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Is a dessert food cart a good idea for a wedding or special event?

A dessert cart can be a delightful addition to a wedding or any event. Here are some reasons why it might be a good idea, along with potential considerations:


  1. Variety: A dessert cart can offer a range of desserts, catering to various tastes. Guests can enjoy everything from pastries to pies, tarts, and even specialty items like macarons or truffles.
  2. Interactive Experience: Guests can enjoy the experience of selecting their favorite treats, making it more interactive than just being served a single dessert.
  3. Visual Appeal: A well-styled dessert cart can be a visual treat. It can be decorated to match the event’s theme, adding an aesthetic element to the setting.
  4. Flexibility: A dessert cart can be moved around, making it flexible for different event setups and venues. It can be placed prominently at the beginning and then moved to the side to make room for dancing or other activities.
  5. Portion Control: By offering bite-sized or individual portions, there’s less waste, and guests can sample multiple treats without overindulging.
  6. Convenience: For events without formal seated dining, a dessert cart can be a more convenient option than a dessert table or buffet.


  1. Crowds: If not managed well, the cart can become a focal point of congestion. Consider having attendants to serve the desserts or using signage to guide guests.
  2. Weather: If your event is outdoors, weather can be a concern. Hot conditions might not be suitable for certain desserts, and windy conditions could knock over delicate items.
  3. Cost: Depending on the variety and quantity of desserts, as well as the need for staff to manage the cart, costs could add up.
  4. Space: Ensure the venue has ample space for the cart, especially if you have a large guest list.
  5. Replenishment: If the cart runs out of popular items, it might be disappointing for some guests. Plan quantities carefully and consider having backup supplies.
  6. Dietary Restrictions: With a variety of guests, there may be dietary restrictions to consider. Offering a range of items, including gluten-free, vegan, or nut-free options, can be a thoughtful touch.

In conclusion, a dessert cart can be a great addition to an event, bringing in variety, interactivity, and aesthetic appeal. Like any aspect of event planning, it requires thoughtful consideration and execution to be a success. If managed well, it can be a memorable highlight for your guests.

Best Dessert Carts in Melbourne.


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Gathering Events

Bring back the fun and interaction at your next event or brand activation with our custom-designed food cart for your next event, available now! Our cart menu options include juice carts, custom cookie carts, ice cream & gelato carts, donut carts, popcorn carts, fairy floss (cotton candy) carts, fresh branded drinking coconuts, churros carts, and kombucha carts.

Welcome to Gathering Events, where we believe in the magic of events! We’re Jen and Adam, a husband and wife team that started Gathering Events back in 2015. We wanted to create something special, something that would make people smile and create unforgettable memories. We both had a passion for events, and we loved nothing more than bringing people together. And so, Gathering Events was born.

We were married in a cosy art gallery in the heart of Tenerife but quickly discovered that the space wasn’t set up to host weddings. So, we had to source everything ourselves, from tables and chairs to curtains and lighting. As we were setting up a makeshift bar with a trestle table and some linen, we realized that there was no one around to provide all the necessary equipment and supplies to run a proper bar service.

At first, we started out small, with just a few pop-up bars. But word quickly spread about our unique and interactive catering solutions, and before we knew it, we were catering events all across our hometown of Brisbane. We loved the feeling of bringing joy to people’s lives, and we were thrilled to be able to share our love of food and drink with others.

But we didn’t want to stop there. We wanted to take our passion on the road, to expand into new markets and reach even more people. And so, we set our sights on Sydney and Melbourne, two of Australia’s biggest cities.

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In 2012 Italian born Andrea Di Fiore came to Australia to marry his Melbourne sweetheart, Camille. He had a dream to make gelato with truly exceptional flavour, so he came up with a unique way to use less sugar than the industry standard – making his gelato just sweet enough to allow all of the beautiful artisan flavours to shine. Pistacchio, chocolate, fruits, fresh jersey milk. Fresh coffee. The tastes of home.

With his life savings invested in a single gelato cart, Andy stood a few months later at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market. But with no connections young Andy and his shiny cart were plonked in a puddle beside the toilet and let’s just say – it didn’t go so well.

But fast forward 9 years and Andy has 10 beautiful vintage Sicilian-made gelato carts, a cannoli cart, and a boutique gelateria in Elwood with lines that flow out the door. It’s a family story, a story of struggle and persistence. A belief that the best gelato is also the simplest. The way it is at home. It’s our story and we can’t wait to share it with you.

casa nata tarts

Casa nata 

Casa Nata’s founders, Nelson and Ruben, spent time in Portugal doing research and trying to get the puff pastry and mixture just right. From the moment the ingredients are put together and set to bake in the oven, we follow an authentic recipe for custard tarts.

A dessert cart or one of our tart displays is the perfect way to add a unique and exciting touch to any event.

Portuguese Tarts (Pastéis de Nata) If you’ve ever been to Portugal, you know that one of the greatest pastries to over indulge in is the Portuguese tart: its crisp, flaky crust holding a creamy custard center, burnt like characteristics from its high heat baking process, with each one having its own unique colour.

brulee cart

The Brulee Cart 

n 2013, Brothers Jack & Bart had just returned to Melbourne from travelling & working in kitchens in Europe & India. The Melbourne food truck scene had just kicked off & both the brothers were keen to get on board this exciting new way to serve food to the people.

The brothers weren’t new to selling food on the go – in 2002, with a $3000 loan from their great grandpa, they converted an old camper trailer into a Belgian Waffle Van. The boys had great memories from visiting France on a holiday as kids & eating light, sweet, buttery waffles fresh off the iron at little country markets.

As they weren’t old enough to drive legally, Mum and Dad would drive everywhere from the Grampians to Hanging Rock to sell our Belgian Waffles at various food & wine festivals across the state.

A year or two on & they started setting up the van at music festivals all across the state, including Falls Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival & the Meredith Music Festival, which let them park the van on the top of the hill overlooking the amphitheatre for 14 years.

So in 2013, they noticed there was a sweet gap in the food truck market. Jack had always loved a crème brûlée, and always thought it’d be a great product to sell at food & wine festivals, so with the burgeoning food truck scene becoming very popular in the city & lots of food truck parks being setup, now was the time to get building and baking!

The first cart was crowd funded via Pozible. In exchange, they offered crème brûlée to all their amazing supporters. Some even contributed enough to warrant the cart to rock up at their wedding and torch brûlées for all their guests. They loved watching us caramelise the sugar right in front of their eyes. Wedding catering would become a big part of The Brûlée Cart’s success.

In 2015, in order to access smaller spaces, they built a custom tricycle (nicknamed ‘the Crèmecycle’) which has become really popular, particularly for weddings. The original cart was sold shortly after, as they liked how accessible the Crèmecycle was. A second  cart is currently being built, which is expected to be on the road for the beginning of Summer 2022.


Cannoli Cart by Cannoleria

Cannoleria is a unique concept that specialises in the traditional Sicilian dessert, Cannoli.

Cannoleria is a brand that celebrates the Sicilian treat by incorporating traditionally made That’s Amore ricotta with seasonal and natural produce to create an endless variety of flavours. This makes our concept the first of its kind!

 Cannoleria started in 2018 after a successful collaboration between multi award-winning cheesemaker Giorgio Linguanti and Chef Dario Di Clerico. Giorgio and Dario have been working together for 4 years and share the same passion for food innovation.

Constantly developing new recipes using That’s Amore Cheese inspired a new challenge: to create the perfect authentic cannoli! This led to the creation of Cannoleria by That’s Amore.

 Early 2020 due to increase of business, Cannoleria moved to bigger new facilities in Heidelberg-West (Cannoleria HQ), since then Cannoleria runs separately from That’s Amore Cheese management.

We come to your venue/residence with one of our custom-made Sicilian Cannoli cart and pipe fresh Cannoli to your guests! With packages tailored for any type of event, expect nothing less than free flow Cannoli service!

Product launch or corporate party, we can also fully wrap our cart to impress your clients or team to let your brand shine!

cart co

The Cart Co

Whether it’s a corporate function, product launch, wedding or private party catering , we deliver stress-free, stylish and seamless event catering 100% of the time. Using only locally sourced and fresh ingredients, we provide flavourful food to match our sleek and sophisticated food and beverage carts. The Cart Co offer Coffee, donut, as well as many other cart options.

Should you DIY your dessert cart?

Whether or not you should DIY your dessert cart for a wedding or event depends on several factors. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons to help you decide:

Pros of DIY Dessert Cart:

  1. Cost Savings: DIY can often be more cost-effective than hiring professionals or ordering from high-end bakeries. You can choose budget-friendly desserts and materials.
  2. Personal Touch: A DIY dessert cart allows you to infuse personal elements, making the cart more unique and reflective of your style or the event’s theme.
  3. Flexibility: You have complete control over the selection of desserts, presentation, and layout.
  4. Satisfaction: There’s a sense of accomplishment and pride in creating something yourself.

Cons of DIY Dessert Cart:

  1. Time Consuming: DIY projects, especially for significant events, can be time-consuming. You need to consider sourcing materials, prepping, baking (if making desserts from scratch), setting up, and managing the cart during the event.
  2. Stress: Managing a dessert cart on top of other event responsibilities can be overwhelming, especially if unforeseen challenges arise.
  3. Quality and Presentation: If you’re not accustomed to baking or setting up dessert displays, the end result might not be as polished as a professional’s work.
  4. Storage and Transportation: Depending on the volume and type of desserts, you might need proper storage (like refrigeration) or transportation facilities.
  5. Dietary Restrictions: You’ll need to ensure that you cater to any dietary restrictions or allergies, and this can be complex without professional guidance.
  6. Quantity: Estimating the right amount of dessert for all attendees can be tricky. You might end up with too much wastage or too little to serve everyone.


  1. Scope of the Event: For small gatherings, a DIY dessert cart might be manageable and delightful. For larger events or weddings, the logistics can be more complex.
  2. Support: If you have friends or family with baking or decorating skills, they might be able to assist or even collaborate on the project.
  3. Trial Run: Before the event, do a test run. This can help you gauge the time needed and ensure you’re satisfied with the result.
  4. Semi-DIY Option: You could combine DIY with store-bought items. For instance, you can buy desserts from a local bakery but set up and decorate the cart yourself.

In conclusion, while DIY projects can be fulfilling and cost-effective, they also come with challenges. Consider your comfort level, the resources at your disposal, the event’s scale, and the time you have before deciding.

If a dessert cart is not on your radar , why not consider a food truck  at your next event.


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