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Kam & Paul Gay Wedding

Commitment ceremony venues Melbourne

Brighton Savoy is proud to recognise your relationship and would be privileged to be a part of the celebration of your commitment. As an events venue, Brighton Savoy has hosted a number of


Bespoke wedding dresses Melbourne

Selecting a wedding dress for your Melbourne wedding should be a fun and exciting time. Howe ever it can also become a daunting task, as every bride dreams of being a princess on their special day.


Wedding Bands and Live Entertainment Melbourne

Today at the Brighton Savoy, we’re exploring the question: What makes live wedding musicians stand out from the crowd in the wedding scene? Is it years of experience? Is it industry awards? Is it diversity? Talent?


Photo of the train tracks at Middle Brighton train station

How to get to Brighton Savoy

There are many great options to choose from to arrive at Brighton Savoy – either by Taxi, Public Transport, Direct Bus service or pamper yourself with a luxurious