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There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to wedding reception venues in Sydney, New South Wales.  

So whether you're looking for a breathtaking waterfront setting or a more intimate garden setting, you're sure to find the perfect venue to suit your needs.There are a number of things to consider when choosing a wedding reception venue, such as the size of the guest list, the budget, and the type of atmosphere you want to create. 

Once you've taken all of these factors into account, you'll be able to narrow down your search and find the perfect venue for your special day.

Ultimate List Of Wedding Reception Venues in Sydney

Doltone House - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

Doltone House


02 8571 4485

Sydney Weddings At Doltone House


Your 'I do' location. Begin your married life in the most romantic way possible, with a dream wedding at an idyllic Doltone House Sydney wedding and reception venue.

Without a doubt, your wedding day is one of life's most memorable occasions. Months of careful planning go into making your wedding day nothing short of perfect. Doltone House is a venue that recognises this. There is no such thing as an impossible challenge or an extraordinary concept. 

Our reputation as Sydney's best wedding reception venue has been earned through an unrivalled dedication to making your wedding as magical as you imagined. Whether you're planning a grand formal sit-down reception or a chic cocktail event, our Unique Venues can help. Welcome to Sydney wedding venues

Our Story

When 19-year-old Biaggio Signorelli arrived at Pyrmont Wharf from Italy in 1954, he could never have imagined that he would leave an incredible Sydney hospitality legacy to his children and grandchildren. Biaggio died in May 2008 as a result of mesothelioma, an asbestos-related cancer. "Life From a Suitcase," the iconic bronze statue in front of our Darling Island venue, is a tribute to his story.

Our Company

A family-owned and operated business committed to our customers. We have the expertise to create a simple or dramatic space. Everything we do is motivated by a desire to provide unforgettable experiences. We are proud to provide all of our clients with the technical elements you would expect from a market leader and a sense of welcome and warmth that makes every interaction enjoyable. The Doltone Difference is that we go the extra mile.

Our People

Our philosophy is straightforward: we take pride in every event detail and strive to exceed service expectations. Your guests will notice the unexpected touches. Our employees are experts in their fields and are completely committed to exceeding expectations. It is our concern. As do our employees, we genuinely care about who has been carefully selected to uphold Doltone values.

Sergeants’ Mess - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

Sergeants’ Mess


02 8978 9985

Welcome To Sergeants’ Mess

The Sergeants' Mess may be found in one of the most stunning settings in all of Sydney, with views of Chowder Bay. As a result of its location, natural bushland offers stunning panoramas of Sydney Harbour and its surrounding bays, including Camp Cove, Watson's Bay, and Rose Bay. The venue is perfect for weddings, conferences, meetings, gala events, and private festivities due to the breathtaking view and the lavish interior and spacious harbour deck.

Sydney Waterfront Wedding Reception Venue

If generosity is vital to you on the day of your wedding, our spectacular waterfront setting with spectacular views of the Harbour, beautiful and glamorous design nuances, and Sergeants' Mess, a venue with complete solitude, will wow you and your guests. Since it first opened its doors, Sergeants' Mess has been widely regarded as one of the most prestigious locations in Sydney for weddings by both bridal parties and critics. The magnificent dining room, which can accommodate from fifty to two hundred and fifty guests for a seated reception, serves as a beautiful backdrop for wedding receptions of varying sorts. Our wonderful bar area, which features breathtaking views of the Harbour in 180-degree panoramas, is able to accommodate smaller gatherings. In addition, guests have the opportunity to arrive in an opulent fashion via boat transfer, thanks to our private pier. With a commitment to upscale dining, which is enhanced by


Our organisation takes a keen interest in the past of the places we have selected with great care to serve as the sites of our events. As a consequence of this, we came to the conclusion that retaining the Sergeants' Mess name was not only an excellent method to show respect to the history of the structure, but it was also an excellent choice for the location. In the past, the Sergeants' Mess served as a central location for people to congregate to partake in activities such as eating, drinking, and socialising; going forward, this will continue to be the case. In addition, the Sergeants' Mess is a facility owned and operated by Grand Pacific Group, a luxury hospitality company that offers experiences than any other company cannot match.

Chowder Bay, which can be found on the southern side of Sydney's Middle Head peninsula, got its name from whalers who, back in the 1820s, used the bay's plenty of fish to make a dish that they called "chowder." After decades of military control, Chowder Bay was finally opened up to the general public in 2000. The bay is between a breathtaking harbour frontage and a mountainous backdrop of natural vegetation. The complex's historically significant buildings and amenities were constructed in 1892 as a Submarine Miners Depot. Subsequently, the Australian military made use of the buildings as barracks and mess quarters.

It wasn't until 1963 that the first Sergeants' Mess was constructed as a Georges Heights Australian Military Army Base component. It was customary for officers to congregate in the Sergeants' Mess for dining and mingling. There was also a kitchen, living quarters, a pool room, and the main dining room below. In addition, there were washing facilities.

The Venues Collection - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney 

The Venues Collection


03 1254 114

The Venues Collection is quickly becoming a leader in Sydney's hospitality and event planning business. Our curated list of restaurants and event venues in Sydney's most fashionable neighbourhoods is home to some of the city's most desirable seating options. We are making sure that each of our visitors has an experience that they will never forget, complete with enduring memories, unparalleled service, mouthwatering cuisine, and magnificent famous waterfront sites.


We offer breathtaking wedding venues in some of Sydney's most famous settings. There is something for everyone, from historical monuments along the harbour to stately mansions to newly developed entertainment districts along the water and everything in between.

Consistently Exceptional Hospitality

The collaborative effort of our event specialists, serving staff, and chefs that have won awards makes our recent dining experience the best it can be. Customers, both corporate and social, who have high expectations are met with great customer service by staff members who are highly motivated and attentive. Because our operators have over 35 years of combined experience, we are the ones you should contact if you run into an issue. When there is no other option than to do things correctly.

Iconic Locations

Both along the waterfront of Sydney Harbour and farther afield into the heritage hinterlands, our event locations have been meticulously selected to offer the best possible backdrop for your gathering. The majority of our properties are situated in illustrious areas, and many of them include history facades with textured sandstone. These properties offer visually appealing and versatile settings for your events and provide cutting-edge services. Interior design and layout.

FAQs About Wedding Reception Venues

When searching for locations for your wedding reception, here are some helpful hints:

  • Stick to your budget.
  • Trust your instinct when choosing among the array of event spaces.
  • Enjoy the thrill of preparing for your big day, as the preparation itself will create beautiful memories couples will cherish ever after.

The Bellevue Venue - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

The Bellevue Venue


0416 322 3352

Sydney's Most Popular Wedding And Function Venue

At The Bellevue Venue, we are driven by the desire to create one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experiences for each and every customer who walks through our doors. Flexibility has been essential to our success, as it has allowed us to successfully host events for a large number of visitors regardless of the occasion.

The perfect Wedding Venue

We would be honoured if you would let us help you create the most important day of your life into a day that you will never forget. The Bellevue Venue is a stunning location for weddings and other functions, and it was only recently refurbished. We are able to host a wide range of events, from small, personal gatherings to large, elaborate ethnic weddings. Taking care of our couples from the first step through the ceremony is our number one priority.

At The Bellevue Venue, we pay attention to the tiniest details to ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch. Our objective is to ensure that the happy couple and all of their guests are content from the moment they enter the venue until they leave for the evening. You may count on the assistance of our staff at every stage of the process. So please take the necessary steps to ensure that the day you've been dreaming of is everything you imagined it to be.

Cultural Inspired Weddings

Due to its versatility, the Bellevue Venue is ideally suited to host events and occasions of cultural significance and significance in one's life. Our kitchen staff is well-versed in the intricacies of a wide range of cuisines and dietary restrictions. We take great pride in being able to accommodate a wide variety of wedding ceremonies and celebrations, including Middle Eastern Weddings such as Lebanese Weddings,

Asian Weddings such as Asian Weddings, Jewish Weddings such as Jewish Weddings, European Weddings such as Greek Weddings, Indian Weddings and many more. The Bellevue Venue will guarantee that the day is tailored and customised to the demands of our customers, from the menu and food to any in-house styling and support that they require. This includes everything from the food to the in-house assistance.

Have your Wedding Day styled your way

Please describe your perfect wedding celebration to us, and with the assistance of our skilled in-house stylist, we will do everything to make it a reality. A humdrum corridor can be transformed into a beautiful work of art by our very own in-house styling team. You have complete control over everything, from the colour scheme and theme to the centrepieces, floral arrangements, and even lighting. Whatever the circumstances may be, our staff is committed to putting in the hard effort necessary to turn your idea into a reality. So when you speak with our expert event managers about creating your special day at The Bellevue Venue, make sure to ask about our in-house stylist so that you can learn more about how we can assist you in turning your dream wedding into a reality.

Hostco - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney


02 9563 9985

The University of Sydney features some of the most stunning sites to get married in Sydney if you're searching for a heritage Sydney wedding venue rich in romance and charm. Choose from the Mediterranean Courtyard, Cottage Lawns, stately Refectory, or boutique meeting rooms for your wedding and reception. Each site is the perfect canvas for your vision, with large grounds or beautiful interiors.

Our Refectory, a grand banquet hall with tall eight-metre-high ceilings and a beautiful fresco, is the perfect place to host your celebration. Saying your vows will seem special, with the sunlight filling in through the high French windows and dropping around the traditional panelling. A cocktail party can seat 500 people, whereas a traditional dinner can seat 220 people. The terrace beside it

Outdoor Weddings

Because of the inherent beauty of our outdoor settings, you can go all out or keep it simple. Our groomed Cottage Lawns' rich topiary will leave your photographer spoilt for choice when capturing your special moments for your outdoor wedding fantasy.

This garden wedding venue can accommodate 50 people theatre-style for an ideal ceremony on the bigger front lawn or 150 guests for an outdoor wedding reception spread across both lawns. Our Mediterranean-style Colonnade is the ideal spot for live music and patio dining, and beverage and bar stations. Your visitors can move around the upstairs Terrace, which can accommodate up to 100 people in a cocktail setting – or you can live there.

Sydney Wedding Venues

Aside from our extensive outdoor space, we also offer a variety of indoor meeting rooms and banquet halls. The Sutherland Room accommodates intimate weddings for up to 70 guests and has a beautiful view of the university's historic grounds and entrance. Because our spaces are interconnected, guests can enjoy canapés in the Drawing Room before moving to a party in the Refectory. Alternatively, you can divide your day into stages by allowing your guests to move from the stunning alfresco Colonnade to the upstairs Terrace. These locations are private and reserved exclusively for your use. Our knowledgeable catering staff will also be available to assist you in planning your special day down to the last detail.

Catering for Weddings

Costco's wedding catering ensures that the food quality matches the beauty of the occasion. We source fresh, locally grown produce for an innovative and seasonal menu. Growing our herbs and collaborating with top suppliers means excellent and sustainable food and service. Browse our dining packages and food and beverage stations, or create your menu – we have a wide range of options.

Waterview - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney



02 9764 3365

Waterview is a thriving location for hospitality that is owned and operated by a family and is situated inside the lovely scenery of Bicentennial Park. Theodore Drivas, a specialist in hospitality, is the only owner of Waterview Venue and the person in charge of running it. Due to the fact that Mr Drivas has been employed in the hospitality industry for more than 45 years, he is well-known in Sydney for the devotion and professionalism he has shown in his work.

Mr Drivas and his two brothers run and own the business known as Dockside Group. Dockside Group is well-known for its collection of renowned waterfront venues on Sydney Harbour in the events and hospitality industries. These venues are located in the harbour. Waterview is distinguished by its warm hospitality and unparalleled level of service, and it features expansive views that look out over the lovely parklands, ponds, and lakes. The possibilities include business gatherings, weddings, private parties, school formalities, and dining in a cafe.


Your dream wedding ceremony and reception may come to life at Waterview, a perfectly positioned venue within the picture-perfect surroundings of Bicentennial Park. Waterview features contemporary elegance, elegant interiors, and exquisite vistas. Guests are treated to breathtaking vistas of the serene countryside, ponds, and lake through windows from floor to ceiling. This one-of-a-kind location offers a serene background, making it ideal for photographing every precious moment of your beautiful wedding day. 

The Waterview can be changed into a space that is suitable for either a large formal sit-down reception or an intimate wedding celebration, providing flexibility for any type of wedding. Give the devoted team of wedding specialists at Waterview the opportunity to design a tailored package to your vision of the perfect wedding day.

Lantana Venues - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

Lantana Venues


02 9610 66987

A location that fosters a sense of originality and deviation from the norm. These excellent attributes make Lantana Venues the ideal site for events that may conjure unforgettable memories for both you and your guests, and they are what make Lantana Venues so special. Even though there are a lot of different possibilities for the top wedding venues in Sydney, ours is one of the most well-known and well-recommended wedding venues in Western Sydney.

We at Lantana Venues are committed to providing you with the highest-quality and most specialised venues possible. We offer superior service as the place in which you will be hosted. We provide catering services for a wide range of events, including wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, engagement parties, christenings, corporate parties, conferences, product launches, school formals, and many more. This is one of the many services that are completely free of charge.

The expertise of our skilled and thoroughly trained crew will guarantee that your special event will be both rewarding and pleasurable for you and your guests. We will do all in our power to accommodate all of your requirements and give quick and cordial service to our guests.

World-Class Services To Make Your Wedding "Magical"!

Lantana Venues is a stunning venue that blends awe-inspiring natural beauty, high-quality cuisine and service, a spacious and adaptable layout, and a huge number of guests. The purpose of doing all of this is to give you a location that is well-lit and suitable for your event. You have, therefore, arrived at the correct location in your search for the Best Wedding Reception Venues in Sydney! At Lantana Venues, we are experts in providing culinary services for various events, including weddings, engagement parties, christenings, birthday parties, cocktail parties, business events, social gatherings, school formals, and other private parties. We will attempt to satisfy the requirements you have made for your special occasion to ensure that everything goes effortlessly and smoothly throughout your event.

We are able to supply services such as catering, floral arrangements, and decorations for your event if you require assistance in organising it. In addition, we are able to assist with various services like wedding car rentals at Lantana. Lantana Venues exclusively uses the highest quality and most recently harvested vegetables in the preparation of the catering menu. At Lantana, we are able to prepare both classic and modern dishes, and the experienced chefs who work at Lantana Venues can personalise any menu by choosing items from the menus that are already available to them, or they can design bespoke menus that are tailored to your particular event as well as your financial constraints.

Zest Waterfront Venues - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

Zest Waterfront Venues


02 9932 2256

We are able to supply cuisine, floral arrangements, and decorations for any event if you require assistance in organising it. At Lantana, we offer a variety of services, including wedding car hiring and assistance with other services. Lantana Venues only uses the highest quality and most recently harvested ingredients when developing the catering menu. At Lantana, we are able to prepare dishes that are both traditional and modern, and the experienced chefs who work at Lantana Venues can personalise any menu by choosing items from the options we provide, or they can design bespoke menus that are tailored to your particular event as well as your financial constraints.

Two Outstanding Sydney Waterfront Event & Wedding Locations

Zest Waterfront Venues offers two excellent venues in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and on the North Shore, both of which provide direct access to the water. We consider it a tremendous honour to have been given the titles of Winners and Runners Up in the category of Best Wedding Reception Venue (NSW) at the 2018/2019 and 2020/21 ABIA Awards.

We provide plant-based (vegetarian or vegan) menus as an alternative to our conventional menus and craft one-of-a-kind experiences that emphasise the highest level of service, food, styling, and individually designed event design. Give Zest the opportunity to create an event for your wedding, private party, corporate event, or conference unique from any other.

Dockside Group - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney 

Dockside Group


1300 117 3325

Classic Waterfront Resorts

For the past three decades, our family has made it a priority to ensure that each and every one of your events is as distinctive as our perspectives. Find out why a Dockside Group facility is the perfect setting for your upcoming event. Dockside Group's award-winning team of experienced wedding planners specialises in tailoring a package perfectly suited to achieve your perfect wedding day. They offer spectacular wedding venues with magnificent views of Darling Harbour. Dockside Group has won multiple awards for its wedding planning services. Your wedding could take place at any one of these beautiful harborside locations.

Who We Are

The Dockside Group is a thriving hospitality business that is owned and operated by a family, and it has venues and restaurants situated in a variety of prominent sites along the waterfront in Sydney. Brothers Christopher, Theodore, and Peter Drivas launched Dockside Group in 1986 when they opened the WatersEdge restaurant in Walsh Bay. This marked the beginning of the company's nearly three-decade-long history.

Since that time, Dockside Group has undergone significant growth, increasing the number of prestigious venues and restaurants in its portfolio. These venues and restaurants include the Dockside Pavilion, Dockside, L'Aqua, Star Room, and Eat Love Pizza, all located in Darling Harbour; Waterfront, Wolfies, and Italian Village are located in The Rocks. In addition to this, Dockside Group is the sole provider of catering services for the Sydney Exhibition Centre At Glebe Island.

With fantastic sites, vistas of Sydney Harbour, and deliciously fabulous hospitality, these renowned waterfront venues are perfect for hosting business gatherings, weddings, private parties, school formals, and fine dining.

Corporate Responsibility

We are dedicated to advancing environmentally conscious business practices, lessening our overall impact on the environment, and creating a more sustainable future. We are dedicated to cutting down on the amount of paper and energy that we use, closely monitoring the amount of waste that we produce, developing and enforcing an effective recycling programme, and complying with all environmental laws and regulations. Please get in touch with us so that we can discuss the ways in which we might assist with your event. Hospitality that is simply out of this world

Deliciously Fabulous Hospitality

We have long been dedicated to extending genuine hospitality to our guests, which includes greeting and amusing them and attending to all of their requirements and gratifying all of their wishes. In addition, we are making sure that each of our visitors has an experience that they will never forget, complete with enduring memories, unparalleled service, mouthwatering cuisine, and magnificent famous waterfront sites.

Springfield House - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

Springfield House


02 9651 98511

Springfield House is Sydney's most prestigious destination venue; step inside to discover a magical new universe. Springfield House, which can be found in the verdant region of North West Sydney, is situated on five acres of meticulously landscaped gardens embellished with one-of-a-kind charm and elegance. Can't seem to locate any CBD oil in Australia? Simply click this link to discover even more.

The Springfield House is known for its weddings, special events, and ceremonies in the garden and has a country-style setting. This venue is ideal for any event. The ability of Springfield House to serve as the ideal venue for any occasion, be it a school formal or a corporate event, enables it to surpass all expectations. We are dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind, lifelong recollections for you and your guests, which will allow them to be carried away by the serenity and calmness that is synonymous with Springfield House.

Weddings Reception In Sydney

The Springfield House Function Centre in Sydney, New South Wales, is the ideal location for both the wedding ceremony and your outdoor wedding reception. As the premier location for wedding receptions in Sydney, we take great pride in the care and attention we provide to each of our guests. We will work with you to design an unforgettable outdoor wedding ceremony as well as a wedding reception that all of your guests will remember fondly. We will collaborate closely to bring your requirements and vision to life, paying great attention to the ideas you share with us as we design this once-in-a-lifetime event in either The Manor or The Pavilion. Together, we will work hard to bring your needs and vision to life.

This private property, which is only accessible to you and your guests, is on five acres of natural bushland and features beautifully groomed gardens, making it the ideal setting for your garden ceremony and wedding reception. Your big day will be unforgettable when it takes place at the breathtaking Springfield House. The grandiosity of your arrival and the way you descended the beautiful staircase exemplifies this. The lilting melodies of the bellbirds and the serene setting create an enchanting atmosphere for wedding photographs. Due to the fact that we only schedule one wedding event at any given time, you will have unrestricted access to the venue spaces, as well as the garden and the bridal room.

Our team's knowledgeable and skilled members will see to it that all of the criteria for your wedding are fulfilled. Our devoted wedding and events staff is here to help you every step of the way to ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch. You are going to be treated like royalty from the moment you step foot in Springfield House to the moment you leave on the day of your wedding. We simply cannot wait to make your fairytale wedding a reality.

The Highline Event Centre - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney 

The Highline Event Centre


+61 1800 898 66241

A picture-perfect setting for all of your important occasions and activities. We would like to extend a warm welcome to The HIGHLINE, a stunning venue located in the centre of Sydney. This great venue can serve as a host for the event you have always dreamed of having, whether you are organising your fairytale wedding, a special occasion, or a one-of-a-kind corporate function. Send an enquiry to info@highlineevents.com.au right this minute. Private venue visits can be arranged at a convenient time with a helpful Event Executive, and comprehensive online quotations can be delivered on the same day.

Make Inquiries Regarding Your Ideal Function Book. A Tour Of The Event Location

The HIGHLINE Venue conjures a fantastic and unforgettable experience with its practical and regal design, its over 4.5 metre high ceilings, its majestic 24k gold chandeliers, its lavishly furnished ballrooms, and its gorgeous garden terraces.

In celebration of love

Your wedding day will be set against a backdrop of luxury thanks to the stately decorations, shimmering crystal chandeliers, and rich gold details. This venue's ample dimensions and capacity to host between 100 and 1340 guests make it suitable for wedding celebrations of varying sizes and themes. Give our skilled event specialists the opportunity to assist you in designing the wedding of your dreams, regardless of whether you want something quirky and contemporary or tastefully romantic.

Friendly Service & packages

To make sure that all of the components of your reception come together as planned, the seasoned wedding planners on our team will collaborate closely with you. The HIGHLINE Venue has designed a variety of wedding packages to accommodate a wide range of aesthetic preferences and financial constraints to make the process of organising your wedding as stress-free as possible. Our banquets have been developed expressly to ensure that no matter what style you are looking for, all aspects of your special day are accounted for, and this has been done by taking specific design considerations into account. At The HIGHLINE Venue, our helpful staff of Event Consultants is also able to work with you to tailor a package to your specific requirements and preferences.

Gourmet dining & Banquets

You can create your menu for the wedding banquets and catering services offered by the HIGHLINE Venue, or you can choose from a wide variety of menus that all feature food made from locally sourced ingredients. Your visitors are sure to be amazed at our authentic Chinese banquets, flavorful Mediterranean dishes, or trendy Australian and Italian food, all of which are prepared in-house by a team of skilled chefs who each specialise in a different type of cuisine. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible for additional information regarding the wedding banquets and prix fixe menus that we offer.

View By Sydney Wedding Reception Venue

View By Sydney


02 9188 2147

Welcome To View By Sydney

Whether you want to host a sophisticated cocktail party or a large-scale fine dining gala, our location will serve as the ideal setting for your upcoming event and help you create memories that will last a lifetime. You need to go no further to choose your dream wedding location.

The restaurant and bar known as View by Sydney may be found on the historic finger wharf at Pier 2 in Walsh Bay. This spectacular location, which can be found near the base of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, provides amazing vistas of the water, Luna Park, and the surrounding cityscape. Our multi-award-winning events team will walk you through every step of the wedding planning process to ensure that your big day lives up to the fairytale you've always imagined.

It’s all in the details.

We are aware of how much effort and consideration goes into every detail of your wedding day, from the flowers to the table decor, and we are excited to be a part of it! Whether you already have a team of skilled stylists at your disposal or would prefer to work with ours, our planning staff will be there to assist you in a manner that is both flexible and professional. Pick something from the collection Styling by Dede has put together, or go with one of our recommended vendors.

An exquisite tailored menu.

One of the things that we excel at here at Dedes Waterfront group is creating the ideal cuisine for your company's customers. So, with your assistance, we are going to put together the most amazing meal, complete with mouthwatering canapés and delectable desserts. Then, make your selection from one of our attractive beverage packages, and the rest of the food for your wedding is taken care of. The staff at Dedes Waterfront Group, which has over 30 years of experience in wedding hosting, is dedicated to making sure that the day of your wedding creates memories that will last a lifetime. So, from the first day of planning to the moment you walk through the doors into your enchanted celebration, the expert wedding planners on our team will be by your side every step of the way.

Madison Function Centre - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

Madison Function Centre


9651 33697

The Madison Event Centre is widely regarded as one of the most aesthetically pleasing and forward-thinking reception venues and function centres in Western Sydney. The Madison Function Centre, which can be found in the tranquil suburb of Dural in the Hills District of Sydney, is able to host a variety of events, including wedding receptions and engagement parties, as well as school formals, cocktail parties, and business gatherings. In addition, this chic venue is appropriate for all milestone birthday celebrations, including 21st birthday celebrations, awards and presentation nights for sporting groups and businesses, and religious occasions; all of these events can be held only ten minutes away from Castle Hill and The Norwest Business Centre.

There is no need to go any further when searching for function centres in the Dural area. The event rooms of The Madison, located in Western Sydney, include two expansive rooms that are available for your use. You are free to add your unique flair to the occasion thanks to the event's choice of either of the two rooms, which both feature a clean, modern design and an open floor plan. Each room's aesthetic is subtly distinct from the other.

The Stella Room offers stunning views of the world-famous Blue Mountains and is outfitted with a huge parquetry dance floor and an ornate crystal chandelier. This spacious and elegant space located upstairs can accommodate as many as 270 guests in a seated, formal setting. The Phoenix Room is a smaller, more personal space that offers guests a secluded outdoor courtyard, chic alcove seating, and a sizable dance floor.

Weddings At The Madison

Madison, called "The Jewel of the Hills District," is known for producing lovely experiences that can be cherished forever. The exceptional location for weddings has two separate and roomy reception areas, each with a somewhat unique design, modern aesthetics, and updated floor plans. As a result, Madison is widely regarded as one of the most suitable locations in Western Sydney for the hosting of wedding receptions.

The Stella Room provides access to a private bridal room for the duration of your special day, views out over the breathtaking and well-known Blue Mountains, and has enough space to accommodate up to 270 guests in a relaxed and comfortable setting. The opulent Phoenix Room features access to a breathtaking private courtyard, a sizable dance floor, and plush alcove seating, and it can accommodate as many as 160 people who are seated.

Both of the rooms are fully air-conditioned, have designated places for DJs, and have contemporary bathrooms accessible to people with disabilities. You will not make a mistake by choosing Madison as your wedding venue because they provide a devoted event organiser, award-winning chefs, and a skilled crew to guarantee that your special day goes off without a hitch.

The Dahlia Package, the Tulip Package, the Superior Package, the Orchid Package, and the Sunday through Thursday lunch package are just some of the fantastic options available to brides and grooms who choose to have their wedding at The Madison. The packages can also be customised to meet the requirements of each couple.

The Madison is, without a doubt, one of the most fashionable locations for wedding receptions in all of Dural, the Hills District, and Western Sydney, thanks to its newly remodelled and updated public spaces, particularly its bars. So choose Madison as your wedding location if you are seeking a suitable location. We are aware of all the preparation that goes into your special day, and we work hard to make sure that it lives up to and exceeds all of your expectations.

Grand Palace Reception -Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

Grand Palace Reception



Welcome To Grand Palace Reception

The Grand Palace Reception is one of the most recent and luxurious additions to Auburn's roster of function halls. Our wedding celebration has a sophisticated ambience, and we give a high level of service. Together, these factors will make you feel like royalty, and the best part is that the cost is reasonable. In addition, our banquet hall is versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of events, such as weddings, engagement parties, corporate gatherings and conferences, school formals, christenings, birthday celebrations, charity events, and many more of these and other types of gatherings.

Our wedding reception venue has been designed and constructed architecturally in the style of a French country chateau, which perfectly complements its lofty perch overlooking the suburbs of Sydney in all directions. So, in addition to taking in the breathtaking vistas, guests will be able to take pleasure in these perspectives. Your special event is certain to have an air of enchantment thanks to the venue's towering ceilings, magnificent chandeliers, and overall appealing appeal. Our location for the wedding reception in Auburn, California, is spacious enough to accommodate up to 350 guests, and it comes equipped with a bar, a giant dance floor, a bridal chamber, two enormous open-plan balconies, and a parking lot with 100 spaces just outside your door for the utmost convenience.

The skilled chefs in our kitchen exclusively use the most recent and high-quality ingredients to construct opulent banquets that will make your guests' mouths water with anticipation. Additionally, Grand Palace Reception is a one-stop-shop for all of your event requirements since it employs an experienced team of specialists who are able to create and coordinate events on-site. This makes Grand Palace Reception a one-stop-shop for all of your event needs.

Paradiso Wedding Receptions Venue Sydney

Paradiso Wedding Receptions


1800 727 011

Five magnificent banquet and reception halls can be found right in the middle of Sydney. The year 1993 saw the beginning of Paradiso Receptions. Each and every space features the most recent advancements in audio and visual technology. Because of this, you can anticipate that the event you are organising, no matter what it is, will go off without a hitch. The Paradiso Receptions venue is perfect for a variety of events, including weddings, engagement parties, pre-wedding festivities, corporate functions, private events, and more. Each of the seven locations, which are all located inside the city of Sydney and provide guests with safe parking options,

The staff at Paradiso has a plethora of experience and knowledge, and they are aware that each event has its unique characteristics. As a result, they are more than willing to sit down with you and offer the greatest available package along with a tailored experience if you so desire. All of the function rooms at Paradiso provide exceptional wedding packages, engagement packages, christening packages, corporate packages, standard school packages, and packages for all types of events. The fact that some of Sydney's most skilled and well-respected wedding coordinators work on-site at Paradiso—who also happen to be the directors of the company—is one of the aspects that distinguish it from other venues.

They accompany you during the entire journey and offer assistance in order to make it easier for you to handle any challenges that may arise. The restaurant Paradiso offers a diverse selection of dishes from across the world to cater to all of its guests' tastes, preferences, and requirements. This helps ensure that each and every one of your requirements will be fulfilled. The fact that there is more than one menu available to choose from demonstrates that the staff is skilled and knowledgeable in a variety of types of food. When it comes to weddings, Paradiso is able to personalise the food to complement the look and feel of the event. Modern Australian, Modern Arabic and Lebanese, Asian, and Indian cuisines and a delicious Mediterranean menu are part of the dining experience here.

Paradiso Receptions takes great satisfaction in the fact that they work closely with their clients and are committed to upholding their strong family values. Because of this, they are able to continue providing their customers with service that is recognised all over the world. In addition, the group has received praise on a consistent basis for its excellent management and staff. The organisation of events is not a simple task, and the fact that they have such a professional and dedicated crew has proven to be the cornerstone of their success.

Receptions & Functions

We Are Pleased To Introduce To You Our Family Of Seven Exceptional Wedding Receptions And Function Centres Located Throughout The City Of Sydney.

We are pleased to introduce our family of seven spectacular Wedding Reception and Function Centres. Consider the opulent Sydney Wedding Venues and the versatile alternatives we provide if you are in the process of organising a wedding, an engagement party, a function, or any other type of event. Our wedding reception centres and function rooms include cutting-edge technology (audio and visual) and are outfitted with both contemporary and aesthetically pleasing facilities. At each of our locations, there are many safe parking spaces accessible for your guests' use.

Because we have so many different menu options, our international cuisine is sure to please even the most discerning of palates. Our employees, servers, and management team are all certified professionals with years of experience, and our chefs are experts in preparing both contemporary and classic dishes to an exceptionally high standard. Our motto at Paradiso Sydney Wedding Receptions is "We believe in a saying, your day – your way," and we will tailor the function cuisine to best complement your occasion.

Our Function Centres in Sydney provide the highest quality Wedding Packages, Engagement Packages, Christening Packages, Corporate Packages, and School Formal Packages, and we are confident that we will be able to meet all of your requirements in Sydney.

Luna Park Venues - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

Luna Park Venues


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Are you in search of a location for your wedding that will both enchant and delight you? Luna Park Venues is one of the most in-demand wedding locations in Sydney because it provides couples with a variety of one-of-a-kind and magnificent venues that boast unbeatable views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Our skilled team of Wedding Event Managers will be by your side every step of the way, assisting you with the creation of a memorable event in a magical setting, and they will be there for you from start to finish.

The 'Brides on Rides' experience provided by Luna Park Venues is one of a kind and gives the most memorable photo opportunity possible. Only accessible to engaged couples holding their reception at one of the Luna Park Venues locations.

About Us

An Australian institution, Luna Park Sydney boasts a premier waterfront setting in the heart of the Sydney CBD. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House may be seen in their entirety and unobstructed from this vantage point because it is situated on the harbour's waterfront. We are reachable within minutes from the very centre of the Sydney Central Business District by vehicle, taxi, rail, ferry, and bus, and we have a huge on-site car park split up into multiple levels.

One of the most popular areas in Sydney for hosting events, conferences, and other forms of entertainment is the Luna Park Venues. We provide thirteen premium and one-of-a-kind venue spaces that have been purpose-built to accommodate events of varying sizes and types. Catering that has won awards, luxury beverages, and event services of the highest calibre, all while giving a complete solution for event management.

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