What colours to wear at a beach wedding?

Planning a beach wedding and unsure about your colour palette? Then we have some tricky solutions to your mind-boggling problems. When brides first choose a summer beach wedding, they often assume the palette is those typical sickly seaside blues and tans, but forget all of that, and we have plenty of exciting ideas that are way more special and stylish, so hold onto that coffee and stay right here!

Why Choose A Beach Wedding?

It’s obvious why most couples choose to have a destination wedding. You’re all but guaranteed warm weather, incredible views, and a unique venue.

However, there is one overriding reason why all couples should consider a beach wedding: it is proven to relax both you and your guests.

Many couples think that if they have a beach wedding, then they are sacrificing an elegant wedding, but this isn’t true. Beach weddings can be as elegant and as sophisticated as you choose. Your attire may well change to suit the temperature and environment, but beach weddings can still remain chic and elegant. Comfort becomes more achievable at a beach wedding with softer fabrics being favoured over stuffy materials. Likewise, your stiletto heels can be left at home, giving your feet a great excuse to dance for longer. Often men are asked to wear light coloured suits, and it is not usual to ask the whole congregation to arrive dressed in white if that is your preference.

A recent study shows that the beach truly does have a positive effect on a person’s mental health.

On the most important day of your life, don’t you want to have the best mindset possible?


This colour will look great on the beach, and especially when the sun rays fall on the Berry coloured arrangements chosen for the wedding. A combination of blush, berry and sky blue colours will fit right into the magnificent and natural beach colours of the ocean, sky and the surrounding greens.

Black & Pink 

Not all decisions are as simple as black and white, and sometimes you have to throw your own pop of personality into the mix. For brides at Hilton Sandestin Beach that spark of colour is typically pink. Adding your favourite colour to black and white helps keep your reception simple and elegant yet leaves your personal mark on the event. We suggest adding coloured elements in subtle places — details on the cake, mixed into the bouquets, centrepieces, bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen ties. 

Blue and White

We will certainly take full appreciation of this gorgeous colour combination. A subtle blend of warmth, royalty and excitement! Best fit for nautical themed weddings and a common choice for beach destinations. Totally lovely inspiration for anyone’s dream wedding without a complicated colour appeal!

Blush Pink

Blush pink colour is a perfect match for the blue sea and silver beach. Blush pink bridesmaid dresses, blush pink flowers and blush pink sandals are all your best choice for a beach wedding.


The medium-light shade of orange with a combination of the salmon-coloured rind, Cantaloupe is a shade you can choose to go with without any second thoughts. In the post-wedding brunch setup, Cantaloupe-coloured cloth for centre tables will blend in perfectly with the sand.

Worried about the palm trees getting in the way of your perfect wedding arrangement? Tying Cantaloupe coloured ribbons on the trees will leave you at ease.

Coral and Navy

Coral reflects both the sun-soaked views of a destination wedding and also the natural habitat of the ocean. Meanwhile, navy represents the darker, more realistic look of the sea.

Plus, the femininity of the coral and the masculinity of the navy provide a nice balance.

Coral and Yellow

Coral and yellow are fresh, vivid colours that look exceptionally beautiful when paired. As you can see, varying shades of these colours look great together, and green is a fantastic accent colour. This combination is also very tropical, and the perfect bright pop for a beach ceremony.

Cornflower Blue

A colour that complements the sky, the ocean, the trees, and the sand, Cornflower blue matches the intentions of a perfect beach wedding. It is perhaps one of the best colours that blend in smoothly with the beach.

Desert Rose

A great choice of colour among the beach wedding colours, desert rose, complements the nature’s green on the beach, and the colour transcends from desert rose to the colour of sand, which looks quite appealing. This colour will look great with the arrangement of a white and blue balloon arch on the open beach.

Dusty Blue and Blush

Dusty blue bridesmaid dresses are almost popular for any season or any kinds of wedding, especially beach weddings. Also, try white bridal gown, blush bouquets, white or blush wedding ceremony decorations, dusty blue wedding cakes, deep or navy blue suits for groom and groomsmen, dusty blue table linens with blush napkins. You will be astonished by this beautiful colour palette.


Neutrals look fantastic on the shores of the beach because of all the colours found in a beach wedding. The colour of the sky and the ocean are perfectly complemented by the colour of the sand and our colour Latte, of course! The colour Latte will blend in well with the greens covered with snow surrounding the beach.

Marine Blue

If you have a destination wedding on the beach planned right just after dusk when the ocean dims away, it is highly recommended to match the colour similar to Marine Blue, and use fluorescent light bulbs hanging over the palm trees – sounds perfect right? It will definitely look perfect too.

Mint Blue

A blissful and refreshing choice among the beach wedding colours, the mint blue colour will work well with the ocean on the beach. Also, bridesmaid dresses of mint blue and the brides’ colour of white gown will blend in perfectly with the beach wedding.

Muted Peach, Teal, Green and Gray

This gorgeous, boho-themed beach wedding features muted tones of peach, teal, green and grey. While most brides are nervous about picking more than two colours, these are all tied together very well with the flower arrangements and tabletop décor. These muted tones are beautiful for a beach wedding and are a real treat for the eye.

Navy Blue

For a fall seaside wedding, there is no colour better than navy blue. Flower boys and girls in navy and white, bridesmaids in navy blue bridesmaids dress, navy and silver wedding invitations, navy and white wedding cakes, all of which will combine a perfect beach wedding.

Navy and Pink

Navy is a beautiful beach wedding colour, as it already has that nautical look. Paired with shades of pink, it creates a gorgeous wedding palette that is not overly feminine.

Pale Peach and Gold

Warm, beautiful colours, pale peach, and gold look absolutely stunning together. The overall effect is subtle and feminine, but drama can be added with accents in navy blue, emerald or grey.

Peach, Coral and Navy

This sun-kissed coral, white and the navy combination has its own stunning impression. The radiant peach with the serene mood of coral and navy displays the vibrant hue of pleasure, excitement and femininity.

Peach, Tangerine, and Yellow

Peach, tangerine, and yellow blend together to look exactly like a sunset.

Also, their tropical nature perfectly captures the vacation vibe of any truly great destination wedding.


A companion of the light, peach colour highlights the colours of the sunlight and also gives off that glossy look over the whole setup on a beach. Post-wedding dinner party? Assemble peach coloured dinner arrangement of tables and chairs on the beach, and top it off with some candles, it can’t get more romantic than that. Plus, the moonlight on the beach will illuminate the peach coloured arrangement at night.

Pops of colour

In this beachside wedding, the colour was used very well, in bright and vivid pops. The bright green, blue, orange and yellow looked fantastic against the washed-out look of the beach. As you can see, the colours are tied together in the maracas and the bride’s lovely bouquet.

Purple, Pink and White

This beautiful, bright beachside wedding features tones in purple and pink as well as grey and white accent colours. Numerous colours work well together if they’re tied together with certain multi-coloured objects. Here, you’ll see the napkins, fans, flowers, and signboards do the trick.

Red and Blue 

Most people don’t think of red and blue for wedding colours, but this one worked out very well. The blue was used as a muted foundation while pops of bright red were all over the place. It has a very vintage feel and is truly beautiful.

Rich Purple and Turquoise

We love this look, especially for an evening beach wedding. This royal combination is dramatic and beautiful; perfect for the bold bride. It’s still quite feminine, and this palette looks great with silver and accent shades of pink.

Sage Green

Resembling that of dried sage leaves, a good shade of grey-green coverings on the sitting arrangement is sure to give off the natural vibe, and the colour choice will blend in unrecognizably well with the leaves on the trees. This colour also perfectly complements the blues of the sea! Can it get any better? 

Sea Glass Blue and Gray

Just look at the name “sea glass blue.” It’s easy to see why this colour would fit well with an ocean-side wedding. Mixing it with grey only adds to that ocean-like effect, producing a colour palette that’s reminiscent of a wave.

Also, any form of the colour blue should be appealing to most couples because both the groom and bride will more than likely agree on it. Research shows that blue is the favourite colour among both genders.

Sky Blue

Quite a common choice among the beach wedding colours, but not out of fashion, sky blue colour will definitely help your wedding stand out. This choice of colour will indefinitely resonate well with the sky as well as the sea on any given day. A sky blue wedding gown with the ocean’s blue water as you witness sounds about right.

Teal Blue

Teal blue is a colour worthy of being called the colour of beach weddings. The colour complements everything present on the beach flawlessly. The bluish ocean, the leafy greens, the sandy beach, the clear blue sky, and the thick-brown tress, all fit in so perfectly with Teal blue. The combination of this colour on a beach wedding will not upset any kind of wedding arrangement and setup.

Teal and Lime Green

We love teal and lime green for a beach wedding. It’s such a tropical look, with colours pulled straight from nature; the turquoise blue of the ocean and the gorgeous green of trees and grass. Beautiful accent colours that go well with this palette include silver, coral, and red.

Teal and White

What goes better with the ocean than blue and white, right? This gorgeous scheme features a cool teal and clean, crisp white combination that can be seen in the flowers and dresses. The pops of green make it more refreshing!

Wisteria Purple

Imagine your destination beach wedding taking place over a moonlit night, the moon illuminated fiercely and the oceans calmed, and lanterns lit up over the sandy beach. That all sounds perfect, but when you apply Wisteria Purple colour to the arrangement, then it will reach the peak of perfection. This choice of colour will definitely complement the arrangement on a moonlit night.

Holding a beach wedding is so romantic. There are many colours great to work with it, such as light blue, turquoise, coral, yellow etc. Bridesmaids in these colours dresses can not be more amazing. 

This was a splendid selection of beach wedding colours to choose from. You can always experiment with the choice of colours, and go for a combination of two or more colours from the list. We’re sure the beach wedding colours listed above would prove to be soothing and beautiful, all at the same time!

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Dream locations

The options are many, but few offer unparalleled and distinguished experiences. Here are my suggestions for places to say “I do”: if you want a perfect mix between nature and luxury, with absolute tranquillity on a beach of smooth sand with the blue sea.

Save money on elaborate decor

If you choose to have a beach wedding, then you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on the decorations. The natural beauty that the beach provides will be your decorations. The soft, white sands, the azure ocean, and the green palm trees can provide the perfect backdrop to your beach wedding without breaking the bank. Simple becomes beautiful.

Usually, you have to worry about renting the wedding hall, hire a catering service, look for a photographer, a florist, an audio system, tables, chairs, and the list never ends… Being a destination specialized in weddings, Bahía de Banderas offers packages for weddings with everything included.

My recommendation is to approach the leading catering companies (they have the best wedding packages that fit all needs and requirements) with an expert and dedicated team that genuinely does what they are passionate about. When they organize a wedding, they strive to fulfil every detail with only one objective in mind: to see the couple’s dreams come true.

Destination Weddings

If you opt for a destination wedding at the beach, then you and your guests can enjoy a vacation of adventure and excitement together before and after your wedding. Your friends and family will thank you for the unforgettable time you spend together, and you can combine your wedding and your honeymoon in one.  

A Romantic Setting

One of the most obvious reasons to have a beach wedding is a romantic setting. The ocean is the background, the sunlight beaming off the ocean waves, and the delightful sea breeze will have you and your partner in a romantic setting that will start off your life of happiness together. Every evening you and your partner can stroll along the beach and watch the moon and stars in the sky too!

Holidays for your guests

Regardless of where your guests are coming from, they will always appreciate you giving them a good reason to visit our destination. More than one will surely take advantage of the opportunity to spend a few days in this paradise before or after your celebration.

Whether they are visiting for the first time or have been here before, this paradise will never cease to amaze them with countless natural attractions and activities for the whole family: ATV, horseback and buggy tours, mountain treks, zip-lining, boat trips, scuba diving, snorkelling, parachuting, mountain biking, surfing, windsurfing, paddleboard, etc.

Your honeymoon in the same place

Of course, another great advantage is that you will already be in the perfect location for your honeymoon. Picture yourself with your other half visiting The Beach of Love of the Marietas Islands together; touring the golden sand beaches at sunset, letting the sea caress your feet; dining under the stars with incredible views of the bay at the best restaurants in the area.

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