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Support Mental Health and Wellbeing!

We are privileged to live in our beautiful Bayside suburbs, the Bayside community has always been about community, family, love, joy, support and a fair go.

The city of Bayside’s Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2021 lists the following goals:

Goal 1 – Connected and thriving community

Goal 2 – Healthy and active community

Goal 3 – Respectful and safe community

Goal 4 – Fair and inclusive community

As part of the goals for a healthy and active community the plan lists the following objectives:

2.1 Increase active and passive physical activity opportunities for all ages and abilities

2.2 Improve healthy eating practices

2.3 Reduce consumption of alcohol and other drugs. Alcohol misuse and illicit drug use can cause significant short and long-term preventable harm to individuals and the broader community, including accident and injury, heart attack and stroke, mental health disorders and significant costs to the health and criminal justice systems.

The Bayside Youth Resilience Survey shows that over 25% of young people in Bayside are feeling nervous, anxious and on edge, are not able to control worrying and feel highly critical of themselves.

One of the biggest barriers to getting help is shame, stigma and ready access to appropriate services.

The time has come for a far more collaborative community approach that encourages and supports all people to seek help without being shamed or marginalised or having their treatment programs and condition stigmatised.

Refocus Masterlogo Seabaths Cmyk


The Refocus program operating from within the Brighton Savoy is an private integrated mind, body & soul, human approach to recovery. Refocus started out over 20 years ago initially treating doctors and then people from all walks of life. It is a human centric program of recovery and self-discovery, achieved through connecting safely and holistically to a therapeutic community with peer identification.

Daily program activities include meditation, yoga, qi gong, art therapy, personal training, and education groups on stress management, communication skills, diet and lifestyle and how to make better life choices.

This is the personification of wellness – view Refocus Video.

Eleven6.org  help ministries design, build, and manage custom, academic-grade training programs to successfully launch the next generation of faith-driven leaders, and connect them to accredited degree program pathways.

An Application is currently before the City of Bayside to amend the planning permit at the Brighton Savoy to become a private community care enclosed facility.

If you would like more information about this application please feel free to call:

Jennifer Lee 0418 395 455 or Michael Lee 0418 355 432

Support Mental Health in your community by supporting the application at 150 Esplanade Brighton.

You can support our application to provide services for those seeking assistance from the Refocus Program by writing to:

The Planning Department

Bayside City Council
PO Box 27
Sandringham VIC 3191.

In relation to APPLICATION NUMBER: 5/2012/369/3 150 Esplanade BRIGHTON – Section 72 Amendment


complete an Online Support Form on the City of Bayside website.


Reach out to our local councillors and local member

Cr Alex del Porto Mayor and Bleazby Ward Councillor Email: adelporto@bayside.vic.gov.au Contact: 0417 390 641

Cr Hanna El Mouallem Deputy Mayor & Dendy Ward Councillor Email: helmouallem@bayside.vic.gov.au Contact: 0437 859 978

Cr Laurence Evans OAM Ebden Ward Councillor Email: levans@bayside.vic.gov.au Contact: 0407 735 993

Cr Sonia Castelli Ivison Ward Councillor Email: scastelli@bayside.vic.gov.au Contact: 0466 356 794

Cr Clarke Martin Beckett Ward Councillor Email: cmartin@bayside.vic.gov.au Contact: 0466 356 805

Cr Fiona Stitfold Boyd Ward Councillor Email: fstitfold@bayside.vic.gov.au Contact: 0409 608 419

Cr Jo Samuel-King MBBS Castlefield Ward Councillor Email: jsamuel-king@bayside.vic.gov.au Contact: 0419 772 291

James Newbury Member for Brighton  Email: james.newbury@parliament.vic.gov.au Contact: 03 9592 1900

We understand that taking care of yourself can be a challenge, but we believe that with the right tools and guidance, you can achieve your goals and improve your overall well-being. Our blog offers a variety of topics, from healthy food ideas to fitness tips, to help you make positive changes in your life. if you are struggling in this aspect of your life we suggest Your World life for support.




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