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Summertime is the period when most people plan at least a few days of vacation. Everyone wants to relax, but because we are used to always doing something, our holidays will have extra activities to entertain us. 

Finding new ways of decompressing and enjoying life is a great thing. Here are the most popular activities people do on vacation to have a good time.

Reading and listening to podcasts

Engaging in a good book, article, or magazine can relax the whole body, reducing stress levels. It helps individuals take their minds off problems and anxieties, promoting a sense of calm and well-being.

Reading requires concentration and focus, which can be a form of mindfulness. Being fully engrossed in a book can create a meditative experience, helping you disconnect from distractions and be present in the moment.

Besides reading books, people nowadays also listen to them. Listening to audiobooks or podcasts allows you to also participate in other activities. Some statistics show that when people travel, they also read more about the place they are and get more interested in the mythology and history of the area. It is normal and beneficial for both visitors and locals. 

The most read genre in vacations is fiction, closely followed by travel guides and mindfulness books. 

Gaming and gambling


Gaming and gambling have a place on our list. We’ve seen that many people take some time out of their day to play games, whether we are talking about online social games or online gambling. 

Online Casinos 365, a New Zealand casino bonus review online brand, has confirmed that most sessions happen when people are free from work: weekends, vacations, national days off, and so on. They warn their users to keep track of their time and only choose offers that are confirmed to be safe. 

The platform’s specialists also discussed that most online gamblers prefer slots with diverse themes. Moreover, over half of the players reach their bonus pages and pick free spins with no deposit offers to limit their spending. 

Gaming, especially on mobile devices, has also seen massive growth in popularity among younger audiences. The trending choices in 2023 for mobile games are adventure, puzzle, and simulation among all ages. 

Mobile games are generally accepted, and developers raised the total value of this market to  91 billion dollars in 2022. People enjoy spending real money on games, extra features, lives, gems, or skins.

Culinary experiences

dining one

In the last decade, the tourism industry saw massive changes regarding people’s lifestyle preferences. At the beginning of the millennium, people were all about visiting museums, spending time at the beach, and partying with friends. Nowadays, people care more about other cultures and their meanings. 

Eating food is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to understand a new culture. Numerous tourists travel to specific places only for food. Some research shows that Australians are drawn to Vietnamese and Chinese night markets and visit the sites, especially for their rich culinary background. 

This happens on every continent. Suppose you want to try to visit a new place and conquer its most traditional foods. In that case, you can follow travel and gourmet influencers, listen to their opinions, and align your next adventure with your eating preferences.

Bottom line 

The diversity of activities showcases how modern travellers seek unique and meaningful experiences that align with their interests and values. Vacationing today goes beyond the conventional as people look for opportunities to create unforgettable memories and broaden their horizons while also relaxing andgetting their minds away from work. 

If you are looking for more adventure and do not want to relax at the pool, play on your phone, or listen to a podcast, you can always make short one-day trips around the accommodation with or without local guides.


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