Planning a stag do isn’t all about fun! You need to book the travel tickets, hotel stays, tickets for attractions and activities, and make sure you pack them all in. A stag weekend is supposed to be full of adventure, fun, and wild experiences, so make sure you pack light.

There are various things that you should not forget to pack, and similarly, a bunch that needs to be left behind. The right way to packing essentials is to know what they are. 

What to bring to a bachelor party isn’t just a question about what you need to have fun. You also need to consider travel arrangements, events you plan to visit, etc. Some people say that you need to create a list of bachelor party must-haves to have fun. However, you don’t need a bunch of stuff to party, just a positive attitude. We have an exclusive range of hens party services to spice up your girls’ night out at Magic Men.

You could use some things, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you forget them. With the right company, any bachelor party can be a success. That being said, let’s go through some things you need to keep you in check.

Before you get further down the article, we have two DOs and two DON’Ts for the bachelor party:

  1. Do make the party fit the groom’s taste, personality, and interests. He shouldn’t be the organiser, of course, but try to get his approval of things.
  2. Do keep the groom in check. Contrary to popular belief, the bachelor party isn’t an excuse for the groom to cheat on his future wife. Take care of him, so you can all have a blast!
  3. Don’t do something dangerous/stupid. Alcohol can influence everyone’s judgment, so the party should have at least one sober person. That’s usually the best man whose job is to keep the groom away from dangerous situations and injuries.
  4. Don’t assume everyone has an unlimited budget. Although renting a penthouse sounds impressive, your friends might not have that much money to burn on one weekend. Discuss the ideas with other guys, so you can find something fun (and on the budget) to do together.

If you’re travelling

We’ll start discussing bachelor party necessities in case you’re going on a “stag weekend”. The weekend will be filled with adventure, fun, and wild experiences, so you need to be prepared for the unexpected. On the other hand, you need to stay mobile and pack light.

There are some things you shouldn’t forget to pack and other bachelor party stuff that should be left behind. For example, you don’t have to pack bachelor party novelty items because you can buy them in your destination for little cash. Pack only the essentials, starting with documents, plane tickets, and clothes.

Trip Itinerary

You are the best man, mate! You must ensure a perfect stag do. Keep the other lads in the loop to fix a comfortable budget and then plan the entire trip. What will happen the next day if you have an even worse hangover than expected?

What will you do the next day? Isn’t it better to plan to make sure the trip goes as smoothly as the party the previous night? Find out the attractions and fun-filled activities in those places and allocate a time & day to each of them. Looking for Melbourne hens ideas to make sure you and your friends can enjoy hens party? Magic Men has you covered.

You can even book them beforehand to ensure the availability of all the experiences. Don’t forget to make copies and keep them in the top pocket of your travel bag.

IDs and documents

Don’t forget your ID, driver’s license, passport, and other essential documents you need to have on hand. Passport is a must if you’re travelling abroad (Europe, Asia, etc.). In other cases, you can leave it at home. Your weekend is all about the party, so why risk wasting hours with the authorities to explain why you don’t have your identification documents.


If you already booked the hotel and made travel arrangements, the worst thing you can do is forgetting the tickets at home. It’s just too expensive to get new ones at the airport, so pack them first. It’s also good to make copies (or take a picture with your phone) just to misplace them.

Mobile Phone And Charger

People don’t usually forget to pack their mobile phones, but keeping the plug charger and portable battery pack often fails.

At first, it might not be an issue because one always leaves the hotel room with a 100% charge on their phones, but what about the night? When you are clicking pictures all day, won’t it drain out the battery? You cannot go back to your hotel room after every attraction you visit, so isn’t it better if you keep a portable pack in your backpack to avoid such situations? Think about it.


Packing light means you don’t have to bring a different outfit combination for each day. You could just pack a few pairs of socks and boxers in addition to 2-3 shirts and one extra pair of pants. Even if you are spilling drinks, you just need one back-up item to wear until the other dries, right? Adapt as you go! Depending on the weather, you should also pack one jacket/coat or, if you plan to visit a beach, a bathing suit.

The fact that you wish to pack light means fewer clothes whatsoever. So, a few pairs of socks, boxers, and shorts along with a variety of t-shirts and shirts. You can repeat your denim and trousers, so don’t pack one for each day.

Moreover, you have to be a fashion expert in mixing and matching whenever required. Pack one warm jacket and a suit if you think you might need one. The clothes can only be planned appropriately when your itinerary is finalised.

Re-hydration Packs

When you have already planned to get wasted every night of the trip, then keep a box of rehydration sachets is the right way to go because it will save your headaches at bay and keep you energised, ready for another adventure planned the following day.

Toiletries and cosmetics

Do we even need to go through this? Pack all-in-one shower gel and bring your toothbrush. The hotel has everything else, we assure you. Naturally, if you think you need something else, feel free to pack it. Just remember, you’re going for three days, not three weeks.

Purchasing an all-in-one shower gel is the right approach, i.e. shampoo, face wash and body wash. It will reduce your luggage space significantly. In addition to that, you should keep deodorants and an aftershave.

The essential items in your kit are a toothbrush and paste. You can keep wet wipes, moisturiser, sun-tan lotion (to avoid sunburns) and hand sanitiser.


One extra pair of shoes, that’s all you need. Maybe you can also pack a pair of sleepers if your hotel has a pool. Otherwise, you don’t need excessive footwear in your bag. A couple of smart shoes, casual shoes, and formal shoes will be enough for a stag weekend trip. The art of making anything fashionable will make your packing comfortable and light.

Deck of cards and board games

Your main activity, of course, won’t be sitting in room playing games. However, when you’re tired after all-night partying and need to recharge, you should have some activities to pass the time.

Deck of cards doesn’t take a lot of room in your bag and can come in very handy. You can also bring some board games for drinking like Drink-a-Palooza, Beeropoly, etc.


One of the bachelor party essentials is medication. Sure, you can go to a local pharmacy and get everything you need, but it’s good to have at hand some painkillers, eye drops, a few bandages, etc. In the case of an emergency, all you need to do is take a deep breath and get your first-aid kit.

Camera And Memory Cards

You cannot get the same picture clarity from a mobile phone as compared with a DSLR. If you want to treasure your stag do memories in high-quality, then don’t forget to pack your camera and a few extra memory chips to avoid transferring data to your laptop every night.

Don’t forget

We must mention, just in case that you shouldn’t forget to bring enough cash to get you going the entire weekend.

The key to proper packing for a bachelor weekend is knowing what you’ll be doing. We don’t mean you should plan every detail, but it’s good to have a vague plan in mind, so you can know what to pack. If you’re planning to take a trip for seven days or longer, you might want to pack more clothes.

Home parties

Home Parties

Now that we covered the checklist for a weekend trip let’s talk about what to bring to a bachelorette party, you’ll be throwing at home. You need to get more things for a home party because many things won’t be provided like in a hotel.


First thing – booze. Naturally, if the groom doesn’t consume alcohol (due to medical or religious reasons), you should skip this part. Otherwise, grab a pencil and paper and start writing a booze shopping list. You can’t just sip whiskey the entire night! You need to have a variety of options, so get vodka, gin, tequila, bourbon, rum, wine, and of course, beer.

Even if you’re not a pro in making cocktails, you can use the liquids for mixing, such as club soda, tonic water, cola, etc. You can even spend a part of the night trying out different combinations. You can easily find classic cocktail recipes online. And if you buy enough ice, we’re sure you won’t have a problem channelling your inner bartender. Here some of the classic ideas to get you started.

The amount of alcohol you need is always a mystery. The only advice we can give you is to get still more than you think you need. At least 50% more! Running out of beer in the middle of the party is a disaster.

Are you more of a beer guy and not sure what to include in a well-stocked bar?  You can always ask party-goers for their favourites, or you can go with our essential guide.  Top-shelf is nice, but it is not still necessary.  When making your purchasing decisions, keep in mind how you will use them.  For example, if you will be sipping tequila, you might want it smooth.  Using it for mixers or shots, and you can go a little cheaper.  If you are having a big party and enjoy plenty of options, we suggest making sure you can offer:

  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Tequila
  • Rum
  • Bourbon
  • Scotch
  • Cognac
  • Vermouth
  • Cointreau
  • Disaronno
  • Campari
  • Lemons and Limes
  • Bitters
  • Simple Syrup (a mix of equal parts of sugar and water, with the sugar dissolved in the water)
  • Club Soda
  • Tonic Water
  • Cola
  • Ginger Ale


Cigars are not suitable for your health, but neither is drinking. However, bachelor parties need both! Enjoying expensive cigars is almost a tradition, so make sure you have quality cigars for your home party.

Cigars are smelly, they are terrible for your health, and they are expensive. Put those together, and you quickly realise that cigars frequently get nixed for newlyweds. They are also one of life’s decadent little pleasures. So, we encourage you to enjoy a smoke at your bachelor party. Depending on your destination, cigars might be part of the experience.  For example, if you are heading to Havana or even too little Havana, you should pick up your cigars when you get there. If not, plan by bringing a box of fine cigars with you.  Don’t forget the tools you need to make it an experience. 

If the guests don’t smoke often, you might want to get something mellow. Do a bit of research so that you can find the best cigars for your group. You can start by checking out the video below.


The best kind of food for the bachelor party is the one all guests like – pizza. Even if someone doesn’t like it, just order a burger for that person. You can also bring some exotic food, but don’t go overboard. Most guys don’t even care about the variety of food available as long as it’s tasty and goes great with drinks.


You need to bring some forms of entertainment for the bachelor party. You won’t just sit and drink the entire night, right? It would be best to get a laptop with quality Bluetooth speakers. You can watch movies, listen to music, etc. You can always just talk and share embarrassing stories about yourself or the other guys. It would get everyone to laugh and loosen up a bit.

Everyone’s favourite activity for a home bachelor party is, of course, playing poker, so don’t forget to bring cards and chips. Depending on the mood, you can play other party games like Drunk Jenga, Shot Roulette, Cards Against Humanity, Loaded Kings, etc.


You don’t need silly accessories for a home party, but you can bring them just in case the night evolves and you end up hitting the bars. You can get matching shirts for all the guys or some ridiculous hats. You want to make your group stand up and be unique, so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit.

Night out

When you’re going out, the first thing you’re going to need is cash. Whatever you plan on doing, you’ll need money for it. As for other bachelor party things, bring anything your friends might enjoy. The more ridiculous accessories are, the better!

Usually, the night starts with a casual dinner with drinks. After that, you can either hit the bars, check out local clubs, or go for some gambling. However, if you want a more unorthodox night, you can go to a sporting event, play laser tag, try rock climbing, skydiving, or bungee jumping. When you do more extreme activities, you might want to leave alcohol for later.

It’s a good idea to try challenges on your night out. Make a list of silly daring things and challenge each other to do it. You can make a custom challenge T-shirt for everyone and when you finish a task, cross it on your shirt. The usual challenges revolve around messing around in bars, but you can create different challenges if you plan on doing something else. If you lack inspiration, there are always “dare” cards. Draw and go, simple as that!

Remember that people are different. While some men would enjoy the “standard” bachelor party, others might want to do something unusual. Always run your ideas with the group and especially the groom. If he doesn’t like your plans, make new ones.

Maybe the groom’s idea of an ideal night with the guys revolves around drinking and playing video games? In that case, all you need to bring to a party is some good old booze and the newest games on the market.

Also, take into consideration his personality before planning the party. If he’s an introvert and doesn’t like to talk to strangers a lot, don’t force meeting new people the entire night.

The most critical – party attitude

All you need for a successful bachelor party is an enthusiastic attitude. Everything else is less important if you can lift the group’s spirit and set the party mood. Once you do that, just keep the group’s momentum and get the party moving. You can go from one club/bar to another, or you can play some darts; who cares! As long as you’re all having fun and nobody gets hurt, that’s all that matters. Want to have the best Melbourne hens party? Magic Men has you covered


You probably got the basic idea about what to bring to a bachelor party. Just remember to not stress too much about it! Communication is everything, so don’t hesitate to go through all details with the groom and your friends together. We’re sure you’ll find lots of fun things to do.

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