so popular – and that’s the fact people LOVE to look at beautiful photos. You’d probably be hard-pressed to find a bride who hadn’t set up a board or two with inspirations for her big day. With this in mind, take the lesson to heart that appearances matter and put in the time and effort to create a beautiful space with the real wow factor.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to do this. Oversized balloons are on-trend right now, as are gorgeous tassels in hues ranging from pastel to metallic. Brides also love handmade celebration flags attached to retro stripe and polka dot straws and have messages such as “hooray” and “hen’s party”. They look especially appealing sitting in a mini milk bottle full of Pimms or punch, again enhancing the idea that little touches can have a significant impact.

Something else you can also never go wrong with is bunting, especially if it pays tribute to the woman of the hour. Other great decorative ideas include massive paper flowers in vases, mason jars filled with biscuits and candy and, of course, as many awesome but slightly embarrassing photos of the hen as you can find.

Send guests home with more than just their memories.

Even more, than at a wedding, where she shares the guest list with her groom, the hen’s party is the bride’s chance to celebrate with her very nearest and dearest. So take the opportunity to get photos galore.

One lovely idea would be to snap a bunch of images at the start of the fun, duck down to an office supply store and have copies printed on the spot to share with people as they leave. Another excellent way to cap off the celebration in style would be with a beautiful favour – presented in exquisite packaging. You could opt for a gorgeous stiff paper bag tied with ribbon or even an elegant little cardboard box that’s just the right size for a treat, such as a ripe pear, peanut brittle or the bride’s favourite chewy lolly. Check out the range of Magic Men’s Melbourne hens ideas to help in your party planning.

The most important thing is for the bridal party to remember who the day is really about. The secret to throwing a great hen’s party is to keep it right to the bride. It’s about making sure the celebration reflects her personality and interests and focuses on what she enjoys doing rather than what the attendants may enjoy doing.

It’s about creating a celebration that will long linger in her memories – for all the right reasons.

Great Ideas for Hen’s Parties

  • A horseback adventure through the hinterland, complete with a picnic lunch.
  • A crafty DIY class – whether it’s making scrapbooks or even creating a photo board.
  • A one-off book club meeting where everyone is asked to discuss their favourite romance novel, be it Mills & Boon or Mr Darcy.
  • An aquatic adventure that involves dunking your head under, be it a snorkelling safari or even just a day waterskiing at a lake.
  • A day at a spa that goes beyond massage to incorporate something you’ve never tried before, such as steaming or cupping.
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