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How to look your best on your wedding day

Selecting a wedding dress for your Melbourne wedding should be a fun and exciting time. Howe ever it can also become a daunting task, as every bride dreams of being a princess on their special day.

When you’re living in a time of ever changing trends and trying to decide on a look that will last a lifetime, there is plenty to consider. With an abundance of options, styles, shapes and sizes we understand the difficulties brides encounter when creating their perfect bespoke wedding dress. So we’ve done the hard yards and consulted one of the best in the business to guide you through the most seamless ways to ensure you look your best on your big day


After consulting award winning Prahran designer Josephine Bastone who specializes in custom made bespoke wedding dresses, we’ve brought you the following steps to your perfect dress

Learn the lingo

Before the process even begins the best way to prepare yourself for the journey ahead is to acquaint yourself with the terminology often used by industry designers and fashionistas alike.

There is little more overwhelming than trying to decide what you want when your designer sounds like their speaking another language.Taking the time to do a bit of pre-study before your first appointment, will help you start to process with confidence. The more effective your communication, the more likely you will be able to articulate your vision.

Understand Trends and Style

How can you ensure a dress that looks great today wont make you cringe in 20 years’ time, you can’t! In the words of my old mate Bobby D ‘Oh the times they are changing’ and to avoid any future regret the best advice we can give is to stay true to yourself. Look for inspiration in your own wardrobe. What styles do you wear on a day to day basis? Are you a minimalist elegant chic type of gal or are you loud and proud? Ensure your dress projects your personality. You want to look beautiful on your wedding day and beauty is most successfully conveyed when you’re feel comfortable and confident.

Dressing to your shape

When you’ve made the executive decision to opt for a ‘Bespoke Couture gown’ You’re being given a huge advantage in having a dress specifically designed for you. However, you’re still the bride and despite the benefit of a designer’s professional opinion the decision is ultimately yours. It is important to choose a shape that is going to embody your style and curves (or lack thereof).

We live in a digital age spoilt for choice and access – Jump online, scroll through the the Instagram, Pinterest or what ever platform tickles your fancy and find inspiration. Gone are the days where models only come in one size. Acquaint yourself with what shapes and styles are best suited to a body similar to your own.


Once you have the foundation and an understanding of what styles are going to make you shine, work with your designer to make the vision a reality.

Choosing your perfect gown should be one of the more enjoyable stages in the wedding process, so embrace the experience, opportunity and a big ole glass of champagne!

Why not contact Josephine from Romeo Bastone   to discuss your perfect dress.




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