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Embarking on business travel and attending conferences provides a fantastic opportunity to network, expand your business knowledge and grow your company. However, packing for short trips can be challenging and overwhelming, especially when space is limited. 

It is vital not to underestimate the importance of these events. Ensure your clothing is business-appropriate and your work tools support your corporate goals. If you have been considering updating your work devices, an upcoming business trip is the ideal excuse to explore laptops on sale to ensure you are prepared for anything.  

Electronic Essentials

When deciding what electronic devices to bring on your business trip, consider what you use for work. This can often include a laptop, phone, tablet device, and the appropriate chargers to keep you connected throughout your trip. 

Additionally, you may need to include a travel adaptor if you are travelling overseas with foreign plug points. If you are caught unprepared, this can significantly hinder your ability to work successfully. For those who are constantly on the go, having a portable power bank to keep you fully charged, regardless of your location, is an efficient and productive way to stay prepared. 

Dress for Success

The length of your trip will play the biggest role in determining how many clothes you pack. For most business travel, you are typically limited to a carry-on bag for ease and convenience. Items like pants and skirts can be worn more than once, while tops and blouses should be changed daily. Select clothing in neutral tones to offer maximum versatility when mixing and matching outfits each day. Bulkier blazers or jackets should be worn while travelling to free up essential space for other needed items. 

If your destination is due to have warm weather, it is still worthwhile packing an extra sweater or coat to combat the cold you may experience while travelling, or sitting in a conference hall or office meeting. Furthermore, whether you choose to include two or three pairs of shoes in your packing, at least one pair should be chosen strictly for comfort, primarily worn on travel days or during your time off. 

If you are unsure about how many items of clothes you should pack for your next business trip, many experts recommend employing the 54321 rule. This rule often translates to packing five tops, four pairs of trousers, three shoes, two smart outfits, and one bag. However, these numbers can be reduced for shorter weekend trips or if luggage space is limited. 


Travel Must-Haves

Alongside your valid passport or travel documents, which will differ depending on whether you are travelling locally or internationally, it is crucial to ensure you have additional business cards to maximise any networking opportunities you have. You should also have a notepad and pens should you encounter issues with your laptop or tablet that prevent you from documenting any important information throughout your business trip. 

Furthermore, many travel experts suggest carrying more than one payment card or option should you have any issues with your primary payment option. Some credit card companies or banks offer reward points or reduced charges when their products are used overseas. However, be sure to check exchange rates before making any purchase to prevent any unwanted surprises when your monthly statement arrives. 

Things to Consider

Alongside the important and relatively obvious essentials anyone needs for a successful business trip, a select number of items are often overlooked when building a packing checklist, which can make your trip noticeably more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Stay Hydrated

For many people, staying adequately hydrated can be a struggle. This is made even more difficult when your days are packed with business meetings and work-related engagements that keep you constantly on the go. 

To keep your hydration levels up, especially during long travel days, it is recommended to carry a reusable water bottle in your pack. These bottles can quickly be filled and carried throughout the day. Look for vitamin-rich electrolyte tablets or sachets to add to your water for added energy and hydration. 


The world is very diverse when it comes to medication. While this can be helpful when looking for generic or popular brands of over-the-counter medicines, it can make it challenging to find the specific painkiller or cough mixture you want, especially if you are travelling out of the country. 

The best way to combat this issue is by stocking up in advance with any necessary medication you may need while away. For prescription medication, ensure you carry a valid doctor’s note and the medication in the original packaging to meet most border security regulations. 



Noise-Cancelling Headphones

For many people travelling for business, the plane or train journey offers an excellent opportunity to review important notes for the day, go over presentations, or complete unfinished projects or tasks. To remain focused and undisturbed, a pair of good-quality noise-cancelling headphones can be the deciding factor between a productive travel day and one filled with distracting and frustrating noise. 

A proper and undisturbed night’s sleep is another crucial aspect of productive and busy days. Remember to grab a pair of earplugs to ensure you have a quiet and deep sleep each night, which can be difficult to achieve when sleeping in new and unfamiliar environments. However, if you struggle to hear your morning alarm, it may be best to skip it and seek alternative methods to help you sleep. 

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