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Smooth wedding planning.

It’s not very often that a game show such as Family Fued provides an inspiration for a blog post, but today is that day. A recent question on the show asked ”What do couples fight about when planning a wedding?

So I got to thinking how can one avoid fights and allow your wedding planning to be a smooth fun and exciting journey that leads to your wedding day being a celebration of your relationship?

Excellent and honest communication

As in any relationship, good communication usually leads to good positive outcomes. Before deciding on any of the following have a discussion to each other about:

  • What your dream wedding would look like
  • The most important element that you want to incorporate in your wedding day.
  • How important the day is to each of you..

In my best Grant Denyer voice ” Here at the top six responses from the studio audience”‘

family Fued

Thoughts to achieve a harmonious wedding planning journey.

1. Budget/Money

After having the discussion about your dream wedding, in most cases the reality of the budget sets in. This is why its important very early in the planning for all to be on the same page. Flying off to a deserted beach with 100 of your intimate friends might sound like a great idea, but if your budget doesn’t match, its time to get realistic, and establish how much you want to invest in your day..

2. Guest List

In sitting with many couples when planning their wedding over the years, I have heard many a discussion between couples, about who to include or exclude from the guest list.

Do you include work friends, your cousin’s new girlfriend who you have never meet, young children of family members or extended family?  I have heard many a semi-heated discussion over this issue.

The solution is to be very clear about who you want to join in the celebration and be aware of how that impacts on the budget you have set.

3. Venue Location

A great location in a stylish venue overlooking Brighton beach, or lets hire a spit roast company and host it in the back garden at mum’s place. Once you have established your budget and guest list, you will need to select a venue that can cope with the number of planned guests, and work with in the budget. If you can’t find a venue that you both agree upon, keep looking till you do.

4. Cake

A home made by Aunty Mable who won second prize in the Country Womans Association cake baking competition in 2008, or a professional cake delivered on the day. It is always a good thing to work with family members who are willing to assist and provide a cake on your wedding day, however, this can become a delicate issue as one does not wish to offend. So if you wish to decline this kind offer, be kind and humble and perhaps suggest some assistance with the engagement cake .

5. Seating Plan

In this modern world with in-laws, outlaws, new partners and former partners all attending the same event, creating and negotiating the seating plan, can become as complex as achieving world peace. Keep in mind your guests experience and create a seating plan that is least likely to offend your guests.

6. Invitations

With attention to detail and wedding styling becoming the area of expertise of both brides and grooms to be, my advice is to the guys.  This is a great issue to concede and compromise on. How important is it to you that the invitation is a lighter shade of lilac?

I have been involved in the planning and hosting wedding receptions here at the  Brighton Savoy  for over 27 years, and as one of Melbourne’s best wedding venues we look forward to being able to assist in the planning of your special day

Please contact our wedding and events team on 9592 8233 if you are looking for a wedding venue, or need some assistance with planning your wedding

Michael Lee

Managing Director

Brighton Savoy

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