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What is a wedding welcome sign?

A wedding welcome sign is a decorative sign typically placed at the entrance of a wedding venue to greet guests and provide important information about the event. These signs can vary in design and style but often include the names of the couple, the wedding date, and sometimes a brief welcome message. They may also feature decorative elements that match the overall theme or aesthetic of the wedding. Wedding welcome signs serve as a warm introduction to the celebration and set the tone for the event

Do you need a welcome sign at your wedding?

  • Yes, it sets the tone: A welcome sign helps to set the tone and ambiance of your wedding, offering guests a warm greeting as they arrive.
  • Right location:  If your wedding is at a venue with multiple spaces , it assist guest to know they are at the right location
  • Personalized touch: Wedding signs, including welcome signs, provide a personalized touch, featuring the couple’s names and wedding date, creating a memorable impression for guests.
  • Practical information: Besides aesthetics, welcome signs can convey essential information such as directions to various wedding events or facilities, enhancing guests’ experience.
  • Enhanced decor: Wedding welcome signs contribute to the overall decor theme, complementing other decorative elements and adding to the visual appeal of the venue.

wedding welcome sign ideas

Where do you put a wedding welcome sign?

  • Venue Entrance: Place the welcome sign at the entrance of the wedding venue to greet guests as they arrive, setting the tone for the event.
  • Ceremony or Reception Entrance: Position the sign at the entrance of either the ceremony or reception area to welcome guests to the respective part of the celebration.
  • High Traffic Areas: Consider placing the sign in high-traffic areas within the venue, such as near the bar or walkways, where it can catch guests’ attention.
  • Beside Decorative Elements: If you have decorative elements like a Champagne wall or escort card display, position the welcome sign beside them to enhance the overall aesthetic.

How big should the welcome sign be for a wedding?

To ensure visibility and readability, the size of a wedding welcome sign typically depends on various factors, including the venue size and the distance from which it needs to be seen. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Easily Readable: The sign should be large enough for guests to read the text comfortably from a reasonable distance, typically at least A1 which is aproximately 84 cm x 60 cm.
  • Consider Venue Size: For larger venues or outdoor settings, opt for larger signs to ensure they stand out and are visible to all guests.
  • Proportional to Decor: Ensure the size of the sign is proportional to other decorative elements and the overall aesthetic of the wedding.
  • Customization: Consider customizing the size based on personal preference and the specific layout of the venue.

It’s advisable to discuss the size with your wedding planner, signage provider and venue to ensure it fits well within the overall decor scheme and meets the practical needs of your event.

How do you display a wedding sign?

To display a wedding sign effectively, consider the following methods:

  1. Framing: Place the sign in a decorative picture frame with a stand to give it a polished and elegant look.
  2. Hanging: Hang the sign using decorative ribbons, ropes, or hooks, especially if you want to showcase it at eye level or in areas where there’s limited floor space.
  3. Easels: Utilize easels to prop up larger signs, allowing them to stand on their own and be easily visible to guests.
  4. Lean Against Surfaces: Lean smaller signs against walls, tables, or other surfaces to create a relaxed and casual display .
  5. Decorative Stands: Use decorative stands or holders specifically designed for signs to add an extra touch of style and sophistication .
  6. Integration with Decor: Incorporate the sign into existing decor elements, such as floral arrangements, to seamlessly blend it with the overall aesthetic of the wedding.

Ensure that the chosen display method complements the style and theme of the wedding, while also ensuring that the sign is easily visible to guests.

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Where to buy a welcome wedding sign

If you’re looking to purchase a welcome wedding sign, you can explore various options from the following sources:

Where to hire welcome wedding sign stands or easels in Melbourne

If you’re looking to hire welcome wedding sign stands or easels in Melbourne, you have several options available:

  1. The Small Things Co. – Wedding Signage Stands & Welcome Signs Hire: The Small Things Co. offers wedding signage stands and welcome signs for hire, providing elegant options to complement your wedding decor.
  2. The Big Letter Co. – Backdrop & Easel Hire: The Big Letter Co. provides backdrop and easel hire services in Melbourne, offering sturdy easels perfect for displaying wedding signs.
  3. Ivory Heart – Wedding Signage Hire Melbourne: Ivory Heart offers wedding signage hire services in Melbourne, including easel rental options to showcase your welcome sign with style.
  4. Wedding Hire Melbourne – Hire Easel Black Wooden: Wedding Hire Melbourne provides black wooden easels for hire, suitable for displaying welcome signs and other wedding signage.
  5. Weddings of Distinction – Easels Hire Melbourne: Weddings of Distinction offers easel hire services in Melbourne, providing versatile options to showcase your wedding signage elegantly.
  6. The Hire Co. – Signage & Easels: The Hire Co. in Melbourne offers signage and easel rental services, catering to various event needs, including weddings.

These sources offer a range of options for hiring welcome wedding sign stands or easels in Melbourne, allowing you to find the perfect display solution for your special day.

diy wedding glass frame sign

How to make a welcome sign for a wedding?

Making a welcome sign for a wedding can be a fun and creative DIY project. Here’s a simple guide to making one:

  • Acquire Materials: Gather a sturdy backing board or a large piece of wood, paint or stain (optional), paintbrushes, stencils or vinyl lettering, and any decorative elements you desire.
  • Design the Sign: Decide on the layout and design of your welcome sign. You can personalize it with your names, wedding date, and a welcoming message. Use software like Canva or Adobe Illustrator to design it digitally if desired.
  • Prepare the Backing: If you’re using wood, sand it smooth and apply paint or stain if desired. Let it dry completely.
  • Add Text: Use stencils or vinyl lettering to add the text to your sign. You can also hand-paint the letters if you’re confident in your calligraphy skills.
  • Decorate: Add decorative elements such as floral arrangements, greenery, or other embellishments to enhance the sign’s appearance.
  • Protect (Optional): Apply a clear sealant or varnish to protect the sign from the elements if it will be used outdoors.
  • Display: Place the welcome sign on an easel or prop it up against a sturdy surface at the entrance to your wedding venue.

By following these steps, you can create a beautiful and personalized welcome sign that sets the tone for your special day.

What to do with wedding welcome sign after wedding?

After the wedding, you can repurpose your wedding welcome sign in several creative ways:

  1. Frame and Display: Frame the sign as a keepsake and display it in your home, either in your entryway or another prominent location.
  2. Personalized Decor: Remove any wedding-specific information and keep elements like your first names, a meaningful quote, or the wedding date. Hang it as personalized decor in your home.
  3. Memories: Preserve the sign along with other wedding mementos, such as framed photos and smaller chalkboards, as a cherished memory from your special day.
  4. Repurposed Signage: If the sign only features your names without specific wedding details, repurpose it for other occasions or as home decor .

Remember to choose a storage solution that preserves the sign’s quality, such as acid-free paper or archival boxes, to ensure it remains in good condition as a lasting reminder of your wedding day.


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