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10 Places to Propose in Melbourne

Melbourne is a premier location in Australia for a wide range of purposes. For one thing, it’s an excellent place to get down on one knee and express your devotion to your lover.

Whether you’re a local, transplant or a tourist, here are 5 places to make this most special of moments even more unforgettable.

1. Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

If you and your soon-to-be betrothed have never been able to get enough of the great outdoors, the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is the place to go for your proposal. It features over 38 hectares of stunning greenery, so you should have no problem finding the perfect spot.

The Gardens seemingly always have a new stunning event on if you want to amp up your momentous occasion that little bit more.

2. The Melbourne Star

This iconic landmark is one of Melbourne’s most visited locations for a reason. If you and your partner first came into each other’s lives in Victoria’s capital, there’s simply no better place to pledge your lifelong commitment than the Star. 

Its 360-degree views of the glorious city offer an unmatched perspective of the city you’ll spend many more romantic evenings in for years to come.

3. Eureka Skydeck

In a similar vein to the Melbourne Star is the Eureka Skydeck. A particularly great option for a night time proposal, spend your evening pointing out the city’s finest landmarks before fishing into your pocket and popping the question. You can choose to find a quiet alcove or accept the whoops and cheers of onlookers.

4. St Kilda Pier

If the ocean has served to keep you and your partner bonded all these years, there’s no better proposal location in Melbourne than St Kilda Pier. Its equally stunning views of the Melbourne skyline and Port Philip will blow their mind as you prepare to pop the question.

While you’re there, check out the famous Little penguin colony and the St Kilda Pavilion to complete the date night to end all date nights.

5. Mt Donna Beung

If you’re prepared to take a trek from the CBD, Mt Donna Beung serves as one of the most picturesque locations the Yarra Valley has to offer. Adorned with a 25-metre high lookout tower, breathtaking is the only way to describe this destination.

There will be no complaints on the drive home, as stunningly bucolic views serenade you both as you dream of happy years together.

6. Luna Park Melbourne

If your proposal is likely to precede the arrival of a series of little ones, you might as well get started on the regular trips to Luna Park now. From the iconic entrance to any one of your favourite rids, Luna Park will provide a nostalgic charm to set your partner’s heart alight.

7. Philip Island

We couldn’t mention Little penguins just once. When it comes to the best proposal locations in Melbourne, Philip Island’s penguin parade is not to be forgotten.

Picture this: You and your partner have just spend a glorious afternoon strolling around all the natural delights of Philip Island. As the sun begins to vanish over the horizon, the island’s famous Little penguin colony returns to the beach as they begin to roost in the dunes. Just as your lover begins to recover from the marvel of this experience, they turn and see you with a knee in the sand and a stunning diamond ring in your hand.

We’d put your chances of a successful proposal very, very high.

8. Yarra River Gondola Ride

The stunning waterway running through the heart of Melbourne leaves an indelible impression on every resident. Long-time residents will have spent many hours gazing upon the iconic location.

If you haven’t already enjoyed a gondola ride along the Yarra River, make your proposal all the more memorable as you glide along the river as those three fateful letters come out of their mouth.

9. Healesville Sanctuary Koala Experience

Yet another slam-dunk option for animal lovers, a Healesville Sanctuary Koala Experience offers unrivalled access to these iconic Australian creatures. Learn everything there is to know about these adorable animals and get the chance to have a close encounter before getting down on one knee and popping the question.

10. No35

It’s tough to choose just one spot for the perfect foodie proposal in Melbourne, but No35 has to take the cake. It offers stunning city views and a delectable menu blending French classics and modern Australiana.

Once your partner is sufficiently wined and dined, you should have no trouble getting the answer you’re hoping to hear.

Your wedding ring of choice deserves just as much consideration as your destination. For a wide array of inspiration, check out Larsen Jewellery’s astonishing array of Melbourne wedding rings to add a further local touch to your unforgettable proposal.

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